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The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 50ml 50ml

4.3 of 326 reviews


4 instalments of $4.02

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4 instalments of $4.02

Or 4 instalments of $4.02 with LEARN MORE

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Ever had a reaction to a cleanser? The Ordinary have designed a cleanser designed to complement all routines and all skin types. Inspired by the efficacy of oil cleansers, The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser uses a blend of squalane and skin-similar esters for a more gentle, more smoothing effect, especially compared to your average cleanser.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 50ml

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 50ml

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The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 50ml Reviews

4.3 of 326 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love this!


I didn't know what to expect from this as it's the first 'dry face' cleanser I've used, but I love it. It takes all my makeup and sunscreen off, including long wear lipsticks, and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh, clean and most of all nourished. It's hard to explain but I almost feel like I've already moisturised after using this.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not too sure


Not too sure how I feel On this product. It feels great on the skin but I have noticed I’m starting to get congestion but I don’t know if I’m using too much oil products
  1. Better than I initially thought.


    reviewed this previously but I've been using this product even more regularly and prolonged and thought it needed a different review... Here's why.

    Staying home more now that we're all in quarantine.... My skin is less oily and I found that my normal cleanser was a tad too drying. So though I use this as a first step cleanse sometimes, I thought I'd switch over to using this product ...
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  2. Not too sure


    Not too sure how I feel On this product. It feels great on the skin but I have noticed I’m starting to get congestion but I don’t know if I’m using too much oil products
  3. I love this!


    I didn't know what to expect from this as it's the first 'dry face' cleanser I've used, but I love it. It takes all my makeup and sunscreen off, including long wear lipsticks, and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh, clean and most of all nourished. It's hard to explain but I almost feel like I've already moisturised after using this.
  4. Gentle but effective


    Love this cleanser as the first step in my double cleanse in my night routine. Super gentle but does a great job of removing make up. I apply to dry skin to help loosen up my make up and sunscreen and then go in with a gel cleanser after to remove the residue. I was expecting it to have more slip to it being squalane based, although it’s kind of a drier oil texture.
  5. Squalene cleanser


    verified purchaser
    One of the better cleaners I've tried! leaves your face feeling super soft and clean! I've just ordered the smaller 50ml size and I'm quickly running out, so i highly recommend ordering the larger size!
  6. Not up to the hype


    I really wanted to love this product (I mean who wouldn't for this price) but I was left so so underwhelmed from using this cleanser. I feel like it really made me break out and didnt even clean my skin properly. I guess maybe I am not an oil cleanser kind of gal but I am incredibly disappointed by this product. DIdn't even use the whole bottle.
  7. Not my favourite


    I really want to like this product but i think i prefer other cleansers. Its not bad but it hard to tell if its doing anything. The consistency is odd as its like rubbing an oil in the skin and doesn't foam or spread easily. My skin after feels the same as it would if i washed it with water. I would rather a more gutsy cleanser
  8. LOVE this cleanser


    I love that you use it on DRY skin, gently removes makeup, dirt, impurities and wash off with warm, damp facewasher it's like a daily face treatment. Your skin doesn't feel ravaged making you clamour to apply a moisturiser quickly, like some other cleansers. This is the limousine of cleansers in my opinion.
  9. Best to use as part of double cleanse routine


    I would not use this as a overall cleanser on its own. Great for breaking up make up but you would need to do an additional cleanse with another cleanser after wash it all off. I use this as part of my nightly routine.
  10. Light and airy


    To my natural skin type, this cleanser was amazing and easy to use. Can't wait to buy the supersized one after this.
  11. Too heavy for me


    I didn't like how this felt as a cleanser, it was too thick and creamy, and just lathers on like a cream would, which does not make you feel very clean. I also didn't find it removed make up very well either!
  12. Gentle


    This cleanser doesn’t blow me away but it’s fine for the price and simple everyday use if you haven’t really got any skin concerns.
  13. I wouldn't buy again - dosen't feel squeaky clean


