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Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum 50ml

4.6 of 234 reviews


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4 instalments of $12.93


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A sunscreen for everybody who loves a bit of glow, Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ has a serum-like texture and feelings like nothing at all. Free from oils but full of skin-loving native Australian antioxidants so your skin is happy, and is protected from the sun and free radicals.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Has SPF

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • 50+

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum

Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum

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4.6 of 234 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


I absolutely love the Queen Screen! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the product smells beautiful. I love the serum texture compared to that of traditional sunscreens and the glowy finish it leaves in my skin is divine. I use Queen Screen daily and will definitely be repurchasing when I start to run low, it has quickly become a holy grail product for me!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me, unfortunately


I wanted this to work for me so badly! The packaging is divine and it smells beautiful. I love a dewy look, and this gives a beautiful dewy finish. Unfortunately my skin just didn’t like it. I broke out every time I used it. Such a shame, because it is honestly an amazing product.
  1. Love it


    I absolutely love the Queen Screen! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the product smells beautiful. I love the serum texture compared to that of traditional sunscreens and the glowy finish it leaves in my skin is divine. I use Queen Screen daily and will definitely be repurchasing when I start to run low, it has quickly become a holy grail product for me!!
  2. More like a serum than a sunscreen.


    Before purchasing this product I had forever stood by the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen, which is amazing! But I thought I should try this Ultra Violette sunscreen as everyone has been talking about it! I think it is a great sunscreen, definitely the lightest face sunscreen I have ever bought, it is more like a serum than a sunscreen. It does dry a tiny bit too oily for my skin type though. If the Ultra Violette product was a little bit more affordable I would continue to buy it but the two are so similar that I will probably go back to La Roche-Posay just because of affordability.
  3. Not for me, unfortunately


    I wanted this to work for me so badly! The packaging is divine and it smells beautiful. I love a dewy look, and this gives a beautiful dewy finish. Unfortunately my skin just didn’t like it. I broke out every time I used it. Such a shame, because it is honestly an amazing product.
  4. dont know why its rated so high


    this breaks me out so badly. unfortunately the reviews sucked me in, but not for me
  5. Love!


    After seeing this product all over social, I decided to give it a whirl. I am in awe that this has as much power as it does -super light weight, very easy to blend in/soaks right into the skin, scent is not over-powering, and leaves you with a stunning glow! Ultraviolette did a fantastic job making sunscreen an enjoyable part of my daily routine. Highly recommend!
  6. Amazing!


    I have never had another sunscreen that was this kind of serum formula and I love it. It really sinks into your skin like a moisturiser and you cant feel it on your skin at all!
  7. My fave sunscreen!


    This is by far the best sunscreen I've used! It doesn't feel like sunscreen at all, more like a nice moisturiser. It still has a slight sunscreen scent but it's nothing compared to other ones I've tried.

    It's not irritating on my sensitive skin and most importantly, protects my skin from the sun!

    I've just gotten the hydrating one so I'm excited to see how it compares
  8. It's great


    I love SPF but like everyone else, I hate the sticky mess that it can leave behind. This product has a faint smell of sunscreen but otherwise is pretty good. What I really loved about this product is the ability to reapply it over foundation... very gently of course.
  9. Great product


    I love the concept of this brand. The product itself has a lovely feel on my fingers and feels great when I apply it to my skin. You get a lot in the bottle too. I’ll be using this for a long time.
  10. My


    Beauty IQ got me on this one... I've only just started sunscreen at 32 (I know, i'm terrible), but I don't do much of a morning routine to use an SPF moisturiser, and frankly hate the feeling of sunscreen and products with it in.
    This, on the other hand, is very different. Its really light, a little dewy finished, and totally doable for a low maintenance girl like myself.
    My skin can be quite reactive to products, but so far this has been great! No reactions or added oiliness or shine. Highly recommend.
  11. Good as a stand alone


    I have heard many great things about this product, personally it’s not for me as an everyday spf. I find that it ‘pills’ underneath makeup so I will only wear this on the days I’m not wearing makeup.
  12. Amazing


    Leaves an amazing shine on skin, and honestly made my make up look better
  13. Lovely sunscreen


