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Future-proof your face. Ultra Violette make the sunscreen you’ll actually want in your routine.

SPF should be your anti-ageing MVP. But let’s be real, most sunscreens you’ve tried have been uncomfortable, or greasy, or mess with your makeup, or break you out. Ultra Violette is changing all that.

With more than two years of careful testing, Ultra Violette have created the next generation of SPF: sunscreen with skincare benefits. Skinscreen, you could say.


What is Ultra Violette skin care all about?

  • Sunscreen that isn’t gross or boring
  • Daily products that act like both skincare and suncare
  • No pilling, no balling and no getting shiny
  • Australian made products
  • Playing nicely with your other skincare and makeup
  • Serious sun protection that feels comfy
  • Native Australian antioxidants protecting you from free radicals
  • Free from reef-killing oxybenzone

Which Ultra Violette sunscreen is the best for me?

Different strokes for different folks - there’s an Ultra Violette formulation out there for you.


  • My skin is sensitive to chemical sunscreen ingredients.
    You should probably avoid chemical sunscreens then. No worries, Ultra Violette have a sunscreen for you. Ultra Violette Clean Screen gives you SPF 30 in a zinc-based mineral formula - which makes it suited even to skins prone to eczema, rosacea, or dermatitis.

  • My skin is combination or prone to oil.
    Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF30+ is your gal. Mattifying but friendly to sensitive skin including breakouts, Clean Screen gives you the right amount of hydration without feeling gross.

  • My skin is normal to dry.
    Wanna know what sunscreen feels like nothing at all (nothing at all…)? Ultra Violette Queen Screen is perfect if you’re looking for something lightweight and invisible, but with just a bit of glow. Works a treat for sensitive skin too.

  • My skin is dry or dehydrated.
    So you need a lil bit more hydration love huh? That’s cool. Choose Ultra Violette Supreme Screen and stop doubling up your products - this is a moisturiser, SPF and primer. That’s two less products on your bathroom shelf (more room for another candle).

Ultra Violette sweetens the deal on all the anti-ageing benefits of SPF, with skin-loving ingredients that have long-term benefits for your skin. About time.

Shop Ultra Violette online, exclusively at Adore Beauty. Available with free express post for orders over $50, and Afterpay on all Australian orders.

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I got this as a gift off my family and it was such a great idea! I loved it, would absolutely recommend this as a gift to others in the future.
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Yummy and sun smart!

I loved using this lip balm, very thick consistency which kept my lips hydrated all day and the flavour is delish!