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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

4.6 of 1082 reviews


4 instalments of $3.55


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4 instalments of $3.55


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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

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4.6 of 1082 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect for an added boost of hydration!


I'm so happy to have discovered and tried this product. I have since finished the entire bottle and it has been a perfect addition to my skincare routine. I used it as a layering product during the serum stage (after the brand's Niacinamide + Zinc) and it gives a deep hydration I didn't know I needed.

Most Helpful Criticism

No drastic changes


Ive been using this product for 4 weeks now. I find its made no difference to the skin on my face. It dries tacky and makes my skin tight. I have however been using it on my neck and chest and has noticed a difference in the look and feeling of my skin there.
  1. Perfect for an added boost of hydration!


    I'm so happy to have discovered and tried this product. I have since finished the entire bottle and it has been a perfect addition to my skincare routine. I used it as a layering product during the serum stage (after the brand's Niacinamide + Zinc) and it gives a deep hydration I didn't know I needed.
  2. Hydration

    Chanelle j

    I use it every second morning.
    Isn't rub too vigorously or it can create this white foamy stuff. Thin layer leave to dry. Is slightly tacky. I can dry and put my normal moisturiser over
  3. Boost of hydration


    My skin is relatively clear so I don't see much in terms of clearing acne, but it definitely gives my skin the hydration boost it needs.
  4. Very Happy


    I expected this product to help my skins hydration while not increasing oily-ness on my skin.

    I am very happy with this product. My skin always feels soft and hydrated and I have no issues with oily-ness

    I would definitely recommend this product.
  5. Roaccutane's best friend!


    I used this after two treatments of Roaccutane and this is the only thing to deliver moisture and hydrate my skin after the woes of this medication. It brings my skin back to life and will continue to purchase this for a long time coming.
  6. Love this product


    Skin type is normal. Skin is dehydrated due to acne products ect
    I love this product, it is so hydrating and easy to use. I find it easier to apply then the other marine HA.
  7. Allergic Reaction: Eczema on Eyelids


    I have sensitive skin so I did a patch test as directed on the bottle and as I usually do. I had no reaction. Before I applied it to my faced I researched for some time to ensure it was safe for the eye area. There were no warnings about this. When I applied this product I had an extreme reaction the next day on my eyelids. I now have red scaly eczema patches on both eyelids, which has never happened with any product before. In the product Q&A on the Adore Beauty page it said it would be suitable for sensitive skin and I haven't had a problem with other The Ordinary products. I can no longer wear eye makeup. I'm already self conscious, with debilitating social anxiety. I'm very upset. If it doesn't show any healing over the weekend, I'll have to make an appointment with my doctor on Monday and get a prescription cream. If you have sensitive skin, please take caution and you may want to avoid the eye area.
  8. OMG I love this product!


    OMG I love this product so much - it has improved my skin within just a few days! I had a terrible flare up with eczema when I got it and remember seeing it was good for that condition, you weren't wrong! It didn't sting or make my skin feel uncomfortable, it felt soothed and soft. My skin feels more plump and hydrated in general. The price is a definite plus too! Will definitely buy again and keen to try other products in The Ordinary's range!
  9. Great hydration


    I use this one in combintion with the buffet and feel like it is really helping to hydrate my skin. Trying to prevent aging before it happens. This will not do anything for exisiting damage. It has had minimal impact for my eyes for me personally - other than hydrating them more. Having a baby at home - I still look exhausted. Lol.
  10. Saviour


    I have very dry (cystic) acne prone skin. I find it hard to balance between drying out spots and hydrating my skin. This is amazing. Before this my skin was so dry it was peeling and anything I put on stung. This has been my saviour. I use it almost every evening before a cream moisturiser and it has done wonders. Reduced my acne too! I do however find if I apply it before The Ordinary Squaline oil it separates and balls up (not sure if makes sense) which then affects the look on the skin. Perhaps the two don't work together? I still sometimes apply them both at night when I'm going to bed so doesn't matter.
  11. Great paired with derma rolling


    I've never found any drastic difference when using this product, but it's one of those things I've just kept using because I know it's good for it. And maybe I'd notice the difference if I stopped using it.