    I really enjoy this but think Supreme Screen is probably my favourite. This has gorgeous packaging and a really nice glowy formula, but is probably a bit too much for my oily skin in summer, and I'm not a huge fan of fragrance in skincare. Would highly recommend for drier skin types or those who don't mind fragrance!
  14. Best sunscreen I’ve used


    This is actually a sunscreen I look forward to using every morning. It does have a strong rose smell but I like it and it decreases after an hour or so. The texture is light and leaves the skin glowing.
  15. A moisturiser and suncream in one


    I love the dispenser, which is an eye dropper. The formula is like moisturiser and soaks into skin nicely. It gives a nice dewy glow and smells wonderful. You do have to wait a little while for it to sink into your skin before applying make up over the top. If you were doing an event, I wouldn't want to wear this as your skin might be too dewy, but I love it for everyday and wear it everyday!
  16. Best sunscreen I’ve ever tried!


    I wear a full face of makeup and have always struggled to find a sunscreen that doesn’t make my foundation slide off my face and those that did gave me the worst pimples. This formula is amazing, it is so silky smooth, goes on like a serum and my skin doesn’t get oily! Plus it has the most delicate floral scent that is so lovely. Highly recommend, 12/10!!!
  17. Love but had small granules throughout


    I really like this product- I've never really liked putting sunscreen on because of the consistency and it often burns and makes my eyes water but this product is lovely and light. However it did have small granules throughout it which changed its consistency. I would definitely recommend but not sure if the granules are meant to be there or if something wrong with my bottle?
  18. Nice product when you can get it out of the bottle


    The squeezer that you use is really fussy and doesn't get much of the product out, so it actually takes ages to apply it properly. Gives the skin a nice glimmer when its on and smells nice


    Absolutely love this sunscreen serum. Finally found a sunscreen that is light weight and acts like a primer all in one. Doesn't make me break out. I would't got back to anything else now I've tried this!
  20. Disappointed ☹️


    I was so excited to use this product. It felt great and smelled like roses. Unfortunately though without fail every time I use it I break out in little whiteheads by the end of the day. My skin is not usually oily either. The days I don’t use it I don’t get any spots. Such a shame.
  21. Good product


    I decided giving this a try after reading a lot of positive comments. I liked this product, it is light and doesn't make your skin look too oily. However, my favourite is still the $11 Hamilton Matte Finish 50SPF Daily Face Sunscreen that I have been using for the last 5 years.
  22. Not greasy smells aweso


    Read bulk reviews on you beauty and I have to say this is my holy grail now! I can’t go a day without it. Definitely not greasy can apply makeup after with no problems. Great smell
  23. Best spf ive ever used


    Such an amazing product! Keeps you from burning even while using chemicals, doesnt make you oily and the best part it gives a glow from within type of glow. Smells lovely! It is definitely worth the price. Works great under makeup.
  24. Best illuminating sunscreen


    Recommended for someone who wants a bit of illumination on your skin before makeup, kind of like a primer. This serum-format is really easy to use, light weight, doesn't have the sunscreen smell and isn't sticky at all. Sits well under makeup. Packaging is so cute too!
  25. Daily routine

    Daily routine

    I like how light this feels on my skin and it is illuminating without being shiny. I wear this under my tinted moisturiser to ensure I have adequate SPF coverage.
  26. Game changer


    Was pleasantly surprised at how impressed I was with this sun serum. Strong SPF that feels like a luxurious serum! I often find that facial SPFs cause my face to feel oily and look shiny throughout the day but that was not an issue with this product! The hints of shimmer are a nice touch also.
  27. My expectations were too high


    I wanted a sunscreen that would beautifully slot into my skincare routine. Sunscreen has always felt like a necessity rather than a luxury. However, when I heard about Ultra Violette I fell in love with the packaging and company ethos. I thought I had found my answer to a lightweight everyday sunscreen that didn’t “feel like sunscreen”.

    However, I felt the rose scent was overpowering and the formula is a bit gritty. The “light reflecting particles” looks like ground up glitter and made me feel self conscious in an office environment. Most disappointingly the formula felt thick and greasy like sunscreen I’d wear to the beach but for 10x the price. I still think the packaging is super cute (although inconvenient to use). I might force myself to finish this off then put something else into it!
  28. Apart of my daily routine now


    I never used to wear face sunscreen as I have oily skin and would always break out. I get a little shiny with Queen Screen (a little translucent powder fixes this though) but overall I love this and use it daily now. No breakouts, amazing! Bonus that it doubles as a primer
  29. Best sunscreen


    I like how light this feels on my skin and is illuminating without being shiny. I wear this under my CC cream to ensure I have adequate SPF coverage.