    This cleanser is average, it is a gel like consistency which feels slightly greasy to touch. You activate it with water. Unfortunately not as squeaky clean as I would like and in comparison to other brands this cleanser has not been as effective. I wouldn't be purchasing again.
  14. Great make-up remover

    Ally J

    I use this product to remove my make up at the end of the day. Then I follow-up with a gentle cleanser to deep clean.
  15. good for getting off make up


    I use this to get my make up off and it works really well and feels nice on the skin
  16. Ineffective cleanser


    I have combo skin and this cleanser was definitely not for me. It didn't remove makeup and oil effectively and left me with panda eyes and a greasy feeling on my skin. It melts into nothing on the skin and needs to be removed with a cloth. I think it would be better for dry skins or sensitive skins. I like this brand but I wouldn't recommend this product.
  17. My new FAVE cleanser


    I was NOT expecting the formula to so thoroughly remove all my makeup. It has a beautiful feel when applied to a dry face and immediately turns into an oil-like cleanser. I've been so used to cream gentle cleansers that don't always feel like they remove all makeup and impurities but this by far trumps all cleansers I've ever used. I won't ever go back after using this!
  18. Quick & Easy


    I've been using strongly scented foaming cleansers forever (with "meh") results & heard about The Ordinary. I have very dry skin in winter that likes to get oily in my T-zone throughout the day so I really want something that's not going to dry out my skin or strip it of oil too much.
    This is a cream cleanser that goes onto a dry face & is super easy to use! I chase this with The Ordinary's...
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    This product is just so amazing. A great prep for my busy mornings and the go to product to remove all my makeup and dirt at the end of the day. Better yet it leaves my skin healthy and plump.
  20. Really Good!


    As a first cleanse, this seems to take off all the dirt,grime and sunscreen. It doesn't leave my face tight and dry, but leaves it moisturised.
    However I found that if the product is not properly washed off the skin, it'll tend to break me out.
    Very good and basic product and definitely reccomend.
  21. Great cleanser


    I love this cleanser! As everything from the Ordinary is, it's basic, effective and great value for money! This removes every bit of makeup, even mascara, and leaves my skin feeling totally soft and hydrated. I'm really impressed and will keep repurchasing this cleanser. Totally worth a try!
  22. Good but not the best


    This is a great cleanser for taking off makeup, moisturisers, sunscreens etc but it's not the best for cleansing your bare face.
    The texture is an oily feel and you know its really taking off everything which is great but I prefer cleansers that make my skin feel squeaky clean afterwards which I feel this doesn't get all up in there but it's overall a good product!
  23. It's a good start


    For its price point, you cant complain too much. Whilst I appreciate that it doesnt dry my skin out, i dont think it actually cleanses too well- there still tends to be make up residue and some grime after a particularly hard day. This was a good low cost introduction into the world of cream cleansers over foaming, and the benefits of avoid alcohol in cleansers too
  24. Extra Gentle Cleanser


    Perfect for when my skin is feeling harassed (sun burn, irritation, allergies, etc.) also great for a second cleanse. It is super gentle and needs to be used on dry skin in order to mix with oils and make up. The oil cleanse is great for dry skin, but I need to use something more thorough on a regular basis.
  25. Great for dry skin


    I have combination skin that gets very dry in the winter. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean but not striped or dry, but it is also effective on my oily areas. I've only been using it for about a week but am really enjoying it. I don't wear much make-up but I remove it with a Face Halo first and then cleanse, rather than double cleansing.
  26. Great cleanser for dry skin


    I initially found this cleanser very strange to use as I didn't expect that you use it on dry skin, however it is great at removing make up and giving a gentle cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture. However, I do feel after cleansing with this (particularly after wearing make up), I need a second cleanse with a foaming cleanser to get the residue off. All up, a good cleanser that is chea...
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  27. Good for the price


    I use this after my oil cleanser and i works really well to get my makeup off.
  28. Underwhelming


    I wanted to love this but I don’t feel like it’s helped my skin at all. I don’t like the texture it basically feels like it’s doing nothing for my skin
  29. i love the way this feels!


