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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Borage Seed Oil 30ml

4.2 of 102 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.08

Or 4 instalments of $2.08 with LEARN MORE

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Soothe and nourish irritated skin with The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Borage Seed Oil. Borage Seed Oil is exceptionally high in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and other essential fatty acids, making it an ideal choice for dry and irritated skins, as well as sensitive and acne-prone skin types.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 80% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Borage Seed Oil

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Borage Seed Oil

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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Borage Seed Oil Reviews

4.2 of 102 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Borage oil is the best


My fave oil, light, doesn't pill with other products, doesn't seep into eyes and sting, soaks in and feels LIGHT and skin looks fresh the day after. Skin food!

Most Helpful Criticism

Was alright, just smelt


I've heard many good reviews about this product, however I found it a bit too thick and oily for my skin and it smelt quite bad haha, not unbearable but kind of like an old musty smell
  1. Was alright, just smelt


    I've heard many good reviews about this product, however I found it a bit too thick and oily for my skin and it smelt quite bad haha, not unbearable but kind of like an old musty smell
  2. Hydrating but smelly


    This helped my dry skin but unfortunately, I did not like the smell at all. Probably would not repurchase as smell is way too strong and slightly unpleasant
  3. Borage oil is the best


    My fave oil, light, doesn't pill with other products, doesn't seep into eyes and sting, soaks in and feels LIGHT and skin looks fresh the day after. Skin food!
  4. Oil for sensitive skin


    I have been using this oil for a couple of weeks because I read that its anti-inflammatory and good for sensitive skin. There are oils I've tried in the past that have made me break out, have been too heavy, or just simply don't hydrate and instead sit on the surface of my skin. This oil has been the opposite! It is perfect for my sensitive skin and it hydrates my dry skin without causing any brea...
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  5. Great for Gua Sha


    I bought this to use with my Gua Sha, super relaxing and the price is amazing! I only used a little and it went a long way! My skin felt very smooth and hydrated after! If you gua sha, I could not recommend enough!
  6. Very Good!


    I had bought this as a replacement for not being able to buy The Ordinary's Rose-Hip Oil. It's really moistrising and has helped the appearance of skin and texture.
    The odor isn't really a problem to me as it reminds me of rose-hip oil. Other than that, I highly recommend.
  7. Must have!


    I love this. I prefer it to the rosehip oil which I find a little too thick and a little too smelly (some of the reviews are saying the borage seed oil has a smell but it really doesn't to me). I normally add a few drops to The Ordinary NMF + HA and then some extra HA or amino acids to make it a little more spreadable but also use it by itself when my skin is feeling extra dry. It's great for my s...
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  8. Nice


    Great oil. I do feel like there is a difference in my acne and blemishes, but could be a combination of using other ordinary products as well. Love the range though
  9. A bit stinky!!


    The oil has a lovely texture and it moisturises beautifully. Unfortunately it has quite an unpleasant odour. It does eventually go away. Other than that it really is a fantastic oil.
  10. Great Value


    Although it does have a rather interesting smell, I find that if applied in the evening right before going to bed it isn't really an issue, and I wake up with very hydrated and plump skin. It works wonders for calming down my skin when it's inflamed and red and it hadn't caused any issues with blackheads or whiteheads
  11. Offensive Smell


    I've ordered quite a few thing from The Ordinary range and always been thrilled. I tried using this product three times and had to stop. It has a very strong odour, similar to rotting meat. Everything I've used from The Ordinary has pretty much been odourless so this was a real surprise. I ended up throwing it out. I think I'll move to a rosehip oil or something similar.
  12. Very hydrating


    The borage seed oil is very hydrating! I have really enjoyed it and it doesn’t need daily use. A good find and a great price. It can leave you looking quite oily though, so would only use at night.
  13. Doesn’t sink in fully


    Lovely at night if you skin is especially dry - but tends to sit on top of your skin otherwise
  14. Okay

    Emma Loves Skincare

    So far so good - I've only been using this occasionally so I'll have to report back when I've used it a bit more. No irritation issues and it feels quite nice on my skin and of course hydrating. The smell is definitely not the nicest but it's not the worst - I'll use anything if it means my skin will benefit! For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 31 years old.
  15. Okay