    The only thing I’d prefer to be different is a pump rather than the dropper.
  30. Illuminating


    Pleasantly surprised how much I love this sunscreen.
    I love that it’s 50+ to start with. Always important.
    It’s not sticky. It doesn’t give you a white face and it’s perfect as a primer. In addition it has a shimmer through it which is naturally illuminating. To be honest, I didn’t even notice the shimmer until I looked at my hands. It’s not noticeably shimmery one your face but still provides a gorgeous glow.
    The dropper can be a little annoying BUT I also appreciate being able to control smaller drops in compared to squeezing a sunscreen bottle each morning. Love it overall!
  31. Amazing


    I was sceptical of paying this much for a sunscreen but I’m so glad I did!
    It doesn’t feel thick and gloopy like other sunscreens I have used, doesn’t make me look super pale either. It works as a base by itself as it’s quite hydrating.
    It smells divine too, as an added bonus.
    I will definitely be buying this again
  32. Lightweight


    Nice lightweight sunscreen. I'm not a fan of the oily greasy texture sunscreen usually has so this is a great 50+ option.
  33. Solid option as a chemical SPF


    This is a good chemical sunscreen. It makes me a bit shiny but nothing some setting powder can’t fix. Smells ok, texture is nice, applicator is a bit annoying with the dropper but overall I really like this sunscreen. Layers well with other serums and moisturisers!
  34. Perfect sunscreen


    I've tried heaps of sunscreens over the years and I've disliked them all - except for this one! This is the first sunscreen that hasn't given me a rash, a white cast or an oil-slick appearance. It also mixes well with make-up and feels pleasant on your skin. It smells great too and lacks that dreadful chemical odour that a lot of other sunscreens have. Now that I've found this sunscreen I'll be wearing it all the time. I'm so happy to have found a decent sunscreen after a lifetime of searching!
  35. Amazing


    Makes my skin look amazing and dewy. It is also hydrating and very good for my sensitive skin
  36. The only sunscreen that doesn't irritate my skin


    I've tried heaps of sunscreens over the years and I've disliked them all - except for this one! This is the first sunscreen that hasn't given me a rash, a white cast or an oil-slick appearance. It also mixes well with make-up and feels pleasant on your skin. It smells great too and lacks that dreadful chemical odour that a lot of other sunscreens have. Now that I've found this sunscreen I'll be wearing it all the time. I'm so happy to have found a decent sunscreen after a lifetime of searching!
  37. So impressed


    Ok so I’m 37 and I’ve been searching for the perfect sunscreen (and man) since my early 20s, nothing had ever worked for me I found them all too greasy and straight away I would get a horrible rash and break out(with both the sun screen and the men), until I found this little gem! It smells lovely it goes on so nice and smooth and it doesn’t leave a greasy heavy feeling on your face I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I am so happy with it! My search is finally over! I’ve found the one! Unfortunately my search continues for the perfect man! X
  38. Serum and SPF in one


    This is such a great sunscreen! Not greasy at all and actually feels like a beautiful hydrating serum all while protecting my skin from harmful rays! Love it
  39. Amazing


    This serum is easily the best sun protection product I have used. And trust me, a pasty gal like myself has tried them all. It rubs in and absorbs into the skin really quickly, it didn’t pill when I added it on top of my usual AM routine (TO HA, buffet, and a moisturiser), or when I added foundation on top later in the morning. This product will be great if you have sensitive eyes and skin, with no hint of irritation after applying.
  40. The best sunscreen!!


    I have reactions to so many sunscreens to the point I burn more with a sunscreen than without! Like lobster burn!
    I have used queen screen since I received it and have had no issues!
    It’s light weight, moisturising, and not sticky!
    I have gotten my 79 year old grandmother on board as well!
  41. Great everyday sunscreen option


    I bought this as i wanted everyday high spf coverage that didn't leave white marks or took forever to rub in - in other words something that acted like skin care rather than an extra step.