    However, when I derma roll, this is the best thing! It's not irritating to your skin while it's in that sensitive state, and my skin would absolutely drink it in. I could literally put about three layers on, and I think it really helped with recovery.
  12. Hydrating but can pill


    I really liked how hydrating this product feels on my face, but it can pill if you rub it in too vigorously. I use the Marine Hyaluronics now, which is better for my dry skin. But this would be great for someone with normal skin. So cheap though that it's never a risk to buy just to try it out.
  13. Daily staple


    I use this every morning and night, it has really changed my skin from combination to evenly well hydrated. It’s so light and quickly absorbed, cannot feel it under my other serums and moisturiser. My skin now always feels soft and plump and has definitely helped with oily pore blemishes!


    Can't live without this everyday essential. It's not a satisfying product to apply - there's nothing that delivers a sense of luxe or ritual to it BUT it goes on silky, absorbs quickly, a couple of drops is all you need so it lasts a long time - and, most importantly, my skin adores it. I blend it with my organic oil-serum to lighten the texture and seal moisture in. I mix it with my daily foundation to create a more sheer finish. Great product.
  15. No drastic changes


    Ive been using this product for 4 weeks now. I find its made no difference to the skin on my face. It dries tacky and makes my skin tight. I have however been using it on my neck and chest and has noticed a difference in the look and feeling of my skin there.
  16. Perfect hydration


    This serum is great before moisturiser. It is very hydrating and absorbs very easily. Must have for feet hydrated skin.
  17. Quickly absorbed


    It comes out thick and sticky from the bottle but after application it absorbs very quickly and the skin feels smooth immediately. It hydrates the skin well in normal days, but for me the Ordinary Buffet works better when my skin needs extra hydration.
  18. Plump Skin


    I've been using this for almost a year now, I suffer from dry and sensitive skin so was looking for something to lock in moisture, hyaluronic acid is well known for this and for plumping up the skin which I believe this product does, it feels great on the skin too which is a plus, I do use this alongside rosehip oil and find I have to rub it in quickly otherwise it has an unpleasant texture.
  19. Great hydration for oily skin!


    This product is great no matter the season. I have a pretty intense skincare routine and this can be applied under and over almost anything
  20. Leaves Skin Soft


    I have a problem with dry, flaky skin around my forehead and nose so I purchased this in addition to the Natural Moisturing Factors + HA. Together they have been fantastic and the flakiness has almost disappeared.
  21. Plump Skin


    I really love this product and it has become my go to every morning! At nearly 40 I have fine lines and find that this product helps plump my skin back out and gives it a full look again. I have very sensitive skin but this does not irritate at all.
  22. Can't fault it!


    I use this every day after cleansing and follow up with TO Buffet, and UltraViolette SPF range.
    I'll never stop buying TO Hyaluronic Acid! It absorbs so well, it definitely keeps my skin hydrated and is cost effective!
    I'm nearly 32 and definitely see it helping the texture, moisture levels and fine lines situation for my skin!
  23. Loving it


    It's my first time actually having a skincare routine and now that I'm applying acids to my skin this has been helping me a lot to keep the moisture and shine in my skin daily.
  24. dehydrated skin no more


    With the drier winter weather and heating I was having the signs of dehydrated skin around my chin and around my eyes, flakey and getting crepe like skin. I added this serum in morning and night (with a tiny bit of Ascorbic powder during the day) before my moisturiser. It has made such a difference. I'm less flakey, my makeup appears smoother. Great value product.
  25. Made a difference


    I use this on wet skin and wait for a minute, which seems to be the best way to do it. I then apply my moisturiser on top to lock it in and I have noticed a difference. My skin doesn't feel as dehydrated or tight anymore and it doesn't seem to have broken me out. It does tend to run out quickly though, I have just repurchased another one.
  26. Very hydrating serum


    I have combination skin and i've been looking for light hydrating serum that doesn't feel heavy or oily on my t-zone. I just finished my first bottle of hyaluronic acid serum and I love it so much; its so hydrating and feels weightless on my skin. I spray toner on my face and then immediately applied hyaluronic acid serum while the toner is still damp following that are the ordinary moisturiser and sunscreen - both morning and night.