    this cleanser feels so gentle and smooth on my skin and I love how moisturising yet cleansing this product is. my skin is glowing and so soft, my skin has never felt so soft and bouncy. love this product, I'm definitely going to buy this again! i also love how fast the shipping from adore beauty was and how cutely packaged my parcel was, it even came with a little Tim tam snack inside! so cute and...
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  30. No ordinary cleanser


    I have just started using the ordinary and was pleasantly surprised by this cleanser. I have sensitive skin and usually avoid cleansers that often dry out my skin very easily. This cleanser is very different to what I'm used to as it doesn't foam and has a gel to oil like texture. It doesn't dry my skin out at all. The only criticism I have is that washing it off is pretty time consuming and for m...
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  31. hydrating


    This cleanser has become my new go-to. I use it as a second cleanse after removing make up and it helps remove the left over make up from the first cleanse and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated (I have dry skin). This sized bottle won't last you very long though, 50ml is more of a travel size. More cost effective to get the supersized version (150ml)
  32. Easy, light cleanser


    I've been using this for about a week now and think it's great! Its reasonably light on the skin and leaves me feeling fresh without any irritation. I don't have particularly acne prone skin but have found that this is great to manage oiliness.
  33. Gentle on dry skin


    Have found suitable for daily use, a gentle cleanser that leaves my skin feeling impeccably clean!
  34. Great basic cleanser


    I think this is a solid basic cleanser that is a good value for money. I use it for mornings and as a second cleanse at night. It is a cream cleanser that cleans really well without stripping your skin. I don't think it will adequately remove makeup (but I don't expect any cream cleanser to). I think it is great for people with combination skin as its is not stripping/drying but also doesn't feel ...
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  35. Great!


    This is an affordable balm cleanser for those who are unsure if this is suitable for their routine. It leaves my skin soft but clean without feeling dry or stripped. Would definitely repurchase.
  36. Leaves my skin feeling clean and not dry - great for the price.


    I really like this cleanser, it works well and removes makeup and grime. My only complaint is that as it has to be used on the face dry (yeah, took me a couple of goes before I read the instructions and worked this out haha) and so when I doubled cleanse with it in the evening I have to dry my face to use again. Not the biggest issue, but a bit of a faff.
    That said, its great for the price ...
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  37. Really nice product


    I got this as part of the set & have been using for a few days. So far it feels nice and my skin feels clean without being dry. I’ve just eaten a lot of chocolate over Easter & no break outs so that’s great!
  38. Not right for my skin


    I purchased this cleanser after hearing great things about The Ordinary’s products. I have combination skin, meaning my skin is dry on some parts of my face, but I can also experience pretty regular bouts of adult acne, so it’s hard to find the right cleanser. Unfortunately, this cleanser wasn’t right for me, it definitely didn’t dry out my skin but I did find my pores were more clogged after a we...
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  39. Squeaky Clean Skin


    I haven't used a product like this, so I struggled with the texture of the product, it felt odd to me to use this product on dry skin. But once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed this cleanser.
    I felt like my skin was super squeaky clean afterwards which was a nice feeling, and serums would go on so smoothly afterwards and I felt like they absorbed heaps quicker too.
    I felt like I...
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  40. Best cleanser I’ve tried


    This product has helped clear up my skin better then anything else I’ve tried, it doesn’t make your skin perfect, but what does? It doesn’t dry out your skin and leaves it feeling soft, and it is at an amazing price point
  41. Any make up user needs this


    I absolutely love this product. It melts away my makeup and when used with my face halo, it takes seconds to remove a full face. My skin feels smoother and more hydrated after I use it. A small amount goes a long way
  42. awesome!