    I love this so far - smells great, feels great on skin, absorbs really quickly.

    I was concerned it would be too "glowy" from other reviews but so far haven't noticed it at all under usual primer and make up.

    Only comment is that it can occaisionally feel a bit "gritty" on application - not sure why - but a good shake before dispensing has helped with that.

    This product means I am now using full SPF 50 every day without even thinking about it so it's a big yes from me!
  42. Long time waiting!


    So good to finally find a sunscreen for my face that isn't heavy and super greasy. Can't wait to try their other products!


    I bought both Queen Screen and Clean Screen and use this one daily, especially working in the City so walking daily in the sun to and from public transport. I also work in front of 2 computer screens all day so was really drawn to the UV brand having protection for blue light. Like Clean Screen (which is my holiday go to screen), this also works great as a moisturiser and makeup primer!

    I do use Queen Screen on its own on more casual days when I want a bit more illumination as I'm not a huge makeup wearer on days off. Best ever sunscreen to date!!
  44. A beautiful sunscreen with definite shine!


    I mix a few drops of this in with the UV Supreme Screen for daily use at work - I work in front of computers all day so was really drawn to the UV brand having protection for blue light. Like Supreme Screen, this also works great as a moisturiser and makeup primer!

    I do use Queen Screen on its own on more casual days when I want a bit more illumination as I'm not a huge makeup wearer on days off. It's lovely but does seem to have little dried bits in the product every few days even though I seal it tightly after every use. Shaking super well before use can help a bit though, I think.
    Also sometimes hard to wash all the shimmer off my hands after application.
  45. Amazing sunscreen serum


    I have been using this for awhile. I am coming to the end of my first bottle and have already purchased 2 for the upcoming summer. Through winter I have just been putting this on my face once a day in the morning, along with my regular skin care routine, and I cannot recommend it enough! I normally have very dry skin through the winter season. This has helped protect my skin from sun damage and helped with ensuring that my skin doesn’t dry out over the season (I have eczema and rosacea as well, so sensitive skin here). During summer I will probably put it on twice a day as I work inside in an office and don’t get a whole lot of sun exposure but I am very fair and burn in minimal sun exposure (I’m certain I have suffered from the mythical moonburn before)
  46. Makes your skin very dewy


    This sunscreen makes your skin super dewy, which I love. If you have oily skin, you probably won't like this one. It's easy to apply, I like to use this to reapply at lunch time using a sponge. It doesn't alter my make up and in fact, it adds some 'glow' to my skin. There is quite a strong rose scent that I dislike but it goes away pretty quickly. The bottle is pretty but I prefer it in a tube.
  47. Love this brand


    I love this brand, this product has a serum consistency and is very light weight. Only issue for me is that sometimes it pills if I wear serums underneath it.
  48. Fav face spf so far


    I’ve gone through so many face spf’s over the years, they would be too oil, too heavy or clog my pores. But this is light weight, a little goes a long way and it’s a great base before applying your make up. Love it!
  49. Great product but is in a bottle dropper


    This is a great product. It even smells good, which most don't.

    The only thing that puts me off using it is that it does not come in a tube.

    The dropper is not user friendly and I end up tipping it in to my hand in order to apply it.It is not practical to carry around in your bag.

    There is quite a lot left in the bottle that you just cannot get out to use.

    I would recommend it higher, if it came in a plastic tube.
  50. Game changer


    I hardly ever wore sunscreen on my face before this product. Everything else would run in my eyes or would cause my make-up to go all weird. This feels hydrating and smooth and is an excellent base for make up. I pop my BB cream right over the top and get compliments all day on how glowy I look. Love it
  51. Smells nice


    Nice product that smells lovely, has a somewhat gritty texture in some doses - not sure if it is meant to. Has also made me break out a few times.
  52. So good!


    This is such a great sunscreen! Not greasy at all and actually feels like a beautiful hydrating serum all while protecting my skin from harmful rays! Love it
  53. Lovely sunscreen


    First time trying this product after a friend's recommendation. I was really looking for a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 50. This product feels light texture-wise, but dense. Application throughout the face was easy, not too greasy, even after layers of serum, moisturizers & make ups, it stays throughout the day. Smells nice with a little luminous glow.
  54. Best sunscreen


    I love this sunscreen. I have sensitive skin and can wear this all the time, even on my eyes. It goes on light and sets matte so no 'sunscreen shine'. It sits perfectly under primers or foundations and has a nice, gentle rose scent.
  55. Sun protection is everything!


