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4.5 of 322 reviews


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Say goodbye to single-use makeup wipes and say hello to Face Halo. This game changing makeup remover uses just water to easily wipe away makeup, and can be used again and again.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Face Halo Original - 3 Pack

Face Halo Original - 3 Pack

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Face Halo Original - 3 Pack Reviews

4.5 of 322 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive


Sandy Shehata

These are great and so easy to use! Removes my makeup in seconds! Love it!

Most Helpful Criticism

Just ok


I really loved this when i first tried it, as the concept of reducing waste of single use make-up wipes is important to me. However the quality of the product and its effectiveness in removing make-up after the first few uses is pretty disappointing. The white color also stains over time from make-up residue that does not wash out in the machine, which makes you feel as if you are cleaning your face with a dirty item when when it is clean.
  1. Does the job, not long lasting

    Laura Hulbert

    The face halo definitely does what it says it will do which is fantastic, however, for the price, the product gets dirty very easily and quickly and doesn't wash well - and I don't really wear a lot of makeup.
  2. Great

    Sandy Shehata

    These are great and so easy to use! Removes my makeup in seconds! Love it!
  3. Staple


    I ADORE my face halos! They are so great at removing makeup - even stubborn liner or lipstick! They save me so much on makeup removing wipes or cotton rounds and micellar water, so they're good for the long run. I do find they get rougher the more you wash them (over a year or two), but they do stay soft for ages. Would definitely recommend!!
  4. Gamechanger


    These are a game changer. So good for the morning when I don't want to use a cleanser, but still want my face to feel clean. Great for my first PM cleanse too. Such an easy makeup removal option and very easy to clean. I recommend these to all of my friends.
  5. Amazed it works!


    Can't believe how well this product removes all my makeup! A bit on the expensive side (and in hindsight i would have bought black) but worth it! Buying them as gifts for all my friends!
  6. Good Sustainable Option


    I love Face Halo for giving sustainable options for face wipes. These work well and last so long, easy to clean by rinsing or chucking in the washing machine once a week. I do find them to be a little big and hard to handle occasionally, not moulding to my face as well as other brands.
  7. I use them everyday


    I use one everyday! I also wash the one I have used after I’m done, with antibacterial soap and she looks new! I love these, apart of my feels like I should just use a fluffy/chunk face washer towel to save some money... but they’re so handy! Love hanging them to dry after my shower is done. When it’s time for mine to retire, I’ll get some more!
  8. Nice - but wish there was more than 3


    They really do work nicely as a step to remove makeup. I use them after I cleanse to help remove anything I missed. I just wish they weren’t as expensive or that more came in a pack.
  9. Great Product - convert to the face halo

    Face Halo

    I've been using my face halos for approx. 3 months and I'm really impressed with the result and the quality. I feel they remove the vast majority of my make-up (I then cleanse and tone my skin after using a face halo) and my pore appearance and skin clarity has improved since using them. I was so impressed I bought several packets for xmas gifts! Easy to wash and seem quite durable so far - great ...
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  10. fantasitc


    these are great at getting make up and sunscreen off, make sure to still cleanser afterwards!
  11. Greatest makeup remover I've ever used


    I bought this as an alternative to the make up wipes that I continually use (I know, super bad for the environment, but that's also why I bought it!) and it does an even better job for me than the face wipes did! I usually get about 5 uses of daily make up and about 2 uses of heavy make up before I need to chuck it in the wash and it comes out good as new. I highly recommend for those who like to...
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  12. Great!


    I use in the shower to remove makeup and cleanse my face more thoroughly. must have product!
  13. Gets it all off


    Great little additions to my night time routine. Seams to be able to get any kind of makeup off without pulling at the skin too much. i did end up purchasing the black versions though as the eventual discoloration of the white from my makeup was bugging me.
  14. Wonderful


    Not sure how I coped before these! They are far more effective at makeup removal than standard wet face wipes. They are very easy to clean, I just give them a quick sard soap wash in the shower after use and then hang to dry. I love the sustainability aspect. And I really love how my skin remains soft despite daily use for over a year! I was worried about them being too harsh for my skin, but actu...
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  15. Amazing invention


    Bought the black ones originally and wanted to buy these so I could see the makeup come off. So easy and efficient to use, create no waste and gentle on the skin. Take them with me everywhere and I never have to use a makeup wipe again
  16. Great for the environment


    Such a good product that is environmentally friendly. I typically just wet it with some warm water and use it to take my makeup up off, then cleanse my face with a light cleanser. Super great product and I would definitely recommend!
  17. Love this


    sustainable and removes my makeup better then any makeup wipe. this product has changed my life!
  18. Effective and environmentally friendly makeup remover


    Removes all makeup with just the product and water. I was skeptical before purchase but after extended use I have confirmed that they remove a full face without too much manual scrubbing/rubbing. Allows for effective face cleansing without the environmental effects of disposable wipes etc.
  19. Good remover for pesky mascara!


