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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.6 of 1964 reviews


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4 instalments of $15.02

Or 4 instalments of $15.02 with LEARN MORE

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a powerful night time firming and revitalising solution which can boost your skin's radiance in just one application!


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Reviews

4.6 of 1964 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Major difference


Within a few uses, you start to see a major difference. I particularly saw a great difference, where my face looked a lot more out there, and glowy. A lot more softer too. I particularly like to use this in summer !

Most Helpful Criticism

So so


I wouldn't purchase again, stings a little and I haven't noticed much difference. Doesn't make my skin really nice after. Very watery.
  1. Was able to use over time


    I have dry sensitive skin and the first time i used this i ended up having a bad reaction but i didnt layer a serum and or moisturizer on top and my skin was not use to actives. Left this product for a bit, got my skin use to actives including low strength retinol and now my skin loves this product! Skin is so clear and smooth.
  2. Major difference


    Within a few uses, you start to see a major difference. I particularly saw a great difference, where my face looked a lot more out there, and glowy. A lot more softer too. I particularly like to use this in summer !
  3. Good


    Tried this after receiving a sample. It was stingy, and my skin felt good afterwards. However, the skin around my nose became dry and tender after one use.
  4. Not for me


    Wasn't a fan of this product. It stings when applied and feels like i've just applied Isocol to my face. Wouldn't purchase this again.
  5. Not for Dry Skin!


    My skin tends to be on the dry side and I used this to help with exfoliation. However with alcohol being the second ingredient I found it far too drying! Avoid if you have dry or sensitive skin.
  6. Just as the name says LIQUID GOLD


    This stuff truly lives up to its name. It really is liquid gold. After my first use I woke up the next morning with my skin glowing. I also use this on the back of my arms and bottom of my feet as an exfoliate.
  7. Love Love Love !!


    I am really impressed with how my skin is after using this product. I have been using it every second day for the last 6 weeks and my skin has never been better. My pigmentation is definitely improved, my skin is bright and clear. I have actually stopped using all my other pigmentation products all together as this one is the best I have used so far
  8. Best purchase ever


    I have tried forever to get my skin under control and this is life changing. I use it with a B and a C and have gone from needing make up ever day to being able to be make up free.
  9. perfect for oily skin


    amazing! Truely life saver for acne prone skin!
  10. Skin looks different after one use!


    Reading the reviews - obviously I was expecting something pretty good. I was expecting that after a couple of weeks that my skin would look clearer & reduce my pigmentation (I get melasma + pigmentation post breakouts). I also have fine lines around my eyes. I use a prescription retinol and that had been good but my god - one application of this stuff and my skin looks amazing! When I woke up. t...
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  11. It is truly gold


    I have been using alpha h liquid gold since two years now. I had made a huge difference to my pigmentation. It looks less dark now.

    It works wonders and make my skin look glowy and soft in the morning. I use it twice a week. I love it.
  12. Not for sensitive skin


    I've got a deluxe sample of this product along with my Adore Beauty orders. I have pretty sensitive skin and this has a strong alcohol smell. Wasn't really uncomfortable. I will not use it on my face anymore. If you have sensitive skin like mine, you can try to use it on your body. Currently using it to brighten the are of the back of my hand. So far no irritation.
  13. I use on my heels


    I received this as a sample, I really didn't enjoy using it on my face. I found that it caused quite a bit of irritation for me. On the plus side, I used the remainder on the heels of my feet and all my cracks and dry skin is now gone.
  14. exfoliating


    I love love love this! This was my first foray into chemical exfoliation and it delivered! Skin was so smooth after use. Would recommend using only few times a week though
  15. A good start to the Alpha-H skincare


    Never heard of Alpha-H, till I came across this brand here. Lot of great reviews for this product so decided to give it a go to help with skin brightening and pigmentation. I use it every second night to get my skin use to AHA/glycolic acids, does tingle when you pat it into my skin, most of time I don't use any other products after it. Showing promising results so happy to have discovered it and ...
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  16. Good, but strong


    Nice product ! but super strong. Be careful if your skin is sensitive.
  17. Honestly a facial in a bottle!


