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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

4.5 of 1303 reviews


4 instalments of $3.69


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4 instalments of $3.69


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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

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4.5 of 1303 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Very hydrating serum! It soaks In very well and really plumps any fine lines from dehydration
I use it every night and have seen amazing results

Most Helpful Criticism

Lives up to the name, just ordinary!


I bought this product to see if it could be a dupe for my Medik8 Hyaluronic Acid... this product is okay but I don't find it nearly as nourishing and hydrating as my Medik8 one. Definitely not a dupe but a good product if you are on a budget or just getting into skincare.
  1. Helped my redness


    verified purchaser
    This is a great HA serum it soaks in well, and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. I have been using this for two weeks now and can already see the redness going away from my face. For the price I think it's great value.
  2. Plumping


    Very hydrating serum! It soaks In very well and really plumps any fine lines from dehydration
    I use it every night and have seen amazing results
  3. Good entry level HA


    Hydration isn’t a major concern for me but this is a good boost. Gave up trying to wear this under make up as it makes it pill which I’ve heard is pretty common. I’ll just use it at night with moisturiser for a hydration boost, or underneath retinol on alternating nights. Hard to go wrong with The Ordinary.
  4. Amazing


    Amazing serum, seeps into the skin nicely and keeps it hydrated all day long. I have combination, sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it at all. Amazing value for money.
  5. The bees knees!


    First serum I tried as was a bit nervous about using active ingredients on my sensitive skin. But damn! This stuff is amazing. Skin is soft all day! And you can layer it with many other ordinary serums which is great. Highly recommend! Will repurchase
  6. Love my hyaluronic acid


    verified purchaser
    I love love love hyaluronic acid. It is so nice on the skin and gives it good hydration. I also love the price of the ordinary, can't go wrong with this product.
  7. Not greatly effective, but worth the money


    I have found this product works best after you have exfoliated and when mixed with Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Although I have really oily skin, I am still prone to severe dryness around my mouth and nose during the winter - this product didn't exactly resolve this issue, but it did allow me to better manage and control it. The texture (plumpness) of my skin has vastly improved from when I first starte...
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  8. Most likely I'm now hooked


    Lovely hydration. My skin has cleared up so much in the short time I have used it. It feels super nice to put on. No odor. Feels dewey.
    Had a weird reaction after applying sunscreen and then my usual BB cream which didn't stick. But I havent had the same problem with applying an alternative sunscreen.
    I will definitely be purchasing more, and a bigger size if there is one!
  9. Fantasic


    I've been using this serum morning and night for a few years. Im almost 60 and receive many compliments regarding my skin. I use in conjunction with a vairty of The Ordinary serums , cleansers and moisturisers. Great value for money too.
  10. Good value for money


    Using the Hyaluronic Acid without the B5 and notice the difference. I use it under my moisturiser in the AM after my glycolic for when my skin needs some plumping
  11. Lives up to the name, just ordinary!


    I bought this product to see if it could be a dupe for my Medik8 Hyaluronic Acid... this product is okay but I don't find it nearly as nourishing and hydrating as my Medik8 one. Definitely not a dupe but a good product if you are on a budget or just getting into skincare.
  12. nice addition


    Great if you need a boost of extra hydration in your routine. I used it religiously day and night but have found i dont need it now that i am using retanoid with squaline so have stopped for now.
  13. Repeat customer!


    This stuff helps add an extra layer of hydration to my oily/combination skin without causing any breakouts. I love that I put a layer of this stuff on and it sucks moisture from my other products into the skin leaving my face looking plump. I always make sure this serum is in my beauty cupboard.
  14. Not my go-to


    While you can't argue with the price, this serum isn't as effective as my other products. With HA being in a lot of my other steps, I don't seem to use this as much as I thought I would.
  15. Good for dry skin


    I use it before I put a face mask. It is a good bonus for hydration. Otherwise, it is too sticky using as a serum.
  16. Great product


    I use this after the buffet and then use a moisturiser on top as a last step in the morning before make up. I had dull ageing skin and this combination keeps my skin hydrated all day and is great under makeup.
  17. Dry patches be gone


    I purchased this to help with dryness during the period I was adjusting to a prescription retinol. I really love how hydrating it is but it's also super lightweight. Great dupe for the Medik8 B5 serum. I bought this for my mum who has very scaly skin around her nose and hairline and she has also seen huge improvement to her skin.
  18. Beware the paradoxically effect of drying in already dry skin


    I love The Ordinary actives because the really work. In the right skin type, I think this product would be beneficial too. My skin type is dry. It can make my make up look patchy if not well moisturised. I live in a dry climate with very low humidity. I personally found that hyaluronic acid has the reverse effect on my skin, causing it to feel tight and more dry than ever before. Initially, I coul...
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  19. Love the extra hydration


    I am onto my second bottle of this. I love it so much and in combination with a few other ordinary products I have noticed a massive change in hydration and overall appearance of my face. I am in love with this product and this brand
  20. Great


    This hydrates my skin effectively and is very affordable
  21. Awesome product for the price!


