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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

4.5 of 2037 reviews


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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Reviews

4.5 of 2037 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Regular staple


Love this product Price is amazing Great for hydration, I always go back to this

Most Helpful Criticism

Bit of a letdown


Whilst I don't think this did anything bad to my skin, I don't think it actually did anything of benefit. it feels quite tacky on and then once dried makes my skin feel a little bit dry and tight, rather than the juicy and plump feeling I prefer from hydrating products
  1. Regular staple


    Love this product Price is amazing Great for hydration, I always go back to this
  2. Great product


    So grateful for the ordinary making great skincare products affordable. I really like this product. However, I have been using it less since pairing it with the ordinary moisturiser which has HA in it already.
  3. Regular buyer of this


    I love this product. It's cheap and great fir Perth"s hot dry heat.
  4. Game changer


    This product has completely transformed my skin. I’m on my 5th bottle.
  5. Very hydrating


    I decided to try this instead of the Buffet from The Ordinary. This is super hydrating, does the job. But the consistency is slightly sticky which is why only 4 stars.
  6. Pills and is crap

    Laura Turner

    HA is in most my other products so no point adding this product that just pulls and stuff up whole routine ...
  7. Love!

    Grace Elanor

    I love this product! I've emptied a few bottles and I still keep coming back. Super hydrating without feeling thick or sticky. Perfect for my dry skin.
  8. My favourite skin care product


    I use this AM and PM before moisturiser. I like to leave my skin a little damp after cleansing and then let this soak in for a few minutes. Definitely helps with hydration.
  9. Amazing !!


    It has helped me fight my dry skin, now it's much healthier.
  10. Can’t fault it


    I love this and regularly use it for that extra oomph of moisture in winter or when my skin is particularly dry. Can’t fault the price either.
  11. The best!


    When I first got this I didn't know if it would be so great considering its affordable and cheap price. This leaves your face feeling so refreshed and hydrated after cleaning, however, when mixed with other serums, it does take some time to absorb into the skin. Highly recommended
  12. Good Hyaluronic Acid


    Works great like any other hyaluronic acid. I find that I have to wet my face a bit for it to really hydrate my skin. I just apply it straight after washing my face without drying my face for best results.
  13. Lost count of orders!


    I am a return user and buyer of this product. Absolutely love it, and is a go-to in my skin care regime.
  14. Life Changing


    I can't live without this product. My skin varies from being either super dry or super oily, and because of this, I tend to have larger, more visible pores. I started using this product about a year ago and noticed the difference straight away. I can now confirm that it doesn't stop working or hit some kind of plateau like we know too many other products to do. This product had changed my comple...
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  15. Love this product


    I absolutely love this product and ensure I use it everyday. It gives my skin a perfect amount of hydration. Only thing is that I have to watch what I layer on top as sometimes I get some piling but nothing major
  16. A great serum!


    I keep repurchasing this serum because I love how thick and juicy it is. I use it as part of my morning routine to give my skin a bit of nutrition and added moisture. It really does the job well! It absorbs easily into the skin, there is no odour and the packaging is easy to use - just add a few drops to your fingertips or directly onto your skin and massage it in. Highly recommend!
  17. Hydrated Skin


    I've been using this product for over a year now and I love it so much! My skin is super hydrated and signs of fine lines have gone
  18. Didn't do much for my dry sensitive skin


    This didn't do much at all for my dry sensitive skin. Even when applying on damp skin the product would pill.
  19. Soft skin


    Whenever I use this it makes my skin soft and glowy looking
  20. Obsessed

    Brooke Josephs

    I love this serum. I mix it with the Ordinary niacinamide serum and it helps so much with keeping my skin hydrated as the niacinamide can be quite drying.
  21. Love this!


    This is such a simple step in my beauty routine but also pacs a punch! I pop this on damp skin after toning and immediately follow with my moisturiser. When I don’t have it my skin doesn’t look as smooth and plump.
  22. Not a fan


    First HA I tried and wasn’t overly impressed. It’s sticky and pills. Tried a sample of another high end brand and definitely noticed the difference. Won’t be buying this again.
  23. Hydrating but light

    Dominique Burcul

    Does exactly what it says. Hydrates your skin but feels completely weightless. Perfect for summer especially if you're not into heavy moisturisers. The price definitely helps too.
  24. cheap but does the job


    It is so cheap compare with other products with similar ingredients. If you don;t like the silicon texture this brand has also launched another lighter version which is good too
  25. Natures best friend


    Im new to skin care, so have done some research and testing and im very happy with the product , and for the price you can't go wrong.
  26. Good value and good hydration


    Good serum as it's cheap price. It does hydrate my skin and I am surprised on its price. It doesn't have a good smell and a bit greasy on my skin.
  27. Feels great on the skin!