    After using the first bottle, my skin looked so plump, hydrated and feel soft. Highly recommended.

    ***Make sure you apply hyaluronic acid serum on top of damp toner, due to hyaluronic works really well by retaining water molecules (toner or water) hence your skin feels hydrated and soft. Otherwise, if you put hyaluronic directly on dried skin, you may feel itchy or redness appear, this is possibly due to hyaluronic is trying to find water based molecule to retain but nothing to hold onto hence skin may feel itchy*** (THIS IS JUST A POSSIBILITY)

    My friend had a mild reaction to hyaluronic acid; she used toner but it was dried and then applied hyaluronic acid, she repeated this for few weeks and then suddenly has red and itchy skin around her eyes, mouths and cheeks. So i explained to my friend how hyaluronic acid works and tried my suggestion and it worked, no reactions anymore.

  27. Very hydrating!


    I have really sensitive skin and constant breakouts. My skin barrier was very damaged from using too many acne products. I use this serum day and night under my oil based serums and moisturiser and it has really helped to restore my skin barrier without my face breaking out. Definitely would recommend.
  28. I'm in love.


    Although this felt tacky when I applied it. It sunk it by the time I had put my eye cream on.
    As someone who doesn't sleep much or drink enough water this has really helped my skin.
  29. Not bad, but tried better.


    This works well, but I found you have to use it for a few weeks to really see any results. But it soaks into the skin nice and quickly. And layers well with other products in you regime.
  30. Amazing


    Instantly first use I felt like my skin drank this and bounced!!!! So amazing I love using this and didn’t cause any sensitivity and so cheap!
  31. No fuss hydration


    I've enjoyed using this product so far. I've found that it's quite hydrating on my skin and that a small amount goes a long way.
  32. No fuss and simple


    Wonders! Just Wonders! I've only been recently introduced to this stuff (on my 4th bottle) and this has really kept my face plump and hydrated! I was scared at first thinking why would I want to put some acid on my face but upon further research, our bodies naturally make it as well so it should be too bad? I like how this product is simple and stays simple with it's ingredients. This is a must after toning your face and before your daily/night moisturizer.
  33. Not as good as i hoped


    I really wanted to love this product but it doesn't absorb well and i think thats why it pills. Its has a real tacky feel to it and sits on the skin too much for my liking. Ive tried using less but i still get the same issues. I just wish it wasn't so tacky!! Probably won't purchase again.
  34. An essential


    I've been using the Hyaluronic Acid for around 2 weeks now. It's an essential product!! My skin is always so glowy and lovely after using it and I have also noticed that my skin is less dry/flaky, at the same time - not being too oily either (I have combo skin) and just feels really plump and hydrated!! I have forgotten a few times, but most days I have used it twice, and I've absolutely noticed a positive change in my skin!! Thank you!!
  35. People are commenting on my skin


    I have recently begun using the ordinary products. I use this product both AM and PM and my skin no longer feels tight after getting out of the shower. People have also begun commenting on my skin. I am in my late 30’s and have dry skin
    AM routine
    Ordinary caffeine solution
    Ordinary buffet
    Ordinary Hyaluronic acid

    PM routine
    Ordinary caffeine solution
    Ordinary Hyaluronic acid
    Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in squalane
    Ordinary rose hip oil
  36. So good


    My skin is loving the moisture. I add it to my moisturiser and it made my skin so feet and supple in the middle of winter.
    Love love love!!!
  37. Not the best


    I didn't see any results using this product. It had a weird texture and could've been the reason for breakouts.
  38. Ok for oily/combo skin


    I've been using this for a while and I think they've changed the formula. It's not as hydrating as it used to be and doesn't absorb as well. It feels like it sits on the skin and leaves a coated layer. It absorbs eventually but you can't use it in a hurry before applying makeup. Would be ok for oily/combo skins or in summer when the skin isn't as dry, compared to other Hyaluronic serums.
    Good for the price but I think I'll go back to higher-end brand formulas.
  39. Love the ordinary!