    This cleanser makes your skin feel clean but doesn't strip it at all. It removes makeup and really goes deep into your skin. I have been using it for about a week and I love it. I am less oily and it is great for sensitive skin. My skin is so soft!!
  43. Reliable and gentle cleanser at a great price


    I experimented with this cleanser after being impressed by other items from the Ordinary product line. I have sensitive, dry skin and as a result, steer clear of foaming cleansers, and prefer my skincare cruelty free and free of chemicals . I usually use Tatcha's camellia oil cleanser, but was enticed by the pricing of the squalane cleanser. To my surprise and joy, this has a very similar feel an...
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  44. great for my sensitive skin


    I purchased this cleanser after realising my current cleanser was too harsh and creating redness. Happy to say this The Ordinary cleanser has made a big difference after only a week and has reduced redness. Doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry after using twice daily also.
  45. love this!


    wish i found this sooner. it is amazing for my sensitive skin as i usually get a rash from most washes. a very refreshing product
  46. Didn't enjoy this one


    I used this to remove my makeup as I had heard about the emulsifying action of this cleanser. I was disappointed as it didn't really remove my makeup as thoroughly as was normal. Perhaps using this with a wipe would be more effective. I felt like I had a residue on my skin after rinsing, so needed to go in with a second cleanser.
  47. Value 4 money


    A cleanser is probably one of the products that spends the least amount of time on your skin, so I didn't see the point in spending lots. This does the trick. Gentle cleanser and so cheap! After a few days of using this I went and up the supersize verison.
  48. Best and most afforable cleanser I have ever used


    This cleanser is amazing
    I have super sensitive skin and have never had any adverse reaction to it. It leaves your skin feeling clean but still super soft.

    If you wear a fair bit of makeup, I'd recommend taking some off before you use the cleanser but I don't wear much and it takes it all off.

    This cleanser is so gentle, I even use it to take off my eye makeup - ser...
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  49. Good cleanser


    a very gentle cleanser and doesn’t strip my skin of it’s natural oils, perfect for any type of skin.
  50. Lovely Cleanser


    It's gentle on the skin, not drying like some other cleansers. It does take makeup off decently but I find that it doesn't do well with mascara, so perhaps you might still want to double-cleanse on the eye area. Overall, it's good for my sensitive, combination skin and I'll definitely be repurchasing it in the larger size!
  51. Great affordable cleanser


    This cleanser does a good job of removing light makeup and dirt. I like it as it's very affordable and does a good job of cleansing without leaving my skin feeling tight or dry.
  52. the best oil cleanser


    this is a really good oil cleanser, cleans my face but doesn't give it that stripped feeling
  53. Not great at removing makeup


    I have to use a huge dollop of this easy time as it doesn't spread very well - I ended up using the small bottle up in about 10 uses. It did a poor job at getting rid of my makeup and required me to follow up with another makeup removing cleanser.
  54. different than I thought


    this is a differernt sort of cleanser than I have used before. I prefer foaming or gel cleanser but this was okay to try
  55. Best for washing the day off


    I was looking for an oil cleanser to start my regimen with. I love this squalene cleanser. It gently washes away all traces of makeup and sun cream prepping my skin for the rest of my skincare products.
  56. Obsessed from first use

    The Skincare Rookie

    The product was exactly what I was expecting, super lush but not over the top. Great for cleaning skin deeply, however, if I had heavy makeup on Id probably use micellar water first then cleanse w this after. Fabulous pricepoint, I'll have this ordered before I run out!
  57. Gentle


    Gentle cleanser, perfect for every day use. Skin feels refreshed afterwards.
  58. Great for taking off makeup


    I use this cleanser to take off makeup at night, I love the texture and that a little goes a long way. It's a great first cleanser however I will always then double cleanse with my Dermalogica gentle cleanser after so my skin feels realllllly clean.
  59. Gentle Cleanser


    This is an excellent cleanser if you have dehydrated skin, as it doesn’t strip away your natural oils. It removes make-up and sunscreen easily and leaves your skin soft.
  60. My face feels clean!