    Emma Loves Skincare

    So far so good - I've only been using this occasionally so I'll have to report back when I've used it a bit more. No irritation issues and it feels quite nice on my skin and of course hydrating. The smell is definitely not the nicest but it's not the worst - I'll use anything if it means my skin will benefit! For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 31 years old.
  16. smells weird, works great


    This stuff is fab. I mix it in with moisturiser and apply it that way. It acts as a great protective barrier for my dry skin and sinks in nicely. Only downside is it smells a little strange. Like raw meat. My boyfriend could smell it and so could I don't think it's noticeable to others, from a bit more of a distance. I hope.
  17. Oh god... the SMELL


    I thought I could handle the odd and off putting scent, I kept hearing that it’s very mild. When I first applied it, I couldn’t smell it at all, but after a minute it hit me. It was like raw chicken was just held under my nose, I couldn’t get over it and I just couldn’t handle it.
  18. great value


    I really like this product, I just pop a bit into my moisturiser but it makes a real difference, my redness in my skin reduced after 7 days. Would definitely keep buying.
  19. Lovely oil


    This oil is a welcome addition to my dry skin routine. It can be used in so many ways. My favourite being to mix a drop in to my moisturiser before applying to face and starting my makeup. It really helps to hide dry spots.
  20. I prefer my usual oils


    I liked how this oil made my skin feel but I would rather pay the extra for the rosehip or squalane myself as I dont like the smell.
  21. Unusual smell


    I am trying to get use to this product but it has a unique smell, seaweed and cooking oil. It did do what I wanted it to, I tried it as a cleanser. It left my skin soft if I could mask that smell it would get a five star.
  22. I prefer my usual oils


    I liked how this oil made my skin feel but I would rather pay the extra for the rosehip or squalane myself as I dont like the smell.
  23. Perfect for sensitive skin


    Bought this after reading claims borage seed oil could help with redness, inflammation, dryness and atopic dermatitis. I have sensitive skin, and this oil has been a life saver! Whenever my skin flairs up, this has helped calm, soothe and hydrate. I use it 2-3 times weekly in my regular routine, and at least twice daily during flair ups.
  24. Doesn't absorb well


    This one doesn't irritate my skin and seems nice enough in soothing irritation however it doesn't absorb so you can really only ever use this at night or as a treatment. I wouldn't repurchase
  25. Great results just a little heavy!


    Chose this oil to help with redness and it absolutely did! Also always woke up with even and bright skin! A little goes a long way but does take a while to settle in so I found it only really suitable for night time!
  26. Love


    Works beautifully for Aging/dehydrated plus oily/combo skin. Great oily.
    Only faint smell
  27. Nourishing


    An extremely well priced and effective oil. I use this after granactive retinoid emulsion 2% absorbs well into the skin and super hydrating. My skin feels baby soft and nourished in the morning. Will be purchasing again!
  28. Dewy Skin


    Not my favourite face oil, but for the price, it's not terrible either. I found that it didn't really help my dry skin with hydration, but have been really enjoying mixing a few drops in with my foundation for a more dewy effect - I'm sure this will last me a while too!
  29. Great


    I don't mind the smell and i find it very moisturising
  30. Great if you don't have a nose


    I used this a few times on top of my primer as I found a lot of foundations were drying out my already dry skin - and it was really good. But the smell...the smell! I think it develops more as it is exposed to air, so when you put it on, it's tolerable, but it sticks around like... well, like a bad smell.

    I needed to deep clean the nose bridge of my glasses as they were holding the s...
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  31. Super moisturising


    I normally don't like using oils on my skin as I don't like the feeling but I decided to give this a try anyway. The oil was a lot thinner than expected which I ended up loving. It has very little smell. The day after, my skin felt a lot more moisturised. I had a few dry patches of skin that I've been struggling with but this oil helped get rid of them. I'll definitely be using this oil more often
  32. moisturising oil


    been using this on my arms and legs, you only need a few drops, it's great!