    Love this product! I use it day and night before moisturising and it makes the skin feel so soft and plump. A little bit stick but once it dries you cant feel a thing! Love using this at night as when I wake up my skin is soooo soft and supple!!
  22. Ordinary convert


    This was my first hyaluronic serum and I’m pleased with the results, great to apply before makeup.
    I have maturing skin now and this plumps nicely.
  23. Can't go wrong


    I've spent hundreds trying to find a HA serum that is perfect for me, but I find my self always coming back to this. There may be more luxurious serums on the market, but this does everything you need it to and for the price, you can't go wrong.
  24. Cheapest hydration I've found so far


    This serum is a bit tacky so it isn't the easiest to just slot into your skincare routine if you use several products but it is worth trying to include it if you can. It is instant hydration for your skin, it doesn't take long to spot results. Plumping skin and healthy looking in just a few days.
  25. Glow and hydration


    Gives a subtle glow after you use it. Best used on damp skin - I would suggest using a hydrating toner.
  26. Plain but effective


    Very sticky texture but worked well in making my skin feel more hydrated. I had to use this for a long time (~1 year) to notice a difference. Can’t complain with the price point though
  27. Great


    Great hydration at a bargain price. Can't really go wrong. Can be a little sticky so I mix with my moisturizer for better absorption.
  28. Cheap enough that you can waste it


    I lathered it on and on after my skin needling procedure all day and my skin soaks it all up and feels nourished and hydrated, which reduces post-procedure reactions. It’s so cheap that you can waste a whole bottle this way. It can dry into a skin-like layer on top of the skin and go pilpy under make up though which isn’t great.
  29. Light and effective serum


    I love this serum, it's nice and light and really sinks into the skin and helps my moisturizer do the same. I have no trouble with it when I use it before The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA or my Sukin oil-free moisturizer. I don't use it with The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane, I found that once I applied the retinol it doesn't rub in. I think it might be the retinol not the serum ...
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  30. Good but not great


    I'm always cynical when things are 'too good to be true cheap', but i thought i would give this a go due to the hype around The Ordinary products. The serum is good but it has its quirks. Most other hyaluronic based serums i've used haven't been this tacky feeling after application (which i can work with) but i started to notice that my make up would pill up and not apply evenly whenever i had use...
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  31. Stickiness


    I really like products from the ordinary and I heard this product has good ingredient, so I bought it. But it's too sticky to me, it feels like I put glue on my face and if I use it in the day time, I have to put foundation on my face, the makeup will look heavy and greasy. But it still has really good ingredient, I will recommend to someone who doesn't care about the stickiness.
  32. Great for first time users


    I wasn't sure what to expect from this product as it was my first foray into acid's, but I've been impressed with the hydration it has brought to my skin. I tend to have some skin sensitivities but this is a very gentle product that my skin loves. The texture was thicker than I expected but is easy to spread over my face and isn't sticky which is nice.
    The packaging is great and provides a ...
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  33. Perfect of oily skin


    I have oily skin so if I use any other type of moisturizer it make my skin so greasy, but this product is wonderful, I am using it from last few days and its feels so soft
  34. Affordable and hydrating serum


    I love this affordable serum as I am just starting to try add serum in my beauty regimen. It is sticky when applied but gets absorbed by my skin easily and feels lightweight. Just be careful with the bottle container. My cat tipped it easily and spilled half of the content. Also, if the serum gets into the hair it dries and will stick the hair together so also need to be careful with that. I have...
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  35. A moisturising serum


    This serum is currently on the shelf as I don't need its use during the Australian summer season as it's very hydrating for my oily skin. Though, during the winter months it's perfect !

    It does leave a slight sticky residue which eventually dissipates, however, my skin (mainly cheeks) are left full, plump and lovely. Still unsure if i would actually repurchase as i do use hyaluronic ...
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  36. Nice serum


    I am usually a skincare minimalist and took a chance on this serum due to the high reviews and value price. It feels light and bright on the skin after cleansing - I took a reviewers advice and added it to slightly wet skin and it applies really nicely. After a few days my combination skin feels plumper and more supple. I usually aim for matte skin (I have oily skin and live in a humid location) a...
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  37. So hydrating!


