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Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo 250ml

4.6 of 159 reviews


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Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo maintains healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp. It leaves hair clean and fresh.  This special shampoo contains piroctone olamine and climbazole that removes dry dandruff and itchiness.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Flaky scalp

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Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo Reviews

4.6 of 159 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing for my scalp


My scalp had gotten so bad I had scabs all over, I've only used it a couple times but already all my scabs are gone, and I've noticed such a reduction in pain and flakes. Definitely reccomend!

Most Helpful Criticism



Feels nice but doesn’t do the job better than regular shampoos. Thought I could go longer between washes, not the case my hair is super oily by the second day.
  1. Amazing for my scalp


    My scalp had gotten so bad I had scabs all over, I've only used it a couple times but already all my scabs are gone, and I've noticed such a reduction in pain and flakes. Definitely reccomend!
  2. Dry Scalp Saviour


    I have been using this shampoo for almost 2 years now after having tried countless other products with limited results. It has really helped reduce the amount of itchiness & flaking on my scalp & my scalp feels instantly soothed. Although the bottle is smaller than other shampoos it lasts surprisingly well & I have long waist length hair.
  3. Love this brand


    This brand is awesome. I have only received samples and will be buying soon when I need cause I am very impressed with sachajuan. Love everything about it. Deep clean, smells great ,awesome packaging. Just pure class.
  4. Worth the money


    I have scalp dermatitis and this shampoo got rid of it. It does clean a bit too well so use with a nourishing conditioner.
  5. Helps with my dry scalp


    I was pleased to discover this scalp shampoo in an Adore Goodie Bag! In the summer my scalp is extra dry from all the heat and sun. This Sachajuan Shampoo did an excellent job of removing my dandruff without further drying out my scalp.
  6. does what it says it does


    This works well for flakes and dandruff but it did make my hair dry. If I use a lot of conditioner it is OK and i have a system now where I switch it out alternatively with Olaplex to moisturise and protect but still have a good scalp. Smells nice and cute packaging.
  7. Its alright


    I accidentally bought this instead of normalizing shampoo. But i give it a try anyway. Its actually ok for my oily hair but im a bit disappointed that it has no scent. So i gave it to my husband because he got a very dry scalp
  8. Nice scalp shampoo


    I received a sample of this scalp shampoo and overall I found it quite good. It left my hair feeling fresh and flake free.
  9. Great for the scalp


    verified purchaser
    Nothing works as well for my scalp as this. I have a sensitive scalp and have to be careful what I use on it. If I do start to have a flair up and my scalp starts to get flakey, I use this and within a couple of washes, the problem is fixed! Not a real fan of the smell but the benefit far outweighs that.... as well as any conditioner you use means you bo longer smell it anyway.
  10. Cleansing and gentle


    I received a sample of this shampoo and have enjoyed using this. I have tried other cleansing shampoos that strip my hair and leave it feeling dry, this shampoo is gentle enough to use every other wash but I do find I have to wash my hair more regularly when using this. Might work better on thicker hair.
  11. amazing


    amazing shampoo to soothe irritated scalp
  12. Great for dry scalps


    This shampoo has been a game changer at helping improve my dry itchy scalp. Its a gentle non scented natural shampoo that foams well. The only downside is it isn't moistursising for your hair so you do need to apply a good conditioner afterwards. However it is amazing for scalp care. I'll defintely keep using this to keep my scalp clean
  13. LOVE


    Loved it! Made my hair feel clean without stripped feeling
  14. very good


    this is so good, has really helped fix my dandruff issue and clarify my scalp
  15. Overpriced


    Feels nice but doesn’t do the job better than regular shampoos. Thought I could go longer between washes, not the case my hair is super oily by the second day.


    I have a dry itchy flaky scalp and this worked for me instantly - the itchiness disappeared after the first wash. I highly recommend.
  17. Not for me


    Helps with reducing dandruff, but I have found it dries my hair out a lot. Probably not the best option for coloured hair.
  18. At last!


