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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller

4.5 of 334 reviews


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Enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with the SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention. Made from Rose Quartz, this stone represents unconditional love, opening the door to all types of love, including love from ourselves. 

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
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  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller Reviews

4.5 of 334 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Couldn't recommend more!


Gorgeous design and packaging. Feels refreshing, cooling and relaxing when using! Great as a gift, or for spoiling oneself. Feels smooth on the skin, and is easy to clean. Store in the fridge / place in the freezer before using, for an extra coolness feeling!

Most Helpful Criticism

not convinced


hmm, not totally convinced with using this. It doesn't really do anything noticeable to my skin
  1. Nice


    I love crystals and also tend to clench my jaw at times when I'm concentrating or stressed. I find this a useful way to relax my jaw and the cold sensation is lovely.
  2. okay


    So i'm not sure this actually does anything however it definitely feels indulgent. Gorgeous design and packaging. Feels refreshing, cooling and relaxing when using! Great as a gift, or for spoiling oneself.
  3. fun to use


    Pretty good, haven't seen a huge difference yet but nice addition to routine
  4. Couldn't recommend more!


    Gorgeous design and packaging. Feels refreshing, cooling and relaxing when using! Great as a gift, or for spoiling oneself. Feels smooth on the skin, and is easy to clean. Store in the fridge / place in the freezer before using, for an extra coolness feeling!
  5. Unsure


    So I'm not sure about this, I have given it a go because of the hype and I probably need to use it more regularly.. I feel like there has been a difference in my skin texture overall since using
  6. Unecessary but wonderful


    Like some other reviewers I'm not convinced this does anything, but it feels very indulgent to use and I think it helps me de-stress on tough days.
  7. Need it


    This releases tension and depuffs my face
  8. One of my best purchases!!


    Having seen these all over the internet I decided to try one. I often wake up quite puffy, especially in the lower cheeks. I found this roller really helps to de-puff the face, and the stone feels very high quality and have. Genuinely recommend for yourself or as a gift for a friend!
  9. good


    the roller is cool and smooth, this is more for reducing puffiness as you cannot press it too hard. so I also bought the face sculpting tool.
  10. feels so smooth


    This roller is really smooth and the edges of the hinges (the gold bits out the sides) dont jab into the rest of my face when I am rolling. The rolling is smooth and it is easy to clean. My family have been borrowing this and love it too!
  11. IN LOVE


    i love my rose quartz roller sooooo much. a lovely face massage to wake me up in the morning!! great for morning puffiness & i feel like my products sink in better if i finish my routine with my roller. haven't noticed a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin so can't talk about magic results ... but super happy with it regardless <3
  12. relaxing


    great quality and nice looking, very relaxing when using
  13. Self care level 10


    I put this in the fridge and then use it on top of my fav sheet-mask. The cooling sensation was also very welcome post lip/brow threading and I can't wait to use it post needling. I'm unsure if it really assists products to penetrate the skin or to reduce puffiness but it does feel lovely and is a welcome addition to my self care routine after a long week!
  14. Love it


    Love the colour and it's good for massaging both face and neck!!
  15. looks pretty


    this is super pretty, I love the pink, not sure if it has done all that much for my skin but it is relaxing
  16. good


    I like baby pink color, also roller is good for lifting face at night, I like the material
  17. Why didn't I buy this sooner??


    I am completely in love with the sensation of this roller. I have no idea if it has made me less puffy or anything, but in a year like 2020, with all its stresses, I had been clenching my jaw, and I can say using this roller as a little massaging aid is almost orgasmic!! I AM IN LOVE and wish I had bought it sooner. Tempted to buy a second one for my office.
  18. Love


    I have wanted one of these for agessss and this one was so affordable I couldn't say no. Not sure if it does much but it feels nice when I use it!
  19. So cool on the skin!