    I like using this daily for sun protection. It's nice and light on the skin and leaves my face with a nice natural glow. I'll definitely buy it again.
  56. Best SPF Product Ever


    This is the best SPF product I have ever used. Some sunscreens can turn your face in to an oil slick and don't sit well under makeup. This is a nice consistency, absorbs quite well and is easy to incorporate into any morning skin care routine. I don't love the glitter particles through it as I often have makeup free days, however it does give a nice glow under makeup.
  57. Glow

    Bonnie-Jade (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Queen Screen is perfect if you want to add a little extra glow! I love a dewy skin look and Queen Screen is amazing for mixing into foundations or moisturisers in the morning for an extra glow. I have combination skin but leaning more towards dry (especially in Winter) so I found the extra shine to be just right
  58. Feels great on the skin


    This product is a wonderful sunscreen - it feels light, hydrating and not at all oily on the skin. It also smells wonderful going on, which I always find makes it easier to wear! It wears well through the day, and is easy to apply and use with makeup. Definitely a great daily sunscreen, and one that I will be happy to continue wearing.
  59. A good sunscreen but not my favourite


    Initially when I tried this sunscreen, I loved how lightweight it was on my face, especially in comparison to many other sun creams I've used in the past. I continued to use for some time but then eventually I found it to make my face look too oily/shiny and even broke me out a little and I NEVERRRR break out so I then stopped using.

    I decided to go for Ultra Violettes SUPREME SCREEN product instead which I found to be heaps better! Its consistency is a little thicker but it feels much more moisturising and looks semi-matte on the face. This one is now my new holy grail sunscreen.

    Overall, I say this is a great lightweight and silky sunscreen but I don't recommend for people who have oily skin because I think this will exaggerate it even more. Probably best for dry-normal skin types but for oily, I recommend you use supreme screen.

    Overall, Ultra Violette have a great range of sunscreens that can cater to different skin types which is great so give it a go by all means.
  60. Good sunscreen


    I’ve read great things about it and since I’ve been on the lookout for a good sunscreen for ages I thought I give it a try. It’s a good sunscreen, light and with a smooth texture, feels good on the skin. Unfortunately, it breaks me out like every other sunscreen i have ever tried. For that reason I’m not sure I’d repurchase.
  61. Love the glow


    I get so many compliments on my skin after using this product. LOVE LOVE LOVE! This sunscreen is super protective, while giving you a great glow. I have normal to dry skin (only in winter), so this is the perfect mix of hydration, anti-aging and sun protection in one. Would not recommend for oily skin, as I have used it in summer time and does not sit under makeup well for me when my skin is too oily.
  62. My Favourite Sunscreen


    This is currently my favourite sunscreen.

    The serum formula makes application easy, the fragrance is quite strong but fades pretty quickly and it is great under my matte foundation as it makes my foundation less cake.

    I will be repurchasing another bottle closer to summer.


    I waited a couple of months before posting this review, to see if my early results really were as good as they appeared, and now I can confidently say that this sunscreen is really something special. I'm late 40s, have very dry skin, and have worn makeup on my skin daily since my early 20s. Since starting to use Ultra Violette Queen Screen I have actually stopped wearing makeup on my skin. My skin is so moisturised and the sunscreen provides such as silky sheen, that I've been putting a little bit of Becca illuminating primer over the top and nothing more. I NEVER expected something to make such a difference to my skin that it looked better WITHOUT makeup.

    This is really incredible stuff, and it's worth the price because you use to little. And if you love rose like me, you'll find the fragrance heavenly.
  64. A sunscreen that feels like skincare


    I used to rely on a CC cream with SPF to give my fair skin protection from the sun. But as a new mum, I am streamlining my skin care regimen and often go days without wearing a CC cream and have been looking for another product to provide sun protection. Enter Queen Screen - this product has a lovely thickened serum texture and applies nicely without feeling greasy or heavy. I do think that there is still a faint 'sunscreen' scent, but it is not unpleasant. I'm also find the heavy glass bottle and packaging very pleasing. I would give it 5 stars but I have only been trialling it for a few days, so I will wait to see whether it will stand the test of time, but this is a product that I am really enjoying using.
  65. Glowy serum!


