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Ultra Violette Sheen Screen SPF50 Lip Balm 15g

4.7 of 62 reviews


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New packaging. Higher SPF. You liked her before, now you'll be obsessed with her. We are. 

  • Alcohol Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Has SPF

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Ultra Violette Sheen Screen SPF50 Lip Balm Reviews

4.7 of 62 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nice lip balm with the added benefit of 50+


I bought the rose balm and it has a lovely subtle colour, no or limited fragrance (which I love), it isn’t sticky and it does last. I will be buying many more to put in all my bags.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but be careful


This is really beautiful and moisturizing on the lips but I ended up developing a lanolin allergy from using it. It gave me a itchy, red and bumpy rash all around the border of my lips. If you're someone who constantly reapplies lip balm, I would be wary of doing it too often as as you may end up with the same problem.
  1. Nice lip balm with the added benefit of 50+


    I bought the rose balm and it has a lovely subtle colour, no or limited fragrance (which I love), it isn’t sticky and it does last. I will be buying many more to put in all my bags.
  2. pleasant


    This gives a slight tint that looks good on my lips
  3. Nice gloss


    Nice gloss with sunscreen
  4. good!


    i’m a fan! light sheen on the tint but i love what it does give me. knowing there’s spf helps heaps too!
  5. Very nice


    I have this in Rose and it has a really nice, no-make-up-make-up look to it, which I absolutely love. I also love that it's SPF50! So many SPF lip balms have a low concentration and are boring, but this takes pride of place on my bathroom vanity.
  6. SPF but make it subtle


    No offensive SPF taste or scent to be found. Not sticky and applies smoothly. The only downside is I don't think the shade rose suits my olive complexion.
  7. Good but be careful


    This is really beautiful and moisturizing on the lips but I ended up developing a lanolin allergy from using it. It gave me a itchy, red and bumpy rash all around the border of my lips. If you're someone who constantly reapplies lip balm, I would be wary of doing it too often as as you may end up with the same problem.
  8. sheen screen


    has a slight vanilla scent that's pleasant. The tint is very minimal but just perfects my lips. Pretty sheen
  9. great staple


    I love the hint of colour, level of shine and the fact that it has SPF. it doesn't leave you feeling too sticky and doesn't collect to cheese in the corners of your lips when dehyrated. Love this.
  10. Hydrating and flattering


    I love this lip balm because it's very hydrating and thick. The colour is flattering and very pretty. You do need to be careful of licking your lips/drinking because if you're not your mouth will taste a little bit like suncream which isn't super nice.
  11. Lovely!


    Very happy with this purchase. My main reason for buying it was for the SPF. It gives a nice subtle colour (I bought the Rose) and it goes on smoothly - doesn't feel sticky at all!


    This is my new handbag staple. I don't go anywhere without it. It's the perfect shine and knowing it has SPF50 in it is perfect for us Australians.
  13. Natural shine


    I'm half way through my first tube. i'm loving that you don't have to use your finger to apply ( with Covid it's safer not to apply with fingers to your mouth). It's lasting a long time and I wold definitely use it a few times a day. Love the Shea Butter in it as it's the only SPF lip creme I've had that doesn't dry out your lips. I will buy this again. Value for money.
  14. Amazingly hydrating


    I didn’t have high hopes for this balm - a lot of balms promise hydration but end up resulting in dryness.
    This one instantly hydrated my lips and looked cute over zoom too (I got it in “peach”. I found myself reapplying all day even though I didn’t need to, just because I love the feeling of it. I haven’t worn it outside yet, but it’s great that it actually offers sun protection
  15. ultra violette


    I love the peachy nude shade that this gives my lips. It's nice and hydrating and I like that it has SPF
  16. sheen screen


    I have the nude shade and i like how it gives a natural glossy look. The smell is kind of like vanilla to me, I'm not a huge fan of it.
  17. Peach


    I purchased Peach. Its really nice and great that it has spf in it
  18. Nude protection


    This has a nice silky texture and the SPF 50 protection is great. I tried the nude - the colour is nice on my pale skin but very subtle. Nothing at all wrong with it but I wasn't blown away, so not sure I'd purchase again for that price.
  19. Smells good


    Love the scent! I use this on days I don’t wear makeup and it has a really lovely texture. I got it in shade rose which is a nice nude.
  20. Great lip balm that is SPF50


    I really like this lip balm. It has a really nice shine to it and makes the lips look lumpy as well. The only downfall is that it does feel a bit sticky and not as hydrating as I would have liked but the shine and SPF benefits outweigh that. I will most likely purchase again as a good SPF50 lip balm is hard to come across.
  21. Does the job


    The colour is nice except putting too much washes my face out. Although if I just put a little, the colour is nice. It's nice to have a lip balm thats SPF 50 so I will be using this daily whether I like the colour or not. Might go for the nude and peach shade next time.
  22. SPF is a bonus


    I have this lip balm in both the nude and peach and colour-wise I don't notice a difference between the two after application. They last for ages as only a tiny amount is required, and they provide moisture and shine without any stickiness or running. The SPF50 is an added bonus, this is now the only lip balm I will apply during the day as I was noticing increased dryness and sore lips without SPF...
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  23. Put on that sexy balm!