    This product is amazing for pampering yourself, pop it in the freezer for a few minutes before using - adds an extra coolness!
  20. So Relaxing


    Love to use this product, so relaxing and leaves my face feeling soft and gentle.
  21. Me-time massage


    This roller is really good - I was skeptical before I bought one, but it just feels so soothing on your skin and it's like having a mini massage at home. I keep mine in the fridge and find that it gives it an extra oomph factor on hot days. Definitely worth taking the plunge and getting one of these!
  22. Healing friend


    I’ve bought one for everyone I know plus myself. The best purchase was for Mum, last year when she was undergoing radiation therapy for neck cancer she was storing lymphatic fluid around her neck. I’d put this in the fridge for her and each morning and night she would roll it on her neck to help move the fluid. Some may think it’s just a small luxury but this cute little roller has helped Mum in f...
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  23. So soothing


    I love putting this in the fridge and using it after a long day or when my face feels a bit puffy- so soothing and refreshing!
  24. Fave beauty tool!


    I suffer from puffiness and this roller takes away all the puffiness from my face. I use it everyday! I put it in my beauty fridge after using, and take it out before using it.
  25. love it!


    this is an amazing roller. feels so smooth on my skin and is such great quality and feels so fresh
  26. nice


    this feels so nice on my face and I use it to really get my serums into my skin
  27. Face Treat


    Do we need one of these? Probably not. But is it a nice little treat for your face? Absolutely. I think in summer popping this in the fridge overnight and giving my face a roll of a hot morning will be extra divine.
  28. feels amazing


    I love the way this roller feel on my skin it is so relaxing!
  29. Useful to reduce morning puffiness


    Bought one for a friend and decided to get one for myself. Definitely feels nice to roll over the face in the morning to reduce puffiness. I like to place it in the fridge before using it.
  30. A bit of fun


    This is nice to use if I can be bothered - particularly in hot weather. I don't think it actually does anything honestly, but it does feel nice to use.
  31. Lovely


    This is great to use when massaging in serum or moisturiser. Especially in humid it especially cold weather.
  32. not convinced


    hmm, not totally convinced with using this. It doesn't really do anything noticeable to my skin
  33. Gorgeous product


    If you want to incorporate crystals into your beauty regime- this is it. I use it with my serums amd whenever i wake up with puffy eyes-perfect for that wake up! I keep mine in the fridge. I do recommend cleaning the rollers everynow and then with something gentle (i use cetaphil).
    I also use this on my 12 year old daughter as a chill sesh after studying. She loves the it too!
  34. it's awesome!


    I love using this everyday to applying serums to my skin. i feel fresh and so relax after using it. there are many comments to Store it in the fridge ,so i will try that.
  35. De- puffer


    So nice and easy to use, sturdy and love the look.

  36. Feeling nice on skin


    I use this roller every second or third night. It feels nice and relaxing. Seems to help products absorb into the skin.
  37. Summers bestie!


    I store this lovely lady in the fridge to reduce puffiness and redness on the skin and WOW, she is amazing! In summer or on warm days it is a life saver. I also work nightshift so have dreaded puffy eyeballs and this works magic! 10/10 - the best quartz roller I have used.
    Ps, do not buy one of the cheaper ones, the quality in the middle priced ones is amazing. Don't expect fab results from...
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  38. feel so good


    Feels so good on the skin, I had to buy it for all my friends. I use this on the daily after I’ve applied my facia oil. Feels so relaxing and reduces the puffiness around my eyes.
  39. Lovely product, keep it cool in summer!


    I'm a Melbourne girl and you'd know that the summer is super hot. We recently experienced a really hot day and nothing was better than coming home and getting this roller out of the freeze and just going to town on my face. So relaxing and so calming. I incorporate this into my skin care routine after applying serums and it reality does the job. It really helps with eye puffiness in the morning to...
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  40. Love


    Great for blood flow and colour boost. Helps relieve tight face muscles and feels divine.
  41. Don't even have to put it in the fridge for the cooling effect!


