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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller

4.5 of 271 reviews


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4 instalments of $10.10

Or 4 instalments of $10.10 with LEARN MORE

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Enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with the SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention. Made from Rose Quartz, this stone represents unconditional love, opening the door to all types of love, including love from ourselves. 

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller Reviews

4.5 of 271 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I've just recently purchased the rose quartz face roller and I'm so happy I did. I had severe puffiness under one of my eyes due to sinus issues, and the day after I used the roller, the puffiness had dramatically decreased. I've also being using the roller with a nightly face serum and its helped the serum penetrate into my skin rather than just sitting on my skin. The roller is lightweight and very easy to use, highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

Feels so good


This is a repeat purchase after my first one had a tragic fall and broke! I love it so much, makes my skin feel refreshed and awake
  1. Excellent!


    verified purchaser
    I've just recently purchased the rose quartz face roller and I'm so happy I did. I had severe puffiness under one of my eyes due to sinus issues, and the day after I used the roller, the puffiness had dramatically decreased. I've also being using the roller with a nightly face serum and its helped the serum penetrate into my skin rather than just sitting on my skin. The roller is lightweight and v...
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  2. like it


    This is a really great tool for de-puffing and getting your serums and oils to really melt into your skin. I love it and I use it every morning and night! It’s the best when it’s cold.
  3. amazed


    I was initially bought for fun, after couple use I was actually amazed ! Haven't see much difference on my skin improvement yet, but I'm really enjoy it !
  4. Love!


    I really enjoy this roller. I pop it in the frige for a little while and use it in the morning. Depuffs my face and generally wakes me up and makes me feel bright. Use it at night time and works to relax me. I also use it to work the products in better!
  5. AM PM ritual


    I love using this roller! I use it in the morning particularly around the eye area to wake me up and reduce puffiness. I also use it at night as a little mindfulness exercise which helps me wind down. I keep it in the fridge overnight so it's nice and cold for the morning :)
    Definitely recommend this product!
  6. A great product!


    This is a great product that feels good on my skin and that I like to use to help product absorption. However I do think that the price is a little high. I also own a cheaper one and they feel the exact same. I did love the packaging that this came in however if you're on a budget I would go for a cheaper one! Overall love my roller!
  7. Surprisingly great


    I think this is a wonderful tool to add to a skincare regime. I leave mine in the fridge so that it's cold, and it's so awakening to roll it across your face. I don't have a lot of puffiness so I can't be sure it reduces any, but this would be great on a hot day for cooling the face before applying makeup.
  8. Exactly what I hoped it would be


    This roller is high quality and feels so relaxing when used. I enjoy using it on self care days and would recommend it.
  9. For quick morning massage


    verified purchaser
    excellent for a quick morning use to get the blood flow circulation going. Absorbs my serum better for longer hydration
  10. good quality


    This feels nice and heavy in hand. You can feel the quality is much better than other cheaper options out there
  11. Good Quality


    This face roller is good quality and at a good price point compared to others on the market. It's sturdy and does the job!
  12. A nourishing act of self care


    I’ve only just started using it so can’t see any results as yet but the whole exercise of doing it every night after moisturiser and serums feels so nourishing and fun.

    Comes in beautiful packaging, great gift idea!
  13. LOVE


    I was unsure about whether or not I needed a face roller but I needed to do something to save my skin,
    And it truly did save my skin! It’s been a week of using this and already I can see such a difference, especially in the appearance of acne scarring and redness/pimples
    Cannot imagine my daily skin care routine without this gem now!
  14. Love using with my face oils and serums!


    I was a bit hesitant to purchase a face roller. Was it REALLY necessary to own one? And look, maybe it's not 'necessary' per se, but I'm so glad I bought mine. I use it regularly with my face oils and serums - it really does help with the absorption. Also just feels really relaxing, and gets that blood circulating! And if I wake up with puffy eyes, I use the small roller under my eyes and the cool...
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  15. highly recommend


    good for use especially after thick moisturiser or serums. gives a glow and plumps skin, help reduce inflammation
  16. Instant headache reliever!