    I've been searching for with good quality of spf lip balm for a while. Now I'm glad to announce it as my holy grail spf lip balm! It's super hydrating with super high protection spf 50. The rose colour I got is beautiful enough to shine confidently.
  24. The best


    My go to especially for days when I have to work outside. The shine plus the protection is absolutely amazing.
  25. Just right!

    Miss P

    Not too sticky like normal lipgloss and SPF50+ - perfect for everyday use. WIN WIN! Does have a weird taste...
    I do hope that there are more shades released in future - like a cherry colour.
  26. Lip protection


    I love that this protects my lips while also giving it shine and colour. It’s pretty thick which I don’t mind and has some hydration but not heaps
  27. Great daily gloss


    I really like the texture and sheen of this gloss, and it doesn't taste terrible like you might expect from a sunscreen lipbalm. I love that I can get sun protection for my lips while still just feeling pretty and shiny. Only reason to give 4/5 stars instead of 5/5 is that I don't feel it is very moisturising (although I have only used it in winter, in summer it may be enough) and it needs to be ...
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  28. SPF balm that doesn’t taste gross!


    I’ve been searching for a high spf lip balm that doesn’t taste gross and doesn’t throw a white colour for the longest time but this one gives a nice hint of colour and has a night light fragrance
  29. Lovely lip balm


    I have this in nude and is perfect for daily use. It is moisturising and provides a subtle colour. I did find that it was more of a gloss than a lip balm though. Overall a great product that has spf.
  30. Nude and shine


    I got the shade nude and it is absolutely amazing. It super hydrating to the dry lips and the SPF is a bonus. It is lightweight too and not sticky
  31. Glossy with SPF


    This is really a lip gloss (I purchased the shade nude) rather than a lip balm. It delivers a glossy sheen to your lips and most importantly, has a protective SPF. It's pretty expensive but if you want to look glam and protected, then I'd recommend this product!
  32. Fantastic


    These lip balms are a tad pricey for what they are, as they are almost exactly the same as Lanolips lip treatment (with the star ingredient being lanolin and all). Nevertheless, the formula is more elegant than the Lanolips lip treatments, as is the texture. These are smoother. And they all smell like chocolate, which is heavenly!
  33. Um, this is Delicious!


    I only got this this morning and I am already hooked.
    I needed a new Lip Balm with SPF as the mainstream supermarket brand I am using contains nasties and I can taste them in the formula.
    This is sweet and pretty, its a thick consistency yet lovely and light on the lips. No funny tastes or smells, just all goodness! The shade I have is nude, and it's supposed to be beige but on my sk...
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  34. Loving it in ‘nude’


    adore sent me a full size tube in nude with my last purchase of ultra violette sunscreen products. I am loving it! Much better look than lanolips, nude subtly adds colour. Not too sticky or too high shine which I love. Very faint scent. I’ll purchase for sure when I run out.
  35. Love!

    Harley H

    It’s a thick consistency but do not feel sticky at all. Gives a shiny glossy look. I have the nude one which doesn’t show much colour on my lips. So next time definitely purchase the more pigmented one. Highly recommend
  36. Pretty


    It's not the most moisturising, but it's pretty and very shiny and functions as more of a lip gloss. Gives a lovely subtle wash of colour!
  37. Nice


    I am really fussy when it comes to lip balms and these are absolutely great. Not sticky, works well and doesn’t have a sunscreen taste
  38. Amazing


    Love this lip balm, I have large lips and this really helps to keep them protected.
  39. Great Gloss with protection!


