The Difference Between The Ordinary 'Buffet' Serums (and Which One's Better for You)

A lot of people go on and on about how incredible The Ordinary's 'Buffet' serum is.

At $24.90, the affordable serum is very appealing, but until recently, I'll admit I didn't really know what The Ordinary Buffet serum was or why it's called... buffet.

Google 'buffet serum' and you'll find there are actually two of them: The Ordinary Buffet and The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%. Confused yet?

I was too, so I went deep on the differences between these two buffet serums from The Ordinary so you can figure out which one to put on your face.

What Is The Ordinary Buffet?

If you've ever wondered why The Ordinary Buffet has its name, wonder no more.

As Brand & Content Manager Hannah pointed out in her The Ordinary Buffet serum TikTok video below, the serum gets its name because it's literally a buffet of good things for your skin.


@hannah_furst giving us the lowdown on @theordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides 1% Serum 🥓 🍳 ##theordinary ##skincare ##fyp ##foryou ##breakfast

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The Ordinary Buffet Serum vs. The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%.

OK cool, but why are there two The Ordinary Buffet serums and how are they different? And why is one more expensive than the other?

Allow me to explain...

The Ordinary Buffet Serum.

What: The Ordinary Buffet

The Ordinary Buffet is an all-rounder serum that helps to improve overall skin health. The anti-ageing serum contains a blend of peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates the skin and fights visible signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

Pros and Cons:

  • $24.90 price tag for 30ml, can't go wrong.

  • Layers really well with other products .

  • Consistency is quite watery and can feel tacky or sticky after applying.

What's in The Ordinary Buffet?

  • 6 peptide complexes that help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and dynamic facial folds.

  • 11 skin-friendly amino acids - The building blocks of skin, help to stimulate collagen production.

  • Multiple molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to create a weightless, water-based formulation that binds to water to plump the skin.

  • Vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, nut-free and cruelty-free.

  • Every skin type can use this serum - formula is non-comedogenic for oily/combo skin types (won't clog pores) and although it's not formulated specifically for sensitive skin, it's great for dehydrated skin.

How to Apply The Ordinary Buffet:

Apply a few drops of this serum morning and night after cleanseing and other active serums (i.e. vitamin C or vitamin A), and before oils and moisturiser.

the ordinary buffet vs buffet copper peptidesthe ordinary buffet vs buffet copper peptides

The Ordinary Buffet Copper Peptides Serum.

What: The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%

The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides 1% delivers the same intensely hydrating, anti-ageing benefits of the original buffet serum, but with the addition of copper peptides.

Pros and Cons:

  • $48 for 30ml = double the price because you're paying for the additional peptides.

  • Same lightweight formula, but I find it doesn't have as much of a sticky/tacky finish on the skin.

  • This serum has a natural blue tint due to the copper peptides!

What's in The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides?

  • Copper peptides - Skin restoring, anti-inflammatory antioxidant complexes that can promote the production of collagen and elastin for supercharged skin firmness and smoothness, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • The same 11 skin-friendly amino acids as The Ordinary Buffet.

  • The same multi molecular weights of hyaluronic acid.

  • A probiotic complex (Lactococcus Ferment Lysate) that helps to maintain your skin barrier's natural balance.

  • Also vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, nut-free and cruelty-free.

How to Apply The Ordinary Buffet Copper Peptides:

Same as the original buffet serum - A few drops morning and night after cleanser and other active serums (i.e. vitamin C or vitamin A), and before oils and moisturiser.

Which The Ordinary Buffet Serum Is Right for You?

Just starting out with skin care or want an all-rounder hydrating serum to compliment your existing routine? Go for the original buffet serum.

If you’re after/can afford the next step up, with a focus on hydration and anti-ageing benefits, choose buffet plus copper peptides.

Simple! And if you're still not sure, you can watch my full The Ordinary Buffet Comparison - Buffet vs Buffet + Copper Peptides 1% YouTube video below!

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