    This roller stays fresh and cold even when I don't put it in the fridge. It is fun to use, not sure if it does anything super effective but it feels nice and would be a thoughtful gift. I love the feeling of a bit of self care, and my doctor recommended something similar for lymphatic drainage on my chin area - I've had pretty bad acne in that area that resulted in inflamed and sensitive skin. Def...
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  42. It works


    I love putting this in the freezer for a cooling under eye roll of a morning, it really seems to deputy and get the circulation going.
  43. great tool for mask


    I really like the design of the roller. It can wake me up in the morning. I feel that this can be used as a replacement for my brush.. I use it to apply serum and mask. Perfect
  44. Works Great!


    Loving the Salt by Hendrix Quartz facial roller! Love that it is cooling when applied on the face. I use this every couple of days during my night time skincare routine. Helps with puffiness in the face and leaves the face glowing. Would recommend!
  45. Fun to use, not sure if effective


    I bought this roller because of all the hype around it. It's definitely a nice calming experience to use but I don't really notice significant differences in my skin or puffiness. I put it in the fridge to have an extra cooling effect.
  46. Love it


    I like to use it when I use a sheet mask to give my face a massage. Its quite relaxing and soothing for one of those self care sundays.
  47. Love this


    I am not sure if this does a huge amount for my skin, but I do find when I work away at around my jaw, it helps with the pain I get from teeth grinding and gives you a bit more definition of the jaw. It is also really relaxing especially after a long day. I also love it as a mini gift idea, super cute.
  48. Good but pricey


    Fantastic little tool. Face feels less puffy and my skin is plumper. That being said, I could probably find a cheaper version of this tool that does the same job. It is really pretty though, and it makes a beautiful addition to any vanity.
  49. So great!


    I really love this product. It’s great to use when deeply massage my serums into my pores.


    I got this as a gift and it's really beautiful! It's a really nice touch to add to your bathroom decor or styling as well! It helps you really get the most out of your skincare and it's really refreshing and relaxing to use! Lovely!
  51. A great beauty tool!


    I love using this after applying serums to the skin. I often keep it in the fridge so that it is cooling and helps with depuffing when using it to give the face a massage. Overall a great quality beauty tool
  52. Love this product


    This is so lovely an cooling on your face. I use twice a week after my serums to penetrate them into my skin, whilst giving my face a lovely massage
  53. Love


    Very relaxing. Mini face lift
  54. Put it in the fridge for cooling effect!


    I bought this after hearing it hyped up alongside korean skin products. It's definitely fun to use and while I don't see any physical effects, it's nice to just roll on your skin whilst winding down. Definitely recommend putting it in the fridge to feel a satisfying cooling.
  55. Soothing Treat


    I don't have a lot of puffiness but this roller feels beautiful on my skin, especially when using with a serum. I don't use it every day but certainly a few times a week and it is a staple in my self care Sunday routine. Even if I don't feel it reducing puffiness, it certainly aids stress and relaxation. The smaller roller works around the eyes!
  56. Bridesmaid box idea!


    I received one in a bridesmaid box and since using my skin has been so plump and bright. The usual red patches I have have disappeared
  57. good for puffyness and cooling the skin


    Love a good face roller on the skin! I put mine in the freezer and use it morning and night! it helps cool my skin down, I like that it has a little roller for around the eye area.
  58. Good product


    I was gifted this for my birthday and I really like!
  59. Lovely treat

    A Arthur

    I have used this a few times now, it helps with absorption of my serums, and I have noticed better consistency in my skin (partially due to serums I think) but it’s a lovely addition for self care. If used cold it’s so refreshing on the skin.
  60. Looks great on the counter


    I honestly did not see a reduction in puffiness but I love using it as a routine and I feel fresh after using it. Its quite soothing! I put mine in the fridge for a bit so it would be nice and cool on my skin.
    also looks super pretty on the bathroom counter. Very luxe.
  61. Great!


    Really great for de-puffing skin and helps with product absorption.
  62. Best roller


    This roller is so smooth and easy to use. Comes in gorgeous packaging and easy to store.
  63. Treat yoself


    I love my Rose Quartz face roller, I use it every night after applying my face products and it really helps push/melt my products into my skin before bed. It also feels great and gets rid of any puffiness I have! The perfect addition to anyones routine
  64. Amazing!