    I use this daily before using moisturizer and I really like how quickly it sinks into the skin - it doesn't leave any sticky or tacky residue. I have sensitive skin and this product hasn't caused me any problems.
  28. Best product


    Have been using for a few years now, and I notice my skin is duller and drier when I go away and don't bring it. It's so affordable, I recommend it to all my friends. Easy to use with other products from The Ordinary and feels so calming on my skin.
  29. feels great


    love to apply this when my skin is feeling dehydrated! feels good as new afterwards
  30. Good for sensitive skin


    I used this everyday on my sensitive dry skin and found it worked really well for extra hydration. Some may not like the sticky consistency but I found I nice on my dry skin.
  31. Excellent product


    Leaves a slightly tacky feel once applied but goes beautifully under my moisturiser. I use it every day!
  32. Enjoy


    Great price point. Important to use this directly before moisturiser
  33. good for beginners


    this is a good Hyaluronic Acid for those who are introducing it in to their skincare regimes, but after using it for the majority of 2020 I'm ready to try something a bit more luxe and a bit more hydrating.
  34. hydrating


    I put this on under my moisteriser and it does a great job at hydrating my skin
  35. Will never stop using


    I love this stuff!! So affordable! It works really well! My skin looks so hydrated.
  36. Hydrating!


    The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid is a very hydrating serum that I use in my PM skincare routine. I am happy with the product as it makes my skin feel hydrated and gives a glow to my face. However after three months of use, I have come to notice that this does cause some piling as I like to layer other products on top of the hyaluronic acid, thus I only use it in PM. It comes at an amazing and affordab...
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  37. Works well


    This is good and does the job - hyaluronic is always so good for the skin. I prefer the Buffet but this one is cheaper and still does work really well so depends on your price point!
  38. Too thick


    It wasn’t until I tried other hyaluronic serums that I realised how little this did! It’s thick, tacky and doesn’t absorb into the skin. Terrible under makeup. Don’t waste your time- there are much better formulas out there.
  39. Good all round product


    Purchased this product a little while ago. When first using it, the product felt quite sticky going on, however I have gotten used to it and grown to like the product a lot. Use it every morning and sometimes at night. Super affordable and a great HA for people just getting in to the skin care game!
  40. Good money good product


    Very hydrating on my skin. I'll purchase again
  41. Everything and more


    Excellent quality and affordable. Works for all skin types and shows immediate results.
  42. fav product


    love this product keeps my face so hydrated
  43. Okay but not as amazing as hoped


    For the price its a fine product but didn't make my skin feel more hydrated than any other product I already use.
  44. very surprised


    This is a brand I really believe in. - it does what it says itll do.Its hard navigating around these products but theres plenty of info on site to help;
  45. Another Great Product


    I like this product you can also get it in Supersize. I find if I am a bit too generous it can be a bit sticky on application but soon soaks in. Don't forget your neck. For the price it is worth a try. You can use with other products you have but look at the ordinary guides as mixing some products can dilute or even counter out products potency and using some together may irritate sensitive skin.
  46. Stunning Hyaluronic Acid Product


    The first Hyaluronic Acid product I've used and will be sticking with it. It's super affordable and the results are supple, plump, hydrated skin and a clear reduction of fine lines (especially forehead). I'm always using Hyaluronic Acid in conjunction with a moisturiser.
  47. Soaking up the goodness


    I bought this product to get a hit of moisture. Along with other products it is doing wonders for my dry flaky skin. I put it on at night and in the morning my skin is looking fresh and dewy. Love it.
  48. Basic cheap HA


    This was the first hyaluronic acid product I tried many years ago, and at the time I liked it, but over the years I've used many more that sit better on the skin. The Ordinary HA is pretty thick and gloopy, and doesn't plump my skin as well as others (notable Japanese lotion, or even other Deciem brands). Still a good cheap starting point.
  49. I like to believe that it works


    I've been using this product for quite a while now and I like to believe that it works (but not sure if it really does anything).
    I think I've been influenced by all the buzz and marketing around The Ordinary and HA. My biggest struggle with this product is how it pills so easily. I've researched multiple times "how to reduce pilling when using TO HA" and after following the advice (to apply...
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  50. Great afforable HA


    Use this as part of both AM and PM routine. Has helped to even out my combination skin, leaves it soft, smooth and glowing. I am prone to redness and sensitivity, and had no issues with this product.
  51. Not sure if it works


    After using this product for more than a week I’m not really sure if this is working. Maybe it just because I need to use it more but I don’t really feel or see and difference in my skin.
  52. Quality Hyaluronic Acid


    High quality Hyaluronic Acid which should be and in this instance is affordable! Hydrating and plumping! Love this!
  53. Decent HA for a good price