    This product is one of the most nifty things I have bought to date. I hold a lot of stress spots on my face and this allows me to Massage right out. The cold feel the roller has on my pressure points really does the job!
  17. great


    feels very luxurious. I use this to apply an even layer of essence and massage it in.
  18. Luxurious!


    I love how this roller helps to depuff my skin after a long day and i notice my skin is really glowy the morning after using it! Definitely not an essential product but it is so relaxing and does help to infuse my evening serums
  19. Best beauty product I’ve invested in


    I love this roller - I’ve already recommended it to lots of people! It helps my skin absorb products better, and it’s dramatically improved the texture of my skin. Plus I love rolling out the tension in my jaw and eyebrows after a big day!
  20. Fun to use


    This roller is really cool and calming to use. It’s quite easy and doesn’t take ages. Personally I’ve not seen any changes since using it though.
  21. Useful product


    This a great tool to have in the shed on those days your feeling a little too puffy!
  22. Skin's Best Friend


    Cute little tool to depuff the face in the morning and help the skin to better absorp the serum
  23. Quality face roller


    This face roller is a lovely gift to give to someone and it is a high quality product. It doesn't squeek nor feels cheap. It has some even weight to it and I usually keep it in the fridge to maximise its soothing and de-puffing effect. This was my first ever purchase with Adore Beauty and I'm super happy with the overall experience!
  24. So soothing


    I left this in the fridge and pulled it out after applying a sheet mask! Such a great and soothing tool to allow the skin to absorb products and really remove and inflammation on your face.
  25. Pretty


    Feels delightful straight from the fridge, but it warms up with the heat of my skin pretty quickly. I use it after using the needle roller to put on serums. Reasonably priced and very pretty to look at, but not sure it really does all that much. I’m going to try it from the freezer next time to see if it keeps cool for longer.
  26. Fun product


    This would make a really nice present for a friend
  27. Addicted


    I bought this to see what all the hype was with these face rollers that have come onto the market recently and let me just say, I totally get it. I love to use this before bed (it's now part of my bedtime ritual) and it is just so relaxing and soothing on my skin. I use it to get my serum deep down into my skin and this is just great for it. Love the cooling sensation.
  28. Gorgeous


    The most gorgeous tool to give yourself a massage and feel like you’re being treated, really cools the face too
  29. de-puffing and soothing


    Lovely product to use, nice and cool to use, really soothing to use. I like to use it at night with all my products to help them sink in and to cool down my face. On particularly hot days its lovely fresh from the fridge to cool down red faces. Great price
  30. Boujee but worth it


    This roller is so pretty and glides smoothly (and soundlessly) across my skin. I have tried cheaper rollers which were noisy (squeaky) and the metal tarnished very easily. I really enjoy the quality of this one - a perfect way to incorporate a self-care moment into my day! It doesn't retain as much coolness when I use it at room temperature but I'm sure if you were to place it in the fridge it sta...
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  31. Good


    Love using this when I have a face mask on. Really cool and nice feeling. Good to relax at the end of the day.
  32. Relaxing touch to any sheetmask


    I was hesitant to buy a quartz roller but when I read they were helpful for use over a sheet mask I decided to try one out. I've been really enjoying the process, I don't know that I recognise any difference to my appearance but I like the cooling sensation of the roller on my face and find it smooths out a sheet mask to ensure better coverage. Would make a lovely gift.
  33. Just what my skincare routine ordered


    When I first heard of face rollers being the beauty noob I am I was super skeptical but alas it turns out this is what I was missing all along! Having red, eczema-prone skin the cold quartz is amazing for applying serums as it is smooth and cool against my face and avoids me rubbing bugs from my fingers/finger nails into my skin. Also a bonus: it looks super bougie without the hefty price tag!
  34. so soothing and depuffing in the morning


    this depuffs my face in the morning so well
  35. Love it!