    Like most women I'm forever looking for the perfect sunscreen for the face. I've been using the Queen Screen for about 3 months and it's definitely a good one, especially on younger skin! If you have dry skin and want a bit of a glow this will be the one. The rose scent is strong out of the bottle but dissipates on application. It is very dewy and I love a nice glow but lately I've been using just a primer, spot concealing & the Hour Glass Veil powder, so I think Supreme Screen is more for me. It's hydrating but not so glowy. Queen Screen is a beautiful SPF though and sits beautifully under primer and foundation.
  66. Great for if you like a dewy look


    I have been using this for a few months and I love it. It has a slightly greasy texture which may put people off but I really love the dewy, glowy look so it is perfect for me under a tinted moisturiser for a casual day look.
  67. Light weight and BEAUTIFUL


    I bought this product as a makeup artist I follow said it’s great for luminosity and applies well underneath makeup. I’ve always had a problem finding a sunscreen that doesn’t ball up under my foundation or make it gather. But this sunscreen is perfect. I have dry and sensitive skin and it’s moisturising and looks beautiful with no makeup on as well!!! 10/10 recommend!!!
  68. Amazing on sensitive skin


    I've been using this everyday for over a week and my word am I impressed. I have super sensitive skin and this didn't make it react or sting, left no white cast and sat perfectly under make up. HIGHLY recommend
  69. Nice, but could be better


    I've been looking for a new sunscreen after learning that my old holy grail contained some questionable ingredients. This product seemed to be a good alternative. The positives include good texture, nice glow and its a hygienic way of distributing the product. Negatives are the strong scent and the mica glitters. I really really wish that the product description made it clear that this product included shimmer (via the mica). I like a nice glow, but i don't need little micro glitters on my face.

    I have combination skin with quite an oily t-zone and this seems to be ok. I don't see much slippage when i layer under my makeup which is good. Would recommend if you don't mind the glitter and a strong rose scent.
  70. Wonderful texture


    Love the texture of this sunscreen and love that it is SPF 50! It feels more like a serum when applying rather than a sunscreen which i love. Goes on beautifully under makeup too. Not greasy. Now they just need to release a zinc version!
  71. A little glittery at first

    Patricia dara

    it really is the best suncare i've used and it makes me want to use it everyday unlike any other sunscreen. i do notice the pippet was quite hard to use (which makes me a little annoyed in the morning). Also was a little glittery at first
  72. The sunscreen we all need


    Finally, a sunscreen that doesn't sting in the eyes, smell nice and can be worn with makeup!
    I think the reason women don't often wear sunscreen is that your skin looks bad with it but with this product no more excuse!
  73. Different kind of sunscreen


    I was in search of a lightweight sunscreen that was more fluid than cream based, and based on the really awesome reviews I decided to try it

    Overall, this is a good sunscreen. the best thing about this sunscreen is the consistency. Its very liquid and isn't thick which was what I was after (more like a serum). I was also in search of something to replace my asian sunscreen (think Shiseido, Kanebo, or Laneige). I enjoyed the scent, although it was quite strong so I think some people might not like that. It doesn't also make your skin look white which sometimes happens for sunscreen.

    2 bad things about it:
    1. It's too shimmery - It actually has glitter in this product, but maybe that's just to make your skin look 'dewy' although i would've preferred no glitter
    2. It possibly made my skin breakout. Might be due to the strong scent.

    My skin type: combination, sometimes oily T zone end of the day. Will have breakouts on certain parts of my face
  74. Disappointed


    Was recommended this product by a friend who only uses this brand of sunscreen. Used 3 times and broke out severely all 3 times. Asked my mum to try it to see if it was just me and she broke out the same day she tried it. Such a shame as I really wanted to love it :(
  75. Revolutionised SPF forever


    I just recently had some skin cancers removed so have been much more concious of the sun. I bought this after seeing it all over Instagram and was pleasantly surprised. It smells lovely and doesn't feel thick like other sunscreens. It's been implemented into my daily routine now without thinking about it.
  76. Lovely texture - light and not greasy!