    Love love love this product! I try to use this every second night and I've seen improvement in my pigmentation and acne spots. The next morning my skin is glowing! Cannot recommend this product enough for anyone suffering from acne scarring or pigmentation.
  18. Love this liquid!


    Have had this product in my routine for over a year now and I still love it as much as the first day I tried it. I found that it clears up a lot of my congestion, and also helps to fade previous pimple marks quicker. Skin feels clear and clean after using
  19. Looking good!


    It's only been a couple of weeks, but so far I am liking this product. Not sure if it's all that people rave about but I can see a change with my superficial acne scarring and feel it has tightened up my skin. I find it a little hard to use, as you're meant to soak a cotton pad but this item is so expensive and the cotton pad soaks up so much of it that I feel like I'm wasting it.
  20. Great for skin clearing


    Cleared up stubborn under the surface blemishes, very drying though
  21. Glowing gold


    Heard so many good things about Liquid Gold from friends, reviews and the Beauty IQ podcast so I decided to give it a go and it was worth it. My skin looks like it's glowing! It's strong so, especially those with sensitive skin, make sure to only use every second night.
  22. The product you never knew you needed

    Al Cris

    I purchased Liquid Gold after hearing so many good things about it from friends and reading so many positive reviews. I’m so glad I did because I suffer from uneven texture and since using it, I wake up with such hydrated and smooth skin. I even got my mum onto it who is also loving it! Definitely a skin care staple which doesn’t break the bank!
  23. So so


    I wouldn't purchase again, stings a little and I haven't noticed much difference. Doesn't make my skin really nice after. Very watery.
  24. Works so far!


    Been using this for about 3 weeks now and I do see a difference in my skin texture the next day.. looks slightly plump and smoother. I apply it every few days and alternate between this and the Alpha H micro cleanser scrub which so far has been tackling the big breakouts that have lead to painful cystic pimples in the past. For me it stings after applying and my face does go red but because its be...
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  25. Not for me


    Recommended to me by my beautician but didn’t see a huge difference overall. Won’t purchase again unfortunately but may help someone with a different skin type as I have acne prone and combination skin
  26. amazing product!


    I use it once or twice a week. Such an amazing product!
  27. FAN FAV


    A staple in my cosmetics! generally use every second night & wake up to lush glowy skin. I do have dry, sensitive skin and don’t have any problems at all. Highly recommend.
  28. Can be a bit harsh on the skin


    I have used some very strong and acidic products on my skin before, but this product has probably put the MOST stress on my skin. After the first time I used it, I had to wait a week before I could use it again because my skin had started to peel. The same happened after the second and third use as well. My skin just wouldn't get used to it and I do not know why. Maybe not the best if your skin is...
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  29. stock up


    basically, what everyone else said. I use this frequently, sometimes every other night but eg when I was trying a new / strong retinol product, cut back for a few weeks. Now, I can use them both at the same time—it's that gentle—but definitely best on its own. The rose scented version is very nice, and equally effective.
  30. alpha h liquid gold


    this is one of my favourite AHAs, really gentle on my skin but helps to clear away blemishes and texture from scars
  31. My go to AHA


    Have been using this product for years as it gives such great results! It’s a great AHA product that never irritates my skin
  32. For glowing skin!


    I felt that this lived up to the hype and it did not disappoint. When I first applied I felt a slight tingling but it wasn't uncomfortable. After using this product my skin looked more radiant and glowing and felt smoother. I have incorporated it into my skincare routine!
  33. perfect in between mask


    I love the feeling this gives my skin! Alternating between using it as an overnight mask and 1st step treatment (using the product every 2nd day) makes it last for AGES as well as create a tight and tingly sensation. I've noticed a gradual change in my skin, nothing amazing or substantial, however have repurchased simply due to loving it as part of my skincare routine.
  34. Holy Grail


    I am new to the AHA world so thought I'd try this popular product. It definitely lives up to the hype! The first few time I used it it defiantly tingled and almost made my face feel itchy. I started with once a week and now have worked up to every second night or so. It feel like I've been to get an expensive facial each time I use it and the next morning I feel glowy.. Definitely recommend, even ...
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  35. Could tell from the start I was onto a winner


