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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

4.5 of 1902 reviews


4 instalments of $3.69

Or 4 instalments of $3.69 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.69

Or 4 instalments of $3.69 with LEARN MORE

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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Reviews

4.5 of 1902 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Budget-friendly hydration!


Makes my skin feel great, very soft and hydrated. I use it in the morning in combination with the Natural Moisturising Factors cream.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favorite


I know the price is good, but I didnt like the feel of the stickiness, it took 5 min to be able to apply next product, I can live with that, but my problem is I didnt feel hydrated and smooth face after using it, which generally is the effect with my other HA products. not for me...
  1. Budget-friendly hydration!


    Makes my skin feel great, very soft and hydrated. I use it in the morning in combination with the Natural Moisturising Factors cream.
  2. Nice hydration


    I apply this in PM to my eye area after The Ordinary Niacinamide and I’ve found it refreshes my complexion. Feels a little sticky and looks glossy, but fine if you’re just jumping into bed.
  3. Yay Hydration!!


    I love this product, I'd heard others complain about it being sticky on the skin but haven't found this to be an issue. Makes my skin feel so plump and hydrated.
  4. Great Hydrator!


    verified purchaser
    Loving The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid with added B5 as it has help hydrate my skin this winter! I apply it on during the day along with my SPF facial moisturiser. It has no scent which I prefer. It does look like it has a sticky consistency when it comes out of the dropper, but there is no feeling sticky on my face when I apply it. Would recommend!
  5. Not for me


    verified purchaser
    I have used a few Ha serums and B serums. The price for this is good yes, but in terms of noticing a different in skin its not that great. I have not noticed any change in hydration of my skin, and sometimes if too much is put on it can make skin feel sticky and slightly pile. Great if your on a budget or starting out but its hard to repurchase when you have tried far more superior brands
  6. So hyrdating!


    My skin drinks this up at night. I have dehydrated skin and this has done wonders for how plump my skin looks and has definitely helped me improve my moisture barrier. I only use at night because i found it went a little weird under makeup but even using just at night is enough to see the benefits.
  7. Great hydrating serum


    I mix this with a few drops of water then spread it on my skin and layer with a moisturiser. My skin has looked so hydrated. Definitely repurchasing
  8. Fantastic


    For the price, this stuff is fantastic! I was on the hunt for a hyalauronic acid based serum similar to the serum in my favourite ever sheet mask (sadly not stocked at Adore). After trying so many serums, and paying all sorts of exorbitant prices, this is most similar and wonderfully hydrating and plumping.
  9. hydrating!!


    was not anticipating the gooeyness of the texture, however it applies quite well as long as you pat it onto your skin. would recommend
  10. Must have


    I have tried so many different brands for hyaluronic acid and I can say this is one of my favorites! This is the must-have hydrating serum everyone needs to try. really worth it though it is so cheap!
  11. Liked it


    I have dry skin with redness and fine lines. I apply this product on slightly damp skin (pat most of water off after cleansing but leave a slight dampness on skin). It goes on beautifully and feels so refreshing and hydrating. Once touch dry I follow with moisturiser to lock in the hydration. Love this product.
  12. Great product


    I would say that, after trying loads of very expensive serums, this one really does stand up. Its a good, basic, HA and I would recommend it to anyone.
  13. Surprised


    Have had people raved about this product. I was first unsure about but after having used, I am absolutely converted! Really see an improvement on my skin.
  14. Cannot live without!


