Millie Porter

Customer Service Advisor  |  Adore Beauty

Millie Porter

Customer Service Advisor at Adore Beauty

About me

Ex Hairdresser/Makeup Artist & all around Beauty nut. Boujee on a budget is my main style, I love potent formulas without the potent pricetag.

I'd never dipped into Skincare before I waltzed into AB, and now I struggle to tone down my skincare vs my makeup/hair routine (thanks Beauty IQ Podcast and the AB Team for fuelling this addiction!)

I absolutely could not survive without a good eyebrow routine though, so no matter what I'm doing- you'll never see me with a bad brow.  Thanks to my 8 year old self who decided to shave them off, they're slightly darker than when I was a kid but I still have nightmares about having no brows and all forehead!

My staples which I never shut up about are Serum Therapiste & Initialiste Scalp & Hair Concentrate from Kérastase, but seriously they're hair magic.

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