  33. Great for sensitive skin


    This is the only thing that has worked for my dry skin on my eyelids. Since having a baby my skin suffered from dryness and my eyelids felt like they had been sun burnt and so sore. A few drops of this and WOW back to normal. Now it’s my go to at night and works really well with the moisturiser
  34. Very Nourishing!


    other product I use sometimes make my skin feeling dry, but this products helps nourish my skin back! Although this is an oil, I am never left feeling oily afterwards!
  35. No change


    This isn’t a bad product but I won’t lie and say I noticed any difference to my skin. I have intense acne and dry skin but can’t say that I noticed any improvement in either area. It’s difficult to say whether the product is a dud or if my skin concerns are just too intense for this product to solve them but either way, it didn’t help.
  36. Great


    This has helped my acne prone skin a lot and is great at moisturising too


    This oil is such a unique and effective formula because it is so nourishing and moisturising however it is so lightweight. I incorporated this in my skincare routine 4 or so months ago and i have been consistently using it every night and my skin has been completely transformed. My dark spots have completely disappeared and my skin is so soft and supple. Overall i can't recommend this enough and t...
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  38. Reduces redness and inflammation


    Once you get used to the strange smell, and work out the correct amount to use, this product is great. I was applying too much to begin with which made me break out, but now I apply just a small bit after my water based serums and find that it has helped to reduce inflammation and redness on my face from acne. Would definitely buy again
  39. Feels a touch heavy.


    I have combination skin and only put this on the patches that get really dry.
    But it does feel a little heavy, I'll probably swap to a lighter oil when i'm out. However the price for this is so good, and i'd recommend anyone give it a shot as if it doesn't work amazing the cost is justifiable.
  40. I have a love hate relationship with this oil...


    When it comes to reviewing things I either rate them 1 or 5 because I always either love or hate something and there is no in between. I’ve reached that hitherto unknown in between realm with this oil. I LOVE how it makes my skin feel and how it helps clear up the eczema I get during winter. I HATE the way it smells. It’s absolutely putrid and reminds me of the way chicken smells when it’s being c...
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  41. really satisfying!


    it feels very hydrating and once u get over the strong smell, it's actually really relaxing to put on! i actually bought it for my boyfriend and he really liked it so i decided to try it for myself.
  42. Wish I found this sooner


    I've been using The Ordinary for a couple of years now and I can't believe I missed this one. I have oily, acne prone skin with scarring, and I've started using it interchangeably at nighttime with Granactive Retinoid 2%. Its already started to lessen the redness from old pimples. My skin looks great the next day and I can't wait to see what it does with my ice pick scars going forward.
  43. Great


    Been using nightly for 2 weeks and really like how quickly it absorbs unsure what the reviews about the smell is I dont notice it at all. Will keep using for sure.
  44. Feels nice but smells horrible


    Nice oil but going off the smell I would not buy again. Can't put my finger on what the smell is. Fishy or like grimey sort of.
  45. Great all purpose face oil


    I like to add this oil to my morning skin routine as i feel it gives me an additional level of hydration and makes my face feel glowy.

    I try not to use in a my common breakout zones too often as it can clog my pores a touch but nothing too crazy.

    Just ordered my 2nd bottle :)
  46. Broke me out


    I found that this broke me out abit. Kind of sucks but sometimes oils don’t work with my skin!
  47. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  48. Great for combination/acne prone/sensitve skin


    The thought of oil on my skin scared me but using this has changed my dry dull skin especially in winter. No spots either and I usually break out very easily. The people complaining about the smell are being ridiculously dramatic. It isn't an amazing smell but it smells like oil....so not sure why people are shocked lol
  49. Hydrating and effective but the smell....


    The smell of this oil is extremely pungent and fishy...which I struggle to get over. I have to use it with a product that has a strong pleasant fragrance to mask the smell of this product.

    That said, this product is extremely effective. My skin feels hydrated and soft after for the whole day.

    If you can get over the smell or mix it with other moisturisers to mask the smel...
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  50. did the job....but that smell


    I'm sure this product works wonders if you can get over the scent, but holy moly this stuff smells BAD. I am very sensitive to smells, particularly fishy smells and I just hate this stuff. After applying, I could smell it on myself for the rest of the day. I could smell it on everything I touched, even after washing my hands, and everything my face touched. So gross. If you have a bad sense of sme...
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  51. Great


    Very hydrated
    This product is great! I use it before bed so that when I wake up I don’t need to wear moisturiser as this has hydrated my face during the night xx
  52. Glow