    I use Estee double foundation and struggle to remove some days but this does the job and leave me feeling like it’s cleaned my pots out without irritation!
  61. Not a fan


    Reallt good at removing makeup but breaks me out in awful large bumps. I usually don’t experience acne but this does not agree with my skin.
  62. Really nice texture


    I love how this cleanser feels on my face. It is also really good at melting away makeup just like an oil cleanser.
  63. Wonderful to use


    This is a great cleanser to use for dry or dehydrated skin as it cleanses your skin without stripping away all its natural oils.
  64. Drying


    I found daily use of this cleaner was drying and caused a slight rash in some areas. However, i use it on occasion to take my make up off outside the shower and it removes it well and leaves my skin soft. Unfortunately, would not buy again as my skin had a reaction to continued use.
  65. Great 1st cleanser


    I'm a double cleanser gal. This cleanser is fantastic as 1st cleanser to remove build up of sunscreen and makeup. Then I finish with asap cleanser. Will buy again for great quality and amazing price
  66. Quick and easy!!


    This cleanser leaves our face feeling squeaky clean, hydrated and fresh. I love the affordable price. Great size tube. Love love love
  67. Better than micellar water


    I primarily use this cleanser as a makeup remover then follow with a deeper cleanser. This honestly removes all my makeup, including eyeliner and mascara. It melts it off fast and smoothly. it doesnt leave the skin tight ,but does remove surface oil. I really enjoy this product.
  68. Disappointing cleanser


    I have very dry and sensitive skin, and found this cleanser to further dry out my skin and was not hydrating for me at all. Would not recommend for very dry skin types!
  69. Okay product


    I've used other (pricier) oil cleaners in the past and wanted to try out a more affordable one. This one is okay, it's a little difficult to use and apply and doesn't really soften up. It works better with a touch of water. Overall its a decent product and does remove some makeup, but not all. I wouldn't re purchase
  70. Terrible at removing makeup


    Frankly this cleanser is TERRIBLE at removing makeup - after multiple washings it still hadn’t removed all my red lipstick and red cream around the eyes. I feel it probably does some good for my complexion but what’s the use if it’s terrible at removing makeup. There are still obvious traces on my skin.
  71. Perfect


    This is probably my favourite cleanser but since I use it at morning and night, this product ran out for me in 1-2 months. I might have used too much product but wish it lasted longer because it leaves my skin so plump yet clean without being stripped
  72. Perfect Make-up Remover


    I use this product to remove my make-up. It's so great as a pre-cleanse. Highly recommend for this use.
  73. Great All-Rounder


    This is a great all-rounder cleanser. I like the texture which is like an oily cream. I use it as a morning or second cleanse. It isn't an exciting or luxurious cleanser, but it is functional at a great price. This is what The Ordinary does best. I will be buying the smaller size to use for travel as it is small and light and is reliable.
  74. The Ordinary cleanser


    I am actually liking this brand right now. It is cheap and is working. The cleanser leaves my face smooth and clean. It removes makeup & sunscreen without hassle. My face looks brighter and clear after each use.
  75. not sure


    i am not sure how I feel about this. It is like no other cleanser I have used before. Its an oil, it does work and I use it to remove my makeup before going in with another foaming cleanser.
  76. Gentle and effective


    I use in the shower and love this gentle but effective cleanser. Leaves my skin soft and not feeling stripped, with a mild fragrance and silky texture. Using with hyaloronic acid and moisturising factors I have seen a big improvement in my skin's clarity and overall complexion. Love it, buying again!
  77. A good moderate cleanser


    In regards to makeup removal, this product is not the best option for heavier makeup but for light makeup it does the job if I do a double cleanse with another product.
    It does leave a bit of an oily residue after washing which can get in the way of using water-based products after it so I'm not too happy about that.
    The squalene starts to smell a little funky as time goes on.
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  78. Love this Cleanser


    Skin feels clean and fresh after using this cleanser. Makeup comes off easily and quick. Hydrates the skin well. My new favourite!
  79. very gentle


    I have quite dry sensitive skin, and have found this cleanser to be especially gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling quite hydrated afterwards too! A well loved staple in my skincare routine, and a repurchased product!
  80. Amazing product


