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This innovative skincare brand is all about science and results. Together with the advancement of skincare technology, Vice Reversa products are created to be simple, produce results, and be easily incorporated in the modern lifestyle. Unlike us, pimples and wrinkles are problems that never seem to follow a schedule. Get back on track with life using effective solutions made specifically to fit into even the busiest of routines.


At the end of the day, everyone can do with a little more time and a little less stress. Micro needling is known for its rejuvenating effects on the skin, but Vice Reversa has gone two steps further in its mission to make quality skincare for everyone. The focus is to increase the effectiveness of tried and tested active ingredients with a groundbreaking delivery system to target wrinkles and pimples and keep them at bay. Comprising of multiple uniform and precise micro needles, this patent-based technology saves valuable time and allows for an even better result than traditional application methods.


The second part to this pioneering science is the use of ultra-fine molecules of active ingredients in their unique patches. Each patch contains thousands of microscopic active ingredients in the form of micro-fine needles that can accurately penetrate the skin in a similar fashion to micro needling. These active ingredients then dissolve and are release under the epidermis, allowing for maximum absorption rate. The Vice Reversa team works constantly with Korea’s top cosmetic chemists and manufacturers to ensure quality premium ingredients are used in the patches. When it comes to efficient skincare solutions, there is no doubt these patches will nourish and create wonders for your complexion.


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