    Before I discovered double cleansing using balms/oil, I used this. It definitely takes away makeup and removes them well. Although, as with any cloth remover, make sure you are gentle on your skin.
  20. Best Makeup Remover


    I havent used a makeup wipe in over a year! These are the best thing to come into my beauty and skincare routine. Really gentle and take off all my makeup with just a few swipes. You do have to work a bit harder if wearing liner but thats not too big of a deal. so easy to clean and can go in the wash when needed. Overall I will defs be buying more.
  21. Amazing


    I've been using makeup wipes for years and was looking for something more environmentally friendly/sustainable. At first I was skeptical (how could this remove my makeup with just water?) but it works so well! Removes all of my makeup and feels more gentle on my skin than makeup wipes. 10/10 would recommend these!
  22. Just ok


    I really loved this when i first tried it, as the concept of reducing waste of single use make-up wipes is important to me. However the quality of the product and its effectiveness in removing make-up after the first few uses is pretty disappointing. The white color also stains over time from make-up residue that does not wash out in the machine, which makes you feel as if you are cleaning your fa...
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  23. Helps Clear Breakouts


    I love Face Halo, I used to only own one so would use it for a few days to a week without washing properly (would just hand wash with soap each night). If you are wanting this to properly clean your face then please buy the three pack - use this for two days morning and night MAX, for a clean and bacteria free clean of your face. There is no point cleaning your face with a dirty cloth. Hand washin...
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  24. So easy!


    Used to hate having to take off my makeup but this makes it so much easier! Find it removes makeup heaps better than normal face-wipes/micellar water. Even gets mascara off easily! So much better for the environment too!
  25. Love this !


    Removes makeup really nicely and feels quite gentle. I've been using mine for over a year now and it still works really well. I've not been great with putting mine in the washing machine regularly, but would definitely recommend washing it regularly to keep it in good condition.
  26. Amazing makeup remover

    Makeup lover

    This face halo is awesome and takes my makeup off pretty quickly with just water on the face halo. I'm used to using oil based make up removers or micellar water so I'm not used to my skin feeling dry after using this so I now have to moisturise immediately afterwards
    I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quick and easy away to remove their makeup
  27. Fabulous product


    I've been using these for a number of years and still love them! So easy to use, they remove make up effortlessly and they are easy to clean.
  28. Everyone needs this


    This is such a game changer. I no longer purchase makeup remover. This takes everything off and you can reuse a million times! I use this first and then go in with any old cleanser. It takes off all makeup and is so gentle. I love it


    Removing make-up has never been so much easier! I save so much money from buying make-up removers . My face has not touched a wet wipe since, and it is so much healthier for the skin - away from all those chemicals and preservatives that don't even take off makeup properly.

    I also use this every morning to wipe and wash my face instead of cleansing. Soaking it with super warm water an...
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    These are so good for taking your make up off in a second - 100% worth the hype
  31. great


    I had to buy this after seeing beauty gurus talk about. This removes all my make up. I wet it with warm water and get to wiping. Best feeling.
  32. Amazing


    These are amazing! Takes a few seconds to remove make up, dirt and the days residue off the skin! They are also very easy to clean and take care of
  33. The best


    These are the best! They're perfect for when you get home and you just want the majority of your makeup off but you can't be bothered doing your full skincare routine. I just swipe one of these all over my face and it takes all my makeup off with ease. Love these and am annoyed I didn't start using them sooner!! I would've saved so much money on makeup wipes!
  34. best makeup remover


    using this with my makeup cleansing oil is my new favourite way to remove makeup! it takes it all off with no problems.


    I will never use any other tool to help remove/wipe my makeup, oil, debris. I use this to remove my cleansers (oil and then gel) and it is great to see all my makeup come off. It is also very helpful to remove thick face masks.
  36. 5 eco stars!!