    Love this to add into my foundation. Creates a luminous glow without compromising on the foundation's composition.
  53. Surprisingly amazing


    I bought this because I thought for the price how could I go wrong? and its been a real savior for my skin this winter. I use this at night and my skin is so soft when I wake up.
  54. Gorgeous feel on the skin


    Yes this oil smells a bit odd! I completely got over that when I realised how nice it felt even on my slightly oilier (combo) skin. My T-zone gets rather oily and some oils definitely increase that. The borage seed is not one of them, it feels lovely and I truly think it’s helping with the texture and appearance of my skin. I wake up baby soft every time I use it! Have even started applying in the...
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  55. My skin is so soft now


    I have dry skin that doesn't react well to strong exfoliants or active ingredients. I'd been using a face oil but found it left my face a little greasy. I bought this one not thinking it would be much better, but now I love it! I use it in combination with a moisturiser, night and day. Yes, it smells a little weird, but nowhere near bad enough to outweigh the benefits.


    This oil is better for night time as its a bit heavy to use through the day.
    You notice your skin feeling soft and glowy in the morning.
  57. nice after an intense mask


    i use this after i do a mask that strips alot out of my skin.. it just adds the oils back and makes my skin feel so soft
  58. Beautiful hydrating night oil


    I currently use this after The Ordinary Buffet and Niacinamide serums as directed by an online advisor from Deciem (T.O. parent company).
    On it's own, it's beautiful on the skin, doesn't break me out, my face feels happy and plump in the morning and I think it's even helped my scalp psoriasis when I work it up to my hairline.
    Only negative of how I currently use it is that the Buffet...
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  59. Not for me, Smell


    This product wasn't one of my favourites , whilst there is nothing wrong with the oil and how it works the smell definitely wasn't a feature I was happy with. That said you don't notice it for very long once it is on. But if you don't mind a oil with smell you won't have an issue with this oil. That said I prefer The ordinary's B oil - it has a slight smell too but I like the idea of getting the b...
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  60. Get past the smell and it’s golden


    Yep, it smells. Kind of like fish oil. Gone bad :(. But it is so nurturing, so good when my skin is inflamed, incredibly hydrating and reduces redness dramatically within a few days. So, use it at night and remember to use an old pillow case. This is a regular repurchase for me, and in terms of the ordinary’s oil range, is my favourite along with the Marula.
  61. Good heavy oil


    This is very nourishing and healing. Not an everday oil for me, but rather something to use if my skin is feeling a little too dehydrated or even dry. Sinks in well for a heavy oil, restores skins glow and eradicates that too-tight feeling.
    I use this with other oils, and it sits nicely over Rosehip or Jojoba oil, and under Egyptian Magic cream.
    Like, will probably re-purchase.
  62. Great for redness and dry skin


    After finding the TO Marula oil too thick, I decided to try the borage oil. I’m glad I did! It’s helped my dry skin even more than the marula oil did and is quicker to absorb into the skin. At the moment I love to mix it in my moisturiser for an added boost of hydration. It also helps with my redness. It definitely calms down my skin after a rough skin day.
  63. good body oil


    been using this on my arms and legs, you only need a few drops, it's great!
  64. oil to beat them all


    This is the queen of all facial oils to me - and I've tried a few. Most others seem to sit on my oil/combo sensitive skin, but this one sinks in really effectively and gives me a glow rather than an oily sheen. I wear it day and night (it sits well under my makeup). As for the smell I've read other people complain about...? I honestly don't really notice it, and even if I did it wouldn't deter me ...
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  65. Excellent


    I have combo/oily skin. I got this to combat dry areas that have been affected by retinol use. It’s a lot lighter than Rose hip and feels so soothing to apply.
    I’ve also discovered its great for nappy rash and I put several drops in my daughter’s bath. The smell is mild and doesn’t bother me. If it works, who cares?
    For this price I’ll definitely be buying again.
  66. Skin looks amazing but really bad smell


    The oil makes my skin glow and calms my redness but I only use it at night because it smells like off chicken and the one time I used it in the day I was very concious of the smell. I can look past the smell because of how good my skin looks but if you’re very sensitive to smell this probably isn’t for you.
  67. The smell...