    I wanted to boost my self care and skin care routine and this is exactly what I needed. Works beautifully and looks beautiful!
  36. love it


    I use this in the morning to decrease the puffiness in my face & eye area, I keep this in the fridge and wash with hot water after every use. I would recommend
  37. Relaxing


    I found this tool to be super awesome with helping too push my skincare products more deeply into my skin. It’s also super relaxing, it feels like a facial massage.
    Highly recommend keeping it cool!
  38. Great


    This is a high quality made roller. Gives a nice facial massage.
  39. So soothing


    This roller is perfect for helping to get rid of puffiness and is so relaxing to use.
  40. Disappointing


    Really disappointed with this one. The larger rolling part keeps coming off, since the second use! I will need to buy one from a different brand.
  41. ThQuartz


    Great quality roller, no squeaking and good weight. Not sure I’ve seen massive changes to skin, acne is less obvious (more calm) if anything I enjoy using each night to apply serums and feel like it works the products better into the skin.
  42. Luxurious


    Using this alongside the gua shua is an absolute treat! Feels like a facial and helps serums absorb better into the skin and looks ridiculously pretty!
  43. Feels so soothing


    I love putting this roller in the freezer for half an hour before I use it. Really helps depuff my face and feels so soothing and relaxing
  44. Great


    This is a high quality made roller. Gives a nice facial massage.
  45. Beneficial


    I didn’t know what to expect from this tool but I do love it! I see a lot of people using it too shape their face and get good results. However I love to put it in the freezer while I’m in the shower, then as soon as I get out use the freezing cold roller to rub my serum in. It really helps reduce puffiness and it feels soooo good when it’s cold on my face.
  46. I love this- really fun to use, pretty to look at.


    Looks great on the shelf- feels nice and cool on my skin, is an enjoyable little ritual.
  47. Luxury


    I bought this after my sister uses a jade roller. So glad so got this. Relaxing in the morning after using my serums!
  48. Soothing


    I love this face roller! I find it great to help penetrate my face products into my skin... it’s also super soothing and incredibly relaxing. Really does feel like a face massage. My boyfriend and I both love it!
  49. Feels so good


    This is a repeat purchase after my first one had a tragic fall and broke! I love it so much, makes my skin feel refreshed and awake
  50. Luxe


    Does it really do anything? No. Is it necessary? No. Is it a luxury? Yes. This isn't something you need but it is very nice and cooling in summer in the evening when you apply your serums. I also found this specifically to be more sturdy than cheaper quartz rollers.
    One key thing to consider is cleanliness: i personally consider this when washed to be cleaner and better than using my hands, ...
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  51. Soothing roller


    One of my best beauty tool buy, love the soothing effect, great for everyday use, highly recommend
  52. Unexpectedly Good


    I didn't think this would actually do much if anything for my skin, but I found that it really helped with my skin texture and puffiness. It promoted the flow of blood to my skin and seemed to help with the absorption of my skin routine.
  53. Super soothing


    This just feels soooo good. I use it in the morning if I’m feeling tired or have puffy eyes, and in the evening with a serum. Maybe placebo effect but I feel like it helps me sleep :) I have read they they are supposed to stay cold and do find that it warms up while using It because of my skin temp... not sure if that’s good or bad
  54. Feels great


    This works great at making my face feel relaxed, other than that I'm not sure if it makes a difference to my complexion. I put mine in the freezer and use it on hot days, works great at cooling you down.
  55. Feels nice and cool


    Not sure about this, I use at night time after applying my serums. Is cooling on the skin..
  56. Wake up call


    I love this roller. I pop it in the fridge overnight and roll it all over my face in the morning for a refreshing wake up call. I have this one and the jade one and bother are wonderful. Rolling helps to promote blood flow to the skin after a night of rest.
  57. Soothing


    I don't buy into a lot of the description of the product, but bought it to help with muscle tension in my face. It is lovely and soothing and I'm surprised actually by how relaxing it is. It's great around the temples and jaw line.
  58. Facial massage


    This feel amazing after applying face serums. I also get my partner to use it on my face feel like I am having a facial at a day spa.
  59. Facial massage


    Amazing love this tool after applying face oils/serums. It feels like a trip to the day spa. This tool is self care!
  60. lol idk what rose quartz is supposed to do


    It works super well to sooth and depuff especially if you keep it in the fridge, but what is rose quartz even going to do for your skin??? a cold smooth stone would do the same thing, and would be way cheaper.
  61. so relaxing


    i love using this product to infuse my serums into my skin! i normally massage my serums until i feel they are completely absorbed but using this has helped and improved my skin so much more. It really pushes the product into your skin so the product actually absorbs and does what it is suppose to do. I leave it in the fridge for extra coolness
  62. I love this!