    J H

    LOVE these! My friend introduced me and I couldn't believe my eyes when they wiped away a full eye makeup situation, with just water. I immediately had to buy. I travel a lot so have purchased and left one here and there on trips, plus like to wash them regularly. So the 3 pack is a must have for me. Also have sensitive skin, and don't like to use too many cleansers and exfoliators, especially as ...
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  37. Effective and very handy on occasion, but too harsh for everyday for me


    These do an excellent job at removing make up. However, I have sensitive, dry skin and these were too irritating/drying for everyday use so I have switched back to using micellar water for everyday makeup removal instead. But I do love having these as a back-up!! They have come in handy for....travel (if I don't want to carry micellar water) or days when I have had a very full-face of makeup (and...
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  38. Perfect Makeup Remover


    These Face Halo's are Perfect! Use them every single day to remover makeup before cleansing with my face wash. The white one's do get dirty and stained though. Have now bought the Pro black ones as well. Easy to wash either daily with some soap and then chuck them in the washing machine with the towels every couple of days. Long lasting too, been using mine for more than a year now. Great for sens...
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  39. Great product


    I absolutely love Face Halo! I use them every single day and have completely abolished makeup wipes from my routine. I do prefer to use mine to gently buff off my cleanser rather than just using it with water as suggested as I think this allows it to be a little more gentle on the skin. (In times I don't have the ability to take large bottles of cleanser overnight with me I just throw one of these...
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  40. Gamechanger


    Ive been using Face Halo's for almost 2 years, and now have converted my friends to them too. SO much better for the environment than single use wipes, much gentler on my sensitive skin and way more effective at removing makeup with only water than using wipes and micellar water that leaves my skin feeling gross and clogged. Also use them for removing face masks too, cannot recommend them enough!
  41. Great as long as you use them with a cleanser!


    I love these! I was originally using microfiber cloths, but the were a little big and the water was gettting on my clothes, so I switched to these and they are great! I really like using them. I make sure it use them with a cleanser though, I don't like to use them with just water, I feel it is a little too harsh on my skin.
  42. The best!!!


    This makes taking makeup up amazing. I love it. Amazing for the environment. I put it under warm water and with one swipe it takes a lot off. isn't harsh on the skin
  43. Really high quality!


    I absolutley love face halos. They not only remove makeup and cleanse the skin efficiently but they are also great for the environment. I have had mine for ages, when cared for properly they last so long.
  44. Great buy


    These guys are great! They really get everything out of my pores and leave my skin feeling so clean and gives me a nice glow afterwards. Really recommend trying these if you're on the fence, go for it!

    Only con I have noticed is I have no idea how to dry them properly, but I'm sure I'll figure that out
  45. take off make up well


    I initially really liked these. I was surprised at how well they removed make up with only water and I liked producing less waste from make up wipes. After a while though I felt they began to constantly smell damp. I ended up switching to a make up removing balm.
  46. Only make up remover I use


    I have gotten rid of the micellar waters and disposable pads and said hello to this dream reusable. Takes off a full face of makeup and only need a light soap or water to clean it out after use!
  47. saves the planet


    i love this product so much! not only does it remove my makeup with warm water, it also reduces the amount of makeup wipes that end up in the environment! i usually use warm water or micellar water with this and it completely takes my makeup off!
  48. You need this in your life !!


    This product is worth your time!! All you need to do is soak the facial halo in water. It takes my makeup off straight away. I usually will cleanse my face first with a facial cleanser to take off my makeup and then go back over with halo and works a treat. Plus it’s good for environment. Don’t forget to wash item every week as they get dirty and could imagine it carrying bacteria
  49. Love the concept


    a great product, i use them to remove makeup as a gentle 'first cleanse' or to remove masks - they're great for that. Don't scrub too hard with them though, after a few months of using and washing they can become a little rough, but that's the point really and i like using the older ones for heavier clay mask removal etc.
  50. Works


    Amazed at how much comes off on this even after cleansing - goes to show how much gunk I was leaning on my face!
  51. easy to use


    great cleansing tool! Great for on the go! Been using them for a long time.
  52. essentials


    I use these every day for my first cleanse and honestly, I love them so much, everyone needs some.
  53. handy to have


    I really like the design of the Halo wipes, but i've given it four stars as I still think muslin cloths do a better job at removing makeup and cleaning the skin.
  54. Hard to beat


    These pads are effective, easy to use, perfect for travelling. I love them. Everyone should have one.
  55. great makeup remover


    Really glad I got these, I save a lot of money on makeup remover wipes and stuff!
  56. Amazing


    Personally I use this product as a reusable wipe but is incredible, so gentle on the skin and much much better than cotton pads highly recommend
  57. Great concept...