    I have tried every sort of anti-dandruff shampoo/conditioner there is and this is the ONLY product to have finally helped me. If you are hesitant to buy- don't be! It is a serious game changer.
  19. your scalps new bestfriend


    I have struggled with a really dry scalp and bad flaking for almost a year now. I have spent $$$$ on a million different types of shampoos, conditioners and treatments, and all were subpar at best. The Sachajuan brand, however, is AMAZING. I used this in conjunction with the conditioner and my scalp is looking brand new - no more dryness, flakes or itchiness.
    The only downside is that you n...
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  20. Magic in a bottle


    Ok, So I have an itchy scalp but no dandruff, and oily roots. this goes on easily, and I was surprised for shampoo how small of an amount I needed to get full coverage. You can tell it is a natural shampoo as it has that feel to it. No real smell to it.

    The only shampoo that has soothed my itchy scalp! Note: I can't comment on dandruff as that isn't my concern. but if you have an itc...
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  21. Great fix for mild dandruff!


    Very impressed with this. I had mild, occasional dandruff and have previously bought very high in chemical/pharmacy shampoos to deal with it. Tried this and it cleared up first wash!
  22. Nice and gentle, smells great


    I liked this shampoo a lot, it didn't completely heal my poor itchy scalp but it didn't make it worse like many 'soothing' shampoos do. Smells great too!
  23. Best Scalp Shampoo


    I have spent a lot of money on natural anti-dandruff shampoos that either, don't work on my 17 yr old son's scalp or they leave residue on the scalp. I decided to give Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo a try based on the reviews which I felt were "too good to be true".
    After the first use, my son noticed a big difference and he has used it 4 times since - it has completely cleared the flaky scalp!
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  24. Takes time


    This wasn’t an overnight miracle - I had to wash my hair twice each week with this for a few weeks before I seen results which is understandable. Will definitely continue to use it.
  25. Feels great + shiny hair


    I received a sample size of the Sachajuan scalp shampoo with a previous order and have been trying it out over the last month. The sample size actually gave me a decent amount of uses (half of dozen). The scent is nice and my scalp and hair feel clean without that ‘stripped away’ feeling a lot of ‘clean’ shampoos give me. My hairdresser also commented that my hair was shinier and healthier and ask...
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    The only shampoo that has stopped my eczema scabby and itchy scalp!! Highly recommend. Worth the money :)
  27. Only thing to stop my itchy scalp


    Been using this for a year - have tried other brands but this is the only one that soothes my scalp and also smells great!
  28. Amazing!


    I was really struggling to find a hair product I wasn’t allergic too. This was perfect.
  29. Scalp lifesaver


    This shampoo was suggested to me by the lovely Adore customer service team to help with my insufferably itchy and dry scalp. After the first use my scalp had settled dramatically and I didn’t need to wash my hair for several days, whereas before this shampoo and in the peak of my itchiness I was needing wash daily to ease the discomfort. I have just purchased another bottle as this is a scalp life...
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  30. Still Undecided


    I have a sensitive scalp since having children. Used this for the first time last week and it cleared up all issues with my scalp; however, a tonne of hair came out in the shower and when brushing. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with the shampoo or if it's nearing the end of winter and I shed
  31. Nice and soothing


    I have an irritated scalp which flares up at times and this is really nice and soothing. Whilst I still need to use a tar-based medicated shampoo this is really lovely for the second cleanse.
  32. Not bad


    This is not a bad shampoo although I don't think it really helped my dry scalp or dandruff. It did reduce a tiny bit but not enough to be like "wow".
    It also didn't last that long having long hair and washing once a week.
  33. Buy something else


    I got my hair bleached, which dried my scalp out & exacerbated my dandruff. I was looking for something to help with it for a while & ended up deciding to go with this after reading the reviews. Honestly, it hasn't made a difference at all. It makes my hair & scalp feel really dry after using it & I've seen no change in dandruff either. Spend your money on something else.
  34. love the brand