    I heard a lot about this product and chose it over other HAs on the market because of the lower price. I do find it to be quite hydrating and it doesn't irritate my sensitive/eczema prone skin.
  54. hyaluronic acid by the ordinary


    plumps and hydrates my skin - really perks it up!
  55. Nopenopenope


    I did my research and bought this as a replacement for my usual HA product as this is obviously cheaper than just about anything else. I like The Ordinary and their simple approach, but this is the first time I've used their product and actually believed it was cheap.
    This made my skin SUPER irritated. My mum has rosacea and I was probably more red than her on a bad day. My cheeks went hot a...
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  56. Sticky but nice


    I had quiet dry skin, that was occasionally flakey, prior to using this so it definitely hydrated my skin for sure as my skin is now no longer flakey or dry. I do notice that if I don't apply, my skin does become dry after a few days so it definitely works! It is however very sticky after you apply it, so you can kinda use it as a primer too lmao
  57. Very hydrating


    Product is just as describes. Very hydrating on my sensitive acne prone skin.
  58. Good for dermarolling


    The texture it’s a bit like jelly finish and makes my skin feel a bit dry after I used it, so I always make sure I moisturise after using this. I like what it does to my skin but not how it feels like.
  59. hyaluronic acid the ordinary


    highly recommend for oily/ acne prone skin like mine. It didn't irritate my skin but just helped my skin feel comfortable and balanced
  60. Only okay, not great


    Using this hyaluronic acid serum did almost nothing to improve the hydration in my skin. I used this product when my skin was feeling a little dehydrated, however, it was of no use, and dry patches on my skin were either still prevalent or became worse and more prominent. Maybe my skin needed more hydration, but this serum simply did not work out for me.
  61. Love this!


    This is one of my go-to products. I use it often in my routine, my skin feels moisturized and hydrated after use. I love The Ordinary’s products and will continue to buy this serum religiously. I would however recommend buying the bigger bottle size, just because this one can run out pretty quick (or maybe that’s just because I use it so much!)
  62. Daily use


    Currently using this every morning and night after using the cleanser and before the moisturiser. I find that it makes my skin glow after I have used it for a few days and applying make up over the top looks really smooth. Important to use when your skin is wet. Recommend using regularly.
  63. Hyaluronic Acid


    This is my holy grail serum - I think this suits all skin types and just gives an extra boost of hydration without feeling heavy at all
  64. Plump beauty


    My friend recommended this to me for dull skin showing the first signs of ageing. I do feel more glow-y, bright and plump when I apply this product in the morning and it hasn't irritated my skin. I have started using this on my hands and they look much nicer!
  65. Good for dry skin


    I have found this product to be good for hydrating and plumping my dry skin. The only issue I have found with the product is sometimes it tends to ball up on my skin in spots. It isn’t a huge issue though as it still does a great job and is super affordable.
  66. Treats my breakouts


    Been using this for few days straight day and night and you know whatttt… my acne has not been popping and it kinda treat my face. so yeayyyyy!!!!
  67. Can't Recommend This Enough


    This has been a staple in my skincare routine for almost half a year now. This is an essential in everyone's skincare routine. My skin has stayed hydrated and plumped throughout the drier months because of this HA serum!
  68. very hydrating


    Love this product and have recommended it to friends. Great value for money. Easy to apply to face and neck, no sticky residue. I love to use this after a long day at the beach with a rose quartz face roller, super hydrating.
  69. Well priced product


    Was a bit sticky but does the job for a good price
  70. Brilliant Product


    I have repurchased this product three times now. It is great for my skin and for an affordable price! My skin overtime has plumped up and become more hydrated with this product. Definitely reccomend.
  71. Sooo good for the price!


    Perfect for both young and mature skin for clearing up scars and fine lines!
  72. Amazing


    Brightens my skin and hydrates it well. I love the affordability too.
  73. Lovely hydration


    This product feels amazing and sinks into the skin so nicely. It is a lovely hit of hydration and for the price, who can go wrong. For anyone wanting to try HA, give this one a go.
  74. Smooth skin


    Amazing product that is the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Great pre-make-up too
  75. hydrating


    I use this in the morning and it sits nice under makeup. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowy. It is a bit thick and sticky but still absorbs nicely. The Marine Hyaluronics serum has a thinner more watery consistency. I like them both and I alternate between the two.
  76. Favourite hyaluronic acid


    This product is so gentle, and provides amazing hydration. I use it every morning and night, and it wears well under makeup.
  77. I like it


    As other reviews say it does make your skin feel really supple and plump. I use at night after cleansing and before moisturiser. I sweep across face and lightly press it in. It does have a tacky feeling but that disappears quickly. I'm not sure if it does anything but I have been using it every day for many months now just because I enjoy using it, and I'm pretty lazy with routines, so I think thi...
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  78. Good affordable option