    I love this roller! It feels so nice on my skin and it makes applying serums really easy, clean and relaxing. I take the time to use it day and night and I have been addicted since I received it. Do yourself a favour and get yourself one of these!

    My one suggestion would be if they included some face massage instructions in the box, and a little bag to keep it in. I still keep it in t...
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  63. Massage


    I love using this to massage my face and depuff. The pink rose quartz is a nice touch.
  64. So pretty


    I got this as a gorgeous gift, it looks so pretty on my dressing table and I use it when I want to treat myself to a full facial and relax
  65. Face Roller's Dream


    Soothing, refreshing roller, cannot recommend this enough.
    The quality of the fitting around the crystal and the crystal itself is amazing.
  66. Works as expected.


    I don’t really know what this is supposed to do other than provide a good massage and get the blood flowing. Is there some secret wonder that I’m missing? Not sure. But as far as products go it is nice quality, has a good weight to it and it’s roller function works well.
  67. Sturdy


    I bought a similar roller from a less-reputable-source, and it broke super easily, so I splurged on this one and haven't looked back. Cooling and useful, a great massage, would recommend if you're looking for a roller to push in product!
  68. Soothing


    I have no idea what rose quartz is meant to do to my skin, or if it's doing it - but my skin hates the heat and I also get migraines so rolling the cool rose quartz over my face feels really nice and soothing. I tend to use it when I've put my serum on, then put my moisturiser on top. I think it would be good for puffy under eyes though due to the really cool feeling of the roller.
  69. Such a treat


    Love this product, yes it's a luxury but so nice of a night to use for a bit of facial massage and to help absorb the products into the skin.
  70. Cooling

    Tea Sommelier

    I like to roll oil into my face with Face Rollers. It speeds up the soaking in process, so I can apply a thin layer of moisturiser on top. This roller doesn't make too many squeaky noises, which is a bonus cause some on the market do. The cooling affect is particularly nice if you have inflamed or irritable skin. I'm not certain what the rose quartz material is meant to accomplish, or how this is ...
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  71. Love this tool


    I love using this at night, it provides a soothing facial massage, especially around my jaw and eyes. Releases so much tension and leaves my face feeling less puffy when i use in the morning.
  72. Perfect gift idea


    Such pretty packaging that it is great for a special gift!
  73. Like it


    I love this for when my face is feeling puffy and dehydrated. Works great especially if you keep it cool in the fridge.
  74. Relaxing and calming


    Love this Roller came beautifully packaged.
    I love how it gives a cooling feeling when using it. So far sooo good so relaxing and feels beautiful under the eyes.
  75. Easy to apply serums & face massage


    Inlove with this. Makes applying serums so easy and i find i use less product when applying it with it. Beautiful for a little face massage. Its a must have!!
  76. Relaxation +


    I seen the team raving about this product on an instagram story. I love myself a facial and this product definitely delivers the relaxation + effect. Beautiful with my night serum I just need to teach my partner how to do it so I can dose off in bliss.
  77. treat purchase


    As far as I can tell this hasn't done much to improve puffiness or radiance in my face, but it does feel really nice and it is a nice way to apply products. Usually after my final skincare step at night (usually a cream or oil) I use this and it helps the product absorb more. When I remember I use it in the morning as well and the cool stone feels nice on my face and helps wake me up
  78. Great gift for anyone


    This feels so nice under the cheek bones I don’t think you realise how much tension you hold in tour face until you’re rolling this along it
  79. Cooling


    This was definitely a splurge purchase. I’ve been keeping it in the fridge and use in the morning after applying my serums. It’s great, especially after restless nights in summer and instantly cools the skin.