    For the price I can't go past this. Great for dehydrated skin and a nice little step to add to pretty much any skincare routine!
  40. Feeling fresh in the AM


    Use The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid in the AM to hydrate my skin, sometimes alternating with the Lactic acid, before I put my moisturiser and after cleansing. My skin has stopped looking flat/dull in the day, really loving The Ordinary.
  41. Great product at a very reasonable price


    I have dry and sensitive skin, with occasional flare ups of eczema. Found this product to be a great hydration boost when used before my normal moisturizer, feels lovely going on the skin, keeps my skin hydrated all day long.
  42. Great product


    For this price, this stuff works great! Really hydrating and lightweight
  43. Hydrating without the grease


    Doesn't feel thick or too heavy on oily skin. I'd say it gives just the right amount of hydration.
  44. Great introduction to serums


    After using a couple bottles I can say this serum is great though I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the tackiness. I've moved onto the Marine hyaluronic throughout the day because I found this to be a bit to thick and tacky for daytime use on my oily tzone... Even on my dry cheeks it still has that sticky feel.
  45. Really Sticky


    I don't know what it is, but I find this serum to leave my skin feeling SUPER sticky. I don't reach for it as a result, so it's a bit of a waste and shame.
  46. Nourishing


    I really like this product, especially how affordable it is, it's moisturising, doesn't clog your pores, all around an amazing product. I would buy again.
  47. not as hydrating as expected


    It was my first foray into hyalyronic acid with this product. I found it absorbed extremely quickly into the skin but I didn't get the "plumping" effect as mentioned by other reviews. This product also didn't help my skin stop feeling tight after cleansing. Will try a higher end product (e.g. medik8) to compare before coming back to this one
  48. Great Product


    I use this product day and night before other The Ordinary serums and moisturiser.
    I have oily/combination skin, and I love this product. It's light but very hydrating and I don't find I have any issues with it clogging my pores or making my skin oily.
    The price point is also fantastic and I definitely recommend.
  49. Great everyday serum


    I love this serum for an easy everyday moisturiser before my day and night creams, my skin is extremely dry so it works really well and you only need a few drops
  50. great, but only when used in a specific way


    If you used this the same way as a normal serum, it does nothing basically. But, if you use a hydrating toner or have a slightly damp face when you apply it, it works wonderfully. Makes your skin look plump and hydrated, and it doesn't pill when you use this method.
  51. Day and night without fail


    This product has changed my skin. I used to have stinging from dryness, and the only thing to reduce the pain is hyaluronic acid. So affordable, so effective. Have told all my friends and family
  52. Affordable addition to your skincare


    For the price of this hyaluronic acid, you should definitely consider adding it to your skincare. An easy way to hydrate, lock in water and plump your. I also got my partner hooked on this product and it is easy enough for him to apply and use before his moisturizer.
  53. Best Buy!


    One of The Ordinary's best sellers for me. Suits well for any skin type. Makes my skin hydrated even in winter times.
  54. I really like this one


    This is a fantastic hyaluronic acid and such a great price. It definitively hydrates
  55. Plumps my skin


    This is such a nice lightweight product that sinks well onto my oily skin. Leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. Such a good price!
  56. So far so good


    I have only been using this for a week but I am really enjoying it so far. I wash my face, pat it dry, mist with my Avene thermal water then immediately apply a few drops of this HA serum on my wet face and spread it around, patting gently. I then spritz my face once more (feeding the HA is necessary I hear) and then when it is still wet, I apply my moisturiser to seal the serum in.