    I started HA and thought after my first jar I would stop using it because it didn’t seem to make a difference. Big mistake. It was only after stopping that I realised how much more smooth and moisturised my skin was when using it. Definitely do not let this one run out anymore!
  15. Moisture in a bottle


    I was recommended this product by a friend and had low expectations given the price. I was pleasantly surprised. The product gives you instant hydration and makes your skin feel plump! It gives me the confidence to go makeup free! Would definitely purchase again!
  16. Game changer


    My skin is plump and just such a glow. Total game changer and so well price pointed!
  17. great serum


    This is such a greAT serum for the price, its very basic with little ingredient. the consistency can be on a more stickier side when you first apply it but it does get absorb into the skin and it feels great after you follow up with moisterizer
  18. Worth the price


    Great value for the price and worked best when i mixed in with my moisturiser. Left skin feeling plump and hydrated.
  19. Staple part of Skin care


    I love this serum. I have combo skin at times dry at times oily this worked at any time. Definitely plumped my skin and gave a slow. I use a lot of expensive skincare but I always have this as part of my regime. Love The Ordinary products.
  20. Not my favorite


    I know the price is good, but I didnt like the feel of the stickiness, it took 5 min to be able to apply next product, I can live with that, but my problem is I didnt feel hydrated and smooth face after using it, which generally is the effect with my other HA products. not for me...
  21. Affordable and effective!


    I wanted an affordable and effective moisturising serum and this is the one for me! I wanted something I could use on my face, neck and hands so it is quite a bit of coverage and didn't want to splurge too much. It does go on a little sticky but that feeling goes away very quickly.
  22. Glowy plumped skin


    If you like having healthy looking plumped hydrated skin then this product is your best friend!
    I use it morning and night but I tend to apply a lot of it at night because I love the consistency of it and feel that my skin is really absorbing as much as possible during the night!
  23. My only regret is not getting the bigger bottle


    This is such a great product and i cant believe the price is so low. So versatile too. I love this after derma rolling or to combine with my vitamin c to get rid of that gritty feeling. Will get the bigger size next order because this is definitely a new staple in my skincare routine.
  24. It works


    Definitely works for those who have dry skin. I would recommend putting on a Moisturizer straight away to use up all the benefits.
  25. Amazing for skin glow


    I layer this under squalane oil and it locks the moisture into my skin amazingly. Definitely not for use on its own though
  26. Good product


    This product is really nice to apply to skin leaving it feeling refreshed like it's had a big drink of water.
    I like to mix this with my night cream as they're compatible.
    I also apply this as part of my morning routine prior to my day cream and SPF.
  27. Amazing


    Such a great product that has really hydrated and made my skin look so much fresher and brighter! Would definitely recommend to use as a serum underneath a thicker moisturiser to really give its full effect - no more dry patches on my skin!
  28. Hylauronic on a budget!


    Absolutely no complaints with this product, for the price point I really don't have anything to complain about. My only recommendation is to get the bigger bottle if possible, its that good you'll be wanting more! great for sensitive and dry skin like mine! I found my skincare routine isn't the same without it
  29. Hydration under moisturiser


    When I use this under a moisturiser, it helps to hydrate my skin without pulling moisture out to the surface
  30. Hydration Station


    I really didn't know what to expect when using this product. I have very dry skin - especially in winter, with the worst parts being around my nose. Since using this serum my skin has been so much better! no more flakiness and it looks more hydrated and healthy. Will be ordering again in the bigger size when I finish my bottle!
  31. Mix with water and stay hydrated


    This is so hydrating for my skin especially when its humid, but if its not I splash my face with water before applying and it still works great
  32. Great Hydration


    GF got me onto this one because my skin being too dry. After a week I could see my skin was more hydrated - now I use it as a staple item. I'm a guy and don't like spending money so the Ordinary is a Gem.
  33. Not overly impressed...


    I was looking for alternatives to replace my pricy Medix8 serum but this one is really not quite there...It's very sticky (big no no to me) and it encourages oil production on my T section. (another big no for my blackhead prone skin) It's a cheap option for Hyaluronic acid but I won't use it on my face. Will use the rest of the serum on my neck and décolletage - will not purchase again unfortuna...
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  34. smooth and silky formula


    made my skin feel really hydrated but it wasn't super heavy. great hydrator for oily skin
  35. My fave product


    The us my favourite product by the ordinary. I use this on my face and my chest for extra hydration
  36. My fave product


    The us my favourite product by the ordinary. I use this on my face and my chest for extra hydration
  37. Skin looks so plump


    Love the way this makes my skin look. So hydrating!
  38. Good price point


    Not a bad product, you do have to moisturise afterwards to optimise hydration though. For the price point I can't complain, I finished the whole bottle!
  39. Affordable yet effective


    I have been using this serum for over a year now. My skin is plump, soft, and moisturised. I love that this is so effective while at the same time being so affordable!
  40. I'm addicted!!