    I LOVE the idea of these. I LOVE how eco-friendly these are. When I first got them I wanted to buy them for every single friend who wore makeup. I was telling EVERYONE about them. But using them long term I've found the softness of them doesn't last and using them everyday to remove makeup, my skin can often feel over-exoliated and sore - especially if I am rubbing eye makeup off with this.
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  58. Eco-friendly wipes


    These are amazing! If you are environmentally conscious but also want something that is effective in removing makeup I highly recommend. I use these with The Ordinary Squalane cleanser and it works a treat. I was using a lot of makeup wipes and micellar water prior to these but wanted an eco-friendly alternative. You can wash with liquid soap before needing to put them in the washing machine to g...
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  59. amazing


    These are the best things to ever happen to me. So much better for the environment than makeup wipes and so much more effective. You can bring these anywhere so very useful for travelling and can use them over and over again if you rinse them before even needing to put through the washing machine. Take make up off with just water better than any makeup remover I've used.
  60. Good


    This takes my makeup off gently and is good for the environment too
  61. great product


    i love my face halo, but i recommend getting the black colour and not the white as the white will stain with makeup and such. i use my face halo with remove makeup before washign my face with cleanser. It is also great to remove face mask! afetr using it and clean it with some soap and just hang it up for the next use. i chuck it in the wash after a few uses. They wash and dry nicely as well.
  62. Saves so many makeup wipes


    Soft, removes makeup easily and saves so many makeup wipes.
  63. Great but a little bit harsh


    The Face Halo is a great and sustainable way to remove makeup. Super easy to use and wash. The pad stains from my waterproof mascara, which is hard to get rid of, even after washing it in the washing machine but that's minor in my opinion.
    My face is on the slightly dryer side and I find that it can be a little bit harsh at times, especially when wearing a full face and waterproof mascara. ...
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  64. Amazing


    I love these, they are affordable and environmentally friendly. Super soft as well!
  65. So Good!


    This was a repurchase for me! For someone with sensitive skin these are amazing and seriously take off every ounce of makeup, even waterproof products
  66. Not worth the hype


    I was really excited to use these but was slightly disappointed. I feel as though this tugs at the face quite a lot, and although it does remove makeup well without cleanser, there is definitely makeup still left on the face. You definitely should still double cleanse after using this to ensure all make up is removed and then to actually cleanse the skin. I feel these don't wash that well and I wo...
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  67. Nice but kinda expensive


    I like them but it’s a shame you only get three for $30.
  68. Love these!


    These are great! I have every set of these now. Love them. I use it everyday to remove my cleanser and my makeup or even a face mask. And they are the best! I gift these to everyone because i love them so much! And they are great for eyelash extensions too! Super soft and luxe!
  69. My mum finally cleans her makeup off!


    I bought these for my mum, since I simply could not handle knowing that she sleeps in her makeup because she finds it too annoying to wash off at night.
    She lives using her Face Halo now and finds it such a quick (and essential!) step before bed now!
  70. Lovely product

    Isi Slater

    Love this, love how effectively it cleans your face with only water. My favourite way to use it is for removing clay masks that otherwise take forever to come off. This speeds up the process quite a bit!
  71. smart product


    I had seen these in a shop and thought they must be a gimmick, but after the podcast episode I was really keen to try them, even though I'm not wearing much makeup at the moment. Love the idea of having my pores wiped clean! Anyway it's fantastic and they do come clean right away with a stick of heavy duty laundry soap as suggested.
  72. Quick and easy makeup removal


    I have very sensitive skin and psoriasis so the fact no soaps or chemicals are required is definitely a bonus. It’s so easy to take my whole face of makeup off in one go. It has the convenience of a face wipe but leaves your face as clean as it would if you washed it with a cleanser.
  73. Excellent!


    Removes makeup, hair dye, anything! Great product.


    Wiped off all my makeup without tugging or pulling my skin. Absolutely recommend, non waste fill as well.
  75. I love using these


    New skin care staple I love it for removing make up, cleanser, & I'm surprised as to how fast it takes things off your face but also how fast it is to clean the product out of it .
  76. Life changing!


    After learning the truth about face wipes (they don't actually remove all make-up, they tug at the skin, and even biodegradable ones only degrade under very specific conditions so none are truly eco-friendly), I decided to make the switch to the Face Halo. I am SO GLAD I did! They're super effective at taking off the day's make-up, sunscreen, and general grime, and they help me save water since I'...
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  77. Great idea, but it did not work for me.


    NOTE: I have very sensitive, dry and blackhead/acne prone skin
    I love the idea, but it irritated my skin and resulted in lots on acne. Removing the makeup felt rough and it pulled my skin a lot.
    Would not recommend based on my experiences.
  78. Nice


    These reusable pads are a nice addition to my skincare routine to help cleanse my face in an environmentally conscious way
  79. great waste free alternative


    this are so great for getting off make up and last for ages
  80. Feeling fresh


    Great at removing make up and making my face feel clean and fresh. I just put a title bit of cleanser to help assist and it gets off all my make up without making my skin feel like I have scrubbed away the natural oils afterwards.
  81. The best


    These genuinely remove your makeup perfectly every time. I've had mine for approx 6 months and while they aren't perfectly white anymore (you have to rinse them immediately and then wash in the washing machine between uses), they still work really well. I will never buy a makeup wipe again.