    This is a great product! I would consider this more a gloss than a balm. It’s thick in consistency which I love but find it wears off quicker than a lot of other lip products. Having said that, I love this in spit of that; I have the nude shade and it’s lovely to finally find a lip product that has colour and SPF - highly recommend!
  40. Seriously Blown Away


    The consistency of these are so thick and like a balm, but in a way that you don't have to shove your finger into a pot, then apply to your lips (not very covid friendly) and the slight tint of these is really lovely! I have the nude and peach and they're both such easy wear colours which would suit anyone! I applied too much and tasted it which wasn't amazing, but that's the same with all SPF lip...
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  41. new favourite summer balm


    hydrates my lips like a dream! i love the spf factor of this too. can’t go wrong with this one, such a great size too
  42. Not very hydrating


    I like the feeling of the balm, its like a think gloss.

    Its not very hydrating and I feel I need to reapply a lot.
  43. Great balm, not much colour though


    This is a fantastic hydrating & protecting balm, I was expecting a bit more colour with this one but its basically clear. If you're looking for colour I would try the other ones! Still happy with the product though.
  44. in love


    love this lip balm so good. I also absolutely love that it has spf50 !
  45. Loving this lip balm!


    Isn't sticky! Doesn't tastes or feel like sunscreen! Love that it protects me against the elements and is super hydrating and is now my go-to lip balm for day or night! My lips were severely cracked and this has saved them! Highly recommend! Worth it $
  46. Pretty and protective


    High protection, pretty finish and packaging, and no strong smell or taste. I got the Shimmer shade - subtle on it's own (basically clear) and looks good over lip liner. For long periods of time in the sun you'd probably have to reapply as it doesn't feel thick or sticky like its really "attached" to your lips, but I think that's not an issue.
  47. Nude is everything!


    I love this lip balm. Really nice non sticky formula that is really nourishing and I love that it's SPF too - nude is my personal favourite, goes on so well over lipsticks or liner!
  48. Absolutely loving this lip balm!


    Absolutely loving this lip balm! My lips look so plump and glossy! Hydrating and looks really pretty on
  49. SPF50 IN A LIP BALM?!


    The mere fact this is SPF50 in a lip balm amazed me when I saw it. I'm not totally in love with the 'stickiness' but it has served me well, especially over summer. Would love if they made it in a clear version...
  50. Converted me to lip balm


    I wasn't a big user of lip balm previously however this one has me hooked. I purchased the Nude shade and its got just enough tint to it. Really glad it has spf in it as i started to notice a spot of pigmentation on my bottom lip and definitely don't want more to appear.
  51. Finally!

    Mrs S

    Finally a great quality SPF lip balm that doesn't taste gross and gives lips a glossy finish like a high end lip gloss. I love it and will definitely recommend and repurchase!
  52. Love


    I have this in Nude - such a great lip balm. Nourishing, hydrating and protects against UV. Great natural colour and ability to wear for any occasion, whether that's work or dinner. Have recommended this to all of my friends - will definitely repurchase.
  53. The best!


    My favourite lib balm ever. Such a nice consistency and colour. SPF50 as well so you cant beat that!
  54. Amazing


    This lip balm is great! I love having the option of using a tinted lip balm with SPF rather than just the usual lip balm sticks
  55. yes!


    it's so hard to find something to put on your lips that has SPF and isn't gross. I'm not a big glossy gal, but I love this (and everything ultra violette do) so much! I don't even mind the slight stick. High recommend.
  56. Sun Protection for Lips


    I love these lip balms as a reminder thst lips need SPF. Nice, hydrating formula that lasts a long time. I'm so happy they have released more shades as these are great value for money.
  57. nice lip balm


    Such an amazing lip balm with SPF 50!! great essential for summer, love it comes with a hint of colour! highly recommended !
  58. PERFECT!!!!


    Such a nice product. Provides protection, a non-sticky formula and can also double up as a gloss. What more could you want
  59. Amazing


    Looks beautiful, softens and hydrates my lips and comes with spf50 protection. I absolutely love this.
  60. Magnificent


    So glad l purchased this definitely will be buying more of their products the lip balm is well packaged. The applicator glides over the lips like a dream it lasts a long time and with added sunscreen you can’t go wrong. There is quite a lot of product for the money and love that it’s Australian.
  61. Nourishing


    Nourishing lip balm that also protects from the grave uv rays. Not sticky and pretty colours! Recommend this one 100%
  62. Love these


    I honestly love these and new packaging makes it so much easier to find the right shade in my handbag. Nude's my go-to, looks AMAZING over a matte mac lippy like honey love.
  63. Great for summer


    These lip balms are great for the Australian summer because nobody thinks to protect their lips from the sun. I don't have to worry with SPF built into this every day hydrating lip balm
  64. Lovely lip balm


    I love this lip balm. Really nice non sticky formula that is really nourishing and live that it’s an spf50 too
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