    Not sure what I was expected but wanted to treat my skin. It's only been a week but I'm obsessed! Use it first thing in the morning to wake me up and after moisturiser at night to really massage it in. I wake up with the softest and firm skin and I didn't change my moisturiser, just added this! Can't wait for summer to use it to cool my face too. Highly recommend if you want to treat yourself
  65. LOVE IT


    Amazingg for daily lymphatic face massages - it has actually made a difference to my face!!!
  66. Love the face roller


    I love using my face roller every day. I use it first thing in the morning and just before bedtime after my skincare routine to relax my face muscles and to get rid of puffiness. Store it in the fridge, the cool crystal stone is very smoothing.
  67. Cute present


    I brought this present for one of my friends during iso, I have one and knew that should would love it. Such a cute tool and has the benefits to it as well which is a bonus!
  68. Relaxing


    I like to use it when I use a sheet mask to give my face a massage. Its quite relaxing and soothing for one of those self care sundays.
  69. love the feeling of using it


    This product has a nice color, good quality, and is very smooth. It is effective in lifting the skin and reducing puffiness.
  70. Love it


    I’ve just purchased the rose quartz face roller and love it. Feels so nice and cold against my face. It’s very good quality. Probably get second one like present for my friend.
  71. refreshing


    I was a little sceptical about whether this would bring any noticeable benefits but after seeing many good reviews I decided to give this a go. I store mine in the fridge when not in use and like to use it in combination with a sheet mask. I must say the cooling effect really is refreshing and if I use it consistently I do find that it reduces the puffiness of my skin. I can tell this will be a go...
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  72. Great


    I got given the Rose Quartz Face Roller by my sister for a present and I love it. She also got herself one. its a great addition to your skin care regime. However, both mine and my sisters have broken. Nothing a bit of super glue can't fix though!
  73. Nice, But Not Necessary


    I purchased this product in the hope that it would reduce some puffiness and help with stimulating the lymphatic system and water retention. Whilst the product does feel nice to roll over the skin, especially when its cold - its not a necessary product to have as part of your daily routine - I think its more of a novelty item to include in your skincare routine. I haven't noticed any real differen...
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  74. Nice feeling on the skin and great quality


    I bought this especially to have something to massage my jaw every day and also to see if it helps with my dark circles and puffiness. Haven't seen any improvements yet but I only used it 4 days AM and PM. It is an extremely nice feeling because it's always cold. The quality is great which is also why sometimes feels too heavy for the hand while doing the massage. The packaging is nice, would love...
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  75. Soothing


    This feels so amazing against my face, especially when its hot, as the quartz stays cool and refreshing. Really great when applying face oils or serums as it helps the products absorb into your skin
  76. Excellent!


    I've just recently purchased the rose quartz face roller and I'm so happy I did. I had severe puffiness under one of my eyes due to sinus issues, and the day after I used the roller, the puffiness had dramatically decreased. I've also being using the roller with a nightly face serum and its helped the serum penetrate into my skin rather than just sitting on my skin. The roller is lightweight and v...
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  77. like it


    This is a really great tool for de-puffing and getting your serums and oils to really melt into your skin. I love it and I use it every morning and night! It’s the best when it’s cold.
  78. amazed


    I was initially bought for fun, after couple use I was actually amazed ! Haven't see much difference on my skin improvement yet, but I'm really enjoy it !
  79. Love!


    I really enjoy this roller. I pop it in the frige for a little while and use it in the morning. Depuffs my face and generally wakes me up and makes me feel bright. Use it at night time and works to relax me. I also use it to work the products in better!
  80. AM PM ritual


    I love using this roller! I use it in the morning particularly around the eye area to wake me up and reduce puffiness. I also use it at night as a little mindfulness exercise which helps me wind down. I keep it in the fridge overnight so it's nice and cold for the morning :)
    Definitely recommend this product!
  81. A great product!