    Love this product! I use it daily and rave about it to anyone that will listen. I use multiple The Ordinary products and fully credit the brand for keeping my skin hydrated and looking it's best. Even in this silly lockdown in Victoria! This product feels so nice on my skin and absorbs into my skin with ease. HIGHLY recommend!
  41. Best value


    This is such a nourishing, basic product that I have added straight to my AM and PM regime for normal-oily combo skin, early 30s. Will recommend to all my mates.
  42. Winter is tough !


    My skin was left dry through the harsh winter conditions in Sydney, the wind making my skin feel tight and crackly, after using this serum consistently Morning & Night after a week I started to my the elasticity in my skin coming back and after a few more weeks even robust and bouncy !

    Love this product !
  43. Amazing product with a good skin regime


    Would highly recommend investing in a good Hyaluronic Acid, this is one that is also very affordable!
  44. Love it!!


    I suffer from dry skin and eczema, after reading multiple good reviews about this product I decided to try it out. After 1 week of using this my skin feel so much more hydrated and soft.
  45. Stable product


    This didn't change my life but I like having it around. It's so cheap and does a good job at hydrating so I will use it when I feel my skin is a little dry and dull. I am always chasing glowing skin, this alone wont do that but its good to layer and soaks into the skin really fast
  46. hero HA


    This is honestly my go to skin care product, I recommend it to absolutely everyone. ESPECIALLY at the moment, with all the mask wearing and breakouts. It really helps to combat the dryness, and keep skin hydrated and supple.
  47. Will always recommend


    This tiny product comes with a huge amount of hydration.
    I use this product in my night time routine and have never had a problem with it.
    It's really light on the skin, absorbs quickly and doesn't pill.
  48. Essential for sensitive skin!


    I mix this into my face cream and it provides plumpness and makes my skin look dewy. I wish it stayed on my face for longer, but it's definitely a nice intro for those wanting to add a hydrator/serum into their routine.
  49. Must have


    I use this product every morning or night, keeps my skin so nice and hydrated.
  50. Perfect hydration for sensitive skin


    Finally, a product that I’m repurchasing! My skin is red, reactive, and normal/oily combo and this watery serum is so gentle. I use this on damp skin - AM as a hydration boost before my spf, without moisturiser so as to not overload my oily areas. PM straight out of the shower before the rest of my night serums/creams. The bottle lasted me about 3 months of daily use, you don’t need much at all w...
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  51. glass of water for your skin


    I have super dry skin and this is so nice to put on when my skin feels like the desert, it relieves the tightness that your skin feels when it's really dry
  52. Super hydration


    Such a great affordable hydrating product! Makes my skin so soft and glowing!
  53. Super hydration


    Amazing, my skin feels so soft and hydrated after using this. I highly recommend. Doesn’t leave a bad residue at all
  54. Amazing product!


    This product has done wonders for the hydration and texture of my skin. Highly recommend!
  55. Super affordable HA


    Great for dry and sensitive skin before moisturizer. This HA is best used on damp skin.
  56. Ms


    My skin feels hydrated, refreshed and moisturised. I love it, will buy it again. My skin is also smooth and soft to the touch.
  57. Another staple


    This, alongside with buffet and the Niac/Zinc are staples underneath my moisturiser - skin feels really soft after a few months of use!
  58. Great value!!