    I feel like those saying it is sticky might be either applying too much or applying it to dry skin. Applying to wet skin is very important when using HA otherwise it will be drawing it from your skin if you are in a dry climate. I feel like this has made a huge difference to my skin already. My forehead and chin don't feel tight and dry anymore since I started using this and my partner has been using it too and noticed a difference.
  57. Good


    I use this serum in my morning routine, the consistency is very light, it dries so quickly and does not have a tacky/sticky after-feel. The price is really affordable.
  58. Improved Hydration


    I have started to use this product in conjunction with The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% as i felt my skin was feeling dehydrated. This after only a few users has really helped my skin feel less tight and feel more hydrated. Will continue using!
  59. A necessity


    I use this twice a day and can’t live without it, my dry patches have gone And my skin just glows!
  60. Will buy again


    I use this serum morning and night, can feel my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It absorb fast and not oily. Will definitely purchase again.
  61. Love it


    Early thirties
    Dry / tired skin

    This product is soo good. I bought it because I had heard good things but didn't really use it. Since using it I've noticed a difference in my face. I look less haggard in the mornings when I cbf doing anything to my face and my skin is less dry. Its totally a serum that helps with Hydration and it's texture. My face feels softer too, especially if I use day and night.

    The only ick factor is the slight stickiness feeling but once you moisturise it feels fine.

    Have already ordered a second bottle.
  62. Absolutely yes!


    I find this product amazing!! It has helped me a lot with hydration and giving my face an overall plump and healthier look. I am on my second bottle already and this is something that has instantly become a NEED in my skincare routine.
  63. Good for dry skin


    Great for my dry skin. Super hydrating similar to that of my skincare company B3 which is $125 for the same size bottle. Great dupe.
  64. Great product


    Little goes a long way with this product. It glides on nicely and brings great hydration to the face.
  65. Cost effective, does the job but feels SO sticky.


    If this was more expensive, I would say skip it as the formulation leaves such a sticky feeling to the skin that lingers all day...BUT it is very cost-effective and does what a HA is supposed to do - lock in hydration. I would recommend you apply this to wet skin as it helps to combat the stickiness.
  66. Night time routine


    I use the Hyaluronic Acid after washing my face and before moisturizing and its really helped hydrate my skin.
  67. Decent for the price!


    I've been using Alpha H Hyaluronic 8, which I love but couldn't resist the urge to test out this raved about product, especially at the much more affordable price!

    It definitely has a stickier texture than other serums (which I don't love), however so far I've not noticed a big difference in switching products (e.g. it seems to do the same thing) and am overall happy with the hydration.

    If you are on a budget but still want to give your skin some TLC, I think this is a great product!
  68. lifesaver!


    at the time of purchase, my skin was flaking like there's no tomorrow. i tried the body shop, aloe vera, nothing worked until i came across this beaut. for half the price of everything else i tried, it made me wake up everyday feeling like a hydrated queen
  69. Extra level of hydration


    Onto my second purchase. I have combination skin that gets dry in winter and this is now an essential step in my skin care routine. I’ve noticed it helps hydrate my skin without making my face feel oily or shiny.
  70. Leaves my skin smooth and more hydrated


    This is an affordable skin product that blends well into the skin and acts as another layer of moisture. I use this after applying Vitamin C to my skin, before my thicker winter moisturiser!
  71. Great skin care basic


    Good to mix with powders from the ordinary
  72. Best $12 I've spent on skincare


    This has made a noticeable difference to the texture and moisture in my skin. Since using this the past 3 weeks I have had compliments on how "fresh" my skin is. Love using this on my neck as well to soften fine lines
  73. Instant absorption and skin loves it


    I use this in the AM as my first layer before applying moisturiser and makeup. Even after using actives overnight my skin drinks this up. Although it may feel tacky to begin with, that texture dissipates and provides a good base layer for other products. I have noticed that it has helped with keeping my skin more moisturised throughout winter.
  74. Great product


    This is a great product for your skin regime. It gives great hydration and made my skin feel nice and plump. I'm someone who struggles with spot pimples and this definitely didn't give me too much hydration:P
  75. Good

    Regina Fuentes

    This serum is good. The price is okay and it is easy to use. The serum is hydrating but I do find it too sticky to my liking. It feels almost like egg whites and I find that it sits on top of my skin.

