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Determined to fight against all signs of aging, SK-II developed their unique Pitera Complex, a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids, closely resembling the skin’s own Natural Moisturizing Factors, the key to skin smoothness and softness. Inspired by the youthful hands of aged sake brewers, Pitera is created with a heavily-researched fermentation process and an isolated yeast strain and features in the SK-II Radical New Age Collection, designed for aging and mature skin.


The SK-II Radical New Age Power is the original best selling face cream using the Pitera complex.The lightweight moisturiser helps to rejuvenate skin cells and promote protein productions within all layers of the skin, fighting against all signs of aging including loss of firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dehydration. The powerful daily face cream has become a favourite and was the inspiration for the rest of the Radical New Age Power collection.


Keep the delicate eye contour looking youthful with the SK-II R.N.A. Power Eye Cream, a favourite amongst Adore Beauty customers. The eye area can often be the first to show signs of aging such as dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. This nourishing eye cream will help to prevent and reverse these imperfections, smoothing and tightening the fragile skin for a brighter and youthful eye contour.


The SK-II R.N.A. Radical New Age Essence has a highly-concentrated formula of the Pitera complex for heightened and fast-acting results. Quickly absorbing into the skin, this weightless serum will provide hydration and nourishment while reversing signs of aging for a smoother, and bouncier complexion. The serum also contains niacinamide to tackle enlarged pores, dullness, and uneven skin tones.

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SK-II R.N.A. Radical New Age Power 80gSK-II R.N.A. Radical New Age Power 80g
SK-II R.N.A. Radical New Age Power 80g


I took a plunge financially and finally got some SKII products. Namely the essence and this cream for night time use. I'm not sure if it's the essence or this cream or the combination of both, but my skin looks brighter and feels amazing. I really don't have faith in all the skincare products that claim to do this and that, but I do think this is really worth splurging for. I use it sparingly, and...
SK-II R.N.A Radical New Age Power Essence 50mlSK-II R.N.A Radical New Age Power Essence 50ml
SK-II R.N.A Radical New Age Power Essence 50ml

Love the results!!

After trying this product, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. It was definitely firmer, softer and felt hydrated! Usually I am skeptical about products like this but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I saw results within a few days of use of this product. My pores were smaller and the overall health of my skin was greatly improved received the product for free from SK-II
SK-II R.N.A. Power Eye CreamSK-II R.N.A. Power Eye Cream
SK-II R.N.A. Power Eye Cream

Fabulous Stuff

I was truly amazed at the results of this eye cream. I have circles under my eyes, not only circles but wrinkly circles. Girls, if you know what I mean, then you need this! It applied like velvet. It smelled amazing. After a couple weeks of steady use, I am noticing a HUGE change in my undereye circles! I feel comfortable without a full dose of eye makeup. I am for sure going to purchase again!