    Heard this reviewed on a podcast so gave it a go and super impressed. Not greasy which is what usually is the case. Will def buy more.
  77. OMG!!!!!


    So I had been looking at purchasing Ultra Violette Queen Screen for a while now. I had heard amazing things and honestly its worth the hype. This sunscreen comes in a serum formula which I love. It leaves my skin super hydrated and when I apply before my makeup, leaves me with a dewy glow. I was hesitant at first when I purchased due to to reviews regarding smell and shimmer. Honestly, the smell is strong however I don't find it overpowering and the shimmer doesn't phase me. If anything, I like having that glow throughout the day. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
    I will definitely buy again along with Ultra Violette Supreme Screen (which I can't wait to try either).
  78. For oily skin types only


    I chose the Queen Screen over the other Ultra Violette sunscreen because I love a glowy complexion. However - this is way too glowy with my dewy foundations - It becomes very sheer and does not stay in place.

    When I wear this sunscreen on its own (no complexion products) it is really nice, very dewy look and the strong rose scent definitely goes away so it's fun to put on in the morning.

    However, I lent this to a friend who uses estee lauder's double wear and it looks incredible on her.
  79. Great for oily skin, trust me


    I've combated my oily skin for years, and words like primer, glowy, dewy, etc. Have scared me away from many different skincare products, and I never even came close to the thought of using SPF on its own under my makeup. Safe to say, I am a convert.
    This little joker is now my everything, morning moisture, SPF and primer and if you let is sit for a little while (10-15min) before applying makeup, you will for sure love it! It does not cause separation or any extra creasing where you normally would, its also so good on its on and does your skin all kinds of favours. I will be buying this again, and again, and again, and then some.
  80. excellent


    An excellent everyday sunscreen that adds a bit of glow. I love how it feels on my skin and how it leaves it looks dewy.
  81. flawless sunscreen


    I have been using this sunscreen for two weeks and I absolutely love it. It doesn't break-out my rosacea prone skin, and leaves it looking fresh, plump and gawjus! I've just started using retin-A 0.05%, and this along with the Ordinary buffer works so well at keeping the dryness away. I find it really nice to put under concealer and actually look forward to this step of my skin routine! That said, my skin is more sensitive/dry so for those with more oily skin this particular style might be a bit too much.
  82. Best skincare product!


    Not only does this serum protect your skin, it leaves it soft and moisturised all day! I’m obsessed!
  83. Too oily and includes sulphates


    I thought I’d love this! However using the three droppers full needed to get adequate sun protection makes me an absolute grease ball. There’s so much product on my face I don’t know what to do with it! Other cons are the overwhelming smell, mica and sulphate! Why sulphate!! Definitely not recommended for those with oily skin. Give supreme (surprisingly great for oily skin) or clean a go!
  84. Perfect


    First time user of the brand and absolutely hooked. The hydrating serum formulation and pipette make it feel luxurious on the skin. Its so lightweight you don't even know you're wearing a sunscreen, let alone a SPF50. Doesn't feel tacky on your skin and is a lovely base for makeup. Very excited to try the others in the range to compare the different formulations. Hope the clever ladies behind this brand release some body sunscreens too because I wold have no issues lathering up my body everyday if its as silky smooth as the Queen Screen!

    Only criticism I have is that its sort of hard to get a lot of product into the pipette and you did to do a few squeezes to get enough out to cover your face and decolletage, other than that I highly recommend and will be buying again and again.
  85. Prefer supreme screen


    I currently have dry skin while on medication and because it's winter, however I much prefer the Supreme screen to this one. Queen screen has a very dewy/wet finish, and definitely wouldn't suit oily skin types. The brand recommends 2.5 pipettes of this for face/neck but I do find that to be a bit too much for me in terms of how shiny it leaves me. I love the packaging and love how clean the pipette actually is in distributing the product (I thought it would be a bit leaky but it isn't). I will finish this up, but after that stick to Supreme screen!
  86. Worth the hype


    This is a great product and lives up to its claim - it really doesn’t feel like a traditional sunscreen. It’s light, absorbs quickly and leaves your skin super glowy without greasy residue. I have found it to be slightly gritty in texture but does blend well and works under all makeup I have used.
  87. Great but does leave skin sticky