    This is a great product that feels good on my skin and that I like to use to help product absorption. However I do think that the price is a little high. I also own a cheaper one and they feel the exact same. I did love the packaging that this came in however if you're on a budget I would go for a cheaper one! Overall love my roller!
  82. Surprisingly great


    I think this is a wonderful tool to add to a skincare regime. I leave mine in the fridge so that it's cold, and it's so awakening to roll it across your face. I don't have a lot of puffiness so I can't be sure it reduces any, but this would be great on a hot day for cooling the face before applying makeup.
  83. Exactly what I hoped it would be


    This roller is high quality and feels so relaxing when used. I enjoy using it on self care days and would recommend it.
  84. For quick morning massage


    excellent for a quick morning use to get the blood flow circulation going. Absorbs my serum better for longer hydration
  85. good quality


    This feels nice and heavy in hand. You can feel the quality is much better than other cheaper options out there
  86. Good Quality


    This face roller is good quality and at a good price point compared to others on the market. It's sturdy and does the job!
  87. A nourishing act of self care


    I’ve only just started using it so can’t see any results as yet but the whole exercise of doing it every night after moisturiser and serums feels so nourishing and fun.

    Comes in beautiful packaging, great gift idea!
  88. LOVE


    I was unsure about whether or not I needed a face roller but I needed to do something to save my skin,
    And it truly did save my skin! It’s been a week of using this and already I can see such a difference, especially in the appearance of acne scarring and redness/pimples
    Cannot imagine my daily skin care routine without this gem now!
  89. Love using with my face oils and serums!


    I was a bit hesitant to purchase a face roller. Was it REALLY necessary to own one? And look, maybe it's not 'necessary' per se, but I'm so glad I bought mine. I use it regularly with my face oils and serums - it really does help with the absorption. Also just feels really relaxing, and gets that blood circulating! And if I wake up with puffy eyes, I use the small roller under my eyes and the cool...
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  90. highly recommend


    good for use especially after thick moisturiser or serums. gives a glow and plumps skin, help reduce inflammation
  91. Instant headache reliever!


    This product is one of the most nifty things I have bought to date. I hold a lot of stress spots on my face and this allows me to Massage right out. The cold feel the roller has on my pressure points really does the job!
  92. great


    feels very luxurious. I use this to apply an even layer of essence and massage it in.
  93. Luxurious!


    I love how this roller helps to depuff my skin after a long day and i notice my skin is really glowy the morning after using it! Definitely not an essential product but it is so relaxing and does help to infuse my evening serums
  94. Best beauty product I’ve invested in


    I love this roller - I’ve already recommended it to lots of people! It helps my skin absorb products better, and it’s dramatically improved the texture of my skin. Plus I love rolling out the tension in my jaw and eyebrows after a big day!
  95. Fun to use


    This roller is really cool and calming to use. It’s quite easy and doesn’t take ages. Personally I’ve not seen any changes since using it though.
  96. Useful product


    This a great tool to have in the shed on those days your feeling a little too puffy!
  97. Skin's Best Friend


    Cute little tool to depuff the face in the morning and help the skin to better absorp the serum
  98. Quality face roller


    This face roller is a lovely gift to give to someone and it is a high quality product. It doesn't squeek nor feels cheap. It has some even weight to it and I usually keep it in the fridge to maximise its soothing and de-puffing effect. This was my first ever purchase with Adore Beauty and I'm super happy with the overall experience!
  99. So soothing


    I left this in the fridge and pulled it out after applying a sheet mask! Such a great and soothing tool to allow the skin to absorb products and really remove and inflammation on your face.
  100. Pretty


    Feels delightful straight from the fridge, but it warms up with the heat of my skin pretty quickly. I use it after using the needle roller to put on serums. Reasonably priced and very pretty to look at, but not sure it really does all that much. I’m going to try it from the freezer next time to see if it keeps cool for longer.
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