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Ultra Violette Sheen Screen SPF 30 Hydrating Lip Balm - Nude 15g 15g

4.9 of 30 reviews


4 instalments of $6.88


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4 instalments of $6.88


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Upgrade to a gloss that cares. Ultra Violette Sheen Screen offers a sheer wash of colour and extra-nourishing ingredients to help your lips look better than ever. Nice.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Has SPF

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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4.9 of 30 reviews

93% recommend this product

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This lip balm really moisturises my lips and love that it has spf. The colour also matches my lips really well
  1. Great


    This lip balm really moisturises my lips and love that it has spf. The colour also matches my lips really well
  2. Best Nude Gloss


    Love this lip gloss, adds a natural tint to the lips and is not sticker at all. Super glossy and colour lasts for ages. loveeee this product.... very moisturising on my lips
  3. Good but I don’t like the taste!


    I love the consistency and slight nude tint of this lip balm and feel confident when I’m applying it that my lips are protected from the sun. My only criticism is the taste. It leaves a really weird aftertaste in my mouth (maybe the castor oil?)
  4. Best SPF 30+ Lip Balm on the Market!


    Easily the best SPF 30+ lip balm on the market! Really moisturising, glossy, with a slight natural rosy-nude tint. No white cast or weird texture. The ONLY slight note I would make is that it has castor oil in the ingredients and so the lip balm leaves a slight dry taste/feeling in my mouth...its not terrible, but it is a slight effect I usually experience thanks to castor oil.
  5. Love it!


    Got this FULL SIZE product for free on AB as part of a promotion, and WOW this is the perfect nude colour for my lips. Such a bonus that it has SPF 30 in it. Does not have that gross sunscreen taste either. Will definitely be in my handbag ALL SUMMER!
  6. Loooooove it!


    This lip balm is awesome! It makes my lips feel super hydrated, it does not leave a overly sticky residue on the lips. The smell is subtle, like mild vanilla . The product doesn’t really have a taste to it which is good, no sunscreen taste. Overall it’s a great product, keen to try out the peach tone next.
  7. Very very good stuff


    Super hydrating and feels wonderful. I use it everyday and have had awesome results so far. Great stuff!
  8. Great SPF option


    This balm is a great SPF option for the lips. I have a huge lip balm collection, and this actually feels more hydrating and long lasting than the majority of them. I read a few reviews that there was an SPF taste, but I haven't found this to be the case. My only wish was that the tint was slightly more noticeable, however this is still a really great nude balm.
  9. Bring on Summer!


    This lip balm is perfect! I have been hunting for the perfect SPF lip balm after developing a few dark spots on my lips in the past few years that sparked paranoia and a trip to my skin doctor (freckles thank god!). This lip balm id the holy grail - the colour really is just a nice clear-ish barely tinted sheen to your lips (no one wants a full colour balm at the beach), doesn't taste or feel weird, and it smells amazing!
    Would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for an SPF lip balm.
  10. Amazing!


    My new favourite and must have! Long lasting, non-sticky and a lovely colour.
  11. Gorgeous colour


    Love the nude tint on this lip balm. the SPF does taste funny (as with all SPF lip balms) but all the other ones I've tried are revolting and I've never used them since (looking at you natio).

    The lip balm is really hydrating, my lips usually don't tolerate certain balms like paw paw or carmen's for very long but this is a staple.
  12. good lip gloss


    I don't usually like lip gloss but this one is not too sticky so it's ok. the colour is very nude so if your lips don't have much natural colour and you are pale like me you might have to wear this over lipstick. I bought this because I wanted an easy way to reapply sunscreen on my lips throughout the day. It does leave a bitter taste in the back of my tongue when I apply but this goes away after a while.
  13. Ultra Violette Sheen Screen SPF 30 Nude


    moisturising and doesn't break me out or get flaky. Slightly brings out pinker skin undertones. Sometimes I just put this on by itself so my face isn't naked to the world.
  14. My new obsession!


    I have a slight addiction to lip glosses, and they are scattered about my house and my various handbags. Ultra Violette is my new obsession. Not sticky, no taste, looks great - I love it!
  15. Hydrates and protects!


    As per its name, this lip balm hydrates and protects with spf 30 plus nude tint - what is not to like?
  16. Nourishing


    Nice and soothing. Feels light on application and has a subtle scent. Does wonders for my dry lips.
  17. Comfortable and hydrating.


    This is a lovely balm. The nude colour on me is a bit too subtle to be noticed, but is still pretty. It isn't sticky and I love that it has SPF 30. The applicator is comfortable when applying product.
  18. I wear this everyday!