    This product leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed! Recommend using the hyaluronic acid 2% +B5 and natural moisturizer factors after this cleanser
  81. A different sort of cleaser


    this is an oil cleanser. it is different to the usual foaming cleanser. I use this to get off sunscreen before going in with my normal cleanser. It leaves my skin soft and I like the feel of rubbing it into my face.
  82. Okay but not amazing


    You need a lot if you want to use this to remove makeup. It doesn't spread far and I didn't find it very cleansing. Doesn't leave you feeling as clean and fresh as other cleansers.
  83. Lovely on the skin


    Love this cleanser. The smell and texture is great and it gives the skin a good clean. Follow the instructions and only use if you want an oil based cleanser. Has kept my skin hydrated and free from breakouts.
  84. Perfect cleanser


    This is such a great product, I like the oil texture and the deep clean feeling it gives my skin. I will definitely buy it again and again.
  85. Amazing cleanser!


    I’ve always steered clear of oil-style cleansers as I am quite an oily skinned person. This cleanser seriously works wonders. Dissolves dirt like a dream and I actually feel like I’ve cleaned my face after a long day. Perfect as a makeup remover too!
  86. Clean and Moisturised


    This cleanser is oil based and I feel very different to any other cleanser I've used. Doesn't latter up as much as I would like but it definitely cleaned my face well and left my skin feeling very soft and moisturised.
  87. Best cleanser


    This cleanser removes make-up easy, but gently. Moisturising but washes off clean, with no residue. I love the feel of the product once it turns from a balm consistency to an oil one.
    The tube lasts me only a month though (I double cleanse), but for the price I don't mind at all.
    It has no smell, which I really like.
  88. Lovely simple fragrance free cleanser


    Lovely cleanser for the price. Works well for first or second cleanse (ie will remove makeup well, but doesn't leave a residue of oil). Easy to use on dry or wet skin. Emulsifies with water, don't need a wash cloth to remove but you may like to use one depending on how you like your skin to feel.
    Fragrance free, doesn't strip my skin or leave it feeling tight, doesn't sting sensitised skin<...
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  89. Best Oil based cleanser


    I had never heard of oil based cleansers and there benefits until a few months ago. Seemed strange at first to cleanse in oil, I was a little worried it would make my skin super oily, but that is not the case at all! I love applying it because its so smooth, it takes all my make up off with ease and it leave my skin feeling clean and fresh, not oily! I only bought the normal size to try it but wil...
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  90. highly reccommend!


    this wash cleaned my face so well, instatly noticed results! wouldnt change this prodct for anything
  91. Super moisturising


    This cleanser is like nothing I have used before. It is oil based and I feel is difficult to get all the product off your face. However it has left my skin feeling very soft and moisturised.
  92. Fantastic basic cleanser


    I use this as the first step of my double cleanse. It's deceptively effective, melts on beautifully and lifts off all the grime from the day.
  93. Great at removing makeup


    It does an amazing job at removing makeup - it leaves absolutely no makeup on after use. I find other cleansers overly drying and leave my skin feeling tight after use, but this is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.
  94. very gentle


    Great gentle cleanser i have been loving squalene in my skincare recently so i also feel like this cleanser leave my skin hydrated and not tight and stripped
  95. Great everyday cleanser


    A great cream to oil textured cleanser. It does a good job of removing the last traces of makeup in the evening. I’m not quite sure how it is improving my skin yet, but since I have hormonal and stress related outbreaks it is always hard to tell with any cleanser. This is hydrating, easy to use and so affordable.
  96. Great cleanser


    Great product. Very reasonably priced. Works well to remove makeup and very similar to another oil based product I’ve used that turns more milky when warmed. Highly recommend.
  97. Does the job


    A good basic cleanser, does what it says it does. Nice and gentle. Needs to have a larger sized bottle though because I went through this very quickly
  98. amazing


    this product is amazing my skin is very sensitive and with gel clensers it usuallyhas a poor reaction bu this was amazing
  99. Love it!


    I use this twice daily - really gentle and a great makeup remover. Use with a dry face and dry hands, make sure you warm up the product in your hands and let it get oily!
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