    Love this serum for an added boost during Winter. Apply to damp skin for best absorption, and layer with other serums :) leaves me feeling plump and "dewy" without being shiny. Obsessed!
  59. Underwhelming


    I read great things about this product but I haven't loved it. It gives my skin that very tight feeling after.
  60. Good product for price


    Good product for the price, I haven’t noticed a huge difference but I did notice my moisturizer absorbs better. I think you have to use this for a while to see results. Overall though I am happy with the product and texture, and price, and i would purchase again.


    I have really dry skin and this product saved it, everyone needs it! Plus it's supper affordable
  62. A good product


    This is a must have for my skincare routine. though i find it to be most effective when i use it with a seperate serum. it’s a bit sticky and takes a few minutes to absorb into my skin. I have combination/acne prone skin.
  63. soooo nice


    i love this stuff, i use it after spraying a bit of hydrating rose water to lock in moisture. it locks in the moisture and makes my face sooo plump and smooth and soft. will be using this for the rest of my life!!
  64. Overhyped


    I did not find that my skin felt hydrated after using this, I always had to use a very thick moisturiser afterward despite not having dry skin. I feel like this did absolutely nothing from my skin and I dont think it deserves the hype
  65. Maybe just me...


    I really wanted to love this product :(
    Perhaps it's because I have combo skin usually, but after consistent use of this I found that it actually did the opposite of what it's meant to and gave me terrible patches of really dry skin on my face!
    I even cut out other products in my skincare routine (like The Ordinary's Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%) thinking it was that causing the dryness,...
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  66. thick and nourishing


    I think this serum is more suitable for extremely dry and dry skin.
  67. Amazing value


    Great product, keeps skin hydrated and plump. Amazing value.
  68. Good!


    The serum is very moisturised! If you have dry skin, I definitely recommend.
  69. Buy it!


    I’ve always struggled with really dry skin specially during winter and this product is amazing at hydrating my skin and keeping it nourished all day!
  70. Love it


    Great product, my skin always feels hydrated and plump afterwards and bottle lasts for ages, a little goes a long way!
  71. so good


    love this - have been using it for a few weeks now and its really made a difference to my skin's moisture levels and plumpness
  72. Cheap and cheerful


    This product is excellent value for money, and i use it every day. My skin feels brighter and healthier and more nourished now that Im using it. I have also recommended it to a few friends who are now all using this and love it.

    The only complaint i have is that it can feel sticky on the skin for a short time after use. It doesn't at all bother me but if that's something that will bo...
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  73. Love Love Love


    Since using the hyaluronic acid my face has been glowing. I feel revitalised and it goes on so smoothly and feels weightless
  74. Very Good

    LOVE Affordable products

    This product does everything it says it will, cannot recommend it highly enough. I was suspicious re the efficacy of a product that claims to be so good - is....& costs as little as it does, but, consider they dont advertise or have any of the expensive packaging other brands do & it becomes plain that we are paying for the item...nothing else & its advertised via word of mouth.Everything ive trie...
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    Love this product, my skin is plumper and better hydrated since using this product. This is my third bottle of serum and I use it twice a day! Well worth it for quality, price and finish!
  76. Instant hydration


    I'm not sure how this is even real for the price- amazing! I have combination skin however in winter get extremely dry/ prone to eczema and this literally saved me. Have re purchased over and over.
  77. hydration!!


    Love this as my hydrating serum! i suffer from combination skin which is likely due to water loss in my face. in turn, i now have those stubborn blackheads on my nose!! a few good months of using this has pumped my skin. i look healthier.
  78. hyaluronic acid


    love using this under my moisturiser for an extra boost of hydration. will buy the bigger size next time.
  79. Hydration station!


    I have super oily skin so was a bit hesitant on trying this product, however I can't believe I haven't used a Hyaluronic acid before this! The most amazing product for plumping and hydrating your skin, as well as making it feel so soft. I use this every AM and PM and couldn't live without it. A little goes a long way and be sure to add it onto damp skin
  80. Hydrating


    Even after a few days my skin feels refreshed and ready to go after I’ve used this straight away
  81. hydration!!