    I love me some sunscreen! it isn't tacky and works great alone and over lipsticks
  19. Great texture


    I like that it’s not too sticky or too dry or heavy. And I love its spf. It doesn’t feel or taste like sun cream.
  20. Very hydrating


    Really love this product! it is hydrating and sits really well. Great for everyday use.
  21. Lovely, but a tad expensive


    I received this as a freebie in a recent order and i'm really enjoying it. As it says on the tube, your hair won't stick to this lip balm - always a plus. Love the spf and the consistency. The only two things stopping me from giving this 5 stars is; I found the nude colour to be ever so slightly frosted (my lips are naturally quite red though, so this may be why) and I also thought $25 was quite expensive for a lip balm.
  22. Free but would also buy


    Scored this as a freebie and I love it. So silky and the nude is very subtle. I was worried as it came out of the tube dark but is very sheer. Nourishing, plumping and great for my handbag. SPF is also the best. Can’t get over how good this brand is!
  23. Wonderful!


    I received this lip balm for free with my most recent purchase. I can't get over how great this balm is! Starting off with the colour, the description says nude, but it actually was a rosy pinky colour. It still looked nude on my lips but I did notice a very subtle rosy tint - which I absolutely love. The texture is what won me over. I really thought as it features spf, it would be really thick and waxy, but surprisingly, it was glossy and so comfortable. This is hands down the best spf lip balm I have ever used. This will definitely be s staple in my makeup bag.
  24. Gorgeous product


    I wasn't sure whether to buy into the hype about Ultra Violette but after receiving this as a bonus with my sunscreen I understand why there's so much popularity. This is a beautiful sheen screen, with a lovely thick glossy finish and the added bonus of SPF protection. My only criticism is that the product is way too small at 15g - needs to be at least twice the size! Definitely will purchase when my sample is finished.
  25. Love


    Love this lip balm, super hydrating and a great nude gloss - it’s a hard combo to come by when SPF is incorporated kudos
  26. A lovely lip balm


    I received this product free when I purchased another product from the range. The lip balm is light and a little goes a long way! It does have a glossy look to it but it's not thick like some other glossy lip balms I have used in the past. The nude colour is very neutral looking and blends in quite well with your natural lip colour.
  27. sufficiently thick without being sticky


    As someone who hoards lip balms, this one being SPF 30 is just hitting the jackpot. The texture is similar to carmex in a tube, maybe a tad thicker and not gritty at all. On tan skintones, it is unlikely you will see any colour payoff, which is what I was after. The price point does mean I cannot buy a bunch to keep everywhere (like I do with carmex) but I'd gladly cough up for it once I run out.
  28. Mini Ultra Violette guide: Peach vs Nude - which one to get!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Yeah yeah, another staff review, I know. I promise the hype in the office is real!

    I thought, rather than giving a review, I'd basically describe the products and do a quick colour comparison.

    In short:
    I wouldn't describe these as having much colour at all - if you want a no-makeup look, nude is fantastic. If you want a bit of life to your face, peach is what you want.

    Nude has a rosy nude beige hint with no shimmer at all, but the tint is very sheen and it literally looks like nothing on the lips.

    Peach is still very sheer, but it's more like one of those colours that gives a bit of oomph to your lips - but still passes as not wearing anything. There's also a SLIGHT bit of shimmer to peach, whereas nude has none. It's not the kind of shimmer anyone will ever notice though, just enough to trick the light.

    In my honest opinion, Nude is basically the same as a completely transparent, mid-shine versatile gloss, so great if you're a guy, or you want something to wear on top of anything, or you have naturally pigmented lips.

    Whereas, Peach is what you want if you're like me and your lips look ridiculous without a little hint of colour haha!

    PPS - YES these glosses are good - they are hydrating, non-sticky, non-oily, and I rate them over Lanolips.
  29. The ideal lip balm?!

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have been on a quest for the perfect hydrating SPF lip balm for longer than I care to admit, and I thought I had found something that was pretty decent - but this is better.

    It actually makes my lips feel hydrated for longer than an hour, the tint is nice and subtle, there’s no sticky feeling and it’s a tube and not a pot!!

    It doesn’t sound like a lot but I’ve found it hard to find something that ticks all those boxes, plus SPF30 instead of 15 is pretty dang good too.
  30. Not gluggy, not sticky, no white cast!

    Charley (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I am a long-term sufferer of burnt lips in the sun, and have been in an ongoing battle to find an SPF lip product that not only provides the protection I need, but isn’t sticky (my pet hate!) and doesn’t leave a white cast leaving me looking like a Bondi lifeguard. The tinted version of the Sheen Screen - Lip SPF30 is by far my favourite to date. It applies like a (non-sticky) lip gloss, and you can still wear your favourite lipstick underneath - double win! You can reapply throughout the day without getting that gluggy feeling after a few coats - Highly recommend! I’m excited to trial the rest of the Ultra Violette range.
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