    I had read all of the reviews and literally was not disappointed from day one (night one). My skin is so damn soft, minimal irritation and tingling. This is amazing, I cant wait to keep using it to see what it can really do long term
  36. my favourite


    love love loveee this product!! noticed a difference in my skin after a few weeks of using it, felt so much brighter and plumper. does have a tiny tingling feeling but I love it. I would recommend using it every other day
  37. Great product great price


    Been using for a two weeks.. the texture and brightness of my face changed within a few days of use. So far great product. It slightly tingles when you put it on and I like that it’s like I can feel it working
  38. Good


    Not that surprise, but it does work pretty intensive.
    Can feel the tightness and slightly sting after apply.
    Hope to see some results after continuing use it
  39. Undecided overall


    I want to love this - there are sooo many 5 star reviews and is really a holy grail for a lot of people. For reference, I’m in my late 20s with pretty normal skin but more on the dry side. I’ve almost finished the bottle and I don’t think it’s done much. It feels nice and helps my skin look fresh, but I feel it doesn’t add anything if I use it or not. Bonus is I think Alpha H are really well price...
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  40. Brighter more even skin tone


    I have dry to combination skin and suffer from acne pigmentation.
    Ever since using this product, I noticed my skin has improved so much. I use it once every two nights after cleansing. It is a game changer. The acne pigmentation on my skin have reduced in as little as three weeks. As soon as the product is on my face, my skin looks bright and is glowing and I wake up with such a nice plumpe...
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  41. Amazed


    I was skeptical of this product but I have been amazed by the result. using this at night I wake up with smooth hydrated skin in the morning. It is strong and takes some time to get used to.
  42. Happy skin


    My skin is no longer dry after using this a few times a week. It has evened out my skin tone and is so smooth that I just want to keep touching my cheeks!
  43. Live up to the hype?


    Bought this product after seeing rave reviews but didn’t notice a huge lot of difference and forget to reach for it during my nighttime routine. Tingly feeling on the skin when I use it after not using it for awhile, generous supply, love the feeling my skin gets the morning after using this product
  44. intensive treatment


    I have big pores around nose so I have been using this to the targeted area only as my skin can be very sensitive some times. I can see visible results that the pores are slightly smaller, but will keep using it to see more change.
  45. Lives up to the hype


    I really like this product I purchased it after reading all the great reviews and I am not disappointed. I have noticed a visible difference. It has really helped with blackheads and large pores.
  46. O.K.


    I don't understand the hype for this product, it does not feel nice on the skin and I could not find a visible difference after wearing. Won't be buying again.
  47. Hydrating


    I started to use liquid gold to hydrate my skin. After leaving it on overnight my skin feels super soft and moist
  48. Not that great


    Worked as a nice kind of toner but that's the extent of it if you have actually acne scarred skin. I got no stinging sensation either which with these types of chemical exfoliants your meant to. My skin has been through alot of products though so is very tough.
  49. Good Product for Intro to Chemical Exfoliant


    This product works well, I think it may be a bit over hyped for what it is. I have combination skin and the first few times I noticed quite a different but now not so much. I'm new to using chemical exfoliants so I found it very easy to use.

    A good product if you don't want to use lots/buy lots of different products as it has AHA's and glycolic acid.

    My only real compla...
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  50. I love this stuff!!!


    I’ve never used a product like this before and now 12 months later, I still use it once a week as part of my Friday night routine to literally “take off” the week!!
    First time I used it, my face was flushed red and it had the burning/tingling feeling on my skin. I actually liked that because it felt like the product was working (is that bad?) but after a few weeks, my skin didn’t react that...
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  51. Not bad

    Ness P

    I got this as a sample and have been using a couple of times a week. Not as great as Some of their other products but my pores seem tighter and skin slightly smother the next morning. A slight burn going on but settles quickly.
    I’m 38 with normal to oily skin - signs of ageing etc.
  52. Wonderful


    This product is great. I haven’t seen visible results however my skin does feel plump and clear the next morning. I have not experienced any sensitivity either. Would recommend.
  53. Great product


    I really like this product, as it is simple but effective. I have never really been sure about all the acid talk, but I have found that this works well for me. I use it a couple of nights a week, and I do notice a difference when I use it.
  54. liquid gold


    This serum is really good for reducing the texture I have due to acne scars. However, I think it can be a bit harsh (I have combo to oily skin) and can sometimes make my skin a little too dry!
  55. Skin is so soft!


