The Exact Dewy Makeup Routine I Use to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Amelia Singson_The Exact Dewy Makeup Routine I Use to Combat Dry Winter SkinAmelia Singson_The Exact Dewy Makeup Routine I Use to Combat Dry Winter Skin

When you think about it, winter is truly a stunning time for our skin.

There's the dry, harsh, cold wind outside. And the dry, very-direct heaters indoors. Not to mention the scorching hot showers - so much external stress! It’s no wonder we end up with flaky, red, inflamed skin.

This is where tweaking our skincare and makeup routines comes in clutch so we stay the plump, glowing angels that we are.

When thinking about our skin and how it reacts to changing seasons, it's important to remember this doesn’t just affect a certain skin type (dry skin gets drier, for example).

Dry skin lacks oil, so we might use products that are rich in ceramides, squalane and other natural oils to replenish the skin and strengthen the barrier.

But oily and combination skins can also become dehydrated (when the skin lacks water), so subbing in skin care containing humectants like hyaluronic acid, glycerine and urea can help the skin draw in moisture and hang onto it.

Now that we know winter skin affects us all *single tear rolling down*, let’s get into my winter makeup tips for dry or dehydrated skin.

My Winter Makeup Routine Tutorial.

Here are the products I use in my winter makeup tutorial:

You can watch the full tutorial video below, or keep scrolling for the step-by-step break down.

Step 1: Winter Skincare Prep.

A glowy base just doesn’t exist without the right skin care, so after applying my essence and serum, I’ve been picking up a hydrating moisturiser.

Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator 50ml is a great option - I've previously written about how much I love this 100hour moisturiser here.

A little goes a long way with this gel-based cream, so I take about the size of a 10C piece and spread evenly.

You can also use mists in your skin prep routine.

Better yet, you can re-apply mists after each step in your routine, or throughout the day when you feel like your face has sucked the life out of your makeup.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Essence Mist works well for all skin types, but it's especially soothing and calming for sensitised or dehydrated skin.

Step 2: Best Primer for Dry Skin.

Use a hydrating primer like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer to give your skin an even, smooth base to apply foundation.

This primer is long-wearing, hydrates for up to 48 hours and leaves skin with a luminous glow.

Step 3: Best Foundation for Dry Skin.

My favourite lightweight foundation for the ultimate glow is M.A.C COSMETICS Studio Radiance Face & Body Radiant Sheer Foundation and I love using my hands to apply it.

It's a unique water-based formula that activates with heat, so apply a small amount to either the back of your hand or straight on your face and use circular motions to spread and blend it in.

You’ll notice it starts to grip to the skin and then it can be layered to your desired level of coverage.

Step 4: Concealer.

Apply concealer to the centre parts of your face and watch your face transform from flat to one with dimension.

My concealer of choice is Estée Lauder Double Wear Radiant Concealer because it's long-wearing, has great coverage and a semi-matte finish to balance out all the dew from my foundation.

This way I don’t need to wear powder and can rely on the concealer to keep oiliness at bay.

Step 5: Blush & Bronzer.

Now, it's time to add your colour products.

I love using a cream bronzer to sculpt and contour with before going over with a powder bronzer like Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder to set it and enhance the bronze goddess look.

Cream blushes are especially great in winter because they look bouncy and juicy on the skin, as opposed to a powder blush with a flatter finish.

M.A.C COSMETICS Glow Play Blush has a cool, mousse-like texture that grips to the skin for soft colour that doesn’t look dry or cakey. I love the shade That's Peachy.

Use a brush for more control and zero fingerprints and don’t forget to pop a little on your nose for that cute healthy flush!

Step 6: Highlighter

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-Highlight is a lovely, subtle highlight that can be applied to the high points of the face to enhance dimension.

The thin formula applies evenly and stays put even over a dewy base.

Step 7: Best Lip Balm for Dry Lips.

Crusty, dry lips are inevitable in winter, but that’s why we have so many lip balms to choose from!

My favourite at the moment is Laneige Lip Glowy Balm 10g in Gummy Bear or Peach.

If you want to add more colour or shape to your lips, apply your lip balm over the top of a lip liner.

M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Pencil in the shade Whirl is one of my favourites for naturally juicy-looking lips.

Below is the finished result - no dry bits or dry skin foundation patches here.

Amelia Singson_The Exact Dewy Makeup Routine I Use to Combat Dry Winter SkinAmelia Singson_The Exact Dewy Makeup Routine I Use to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Winter Makeup Tips for Dry or Dehydrated Skin.

Finally, I’ll leave you with some general makeup for dry skin tips and winter makeup pointers:

1. Pop on your skin care while your skin is still damp. 

Love a hot shower? Same. But hot showers wreak havoc on our skin so it’s a great idea to apply your products right away so the skin doesn’t have time to dry out further.

Damp skin also allows for better product absorption - great tip to remember if you’re struggling with the slippery feeling of applying fresh out of the shower.

2. Watery essences can be applied in layers. 

And I don’t just mean layered with other products. A watery essence is so thin but rich in hydrating, nourishing ingredients so they're a TREAT to apply in layers.

Pop a few drops into the palm of your hand, press onto the skin and repeat. Your skin feels super juicy, you’re less likely to apply too much serum when your skin already looks hydrated and to be honest, it just feels amazing.

3. Indulge in a bit of facial massage with your favourite oil or oil-based moisturiser. 

Get that glow, de-puff your face and really work those products in with a facial massage. You can use your hands, a gua sha or face roller - take your pick, just get that blood moving!

4. Mix an oil into your foundation. 

Add a couple of drops of oil to your foundation to give it a dewy, more luminous finish.

Customise it by adding as little or as many drops as you like, I love adding a few to more of a full-coverage, matte foundation to thin it out and give me extra glow. Just remember adding an oil to the formula might cut down your wear-time if you already have oily skin.

5. Change up your makeup primer. 

Try using a hydrating primer instead of a matte one.

Lucky for us, hydrating primers can also be long-wearing so not only is your skin getting that extra boost of moisture, it’s also going to give your foundation the grip it needs to withstand the harsh winter air.

Ok that’s everything you need to know about winter makeup for dry skin! 

You’re now armed with all the tools you need to be your best, dewy, angel self... even in the coldest of winters.

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