    I've been using this sunscreen for several months now and I really enjoy it. I have dry, dehydrated, very sensitive skin. This sunscreen helps with moisture and feels really lightweight and nice to apply. It definitely does leave a glow to your skin!
    But it does leave the skin sticky, my skin usually soaks it up within an hour, but then my skin does get a little bit oily throughout the day. The sunscreen applies really nicely under make-up. I think this is really good for dry skin, and if you don't mind a little sticky feeling for a bit. But despite the negatives, this is the best sunscreen I have found so far and I have tried a lot of drugstore and higher end ones!
  88. Best sunscreen


    This stuff is amazing, doesn't feel like the normal greasy sunscreen. Soaks in so fast! The smell is quite strong at first but I've gotten used to it
  89. Great sunscreen, better for dry skin.


    I found the serumy texture to oily for my skin but this is an awesome sun protectant, there are other products in this range I prefer, smells nice though.
  90. Greasy


    This sunscreen is better for when my skin is feeling dry (winter/ autumn time). I get greasy by the end of the day as this does not help control oils at all. Perhaps wear with oil control primer over top
  91. Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50


    I’ve always been skeptical of facial sunscreens that claim to be lightweight and easy to wear. Many times I’ve found myself purchasing products that end up feeling thick on the skin and make my makeup move throughout the day. However, as an extremely pale skin gal, I have no choice but to wear a sunscreen daily! I’m so excited to have found this sunscreen, it has really changed up my daily skincare routine! I’ve been recommending this to all of my friends and now you too, you need to buy this product!
  92. Five sun-safe stars


    This silky, smooth sunscreen is perfect for everyday use. I was hesitant about purchasing as she’s a lil exy (thank gawd for afterpay) but it’s honestly worth it. This product doesn’t feel heavy on your skin and leaves a lovely dewy glow with or without foundation.
    Skin feels hydrated with use and is sooo satisfying to apply with the lil dropper.

    ((also besides the packaging being cute af this particular bottle uses minimal plastic!!))
  93. Surprisingly my oily skin liked it - but why the glitter!


    i was hesitant to try Queen Screen as I have combo/oily skin but it actually wasn't too bad at all, although I wasn't wowed.

    I feel Ultra Violette has been heavily hyped, so perhaps this is the reason why I have been left slightly disappointed by the range.

    Queen screen pros:
    -Possibly the most lightweight sunscreen texture I have ever come across. Glides across skin and zero white cast
    - Even though my skin can be oily I found I didn't look too greasy. However, i doubt i would feel the same during the hot summer months.
    -Elegant, chic glass bottle.
    - Love that it's reef-friendly and cruelty-free

    - I was SO disappointed that it had glitter particles in it
    - Although the serum-like texture worked for me, others with oily skin might not like it
    - Bottle looks lovely on bathroom shelf but totally impractical for travelling.

    I enjoyed using but probably wouldn't purchase again.

  94. Dry skin friendly


    Good for dry skin. I think it might be very shiny and greasy for oilier types, but adds good level of hydration
  95. No shine!


    I hate the shine sunscreens leave on my face and this is just amazing! All the protection without the usual sunscreen cons.
  96. Best chemical sunscreen


    Usually I stick to physical sunscreens due to my melasma. But in cooler weather and if I want a more dewy look I use this and it feels great. Definitely my go to for chemical sunscreens
  97. Good lightweight sunscreen


    I was really excited to try this and was hoping it would be the answer to the sunscreen plus moisturiser everyday without feeling greasy problem. It's definitely lightweight, and doesn't feel heavy or greasy, but it's definitely not a moisturiser replacement and despite having slightly oily skin, I still find I need a moisturiser as well to stop getting dry spots.
  98. It’s okay.


    I really wanted to like this sunscreen, but it didn’t really suit my oily skin. Made my face too shiny!
  99. Have already repurchased


    I LOVE LOVE this sunscreen. It glides on beautifully and as a bonus is a great makeup base for everyday use. I have already repurchased and most likely will continue to use this sunscreen.

    No complaints at all.
  100. Sun protection


    This is a great sunscreen that I pack on my skin and it doesn't feel heavy. It makes me want to apply sunscreen daily because of the formula.
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