    I love this product! Bought it after reading all the great reviews and I am not disappointed. I am 37 with oily skin and after using this at night, I wake up in the morning and my skin looks and feels great. A big reduction in oil too!
  56. liquid gold


    smooths out texture issues on my skin (e.g. acne scarring) but it does leave my skin a bit dry.
  57. Not a good traveller!


    I got recommended this product and was really excited to try it! I actually like the feeling of it on my skin, it’s refreshing, although I never noticed any change. That’s probably because I ran out so fast due to the bottle leaking everywhere every time I went on a plane! I was so disappointed the first time I flew on a 2 hour flight and found that half the bottle was spilled through my toiletrie...
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  58. recommended by YB's


    The YouBeauties recommended this product to me and it has been on my list for a while. My PIH responds really well to chemical exfoliators and this one was no exception to the rule with some improvement on the appearance of my skin. I have used up the entire bottle and will purchase again soon.
  59. Love it!!!


    I decided to try this after reading all the positive comments about this product, hoping it helps to improve my blackheads issue. It works wonder! I use it every second day without moisturiser and serum, my skin feels so clean on the second day and blackheads on my nose has been improved so much. I no longer need & use other exfoliate products as this does the work!

    This has became...
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  60. Truly Holy Grail


    For reference: 47 yo, dry skin. This is the first 'skincare' item I purchased exactly 12 months ago when I started on my skincare 'journey'. And although I have moved on to so many products since - including tret - this is still the one and only product that produces visibly smoother, brighter, glowier, healthier looking skin - basically instantly. I will never be without it although only use ...
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  61. good


    This improves the look of my skin and it does not dry out my skin either
  62. Helped fade dark spots


    As the title says, this is fantastic for fading dark spots. In the short term it would leave my skin smooth and congestion free and in the long run left my complexion clearer and more radiant. What's not to love?
  63. Gold!


    Love this product. Put it on before bed and wake up glowing! Helps shrink blemishes and smooth out my skin. Recommended this to all my friends!!
  64. Love it!


    Been using this for over 12 months now and I feel it makes a difference to my skin. Easy to use and no nasty tacky after feel. Will continue to use.
  65. Great product


    I received a sample of this which I had put away for a special occasion, but with Covid-19 all special occasions are off so I decided to treat myself.
    I actually applied mine in the morning, rather than at night, as I was at home all day due to home-schooling. It was a little tingly at first and so I was worried that my sometimes-sensitive skin was going to flare up but then the tingly sett...
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  66. Disappointing


    I suffer from hormonal acne and dull skin, I had really high hopes for this after reading reviews however after using this for over a month now I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin. Not a bad product but didn’t do any wonders for me unfortunately.
  67. Perfect


    This does help with the early signs of ageing. I have noticed a difference. Will continue to use it
  68. One of my top 5 favorite products!!!!


    I was hesitant to try this as I have extremely sensitive skin but I heard such great reviews.
    I'm so glad I did because Now I can't live without it. It is great for shrinking your pores and its great for removing the dead skin from your face. Cannot Reccomend this product highly enough!!!
  69. Why did I not know about this stuff until now?!


    Seriously, I'm a low maintenance skin care kind of girl and this is my holy grail now! Thank you Alpha H!
  70. Can’t live without this


    I use this every second day. I LOVE it. I’ve been buying it for 2 years and make sure I don’t run out. I have some hyperpigmentation on the sides of my face and this has helped lightened it so much. Last summer, I got caught a few times without sunscreen and the pigmentation flared up. With this product I can visually see the progress it’s making.
  71. Not fussed


    Been using for a month now and I can’t see any different what so ever. I have combination/acne prone skin, it makes my skin noticeably oiler and hasn’t made any difference to fine lines. Won’t be repurchasing.
  72. It is gold.