    This really helps to aid the hydration in my skin and encourage my moisturisers to properly absorb into my skin and lock that moisture in. It feels slightly thick when applying but soaks into the skin super fast, I pat it into my skin to really help it absorb. Once it's on you wouldn't even know you're wearing it. It layers really well under all my other products too. Would definitely recommend! M...
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  38. Average


    During winter my skin was super parched so I thought I'd add some HA to my skincare.

    I found the serum quite underwhelming and not as hydrating as I'd had hoped. The texture is lightweight however doesn't offer a whole heap of hydration.
  39. A game changer!


    This product was recommended to me by my girlfriends about 6 months ago when I was looking for a new moisturiser, and was taught then about the difference between serums and moisturisers, and why I actually needed both! I have been diligent every morning since incorporating this into my skin care routine and have definitely noticed the results! At 29, my skin was beginning to show the first signs ...
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  40. Great


    I use this and a few other ordinary serums before moisturiser and my sensitive skin is very hydrated
  41. Great first step


    I use this as a first step in my AM and PM routing to add hydration to my skin. I absorbs into my skin so quickly ready for the next step and leaves my face feeling plump
  42. Ordinary


    i didn't really like the ordinary products! yeah they come in a cool doctors fancy like bottle but i dont really like the texture or the stickiness to this! i was expecting high hopes! but i really dont like this!
  43. Good for an extra kick of Moisture


    I like to put a few drops into my daily moisturiser for an added kick when I am feeling a bit dried out. I don't love how it feels on my skin on it's on though.
  44. Love this product


    I am currently using this product to help hydrate dry mature skin. After using once a day for two weeks the dryness appears to have disappeared. Will purchase again.
  45. Perfect first step


    This is always my first step in my serums/ moisturiser routine at night. Absorbs quickly meaning you can put your next serum on straight away
  46. Definitley helping


    This product has definitely helped with the dryness of my face. I use this along with a C serum powder and the both of them together make my skin nice and glowy in the morning.
    It does feel a little tacky when you first put it on but if you let it dry fully and follow with a light moisturizer it feels great
  47. Hydration Station


    This Hyaluronic Acid serum is nice, it is a bit sticky when you put it on but overall it is good. It Hydrates the skin well and I can add other serums on top with no issues. A good start for those starting out on their skincare journey.
  48. Wonderful, so dewy & youthful!


    The Ordinary's hyaluronic acid is so hydrating & beautiful feeling on the skin.
    After a shower or after I wash my face, I splash a little extra water on & apply 3 or 4 drops of this product onto my fingers, I quickly rub together & then gently smother my face with humectant love! (u don't have to use water, I just love the extra hydrating feeling) I work the product right up around my eyes,...
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  49. So good on the face


    I'm really impressed with the ordianry brand. Reading the ingredients I see none that would trigger acne and break me out which is a concern of mine. Does the job and feels hydrating
  50. Like a hydration injection


    I use this products as well as Niacinamide + Zinc by the Ordinary too and I feel like using both daily makes my face look youthful and hydrated. I don't know if this is because of my skin, but I have been getting used for my ID a lot more when buying booze! (at 29 this is nice)
  51. A must have


    I have been using this product for the last six months for my dry/normal skin and it has been a game changer. My skin is much smoother and I no longer have dry patches. It's especially beneficial when used in conjunction with a derma roller.
  52. great product


    amazing product. highly recommend. use it morning and night. seen great improvements
  53. Super Hydrating


    I have been using this product morning and evening; immediately making my skin feel hydrated and fresh. It has also helped my skin retain moisture throughout the day
  54. Good, but not the best


    To start off- for the price, this stuff is amazing. Super affordable as an introduction to serums. HOWEVER, after a pretty short period of time, I found my skin was getting used to it and was looking for more intense hydration. I've moved on to other serums, but this one is still worth having in the cupboard. I now use it on my neck and chest (so that I'm not going through the super expensive stuf...
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  55. just wow for the price!


    The price is so so affordable, and especially from a brand like ordinary! it works wonders on the skin and a little goes such a long way. It also helped my brother with his skin condition too!
  56. So good


    i hear my skin cry with relief as soon as this goes on
  57. Super impressed!