    I saw the comments about the smell and thought how bad could it be... no it really is that bad. Smells like something gone off. Kind of think it wouldn’t hurt to add fragrance to this one product...
  68. Cannot use it due to smell :(


    The consistency seems good but I cannot use this due to the awful overpowering and long lasting smell. As some other reviewers have stated, it smells like raw chicken, not something anyone would want to smother in.
  69. Good oil, but not sure if i can get past the smell.


    I liked the effect of this oil on my skin, but i've stopped using it as I can't get past the smell. Even when I layer it with other products the smell is still overpowering.
  70. Addicted


    I actually love the smell of this! It reminds me of many Liz Earl products. I mix with other oils at night to keep wrinkles at bay, or at least try to.
  71. Brilliant, if you can get past the strange smell


    I use this on eczema and red patches from rosacea. It’s worked well on both.

    It does smell a bit weird. I think it smells like chicken. My hubby thinks it smells like herbs.
    But it does what it’s supposed to do, is inexpensive, and most importantly for me, it doesn’t irritate my easily irritated skin.
  72. Didn't fix my problem


    My skin has acne, acne scars, dryness, eczema, white heads, spots, peeling around the eyes.

    My main concern is to get rid of acne, acne like spots or scars etc.

    I gave this a try because I found my makeup peeling after being in an indoor office environment for the whole day, due to the dryness in the air with the heater or air conditioning turned on. I used to use Taman...
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  73. Best cuticle oil


    I have very dry skin & medications I’m on make my poor skin & hair even dryer. My cuticles were in a terrible state & I had spent so much money on expensive hand creams & cuticle oils. This stuff beats the lot of them! It’s also inexpensive & I only need a couple of drops for each application, so it goes a long way! The smell is odd, but honestly I don’t find it bad at all, it’s just a little stra...
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  74. Smell is putrid


    Frankly I couldn't get past the smell of this oil enough to try it on my face - I rubbed a few drops into the back of my hand and the aroma of raw chicken hit me like a ton of bricks. I can still smell it, despite a few hours passing and multiple hand washings. I even tried adding a few drops of essential oil to the bottle to try and mask the smell but there was so escape from the lingering scent ...
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  75. Smells too bad to use


    I gave this 2 stars because it does make my skin feel soft. But I only tested it on my hand, one drop, and the smell was so overpowering for hours afterwards that I gave the bottle away. It is foul to me, putrid, like old garbage. I can still smell it now and I have showered since. I wouldn't put this anywhere near my face if you paid me.
  76. Perfect for sensitive skin


    Recently I've had a major reaction to something in my skincare and this has completely calmed my skin down to even better than before! It doesn't cause breakouts and helps redness very well.
    Unlike other reviewers I don't mind the smell or think it's very strong at all, it kind of just smells like olive oil.
    Definitely worth a try!
  77. Odd smell, but really good oil


    This is my new favourite facial oil. I have combination skin and it works underneath my tinted sunscreen. Only a couple of drops are needed to help the sunscreen blended into the skin smoothly. I also use it at night after my AHA serum. It seems thick but fast absorbing. I had it on on a humid day and my face didn't become oil slick at the end of the day. About the smell, yes, it's a little ...
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  78. Kind on acne

    Jo Jo

    I have combination skin, so I really love this oil focused on my dry areas before bed. It doesn't trigger breakouts, and I wake up with soft nourished skin. It doesn't smell amazing, but it's very mild and as it absorbs it really diminishes.
  79. Good, if you can get past the smell


    Okay, I'm just going to be honest here - this smells AWFUL. It smells like a combination of wet dog and vomit to me. BUT having said that, it does feel really good on the skin. I definitely wouldn't put it on my face during the day because of the smell, but I do use it at night time right before bed.
  80. Stinky but amazing on my skin


    This stuff makes my dehydrated skin feel great. I use it on top of my moisturiser and it evens my skin tone and makes it feel plump. At first I didn't notice the smell but then I realised there was a pong following me around. I soon worked out it was this stuff, which I'd just started incorporating into my routine. It's hard to describe, but my boyfriend picked it up straight away, saying my face ...
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  81. Didn't do much for Eczema


    Oily Skin type; Concerns: Large Pores, Blackheads and Excess Sebum, Eczema and dryness around the body.

