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Sensori+ aims to bring a sense of clarity and calm into modern, urban life via its line of hand and body products, air-purifying room sprays, and soy candles. With scents inspired by the Australian environment and air-purifying technology, this range is all about wellbeing. It’s entirely vegan and cruelty free, founded by a group of young Melbournians.


Try Sensori’s Hydra + Detox Hand Sanitiser, a gentler option for skin that still contains the 75% alcohol required by World Health Organisation standards. Hands are left fresh and clean, but cared for with moisturising ingredients.


What do Sensori products do?

To freshen your space, Sensori+ offers detoxifying aromatic mists and candles. Made with the brand’s own ChlorosPURE technology, these home scents neutralise unwanted odours in your space, rather than just covering them up. ChlorosPure works to decompose toxins in the air by degrading them on a molecular level. The result? Pure, fresh air, lightly fragranced.


What are Sensori’s scents?

Gayndah Orchard is a fresh, sunny scent inspired by the Queensland town famous for its orange orchards. With notes of bergamot with neroli and cedar, it’s an uplifting, balanced scent.

Wiruna Night offers an escape from the city, with its blend of ginger, citrus and sandalwood. It’s a calming, clean scent, inspired by a midnight sky in the middle of nowhere, covered in stars.

Macedon Trail is a woody, green fragrance, drawing on memories of bush walks after rainfall. Notes of geranium and vetiver blend with Australian sandalwood. Cool, crisp and fresh.

Toowoomba Carnival is inspired by a walk through a Queensland rose garden. This sweet, romantic scent brings a sense of optimism to your space. Notes of lavender and sweet orange work in with rose absolute to create a celebratory, springtime scent.

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Sensori+ Detoxifying & Soothing Oil-in-lotion for Body - Macedon Trail 3441 200ml
Sensori+ Detoxifying & Soothing Oil-in-lotion for Body - Macedon Trail 3441 200ml

The podcast made me do it!

Damn you Joanna and Hannah :p after listening to this mentioned on the podcast I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Your description of the smell was just too inticing! But now I’ve got it I’ve realised it’s simply just a nice shower gel and not the magical potion I’d built it up in my head. For me I’d rather spend 50 bux toward something bougie serum.
Glad I got to try though!
Sensori+ Detoxifying & Soothing Shower Oil - Macedon Trail 3441 200ml
Sensori+ Detoxifying & Soothing Shower Oil - Macedon Trail 3441 200ml

Very irritating

I bought this after a #pwdkwn recommendation because I wanted a day spa experience. I don't consider my skin 'sensitive' - especially not on my body - but this shower oil has a heady fragrance and felt very stingy / burny on my skin; I couldn't rinse it off fast enough. My torso and limbs were red and inflamed afterwards. The ingredients are vague: what does "natural botanical precious oil blend" ...