If you’re a skincare junkie - you’ll know that a great serum can be the linchpin on which your entire routine revolves.

And if you’re not a skincare junkie? Well… we just let you know. SERUMS. ARE. LIFE.

The clever guys and gals over at BOOST LAB recognise this - but they also recognise that skincare should be accessible, not full of nasties, easy to navigate - and most importantly - bloomin’ effective too.

BOOST LAB won't trouble themselves with all the other steps in your routine - these guys are the serum experts. They develop their products with clean science, the highest quality ingredients and the most rigorous dermatological testing.

And there’s no fluff! They won’t sell you the dream - it’s just good, honest skincare that uses simple and clear language to get the right products, in the right hands - yours!

So what am I going to find in the BOOST LAB range?

There are seven serums in the BOOST LAB range, and each can be mixed and matched with others - no worries about contraindications here!

If you’re looking to target blemishes… try the BOOST LAB Vitamin B3 Blemish Rescue Serum which uses Niacinamide and Zinc PCA to control oil and pores.

If you’re looking to tackle dull, uneven skin tone...try BOOST LAB Vitamin C Brightening Serum which combines Vitamines C, E and B3 for a burst of energy to the skin.

If you’re after an Anti-Ageing serum... try BOOST LAB Multi-Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum which combines peptides and hydrators to tackle the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re feeling a little dehydrated… try BOOST LAB 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum to deeply moisturise and plump the look of skin.

If you want to tackle uneven skin tone and texture… try BOOST LAB AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum which exfoliates and hydrates at the same time for a daily treatment with action!

If you’re looking for an overnight treatment… try BOOST LAB Retinol Night Renewal Serum. Supercharged with both Retinol and Granactive Retinoid, this will help to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrating and brightening.

If you want something for the eye area… try BOOST LAB Bio-Active Eye Reset Serum which uses peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and other goodies to target the look of dark circles and puffy eyes, as well as wrinkles and fine lines.

If you want it all, and you want it now… try BOOST LAB Supercharged Skincare Pack - all seven serums, for ALL the skincare concerns.

What does BOOST LAB mean by clean formulas?

In BOOST LAB products, you won’t find any sulphates, parabens, fragrances or animal testing (ever!).

Is BOOST LAB suitable for my skin?

As the serum experts, BOOST LAB will most certainly serum that will target your skin concern - in fact, if you’re looking for the comprehensive list, their serums can be used to target:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Dark circles & puffy eye bags
  • Dry, dull & dehydrated skin
  • Blemishes
  • Dark spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores

You’ll also find that as the serums are oil-free, they are suitable for all skin types, from the driest to the oiliest, and have been dermatologically tested - so navigating the range is simple and clear - if it targets your skin concern, it’s suitable for you!

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