    Tried this for my eczema prone areas of the body and didn't really do much. Wouldn't really recommend it for that, I'd probably move on to other oils and see which works best. But I would definitely use this on the face for that extra kick of hydration for moisturising especially f...
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  82. Redness, begone!


    This is a must for anyone with sensitive/damaged skin. The smell is not the best, but not the worst; but considering just how good it is for redness and sensitivity, it's worth the overall cost.
  83. Dry, sensitive skin + redness saviour


    I tried this for the first time a few days ago and noticed a significant difference in my skin. I use this after I shower and before my make-up routine and it has reduced the redness in my skin. Would definitely recommend this product if you have eczema/sensitive,dry skin.
  84. Good for dry skin


    Good oil for dry skin, it feels hydrating and I also use it on other areas like my hair and elbows and knees.
  85. Addicted


    My new favourite. I can't get enough of it. It healed my skin after a reaction to retinol. Has healed burns and my sons eczema. Every morning after using this the night before, I wake up with plump skin and soft as a baby's bum.
  86. good oil


    the oil is fast absorbing and my face feels hydrated and smoother. i don't really like the smell but it's not bad either
  87. Great for dry skin or sensitive skin


    Love The ordinary as a brand. Super affordable and this oil is really great for dry or sensitive skin
  88. Good.


    I will repurchase this oil since it's probably the cheapest oil I've come across, I just wish the oil was a little thicker. It's a little too thin to moisturise my dry patches.
  89. Sinks in... Too well?


    I added this to my nightly regime after trying squalane and marula oils. I just wanted to see how they all felt on my oily skin with dry spots, and in comparison with those oils this is lightweight and doesn't make you feel greasy. However, it didn't do the job on my dry spots, I felt like it probably wasn't oily enough! I use this in the morning so I'm not super greasy during the day, and have mo...
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  90. It’s great


    This is fantastic for sensitive skins. Very moisturising and soothing. I have acne prone/oily skin. I find one drop is enough for my entire face. For the price, it’s well worth checking out!
  91. My skin loves it


    It works amazing and makes my skin feel supple.
  92. Soothing oil


    I was attracted to this oil for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties (due to its high levels of GLA), but was wary to try it as some users described it as stinky. Well, it does have a slight not-so-pleasant smell but it does not bother me. My skin seems to like this even more than Squalane oil from TO, it is more emollient and suitable for this time of the year when the air is dry. Would ...
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  93. A good quality oil brimming with fatty acids and anti-inflammatory benefits


    I have recently bought TO’s borage oil. It is fabulous as a night oil on face, neck and body. It is deeply hydrating, has no strong scent, and I wake up with lovely plump happy skin. For reference, I’m in my late 30s and my skin tends toward dryness. It is also good as a hair treatment (pre-shampoo or left overnight).
  94. Great


    It has gotten to the point where I will literally buy every product that The Ordinary releases. Even if an oil is too much for my combo skin type, you can always use it on your hair, body etc. I love this! I've been super-cautious with it because I have zit-prone skin, but so far, so good. I will probably rotate this with rosehip oil as well, as I love it so much.
  95. Nice


    Ok so I was a little iffy about trying this because it's just so cheap but its actually good.

    It is so lightweight and such a nice oil. I love how it sinks into my skin and it feels great on.
  96. Nice


    I've bought all of The Ordinary's oils, but seem to only use the Rosehip Oil with any regularity. Even though I now realise oils aren't evil (which I had been led to believe, given my acne-prone skin) - I still approach them with caution. I'm still getting used to this one. It certainly seems nice, and doesn't have any offensive smell or residue, so it's all good.
  97. Borage oil for the win


    I am loving this oil, I usually go for Rosehip but decided to change it up. I was initially hesitant because of how cheap it is but I really don't regret it! This oil is great for my dry and very sensitive skin. I was initially put off by the odour but I got over it as soon as I this lovely stuff soaked into my skin and left it supple but not too oily!
  98. Great if it works for you


    I took a chance on ordering this oil based on it's description. There was no review when I bought it. I chose it as I was looking for something to try and make a difference to my irritated, red skin which I think may be rosacea, on my cheeks and neck. After a couple of uses I only applied it to my neck, due to the oiliness.
    This oil applies well, and certainly doesn't cause any problems. I ...
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