    Little wing

    I am new to The Ordinary. I have only been using Hyaluronic acid for a few days - I am also using Niacinamide by The Ordinary. I use both every morning. Already my skin is plumped up and doesn’t feel uncomfortably dry anymore, it seems brighter and smoother. I’m thrilled as I didn’t expect such an immediate result in the texture of my skin. I can’t wait to see how this looks and feels with cont...
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  58. sticks to the face a little bit


    if you wear it under the foundation it will make some white paste which will vanish after sometime. but other than that it is good hydration.
  59. Hydration’s key


    I absolutely love the feel of this product, I was skeptical at first as I used another brand but couldn’t afford to keep up with the price - this is affordable and does what it says !
  60. Love this


    I love this serum, it is so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and plump!
  61. Loved the glow


    This hyaluronic acid is wonderful! I use a fair amount of it twice a day, layering it with my other serums. It’s great for the price point - I don’t think it is as hydrating as some of the other hyaluronic acid serums I have used but it does leave a lovely glow to your skin which lasts through until about lunchtime. I don’t wear foundation - so this might be a problem if you like a matte effect. P...
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  62. Such an amazing product especially for the price

    Mrs S

    I don't know how this brand produces such great products for the price. I've used this product before and I"m such a fan. It's a good one to buy when I've been splurging on other serums. I can feel the positive effect on my skin almost immediately.
  63. Ok serum


    An ok serum for the price tag and good for skincare newbies. However I did notice that it didn't absorb into my skin as well as I would of liked. I found it hard to use in the morning as it often peels off your face or becomes tacky. Its ok to use at nighttime but I think there are better hyaluronic serums.
  64. Nothing special but does its job


    It's good at what it's supposed to do as HA but other than that there's nothing really extra about it or special about it that sets it aside from other HA's. You only need a small amount and it tends to take a little while to absorb into the skin but this is normally what HA does. You probably won't see a difference if you already have a moisture heavy regimen but if you don't have much in your ro...
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  65. LOVE


    Amazing product for such a good price! It makes my skin super plump, moisturized without being greasy or oily and definitely helps the signs of ageing. Amazing!
  66. Apply with a spritz of water!


    This product is not one I feel you see immediate results with but it is a super useful "base" for other skincare.
    It felt a little awkward to apply at first, until I realised a light spritz of water on my face before application helped with absorption.
    A little fan of the hands and it dries quickly.
    It's so hard to judge if it's a good product because I'm kind of unsure what it ...
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  67. Great serum for regular use


    This is an affordable serum which helps improve the condition of the skin
  68. Amazing product!!


    My friend got me on to The Ordinary and the hyaluronic acid is one of my favourite products. The texture going on it a little sticky, which is apparently a sign of a good one, and it layers really well with other products. The results I have achieved are so impressive, my skin feels and looks so smooth and I often get asked what products I am using. I also dab it on to my daughters pimples and the...
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  69. best thing I put on my face


    this is genuinely one of the best products ive used. I started using cleansers and other products with BHAs which was really harsh on the skin and I started peeling a little. I added this serum to my routine and it works perfectly. wake up super hydrated and it soaks into the skin
  70. Hydrating for days


    I have tried only two hyaluronic acid face formulas and with the price range, this one is definitely a winner. It does as it says and the no frills makes it so much easier to know exactly what you're putting on your skin. I love this and put it on mourning and night, I have definitely seen a difference in my skin after using HA serums in general, but especially using The Ordinary range together. I...
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  71. very moisturizing


    I do really enjoy this product, however it does take a longer time than say an oil to help calm down flaky dry patches.
  72. The best ever


    This is the best thing ever for my skin. It feels like drinking cold water on a hot summer day for my skin. I have dry skin and it works on me. My sister had oily skin and it works on her. It's great for everyone's skin. It's a bargain at this price.
  73. enjoy


    nice and affordable. helps with hydration. make sure to use a moisturiser directly after
  74. Plump


    Great quality considering the price. Adds moisture and makes your skin super plump
  75. Not for me


    I've use HA before from another brand and thought I would try The Ordinary due to its price point. It initially tingled on my skin and cause some redness. I do have very sensitive skin though.
  76. Hydrating


    I used to not like this product as it feels sticky, however someone told me to use a facial spray underneath and now i really like it as it spreads over my face much better and feels more hydrating.
  77. Staple must have


    I think this is the best HA for the price. Does what it says it will, absorbs and layers fine. Can go under foundation, smells ok. I’ve always got one or two bottles of it.
  78. Helps My Acne Skin Survive The Winter Cold



    Definitely saves my skin in winter but isn't necessary for me during summer.
    It definitely does what it was designed to do:
    - Hydration boost and easy absorption.
    - Plumps and nourish the skin.