  76. Awesome Product


    This is an awesome product! I believe this works best in humid conditions and not dry conditions, but I've been using a humidifier which has been helpful. My skin is definitely looking a lot more hydrate! Would recommend this product.
  77. not sure


    I am not sure about this one. I feel like whenever I use it it makes my skin dry. I dont even feel like it does anything else. I have had better hyaluronic serums before
  78. Love it


    Onto my second purchase of this bottle. I’ve got normal to dry skin and I’ve really liked it as a before moisturiser serum that makes my skin feel SUPER soft and smooth and well hydrated. Definitely recommend waiting for it to dry down after application, and then following with a moisturiser! Really impressed w this out of all of the Ordinary products I’ve tried so far. For the price it’s worth trying out!
  79. I like it but.


    Super hydrating and effective. A great pick-me-up when needed, eg. Melbourne winters or around long flights. However, I only apply at night because it layers poorly and pills. It's super thick and sticky.
  80. Skin feels so hydrated and supple


    This is amazing especially using after skin needling. My skin is so fresh and supple, doesn’t look tired and dull and is no longer dehydrated.
  81. Good staple product


    I’m very happy with this serum. My skin texture has evened out and looks healthier.
    I highly recommend this product.
  82. Hydration


    This makes my skin feel very full and hydrated. Loving that I added this to my other collection of The Ordinary range
  83. Great for dehydrated skin


    This feels amazing on my incredibly dry and dehydrated skin, especially during winter. Essential to pair this with The Ordinary Moisturizing Factors to get the full plump and hydrated effect.
  84. Game changer!


    In my mission to defeat my postpartum parched skin, this little bottle has absolutely restored my severely dehydrated skin.

    My normally oily/combo skin took a big blow post birth and with breastfeeding, but in just a few days there has been a huge difference to the quality of my skin.

    I paired this with The Ordinary's Moisturiser for the mornings, and follow the HA + B5 with 100% Squalane in the evenings (no moisturiser).

    Highly recommend – skin feels more dewy and hydrated and people around me have commented that they notice the difference.
  85. Skin supple & smooth


    I have used Hyaluronic Acids previously however new user to *the ordinary* I found their product alot smoother and less tacky than other products, I am impressed with the results after 3 weeks, my skin no longer feels dry and lines are more plumped and smoother on touch. I also now use this product after a 80 per cent lactic acid peel, it speed up the healing time assisting hydration and aiding healing time.
  86. Meh


    I find this does literally nothing, not the best or even the cheapest hydrator out there.
  87. SO good


    I was recommended this by a makeup artist. I love using this before applying makeup, especially when my skin is dry and flakey. This provides an instant smooth canvas for makeup!
  88. Great product


    So hydrating and such a good product. Will definitely be re-purchasing.


    I use this in the AM and PM, and although it is a little sticky after figuring out the right amount to use I love it.
  90. simple HA


    Feels a bit sticky once you've applied, but definitely helps me with dry skin in winter! Comparable to higher end stuff like Hylamide in my opinion
  91. perfect serum


    This serum is great if you need some hydration.
  92. Value for money B5


    Good texture, easy to apply and absorb, great value and great moisturisation.
  93. Hydrating


    Good serum to add on, quite sticky but if you let it dry a bit before applying moisturizer on then it doesn't feel like you are just moving product around. give it time to settle on the skin before the next step :)
  94. Great brand


    this product works very noticeably and to be able to add more to your moisturiser as you need it is just so clever and convenient.
  95. need to mix with other serums


    On its own is too sticky to use. I mix it with a few other serums and my skins loves it.
    Really suitable for oily skin. When I use this I find that my skin is normal and does not break out. It hydrate my skin.
  96. Fantastic!


    Works great on acne prone skin. Even when there is no visible acne!
  97. A bit tacky


    Nice serum leave skin glowy and clear would suggest night time use only as it stays a bit tacky. Has really helped my dry dehydrated skin and given it a boost
  98. Sticky


    This product has a very sticky feeling to it although I love the price and it does hydrate my skin. I find its not as sticky once you apply your moisturiser!
  99. Refreshing


    I have dry skin so I’m always looking for ways to boost the moisture. I tried this product by itself and I have noticed a small difference in how my skin feels. It has a nice smell and is quite refreshing to put on during the day.
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