    Love this as my hydrating serum! i suffer from combination skin which is likely due to water loss in my face. in turn, i now have those stubborn blackheads on my nose!! a few good months of using this has pumped my skin. i look healthier.
  82. Good staple


    I have been using this consistently for 3 months at night, I have noticed some improvement in my skin, and as a product, it is easy to apply and a few drops goes a long way.
  83. Simple, Cheap and Effective


    For the price, this is a great filler serum that simply hydrates the skin and is effective! Usually go for this when I want a buffer for choosing my next serum, but a great staple to have.
  84. It absoltely does the job


    My partners have stretch marks on his arm and that the main reason I bought this product. He applied it for a couple days and already the stretch marks are dissapearing. I would recommend this product to anyone who have this main issue.
  85. I've been using this for about a week and i can already see how much more plumped and glowy my skin looks. This product has also helped my redness go away. Cannot reccomend this enough!


    I got more than expected!
  86. Use twice a day, everyday


    This is the first hyaluronic I tired and the product I keep going back to. Initially I didn't think it was great at first as it would pill. I then found out that you should spritz your face before applying hyaluronic. This has worked a treat..... now I don't go a day without putting in on as my first step in my AM and PM skincare routine. My skin has never felt so plump and hydrated in the middle ...
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  87. Great Introductory HA Serum


    If you're not looking to spend much, or new to skincare, this is a great start. Can feel the difference in hydration after applying and is easy to spread. Does drip out of the dropper by itself though but that's that a big deal if you're putting it on your hands then applying.
  88. Lovely feeling!


    One of the lovely ladies at Adore Beauty suggested this for me and since using it I do love the feeling of it on my skin! Haven’t noticed too much of a change in my skin but I can definitely tell it’s working behind the scenes to keep my skin hydrated
  89. Can't beat this price!!


    Amazing product! This is my go-to during winter when my usually oily face gets dried up with the AC in the office going off all day.
  90. To good to be true


    This is an amazing product to good to be true. Very hydrating, fills in fine lines i.e. crows feet. At first i was reluctant as it is so cheap but it is really good. Pitty you can't buy it everywhere so during covid i have done some panic buying of this item :)
  91. Extra hydration


    Using this striaght out of the shower helps my skin retain moisture
  92. It's a yes from me!


    This acid is hydrating beyond belief. For the price point, it works wonders from my skin. It lasts all day, especially in my highly active job. In COVID 19, It has been a skincare essential underneath my face masks to stop my skin from drying out. I really notice the difference when I do not wear it.
  93. New favourite skin care step


    This product makes my face look and feel amazing!! I apply it after my moisturizer and after using it only a few times, I can already see results. Highly recommend for people with dry skin like myself.
  94. smooth and hydrated


    I have pretty easy and forgiving skin, at times will get dry. This product i put on at night, not too tacky and easy to sleep in. Makes my skin feel smooth and appear a little brighter
  95. Hydration in a bottle!


    This product has significantly improved the overall appearance of my skin. This has made my skin look younger, juicier, moisturised and hydrated. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a pick-me-up on hydration and an overall beautiful looking skin radiance.
  96. Hydrated your face


    Second bottle so far. Love love it. I appy it morning and evening skin routine after toner. Then use other The Ordinary products after this to help hydrated the skin. Make your skin much much smoother. I only appy 3 drops every time use. It is so cheap and worth the money.
  97. Amazing & Affordable


    I have combination skin that's also very dry in winter and this product is a lifesaver. After a few months I noticed that my skin was much more hydrated and glowy. I've been using this product morning and night for over 12 months and the results have been amazing, especially in winter. Highly recommend!
  98. A skincare staple


    I use this in the morning under moisturizer or buffet and at night before an argan oil, it definitely helps to improve the plumpness of my skin. A little goes a long way too.
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