    I have used a few of their shampoos and conditioners and it never fails. Great quality and results
  35. Really calming


    This is a beautiful shampoo that is nice and calming on my irritated scalp. Best soothing shampoo I've used so far. I prefer over the Wella SP Balance Scalp shampoo and Christophe Robin Purifying Scrub.
  36. Not bad


    I received this as a sample and got about 3 uses out of it, so enough to get a good feel of what the product was like. As far as scalp shampoos go, it seemed ok. After use, my irritation did seem to subside a nice amount, but as for a shampoo, it didn't lather very well and I found it quite drying for me hair. So I found, i'd shampoo with another product, then use this, then make sure I used a goo...
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  37. Best shampoo for flaky and sensitive scalp


    I got this after reading good feedback and was definitely worth it.
    I have fine, thin hair and on top of that, itchy and flaky scalp, what a combination right?!

    I have been using this 3x a week (i dont wash my hair everyday) for about a month now and can definitely say that my scalp is now in great condition. no more flakes and itchiness.
  38. Works amazing


    I have been looking for a shampoo that would get rid of my flaky scalp and this one works amazing, very happy with it and my hair still feels smooth and shiny.
  39. Great scalp shampoo!


    I have bought this shampoo numerous times and can say it really does help with balancing a flaky scalp. I highly recommend this shampoo! The only issue I have had is the past two times I have purchased it it has leaked a little bit in transit. It would be great if the top was made to be fastened a little more securely.
  40. Do not hesitate to buy this product. Your scalp will thank you.

    Mel L

    This is my first product review. I've never taken the time to write something because it didn't matter to me if someone else did or didn't buy this product. But I need to let ya'll know that this product has changed my life. I have gone my entire life with a flakey scalp. The dreaded DANDRUFF. Later with some basic hair education, I realised I had scalp psoriasis. I tried tonnes of other brands, f...
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  41. Works!


    Excellent shampoo that had really helped my scalp. Wouldn’t want to be without it, and have repurchased.
  42. The BEST!


    I received this as a sample and didn't really think much of it, but after blow-drying my hair I was blown away (pun intended)!! My hair was so soft and light weight, I couldn't stop running my fingers through it. I get very oily roots and as a result use bucket loads of dry shampoo just so I don't have to wash my hair every day. This has dramatically reduced the amount of dry shampoo I use. I also...
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  43. Worth the price


    I have had problems with my scalp and hair for years. My flaky scalp and oily hair is almost gone. After three washes I noticed a huge difference. My hair feels great!
  44. Love it


    This is a great product. I’ve had scalp problems for years and always sensitive to shampoos and conditioners and have always been very picky. This is great with calming and cleaning the scalp. My psoriasis has calmed down almost fully. It is a little drying on the hair so definitely need to condition well afterwards.
  45. Initially Impressed

    JJ Louie

    I have psoriasis that is longstanding. Many products work for 1-2 washes and then it's back to the same issues. So far I have used this for a couple of weeks and I am impressed. My hair has been 80% less flaky, not irritated AT ALL, no redness or painful sores. The scent is non-offensive, which is great considering the ingredients are known to be a bit on the stinky side. The lather is good that I...
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  46. So far so good


    I've had trouble with flaky skin and itchy head on/off for months. Have tried numerous products with no much difference. I've only used this once so far and it left my hair so soft and silky, it felt amazing on my scalp and so far none of my normal symptoms. It'll probably take a little while to notice a difference but so far I'm really happy with the product.
  47. WOW!


