The Shampoos We Swear By For Oily Hair Types

Remember a time when choosing a shampoo wasn't a complex task? You just grabbed whatever was on special off the supermarket shelf and it seemed to do the trick? Ahhh, those were the days.

Now, choosing a shampoo to keep your oily scalp contained for more than a day is one of life's many challenges, so naturally, you're trawling Adore Beauty trying to find the right oil-targeting shampoo for your hair type. Well, you're in luck.

What Causes An Overproduction Of Oil?

There are many reasons why our hair may become oilier, quicker. If you have a persistently oily scalp, hormonal fluctuations, scalp conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, using the wrong products, an omega-rich diet or not changing your pillowcase could be responsible, according to Bustle. So, what can you do to try and fight the oiliness and go longer between washes?

  • Change your pillowcase more regularly, or try switching to a silk pillowcase

  • Try the double shampoo method: you might use a scrub like Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub and follow it up with one of the suggested shampoos below

  • See a dermatologist or trichologist if you're concerned about the state of your scalp: if you experience irritation, excessive flakiness or a noticeable overproduction of oil, it's a good idea to see a specialist

  • Avoid using conditioner on your scalp: keep your conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends

  • Invest in a great dry shampoo: a couple of my favourites include R+Co Dry Shampoo Mist and Mr Smith Dry Shampoo

The Best Shampoos For Oily Hair Types:

Regardless of your hair type and other concerns, we've got a match for you.

Great for fussy scalps that edge on the side of oily, this sulfate-free shampoo helps to restore balance to the scalp and hair, and is packed with nourishing botanicals like patchouli, avocado and jasmine oils. It cleanses away product build-up and residue, while softening the hair, leaving it feeling clean and silky. It's gentle enough for daily use.

Made for rebalancing and clarifying your scalp without damaging your hair - this shampoo avoids the stripping, harsh cleansing agents in favour of balancing botanicals that help to regulate oil production. The formula effectively clears away dirt, oil and product buildup to promote a healthier, more balanced scalp, without leaving the mid-lengths and ends feeling dry or damaged.

Restore lustre and banish dullness and excess oiliness with the neutralising and detoxing shampoo. Australian River Mint deeply cleanses without stripping away essential oils, Peppermint Oil has a cooling effect on the scalp, and Tea Tree Oil acts as a calming antispetic agent. All O&M Shampoos also have contain pro vitamin B5 to add hydration and strength.

KEVIN.MURPHY Balancing.Wash

This daily shampoo is an all-rounder for gently treating coloured, damaged hair. It gently cleanses with antioxidant and protective green tea, sage leaf extract to clear away grease and dandruff, Ylang Ylang flower oil to balances oil production and botanical extracts promote healthy growth and strong locks. The ntioxidant-rich formula protects hair from UV and other environmental damage.

KEVIN.MURPHY Balancing.Wash