I Tried the New Face, Eye and Lip Primers That Reckon They Can Blur Pores for Your Best Makeup, Ever

Heir Atelier Face Primer Lip Primer Eye PrimerHeir Atelier Face Primer Lip Primer Eye Primer

Fact: primer is the most divisive makeup product, ever.

Some people wouldn't dare do their foundation without one, while others feel kind of... meh. Like priming is just another extra step taking up precious minutes that could be spent sleeping.

If I'm honest, I've always been a bit too lazy for primers. I 100 per cent wear them in the height of humid summer because I'm a seriously shweaty person who sweats profusely from her face (fun), but other than that, I'm not bothered.

That was, until I had the chance to get some very fancy, very innovative new Heir Atelier primers on my face before their Australian launch at Adore Beauty.

Heir Atelier Primer TrioHeir Atelier Primer Trio

See? Fancy.

Sorry, also... what's primer again? And do I really need a face primer, lip primer and eye primer?

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about priming and why these new primers from Heir Atelier are so goddamn special.

What Is a Primer?

A primer is designed to be used as the first step in a makeup routine, before applying any base products.

Their job? To create a smooth canvas for makeup to sit on top off, and to make that makeup last longer.

There are a heap of different primers out there, but most promise to enhance your skin's texture and blur the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Many traditional primers do this with a silicone-based formula that sits on top of the skin's surface to create a matte, airbrushed look. While they're very effective, silicone primers can make makeup look cakey or dried out throughout the day.

Want to learn how to minimise the appearance of your pores? Same. Go check out our helpful YouTube video tutorial below!

What Are Heir Atelier Primers?

Founded by world-renowned makeup artist Kendra Richards, Heir Atelier makes primers, but not as you know them.

After decades of doing makeup for celebrities and at international fashion shows using her 'skin first' philosophy, Richards realised the primer she needed to give her clients healthy, hydrated skin didn't exist. So, she made her own brand and called it Heir Atelier.

Rather than erasing all signs of your pores and fine lines, these primers just want them to be their best. Which is kind of nice because we've all got 'em, yeah?

Instead, Heir Atelier primers hydrate and perfectly prep the skin for seamless makeup application AND hold makeup in place all day, without creasing, pilling, clogging your pores or making your face lifelessly matte.

I mean, would you check out how dewy and luscious all these faces are??

Basically, these skincare primer hybrids promise to make your skin look its very best, even on no makeup days, too.

The brand's also vegan, paraben-free and firmly against animal testing.

Now, let's break down each of Heir Atelier's face, eye and lip primers and exactly what they do.

Heir Atelier Face Primer.

Heir Atelier Face PrimerHeir Atelier Face Primer

What is it?

The Heir Atelier Face Primer 1oz. is a demi-matte face primer that glides on like a nourishing moisturiser without caking or balling. The super light formula fills in fine lines and pores while hydrating the skin at the same time.

How to use it:

Apply before makeup or wear on its own to get that glow.

Heir Atelier Eye Primer.

Heir Atelier Eye PrimerHeir Atelier Eye Primer

What is it?

The Heir Atelier Eye Primer .17oz. is an award-winning eye primer designed to absorb oil and keep eye makeup like eye shadow or eyeliner from smudging, fading and creasing. The sheer peach tint means it can work on all skin tones.

How to use it:

Apply to a clean lid and blend with your finger or a brush before applying eye shadow and/or eyeliner.

Heir Atelier Lip Primer.

Heir Atelier Lip PrimerHeir Atelier Lip Primer

What is it?

The Heir Atelier Lip Primer .17oz. is an ultra-hydrating lip primer that smooths, conditions and locks lipstick in place.

How to use it:

Apply to clean lips before lipstick or gloss. Can also be used as an overnight conditioning lip mask.

All three of these primers also come in a full size Heir Atelier Makeup Primer Trio, which saves you a little bit of cash.

My Heir Atelier Primer Review.

First things first: these products do not feel like primers. At all.

Take the face primer. This product comes out like a lightweight balm and slides onto the skin without that typical siliconey feel you get with traditional face primers.

I noticed a glowy, soft diffused effect immediately. My skin looked smooth and hydrated, my pores blurred but not erased completely, and my shine nixed without making my face look like a piece of paper.

Oh, and my L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation looked excellent blended into my skin on top.

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primersAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primers

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primersAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primers

I'd say the eye primer is the most primer-like product of the trio texture-wise. The formula has a creamy, grippy consistency that's easy to apply on the eyelid with your fingers.

You leave this one to sink in for 60 seconds before applying shadow or liner. Even after it'd dried, the product still looked dewy, which I found helped to grab hold of my eye shadow. (I used the Napoleon Perdis Hybrid Veil Blush Rosé as an eye shadow for this look.)

Finally, the lip primer looked and felt like slicking on the softest, shiniest lip gloss of my life. The formula is clear and has that slightly blurred, cloudy primer appearance, but you could easily wear this on its own as a hydrating lip balm.

I popped a new MAC lipstick (coming soon to Adore!) over the top without any issues and went about my day.

OK cool, but did your makeup really look that different wearing these primers underneath?

Well, yeah. Here's some side-by-side comparison shots to show you what I mean.

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primersAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primers

After applying my foundation at 8am, it still looked pretty decent by the time I took it off at 6pm.

Sure, it wasn't as fresh, but my face hadn't sucked the life out of my foundation. I didn't have any tell-tale creases or dry patches and I'm gonna say that was thanks to the hydration from the primer.

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier eye primerAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier eye primer

Anyone end up with crusty stripes of creased eye shadow across their lids by the end of the day? Same.

But come 6pm, my eye shadow was a touch creased in the main spot my lids fold over, but as you can see in the photos, it could've been a heck of a lot worse.

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier lip primerAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier lip primer

I also didn't reapply my lippie or any other lip balm for the entire day. Yep, even after lunch, multiple coffees and swigging from my water bottle.

With the lip primer underneath, my lips felt constantly hydrated and the lipstick faded out to a stain I could comfortably live with if I didn't have time to reapply.

No congealed spit. No lip liner look. No bloody worries.

My verdict? I think I'm into primers now.