Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Sensitive skin is more reactive than normal skin, so a variety of seemingly minor factors can cause significant discomfort.

If you think you have sensitive skin, the fastest route to understanding the cause is a conversation with a dermatologist. If you prefer to self-diagnose, consider keeping a log of your skincare routine, reactions, and environmental factors—such as weather and dietary changes—to point you towards a solution.

Sensitive skin isn't a medical diagnosis. It's merely a symptom. A range of issues can contribute to sensitivity, and some cases are little more than the inevitable result of using the wrong skincare products. Read on to learn about more the common culprits behind your skin sensitivity and find out what products we recommend that will be sure to leave your skin feeling less irritated.


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Here are some of our hot tips on what might be causing your sensitive skin to be reacting.

Too Many Products

It's tempting to slather your skin in 'miracle' products, but excessive use of skincare products actually does more harm than good. Using multiple cleansers alongside toners, spot treatments, and other harsh products can dry and irritate even the healthiest skin. Unless directed otherwise by a doctor or dermatologist, limit yourself to no more than three or four skincare products each day.

Even when you use high-quality products, your skin can take a downhill turn if you don't use them correctly. Some common errors include:

  • Using multiple products with the same active ingredient. Doubling up on retinol products, for example, only compounds the sensitivity that this ingredient can cause.

  • Using too much of a product. Ingredients that dry the skin, such as benzoyl peroxide, increase sensitivity in high doses.

  • Using two products that should not be used together. For example, retinol plus AHAs equals a surefire skin disaster.

  • Spending too much time in the sun. Some skincare products, such as retinol, increase sun sensitivity.

  • Intensely scrubbing your face. Facial scrubs are designed to do the work on their own without extra pressure.

  • Using a dirty washcloth. Please, for the love of the skincare gods, never ever do this.

If you do have sensitive skin, we recommend using the asap gentle cleansing gel.

asap gentle cleansing gel 200ml

This is the perfect cleanser for those with easily irritated or frustrated skin. This soap-free cleanser containing Aloe Vera not only removes excess dead skin cells, oil build-up, and bacteria. It also removes makeup without excessive scrubbing or rubbing, which will prevent further irritation. The Aloe Vera being one of the key ingredients acts a natural anti-inflammatory, hydrats, soothes and also nourishes easily irritated skin. Keep skin calm, clean, and happy with the Asap Gentle Cleansing Gel.

asap gentle cleansing gel 200ml

Skin Disorders

Some disorders increase your skin's vulnerability to rashes, dryness, and other painful reactions:

  • Rosacea often produces red, bumpy, irritated patches on the face.

  • Eczema causes severe dry skin all over as well as dry, irritated patches of skin on the face and body.

If you have skin problems no matter which products you use, the problem might be a skin disorder, not generalised skin sensitivity.

Products we recommend

If you do have a skin irregularity like Rosacea or Eczema here are some products you could use.

  1. 2. Eczema safe products


A wide range of allergies can trigger sensitive skin reactions. The most likely allergy would be to a skincare product. It's wise to introduce new products one by one so you can determine the source of an allergic reaction.

Some people may also develop skin reactions in response to food and other allergies. Household products, dust, environmental pollutants, and even medications may produce skin reactions. Keeping a log of your skin's reactions, as well as what you eat, drink, and do each day, can help you narrow down possible causes of your skin sensitivity.

If you are susceptible to allergies and are nervous about trying new products, a good place to start is with hypoallergenic skincare. Whilst it can't promise zero irritation, it definitely reduces the risk and will leave you looking rejuvenated and not red-faced. These are some of our favourite hypoallergenic products.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 250ml
• Avène Gentle Exfoliating Gel 75ml

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Moisturiser 40ml

Dry Skin

Dry skin is more vulnerable to problems because it lacks protective sebum. A rich moisturiser specifically designed for sensitive skin, such as Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream, can combat dryness and related sensitivity.

Skin and Systemic Infections

A sudden increase in skin sensitivity is always cause for concern because the reaction might indicate an infection. For example, staph infections produce a range of symptoms, including rashes that may or may not itch.

If your body is fighting a systemic infection, its ability to fight off local skin infections may be diminished. Talk to your doctor, especially if you have other symptoms, such as a fever or swollen lymph glands.

Health Problems

A number of health issues impair skin's health and increase sensitivity. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, for example, attacks fertility, alters the menstrual cycle, and may trigger breakouts and skin sensitivity. Diabetes can undermine circulation, causing dry skin and generalised irritation.

Keep a log of your symptoms and report them all to your doctor. to get a comprehensive assessment of what might be behind your skin sensitivity problems.


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As always, our friendly customer service team are Adore Beauty product experts and are available to give you for recommendations on what skincare products would be right for you.