The Product That Saved My Frizzy Hagrid Hair While on a Humid Beach Holiday

Urban Dictionary defines frizz as:

A type of hair invented by the devil himself. 

And if you’ve got frizzy hair like mine and have ever been on a beach holiday, you’ll probably agree.

Straight-haired people will never understand our pain and suffering. Damn you, Lucifer...

Until recently, my hair strategy on beach holidays has been the following: 

1. Wash hair. 

2. Drench hair in coconut oil. 

3. Only wash hair once it gets itchy and/or stinky. 

4. Repeat. 

At the time, I thought this approach gave me a Kim K on the Met Gala red carpet vibe. Looking back at old photos, I don’t think I quite nailed her wet look.

Hannah's holiday hairHannah's holiday hair


Thankfully for all of us Hagrid hair humans, there is. Allow me to introduce you to the ‘un-frizz’ product that’s legitimately a game-changer. 

What Is Virtue Un-Frizz?

Here are some fast facts on this brilliant hair product:

  • Virtue Un-Frizz is a nourishing yet lightweight product that controls frizz and defends against humidity while repairing any damage to the cuticle.

  • The cream texture melts into the hair, leaving no oily film or residue. 

  • Hair dries soft, not heavy or weighed down.

  • Un-Frizz contains Virtue’s signature Alpha Keratin 60ku, which is derived from ethically-sourced human hair. 

  • This product is vegan, and free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

  • It comes in two sizes - VIRTUE Un-Frizz Cream and VIRTUE Un-Frizz Cream 60ml

Virtue UnfrizzVirtue Unfrizz

More About Virtue & Their Alpha Keratin 60ku™ Technology.

Long story short, Virtue made a deal with the devil to bring us the frizz-free product of our dreams. OK, that didn’t happen, but the real story is almost as fascinating. 

A retired US Army Colonel Dr Luke Burnett was leading a regenerative medicine lab working on healing battlefield injuries using keratin. His team discovered a way to extract human keratin in its purest form, called Alpha Keratin 60ku™, which can regrow tissue… and also repair hair. How? Your body recognises this potent form of keratin as its own, allowing it to bind directly to areas of damage to fill  them in. Pretty crazy, huh?

I’ve experienced the hair-healing powers of Virtue first hand, but if you don’t believe me, it’s also backed by science. Clinical testing of Virtue’s products has shown:

  • A 67% reduction in frizz after four applications. 

  • Split ends were repaired by 95% after five applications. 

  • Hair strands were thickened by 22% after a single application. 

  • After five applications, colour vibrancy was increased by 138%.

*Sources: AMA Labs and MRL.

My Virtue Un-Frizz Review. 

Virtue gets rave reviews from beauty editors, including both of Adore’s editors Amy Clark and Joanna Fleming. But they both have pretty straight hair, so I entered this Virtue Un-Frizz product trial with a healthy level of scepticism. 

I was heading to Queensland on holidays, and while the name suggested it could indeed “Un-Frizz” my hair, I was sceptical that any product could actually help me fight that kind of humidity. In other words, the coconut oil was staying in my luggage. 

So, here’s a comparison of how my hair looked after getting caught in the humid rain with no treatment product. Hot. And next to it, how my hair dried naturally after applying Virtue Un-Frizz.

virtue un-frizz reviewvirtue un-frizz review

I was legitimately blown away by Virtue’s Un-Frizz.

I still remember the feeling that first day I used it. I let my hair dry naturally. Oh, the mems. Look at that face! Pure joy.

I soon ditched my heat tools and let my natural hair go wild. I hiked, I dated, I went on hiking dates… all with au natural hair.

virtue un-frizz reviewvirtue un-frizz review

Now, let’s hear what other frizzy-hair Hagrids think about Virtue Un-Frizz: 

“WOW WOW WOW. This cream really does reduce a lot of frizz in very frizzy hair. My hair is heat styled and bleached and I've tried every treatment, cream and oil, and this is the best product I've used by far.” - Eva, Adore Beauty website customer review.

“My best friend. Amazing. Highly recommended. De-frizzes my hair and makes it shine, and does not look like it's been bleached damaged. And it repairs the hair as well. In love.” - Edina, Adore Beauty website customer review.

Plus, my friend who lives in Darwin - one of the most humid places in Australia - bought this product as soon as she saw me talking about it on Instagram. Her verdict was that Un-Frizz definitely helps with her frizz.

My Frizzy Hair Routine. 

Yes, this product is a superstar, but if you have frizzy hair - and especially if you use a lot of heat tools to try and manage your frizz - I would suggest building a haircare routine.

Like you would with a skincare routine, choose products that can help manage your concerns with targeted treatments.

You can watch me break down my full anti-frizz hair routine in this YouTube video below.

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