    I use this in the morning before moisturiser as a hydration boost as well as before nigh...
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  79. hydration- even for acne prone skin


    After being given a small sample of hyaluronic acid I was on the lookout for an affordable option. I gave this one a go and have been so impressed with the results. I have had acne-prone, sensitive skin for the last 10 years and have been so scared about overdoing product on my skin. This product is easily absorbed has cleared up my dry patches and has become a vital step of my skincare routine.
  80. Amazing prodruct


    This product is amazing, leaves my skin really glowy and hydrated, but no oily, that's what I love about this product, I mix it with my moisturiser and apply it to my body as well.
  81. Well priced and last long


    a little goes a long way! this particular serum is only needed to be applied as a thin layer, it meets my expectation and i love this brand that always sell its product on affordable price tag.
  82. Best value product!


    This is such a great serum, it smooths over my skin so easily and keeps it moisturised and gives it a healthy glow for such a low price!! Can’t beat it
  83. Great for newbies

    Christine W

    This worked really well for my dry skin. I think its a great product to start if new to cosmeceutical skin care and super wallet friendly. I've been using this for a few months and now wondering if it's time to move onto something else as I'm not feeling the benefits that I initially did when I first started using it.
  84. amazing results!


    I have super sensitive as well as dry skin, so I tried this product out in hopes that it'll leave my face more hydrated and supple. It certainly did its job! I'm onto my second 100mL bottle now
  85. life saver


    has completely changed my skin. my skin is now so smooth and has gotten rid of the horrible texture of my skin
  86. Wouldn't Recommend


    I really wouldn't recommend this product no matter how much or how little i use it always peels off my face which is a real problem when using it before applying make up. I've used it on its own and mixed with other skin products and makes no difference even when applying it and waiting a while before putting anything else on. I also find it has a really sticky feeling on your skin after. I haven'...
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  87. As good as the pricey ones


    Works well as a hydrating serum underneath other products. I’ve tried many more expensive hyaluronic acid serums and I think this one is just as good. This isn’t the case for all of the ordinary but I rate this product. Why pay more when you don’t have to?
  88. Perfect hydrator


    I love how this product hydrates my skin without feeling like a thick layer of cream. I used this during my holiday and it was all I used to keep my skin soft and happy
  89. Wish I bought bigger!


    Lovely product - feel it truly plumps and moisturizes the skin. Skin looks healthy, where previously dry or tired.
    Only wish I bought the supersize bottle (my next purchase!)
  90. Highly recommend


    I have started using the ordinary hyaluronic acid for 3 weeks. It works for me and the price makes me fall in love with it. I just received my 60 ml bottle my second purchase.
  91. plumps skin


    A good addition to the my ordinary skin care routine. I use this at night and find that it plumps skin and doesn't irritate my reactive skin. Use in conjunction with other the ordinary products my skin is looking great.
  92. B5 + HA


    I found this product gave my face that hydration and glow it was missing. The texture and feel of my face has become so smooth
  93. Affordable range


    This product is so affordable and great for hydration and perfectly layer well before heavy serums and oils.
  94. Well priced and good quality

    Jadey B

    I was looking for a new AM and PM facial regime as I realised my skin was looking dull and flat. So I got some tips from Brooklyn on here and all of his recommendations have been amazing. I found this product gave my face that hydration and glow it was missing. The texture and feel of my face has become so smooth and has that healthy glow about. I’m combination skin and this is perfect to even me ...
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  95. Average


    For a hyaluronic acid serum, it's great value. I don't find it nearly as hydrating as my other serums (I have very dry skin) and I don't like the sticky feeling I'm left with - definitely like to seal it with a moisturiser afterwards. I was getting lots of little bumps on my forehead and I have a feeling it was this product!
  96. Great for dehydrated skin


    I generally have dry skin and I use this serum to boost hydration in my morning and evening routine.
  97. Smooth fresh skin


    I love using this as a hydration boost every night and I love how my skin feels in the morning. I tend to have oily skin which can be prone to breakouts and this has not caused me any problems. Its moisturising and nourishing under the surface :)
  98. Like a glass of water!


    I've bought 3 bottles of the 30ml bottle already and absolutely love it. I find it is very hydrating (especially when you apply it to a damp face) and it helps prevent any dry patches.
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