    I received a good sized sample of this and I didn’t really expect any visible results but WOW I’m shocked. I normally have very oily hair and use a lot of dry shampoo but my hair is so soft, lightweight and clean and I didn’t need dry shampoo for so much longer than usual. I’m so impressed. I saw another review that said it doesn’t lather and doesn’t have a scent, this was not my experience at all...
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  48. Very very good


    I much prefer this over the Christopher Robin scalp scrub. I love that you can squeeze this out without having to dig your hand into a tub. Defiantly follow with a nice conditioner as this does leave your hair feeling stripped, stripped but clean.
  49. great product


    Great shampoo for a daily use as it cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping off the natural oils or dehydrating the scalp. Leaves the hair light and clean with a calm scent.
  50. Very Gentle


    Very gentle on the scalp and makes your hair feel clean without the residual oil sometimes left behind by other shampoos. I wish they stocked the 1L size.
  51. This is nice


    This came as part of a goodie bag with my purchase and it's quite nice. I noticed a difference in my scalp, which is usually dry and flaky in patches but it overall felt much nicer. I usually let my conditioner sit for a while, so didn't notice any drying problems like others have mentioned. My scalp felt fresh and hydrated.
  52. Can't live without this Shampoo


    I suffer from psoriasis on my scalp and my scalp is also quite oily and this shampoo really helps. I have tried many different shampoos over the years from organic to full on medicated shampoos from the chemist in ugly packaging. This is the best one I have found. I am onto my third bottle. Unlike many other shampoos for problem scalps that seem to work initially and then suddenly stop, this sham...
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  53. Fantastic product


    Smells nice, easy foaming, and my scalp feels awesome.
  54. The best


    I've tried other shampoos for a dry itchy scalp, and find that I always go back to this. It helps after the first wash and makes my scalp less itchy and irritated.
  55. Wonders


    This does wonders especially on the days when I had bad scalp problems. The best without a doubt
  56. good for a good cleanse


    this is really good if you want a really good cleanse, I wouldn't use it all the time as it is drying, but once every couple of weeks to give my hair an extra good wash
  57. Amazing shampoo worth every penny


    Absolutely love this shampoo! Suffering with eczema, it's always tough to find product that addresses dryness without compromising on luxury. I have located nothing that compares to this! Leaves my hair flake and itch free. For those with seborrheic dermatitis -- it's a godsend. Other products aimed at dry scalp are usually 'medicinal' in scent, and while they soothe the scalp, they tend to leave ...
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  58. Great shampoo!


    This shampoo is probably one of the best that I have used to address a flaky and itchy scalp. I notice that with regular use it really does help with my scalp issues where I noticed a difference when I left it on for the recommended 1-2 mins. It does leave your hair that squeaky clean feeling, so I recommend using a good conditioning treatment afterwards to ensure your hair lengths don't get too d...
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  59. I love this shampoo!


    It's smells great, feels great and actually works!! But it's so expensive and runs out too quickly
  60. Best for itchy flaky scalp


    I started using this months ago and over time it has transformed my itchy flaky scalp into a non itchy, almost flake free delight. I blow dry and wash my hair everyday and have fine, easilu damaged long hair with Yuko straightening treatment in it. If you find this dries your hair out use it every second or third day along with another more moisturing shampoo. Also coat your ends in conditioner be...
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  61. really works


    I had a problem with oily scalp for the longest time. Switching to this scalp shampoo has visibly made my scalp healthier. The hair feels more alive too!
  62. Clean hair


    This is a shampoo to help with dry scalp and dandruff. I like to use this once a week as a clarifying shampoo as I feel it's a little stronger than my normal shampoo.
    It cleans well but definitely makes my hair feel a
    little drier. I need to use a lot of conditioner afterwards.
    The bottle is distinctive and minimal. The flip top lid is easy to use.
    The consistency is of a...
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  63. Lifesaver


    I have moderate seborrheic dermatitis, but you wouldn't know it when I use this shampoo regularly. I agree with a previous reviewer that it makes your hair a little oily a few days after, which it never used to do, but it's totally worth it not to have the flakes and severe itching I get otherwise.
  64. Pretty good


    Good shampoo to get rid of itchy scalp. Can make hair feel a little too dry though so has to be followed up with a moisturising treatment.
  65. Nice


    This shampoo helps to cleanse my hair and moisture it. Good quality.
  66. Great for relieving itchy scalp


    This has been the only product I've used that has consistently cleared up my dandruff and itchy scalp, however, I am finding that it is making my scalp go oily much quicker between washes meaning I have to wash my hair more and more which is not ideal given the price of this shampoo.
  67. Great shampoo for sensitive scalp


    I have eczema and a very sensitive, itchy scalp and this is one of the only shampoos that doesn't irritate me. Love it
  68. Fantastic!