    This is a good affordable option for a HA serum, but I did find it a bit gluggy.
    I invested in a new vitamin B serum which includes a high concentration of HA so I now just use this product on my neck and chest to save my more expensive product for my face
  79. Goof product


    I used this for a few weeks and found it super hydrating for my skin. It helped with the texture of my eczema and visibly plumped my skin in the first couple of days. I did find after a week or so of continuous use it stung and dried my skin out a little, I think this is because of my sensitivities. I have found that alternating the use has been great. Definitely would recommend for an affordable ...
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  80. Bit of a letdown


    Whilst I don't think this did anything bad to my skin, I don't think it actually did anything of benefit. it feels quite tacky on and then once dried makes my skin feel a little bit dry and tight, rather than the juicy and plump feeling I prefer from hydrating products
  81. Excellent Value


    I have sensitive skin and I have found that this does not cause my skin to react. It's great knowing that for the price range I am still getting a 2% Hyaluronic acid. I would recommend this as a serum in the morning.
  82. a little sticky


    great serum, leaving my skin quite hydrated, onkly problem i have with it is its a little bit sticky at first but it does go away after rubbing it in a bit
  83. Staple product


    I love this serum SO much. This coupled with a niacinamide saved my dry flaky skin. I love using it morning and night, it just really keeps my skin calm and balanced. Also, it may look small but a little goes a long way! It really spreads easily. Plus it is such a good price!! Will definitely repurchase!!
  84. Must have product


    This product is great. It makes your skin so plump and hydrated. I use on my lips and it has definitely made them more plump and extended the life of my lip fillers.
  85. Key to plump skin


    This made my skin so plump and hydrated! It was so satisfying to see visible improvements in my skin.
  86. Great


    was great but still not a fav of mine
  87. Hydrating!


    This serum is nice and hydrating, with a lovely plump appearance on the skin. I always use this when my skin needs a little extra hydration, and have found it works better on damp skin.
  88. restore/retain skin moisture

    Nor Akma

    It does their work very well. No more dry skin for me! My skin are well hydrated and looks radiant after a week of applying it. I applied it twice a day, morning and night.
    Very satisfied with the results!
  89. Amazing!


    This is a little powerhouse product for the price. I love the dropper for easy dispensing and the product works well under creams or serums and it truly does help plump and replenish skin. My skin texture has been phenomenal since using it and I feel I get more out of my other products too. It also lasts a super long time and again - for the price point - how could you not?
  90. amazing


    helped smooth out my skin, skin felt so much softer and moisturised
  91. Soft skin


    New to skincare and was curious of the hype around The Ordinary so I decided to give it a shot. It has definitely helped make my skin softer and more hydrated and glowy. I did find that it pills under makeup and sunscreen though so I use it at night before my moisturiser which has worked well.
  92. Great product


    I've been using every morning and night for a couple of months and have noticed a solid improvement in skin moisture and softness. I like how it doesn't cause irritation and can be paired with other serums.
  93. Hyaluronic acid


    this is great for a light serum that hydrates my skin. Doesn't replace a moisturiser though
  94. Best moisture


    I have purchased this product about 3 weeks ago and already seeing results. I have mature skin with
    Signs of aging. I only used spf creams for most of my life and now just trying to give my skin a bit of love.
    My skin feels and looks moisturized with glow. I also use 1.buffet 2.hydraulic 3.spf in am routine and
    1.buffet 2.hydraulic 3.moisturizer for pm routine.
    Highly rec...
    Read More
  95. My go to


    This is the best Hyaluronic Acid that you can find for this price. I use it everyday before my moisturiser and I love it. The only issue I have with it is that it can pile up under makeup and ruin your foundation, so I dont use it if I have to do my makeup in a rush.
  96. great HA


    I don't think you have to spend much on moisturising products to get a good return. This is lovely, absorbs easily and is a great step after cleansing before everything else. At this price point it is worth trying it out. I would always recommend ordinary products for people with a low budget or new to skin care.
  97. Not for me


    I have combo skin (oily and dehydrated) and this oddly caused dryness which I have never had previously. I'm not sure if it was the combination of the additional products I was using but I did use as instructed. Overall, not for me.
  98. Smooth and hydrating


    Really feel like this makes my skin plump and hydrated from the inside out. Can't really fault it. Use it every day in my night routine.
  99. For the price you can't beat it


    You can't fault how cheap this is, and if you're just getting into skin care this is a great starter. However, if you're willing to invest some more, a more high quality HA feels like HEAVEN compared to this. I started out with this one, then invested in a better one and gave this to my husband :D
  100. Good!


    Great! It did not irritate my skin at all i would recommend, there is an initial purge period though
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