I’ve Tried Hundreds of Mascaras - Hands Down, These 5 Are the Best for Every Type of Lash

best mascara australiabest mascara australia

Some days, my work involves never-ending unread emails. But then, there are days like today when I get to write about the best mascara for every type of lash (a good day if you ask me). 

I’ve spent the last seven-ish years testing beauty products, so I feel relatively confident when I say I know a good (or bad) mascara when I see one. But of course, the caveat is that every lash is different. There's no one-size-fits-all mascara product, brush or formula.

So, in the spirit of lash individuality (and makeup aesthetics), I’ve compiled a selection of the best mascaras in Australia that deliver different results, depending on your preference or needs. Keep scrolling to read. 

1. Best Lengthening Mascara and Best Mascara for Short Lashes.

benefit theyre real mascarabenefit theyre real mascara

What: Benefit They're Real! Lengthening Mascara

Best for: Shorter lashes, those who want clean length. 

You don’t need a PhD to figure out this Benefit mascara is designed to add length, but I’m here to tell you the promises are true. 

The brush is like a miniature plastic comb, so it works to separate each lash and drag the product upwards and outwards. The formula dries quickly so you get a nice hold, the brush doesn’t apply too much mascara (no clumping) and it won’t flake throughout the day. Five stars from me. 

benefit theyre real mascara before and afterbenefit theyre real mascara before and after

2. Best Tubing Mascara and Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes.

blinc tubing mascarablinc tubing mascara

What: Blinc Mascara Amplified

Best for: Working out or those with watery, sensitive eyes, or oily skin. 

If you haven’t heard of the magic that is tubing mascara, let me be the one to introduce you! 

Unlike standard mascaras that deposit a bunch of tiny fibres, tubing mascaras create one single tube around the lash. For this reason, they don’t flake or smudge at all! 

Blinc Amplified is one of the original and best tubing formulas, loved for its inky black colour and soft, fluffy brush. Slowly apply one coat, being sure to catch every lash, and you’re golden! It removes easily with water and light pressure from fingertips, too. 

blinc tubing mascara before and afterblinc tubing mascara before and after

3. Best Mascara for Volume.

loreal lash paradise mascaraloreal lash paradise mascara

What: L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara - Black

Best for: Fair or fine lashes, anyone craving a dramatic look. 

I LOVE this L'Oreal mascara when I want full, fluffy, fat lashes. It has an hourglass-shaped, soft brush, so you get a lot of product on your actual lashes (hence the volume).

Surprisingly though, I find it doesn’t get too chunky - the key is to wiggle the product through the lashes and add extra layers while the product is still wet. Removal is messy, so enlist a dedicated makeup remover before you cleanse. 

loreal lash paradise mascara before and afterloreal lash paradise mascara before and after

4. Best Curling Mascara and Best Mascara for Straight Lashes.

lancome grandiose mascaralancome grandiose mascara

What: Lancôme Grandiose Mascara

Best for: Party season, a smoky eye look, stick-straight lashes.

Lancôme Grandiose Mascara is a polarising mascara but once you nail the application, you’ll be hooked. So the wand itself is bent, kind of like a “swan neck”. This is to assist with the angle at which it’s applied to the lash, but truth be told, I think it’s just a quirk that visually sets this mascara apart from other products on the market. 

You need to spin the wand out of the tube. DO NOT YANK IT OUT. You’ll break the stopper at the opening and things will get messy. Trust me on this one. 

Once it’s safely out, take the little plastic comb wand and zig-zag it through the lashes, layering it up until you’re satisfied. For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with super thick, black lashes and a curl that stays all day (it’s a stiff formula, so once dry, it offers great hold). The formula wears quite well, but perhaps steer clear on humid days. 

lancome grandiose mascara before and afterlancome grandiose mascara before and after

5. Best Mascara for Definition and Separated Lashes.

MAC Extended Play Gigi Black LashMAC Extended Play Gigi Black Lash

What: M.A.C COSMETICS Extended Play Giga Black Lash

Best for: Everyday, no-makeup makeup, normal lashes, makeup minimalists.

Described as a lightweight formula that will lift, lengthen and define, MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Giga Black Lash is super easy to apply thanks to the long, thin brush and short, wire-like bristles.

This itty bitty brush is perfect for those with normal lashes who prefer a natural-but-enhanced aesthetic. The beauty of it is you can apply coat after coat with no clumping. In my experience, it never flakes or smudges, and removes easily with a gentle cleanser. A great everyday option. 

MAC Extended Play Gigi Black Lash before and afterMAC Extended Play Gigi Black Lash before and after

More Beauty Editor Mascara Tips.

To finish, I thought I’d share some mascara tips I’ve picked up over the years that'll make the aforementioned mascaras even better.

  • More is often more: All too often when friends express their disappointment in a certain mascara, I ask them how many coats they applied. The answer is usually one or two, but on an average day, I’ll layer up about five to six coats. I think it’s best to reapply when the product is still slightly wet, but test it out with your current formula.

  • Use a lash curler: I cannot vouch for lash curlers enough, especially if you have straight lashes. 10 or so pumps on the top lashes will seriously open up your eyes. Go straight in with mascara to hold the curl. 

  • Wiggle your mascara wand: Again, the way you apply mascara is crucial to the result. I like to slowly zig-zag and wiggle the product through lashes, starting at the base and dragging upwards. A few extra coats on the outer corner is nice if you're wearing a winged liner look, too. 

  • Tight line: For those looking to create a fuller-looking lash, a touch of black or brown eyeliner in the upper water line gives the illusion of darker, thicker eyelashes. 

  • Keep your mascara wands: If you’ve finished a mascara you loved, wash and keep the wand. It can be a great way to get more use out of any other mascaras you might have lying around that you don’t rate as highly. In my opinion, 90 per cent of the time, it’s the brush that does the heavy lifting.

That's my wrap up of the best mascaras in Australia. Godspeed!

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