    Brilliant. Works and relieves in one wash. Doesn’t dry out your hair. Love it!
  69. This Works


    The bottle may be small but it goes a long way. It lathers really well and works first time. Dandruff stays at bay way longer than any other products. Love that it's cruelty free too! Only half star missing, I wish it had a scent.
  70. Leaves hair clean and soft


    Great product for those with sensitive scalp, leave hair clean and lightweight and fresh
  71. Mediocre for Psoriasis


    I've currently been using this shampoo once a week or so for the past few months.
    Like other scalp/dandruff shampoos, it does leave you with that squeaky-clean straw texture but seems more gentle than your supermarket scalp shampoos.
    A little product goes a long way and i believe it would work really well for non-coloured hair with standard flaky dandruff. I had purchased due to revi...
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  72. Brilliant!


    Only used this product once and its already seriously helped my dry/flaky scalp. Definitely would recommend!
  73. disappointed


    I bought this scalp for my son. He has oily and dandruff scalp. it didnot do the job as his hair still have dandruff and have oily smell hair.
  74. Best shampoo I’ve ever used for dandruff


    I have always had issues with dandruff and my hairdresser recommended this product to me. It works better than any other dandruff shampoo I’ve ever used. Expensive but worth the money.
  75. Best shampoo I’ve ever used for dandruff


    I have always had issues with dandruff and my hairdresser recommended this product to me. It works better than any other dandruff shampoo I’ve ever used. Expensive but worth the money.
  76. Boyfriend Loves It


    I got this for my boyfriend who has a very dry scalp and was finding nothing working. This worked from the first use! Scalp is already much calmer and flake free.
  77. Not too bad


    Gentle and refreshing on scalp and hair. Controls dandruff well. Probably more expensive than other cruelty free shampoos that act the same or even better.
  78. Disappointing


    I was so hopeful given the positive reviews on this product, but unfortunately this shampoo isn’t for me. I’ve been dealing with an itchy scalp with some flakiness for the past 2+ years. I have blonde balayage so need a shampoo that’s also safe for my colour and nourishing. Prior to using this shampoo, I was using the Bondi Boost Anti Dandruff Shampoo alongside the Christophe Robin purifying scalp...
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  79. Scalp's bestest buddy


    This definitely lives up to the hype. I've been using it for over a year.. no more dry scalp issues for me!
  80. Works well


    Works so well on my dry scalp, deep cleans and leaves my hair feeling fresh.
  81. It really works!


    I get a dry and itchy scalp in Winter- so bought the travel size to try it. After the first use i immediately noticed that my scalp was not itchy and there was no flaking. The following week I didn't use it and my scalp was super itchy, dry and flaky (gross). Safe to say that this shampoo has done wonders to my scalp I couldn't believe it!! Going to buy the full size now.
  82. Quality Product


    I have some flaking from time to time, and I found this shampoo was effective at keeping it at bay. There is no real smell, which might please some but personally think it’d be nice if it had a good scent. Lathers up really nicely and you don’t need much.
  83. Fantastic


    Fantastic shampoo that really does what it claims! Scalp feels so clean after using this and no more dandruff! Hair feels so silky and healthy too
  84. It works


    This works really well to clear dandruff. It also feels like it’s good for my hair - Unlike the supermarket anti dandruff shampoos which leave my hair a knotty mess. I order this every time my dandruff makes an appearance
  85. Great product- shame it’s so expensive.