    I also like using it over my whole face when using a sheet mask to help the product really penetrate.

    But bougie but if you can afford it, great addition to your rou...
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  80. Great in the summer


    I love using this in the summer to help push my products into my skin and to reduce puffiness.
  81. Great gift!


    I have been wanting a face roller for agesss! And am obsessed with this one - it’s at a great price and quality. It rolls smoothly and doesn’t make a noise!
    Feels cool and refreshing on the skin, I love using it in the morning when I wake up bit puffy from a big night.
    This is now my go-to gift for those around me. Gifted one to my mum and sister in law and they absolutely love their...
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  82. Relaxing treat for your face

    Sweet Pea

    I had some review points through adore beauty and had wanted to try this, so when it didn't cost me anything I thought why not try it. So glad I did. I use this at least twice a day morning and night. It has slightly improved by puffy under eye bags but also helps with firmness and improves blood circulation. Skin looks healthier and is glowing using this. It also feels nice and cool on the skin ...
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  83. Great gift


    I bought this for my aunty (she's in her 60s) and she absolutely loves it!! Says she has noticed her skin be firmer and less puffy and after some reluctance at first, uses it twice a day! Great gift idea.
  84. Broke!


    Got this for a friend for Christmas and she said it had already broken (2 weeks later), definitely opt for a more affordable (and hopefully sturdy) option.
  85. Amazing tool that I use daily

    Beauty reviewer

    This roller has really helped my skin depuff and the cooling sensation helps relax. It is also great to leave in the fridge to make it even cooler
  86. Love


    Love the feeling of coolness when I use it. Does calm my skin especially after a long day.
  87. spa-like experience


    Great tool for that spa-like experience when you need to indulge in a little self care. I use it mainly for the undereye area and it depuffs and brightens. I also use it to push in my serums when I have time.
  88. Works well


    I dont own one but my family friend keeps asking me to get one!! i have heard so many good reviews about this that I really want one now! :)
  89. Perfect for puffy eyes!


    I purchased only a single-ended roller a while ago but this one and it's mini roller are now my go-to especially for de-puffing my eyes. I keep it in the fridge and roll my eye serums in each night and it has also visibly reduced a slight under eye wrinkle naturally!
  90. refreshing and good for circulation of the skin

    Chele Pagno

    It's nice and really refreshing in the morning love it. I just wish it was cheaper, but I strong recommend it.
  91. feels so good


    this roller feels so good on my face and really gets the circulation going. i love it so much Definitely recommend!
  92. Perfect


    I don't actually know if this does anything but it feels great on my skin and I love using it. And it's a great price for something to pamper yourself with.
  93. Feels great!


    Very refreshing and cooling (if you keep it refrigerated) and makes skin feel really plump. Stopped using it though, as I felt it made me break out. So unsure of long term effects. My mum uses it now and loves it though!
  94. Face Roller


    These face rollers are so expensive! i mean they stimulate blood flow but why so pricey!
  95. Super calming


    I love this tool! great addition to my morning routine. I actually leave it in the freezer and run it under lukewarm water and then massage my face with it. It really decreases puffiness and feel great to start the day! its also just really fun!
  96. Lovely


    Really good quality rose quartz face roller. Helps product to sink in, and provides a lovely massage to relieve facial muscle tension at the same time. Always remember to roll upwards! The roller is easy to clean, and is packaged well. Recommend!
  97. rid of that morning puff


    I use this every morning to apply my ordinary caffeine serum and i can see a huge difference in inflammation around my eyes. I also use it with my other products as a morning face massage which feels amazing.
  98. Cooling


    This felt nice on the skin it was cooling and easy to use with my serums and oils.
  99. calming


    Super calming and relaxing when I use this. The way it massages my skin is heavenly. Plus, I love using this instead of my hands to rub in moisturisers as its more hygienic!
  100. Like a facial, but more affordable


    I love this! Initially I thought it was gimmicky and really contemplated if this was worth it. Its is great for depuffing, massaging and feels amazing.
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