I Honestly Thought Makeup Primers Were a Waste of Money... Until I Tried This One

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primersAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primers

Fact: Primer is the most divisive makeup product, ever.

Some people wouldn't dare do their foundation without one, while others feel kind of... meh. Like priming is just another thing taking up precious minutes that could be spent sleeping.

If I'm honest, I've always thought primers were a waste of money. And I'm just too lazy to be bothered with the extra step.

Sure, I'd wear one when doing my makeup for a wedding in the height of humid summer because I'm a seriously shweaty person who sweats profusely from her face (fun), but other than that, nup.

That was, until I tried this new one from Heir Atelier. Now, I've completely changed my tune and genuinely won't do my makeup without it.

Heir Atelier Primer TrioHeir Atelier Primer Trio

Righto, so what makes this particular primer worth adding to cart? And what about lip primer and eye primer, do you really need those too?

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about priming and why using the Heir Atelier primer has changed the way I do my makeup.

What Is a Primer?

A primer is designed to be used as the first step in a makeup routine, before applying any base products. Their job? To create a smooth canvas for makeup to sit on top off, and to make that makeup last longer.

There are a heap of different primers out there, but most promise to enhance your skin's texture and blur the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Many traditional primers do this with a silicone-based formula that sits on top of the skin's surface to create a matte, airbrushed look. While they're very effective, silicone primers can make makeup look cakey or dried out throughout the day.

What Is The Heir Atelier Primer?

heir atelier face primerheir atelier face primer

Heir Atelier Face Primer 1oz. is a skin-perfecting primer unlike any I've ever tried before. It feels as hydrating as a lightweight moisturiser, but leaves a demi-matte finish and fills in your pores. It's wizardry, I tell you!

Formulated by world-renowned makeup artist Kendra Richards (who's been doing makeup for celebrities for decades), this primer plumps the skin with hydration and blurs the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores - at the same time.

The results? Skin that looks like you eat your veggies and don't break a sweat on a 12km run.

Foundation that glides on seamlessly without sticking to any dry bits or skin congestion AND stays in place all day.

No creasing, pilling, clogging your pores or making your face lifelessly matte. Exhibit A.

You can use the product under foundation to keep your makeup looking fresh all damn day, or on its own on no-makeup days, too!

Bonus, the brand is also vegan, paraben-free and firmly against animal testing. The Heir Atelier priming range also includes:

  • Heir Atelier Eye Primer .17oz. - An award-winning, oil-absorbing eye primer that keeps eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner from smudging, fading and creasing. Apply to a clean lid and blend with your finger or a brush before applying eyeshadow and/or eyeliner.

  • Heir Atelier Lip Primer .17oz. - An ultra-hydrating lip primer that smooths, conditions and locks lipstick in place. Apply to clean lips before lipstick or gloss, or use overnight as a conditioning lip mask.

  • Heir Atelier Makeup Primer Trio - A value pack with the Heir Atelier Face Primer, Heir Atelier Lip Primer and Heir Atelier Primer to save you a bit of cash!

Here are some photos of my makeup done for a friend's wedding using all three products.

I'm no professional makeup artist, but I reckon my makeup looks pretty amazing. (Good lighting helps, too!)

amy heir atelier reviewamy heir atelier review

My Heir Atelier Primer Review.

OK, but you still haven't really shown me why this face primer is worth my money?

Here's my full Heir Atelier review WITH before and after photos showing how this primer made my makeup last for 10 hours. No joke.

First things first, none of the Heir Atelier primer feel like primers, at all. Take the face primer. This product comes out like a lightweight balm and slides onto the skin without that typical silicone-y feel you get with traditional face primers.

Heir Atelier Face PrimerHeir Atelier Face Primer

I noticed a glowy, soft diffused effect immediately. My skin looked smooth and hydrated, my pores blurred but not erased completely, and my shine nixed without making my face look like a piece of paper.

Next, I applied the eye primer and lip primer. Both gave my eyeshadow and lipstick a smooth, even surface to grip to, and it made the colours look even more vibrant and pigmented.

Cool, but did your makeup really look that different wearing these primers underneath?

Well, yeah. Here's some side-by-side comparison shots to show you what I mean.

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primersAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier primers

After applying my foundation at 8am, it still looked pretty decent by the time I took it off at 6pm.

Sure, it wasn't as fresh, but my face hadn't sucked the life out of my foundation. I didn't have any tell-tale creases or dry patches and I'm gonna say that was thanks to the hydration from the primer.

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier eye primerAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier eye primer

Anyone end up with crusty stripes of creased eyeshadow across their lids by the end of the day? Same.

But come 6pm, my eyeshadow was a touch creased in the main spot my lids fold over, but as you can see in the photos, it could've been a heck of a lot worse.

Oh, I also didn't reapply my lippie or any other lip balm for the entire day. Yep, even after lunch, multiple coffees and swigging from my water bottle. Check it out!?!

Amy Clark wearing Heir Atelier lip primerAmy Clark wearing Heir Atelier lip primer

With the lip primer underneath, my lips felt constantly hydrated and the lipstick faded out to a stain I could comfortably live with if I didn't have time to reapply.

No congealed spit. No lip liner look. No bloody worries.

My verdict? I think I'm into primers now.

Learn more about primers and how to use them for better makeup in our YouTube video tutorial below.

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