    I’ve used these for about two years now and let me tell you nothing removes makeup like these do. I am obsessed with them and if you haven’t tried them you need to!!!!!
  83. Removes makeup effortlessly


    Loved these, although if I were to repurchase I would buy the black! Even after washing multiple times (even with bleach) they are still badly stained. It easily takes even the most stubborn makeup off only with water
  84. Gentle on the skin, does exactly what it's supposed to


    I was super skeptical about these initially so was surprised when I actually tried them and they work! I was a bit worried that they might be too rough/irritating on the skin but they work great without causing any irritation. Good price point too.
  85. Handy and great gift idea


    I don't know if these are any better at removing makeup than regular cloths or m/up remover, but it is satisfying seeing the makeup on the pad. I think these are a great gift idea for family and friends.
  86. Works great


    These work great to remove makeup, nothing else needed but water. A good way to reduce waste and overtime save money. Definitely recommend!
  87. Best in the game


    I jumped on the Face Halo bandwagon in its early days and have loved it for years. It's super convenient, just add water, which means I can carry a dry pad in my bag on a night out to take my makeup off on the way home and be ready to jump straight into bed.

    It removes makeup better than wipes and cotton pads soaked in makeup remover.

    It does get a little rough after abo...
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    These are so incredible. Literally all you have to do is add water and it removes makeup better than any makeup wipe. Also what makes me love it is it's so much better for the environment than makeup wipes.
  89. the original


    Love the concept behind these Face Halo's. They're a great way to reduce the environmental burden associated with makeup removal.

    These white Face Halo's are not my favourite - they do eventually stain with makeup, no matter how much you wash them, which is fine, but it just doesn't seem visually hygienic.

    With multiple use, the fibres do flatten and it feels less 'fluf...
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  90. Liked them but didn’t love


    They were good to start off with, they do get your makeup off with water. But they are a real pain to clean once you start using it. I probably went through the 3 in like 3 weeks. As if just felt dirty. So I’d defs use them again if I had a night out and wanna quick wash it off but wouldn’t use it daily
  91. Won’t be ditching the micellar


    I was sceptical about this but after seeing so many good reviews decided to give it a go. Unfortunately I was right, you can’t use it alone to thoroughly remove makeup and cleanse your skin. You can certainly use it to get the majority of makeup off but the pad becomes fully dirty quickly and then I had to go over my skin with micellar water and a cleanser. It also ripped a few eyelashes out when ...
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  92. Perfect for removing face mask


    I purely bought this to aid and assist removing facial mask, for an example clay mask. I find that when i soak and drain the excess water from the facehalo and slowly dab and hold on my face it loosens the clay mask/any mask making it easy to remove with out excessive rubbing or wasting lots of water, It does the job!
  93. One of the greatest beauty tools ever to be created


    I'm so proud to say that I have stopped buying cotton pads and face wipes to remove my make up. Whilst it's advertised that water is only need, I still use a micellar water to cleanse my face and it's just as effective. Rinse out with warm water or toss it into the washing machine. So simple and great for the environment!
  94. Versatile product


    I’ll be honest I didn’t love the face halo for removing my makeup because to me it felt like I had to tug my skin to truly remove it. However it’s a great tool to remove stubborn face masks with and spot clean makeup brushes. Love how it’s better for the environment just wish it was more gentle on my face.
  95. Not suitable for dry and sensitive skin

    Bridget B

    Face halos do remove product, but they irritate my sensitive skin and the friction caused my skin to be dry. Not good for sensitive skin.
  96. Great alternative to makeup wipes


    I started using these as an alternative to makeup wipes. I use them to remove my makeup with oil cleanser prior to washing my face and they work wonderfully!
  97. Sustainable


    Works as expected.
  98. Works but still unsure about it


    It does do what it says it will do. It is able to remove regular makeup with just water. But it does require quite a bit of rubbing and tugging that I feel is too harsh to remove makeup. I still end up using cleansing balms/oils but this does help the process.
  99. Works well!


    I love the convenience of my face halo - all you need to do is add water and wipe makeup right off. Much better than makeup wipes that dry the skin and less waste. Very easy to clean, just pop into the washing machine.
  100. Amazing!


    Love, love, love. I just use with water and wipe gently (no cleanser needed). I do wear light makeup but these wipes remove it all.
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