    I have re-purchased this product several times and always keep coming back to It. It is the only thing that I’ve noticed that is helping my sensitive, itchy scalp. It does seem to relieve the symptoms for a short time but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything long-term, but if you wash your hair regularly with it then this will help with the symptoms but I don’t think it does anything to stop the...
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  86. Great shampoo, a bit expensive


    I loved this shampoo after I received a trial size. I found it great for my dry scalp, although it is a bit expensive, so I will hesitate to buy the full size.
  87. No luck for me....


    I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now along side the conditioner and I’ve not seen a decrease in my dry itchy scalp. I’ve just noticed my hair drying out quite a bit. Was super keen on this after reading a heap of positive reviews. Maybe just not for me!
  88. Dandruff Gone11


    This product is amazing! My son had very bad dandruff and an extremely red, dry scalp. Within 1 1/2 weeks of using this product his scalp has almost all cleared up. No more redness and the flaking is very minimal.
  89. This one REALLY helps dry scalp


    I have just finished the small travel size which I was using to trial the product as I have used so many products to try and deal with my very dry, itchy flaky scalp. Finally I have found a product that actually helps with dry, itchy and flaky scalps and dandruff so I am now purchasing a full size bottle. I use this as my first shampoo and massage with a scalp massager before using the Oribe Seren...
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  90. Actually does what it says it does!


    After ordering a dodgy product of Facebook for dry scalp that did not work, I was hesitant to trust another product. After reading all the positive reviews I decided to give Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo a go. I’m so happy with the results, I’m no longer itching my scalp all day long. I still itch occasionally but no where near as much as I was. My hair appears to stay cleaner for longer too and looks h...
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  91. Love it!


    I got a sample of this product and will definitely repurchase it. It is very clarifying and gets rid of dandruff like a treat without drying out my hair
  92. The one for me


    I don't have dandruff, just dry flaky scalp at times. Winter is definitely the time when I noticed the flaky scalp more. I have tried many many brands of supermarket and chemist brands and nothing works. This does!
  93. Great for oily roots, dry ends.


    This shampoo worked really well for me,

    I have oily roots, dry ends and it was good for balancing the two.
  94. Now I’m “silky smooze” like the Zohan


    Hair gets oily, but when I use other shampoos it dried my scalp out resulting in more oil by next wash. This shampoo broke the vicious cycle. Somehow manages to remove oil without drying out scalp so you don’t look like a rat after a day of not showering. I use the conditioner pairing as well and it worked like a charm.
  95. Disappointing


    I have a very dry scalp - NOT dandruff. Sadly this didn't seem to do anything for me. I had high hopes based on the good reviews. It gives a good lather with a non offensive scent. It seems to wash some flakes away. But I don't feel it moisturised my scalp at all or reduced the dryness in any way. I'm using up the bottle but I won't re-purchase.
  96. My go to shampoo when my scalp is flaky


    I get dandruff quite often and most dandruff shampoo's are too harsh and dry out my hair leaving it brittle. Since I've been using this shampoo once a week (rotating with Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo) my dandruff is under control without drying out my hair.
  97. Great


    I was a little wary to purchase the product, usually scalp/dandruff shampoos smell like ass. But this one actually smells nice. I noticed a difference straight away. My scalp felt moisturised and not itchy at all.
  98. Amazing!


    Within 3 hair washes using this shampoo (and conditioner) my dry scalp has cleared up leaving my hair flake free, and my scalp so much less itchy. Really worked for me!
  99. Works!


    I noticed a significant difference using this shampoo on my hair and scalp issues, and it has lasted surprisingly longer than I expected. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  100. Amazing!


    I have had an itchy/dry/flaky scalp on and off for years. A few weeks ago, it got so bad I was having trouble concentrating at work and I would be scratching constantly.
    After ONE use, my scalp felt so much better. I mean it felt noticeably cleaner! It wasn’t itchy anymore. The flakiness is reduced. I can’t praise it enough.
    It isn’t cheap but I believe it is worth the price tag. Will...
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