    The thousands of reviews don't lie - it is liquid gold. I have pale, sensitive skin showing the first signs of aging, I apply this every second night and the next morning I am told I am glowing. I love that you can FEEL it working with that slight tingle.
  73. Not for me


    Feels nice on the skin but didn’t make a big difference with my skin. Keeping in mind that I have combination type skin so will have a different affect on each individual
  74. Glowy skin!


    This product has been on my wishlist for quite some time since I've heard so many good things about it and only recently purchased it for myself. This product has been such a good help especially during iso when my skin seems to be breaking out more than usual. There are periods when my skin just would not stop flaking despite me constantly applying moisturiser but after using this product my skin...
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  75. WOW WOW


    I got this as a sample and had to buy it straight away! I would include this on my face right after toner.. it makes my skin glow. the small bottle can go a long while. highly recommended
  76. Helps with texture


    I recently incorporated this into skincare routine every second night (as I am prone to eczema) I have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, it feels and looks smoother. Can be a little tingly but I kind of like that as I feel like its doing something!
  77. A beauty MUST!


    This completely transformed the texture of my skin. Highly recommend.
  78. Can be hard on the skin


    I tried this product twice, I do like it but it can be harsh on my skin. I now only use it on my nose, forehead and chin. It is very strong and stings but it does exactly what it says it does. I might something else next and see if I end up coming back to the famous Liquid Gold!
  79. Tingly


    Nice tingly sensation on application. I don't use it as often as the bottle states because my sensitive skin can't handle it too often otherwise it breaks me out but once you fit it to your routine it's a game changer.
  80. Great product!


    Got a sample of this with my last AB order and I really like it. Makes my skin feel smooth and clean. The bottle is a little annoying though.
  81. This is the goods...


    Really like this product. It exfoliates so well and leaves your skin feeling very fresh and very smooth. Much prefer this than granular products which I sometimes find harsh or unfulfilling in the smooth skin quest. I have skin which can be sensitive and sometime dry and I think this product works appropriately for my skin type.
  82. Not sure..


    My skin tolerates this well, and I don't find it too drying on my dry skin type. I'm not sure how much 'firming' I see happening, but it does exfoliate well and I appreciate that you can leave it on overnight as that's nice and easy.
  83. ok but pretty strong


    I found this did help with my pigmentation a little but I was very limited in how often I could use it as my skin was very sensitised afterwards for a day or two if I used it more than once a week. My skin is not particularly sensitive
  84. Incedible


    Highly recommend this product. One of the only things helping with my pregnacy break outs.
  85. A must in my collection!


    This product is a staple in my skincare collection. I use it once a week and it helps to clear my skin. I love that it is super easy to use, you just swipe it all over your face with a cotton pad after cleansing your skin. One bottle also lasts quite a long time so it is well worth the money! Would highly recommend it to everyone.
  86. Fresh and smooth skin!


    This is just what I needed to smooth out my rough, tired skin. I saw some results after using it about three times and have seen even more
    Improvement to my skin texture and pore visibility since then.
    I follow it up with something hydrating like hyaluronic acid afterwards and I find that helps to put some hydration back in
  87. Clears breakouts


    I always keep liquid gold in my skincare kit. It clears breakouts at the first sign of appearing and tones/refines my skin, especially my oily t-zone. I find that it is quite a powerful chemical exfoliant that does not dry out my skin or cause irritation, great product!
  88. Magic in a bottle


    I usually not a big fan of alpha h but this is something else , my skin is super hydrated glowing the next day . I have a Indian skin tone bdw pigmentation prone skin . I love this
  89. Feels great


    Leaves skin feeling fresh and glowy when used over night. Easy to use and does live up to the hype of all of the reviews. Would recommend
  90. Skin refresh


    I love how this product leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I use every second night and love the tingly feeling
  91. Love it!


    My skin looks so glowy the morning after I use it. The first time I used it, it stung a little and by face went bright red, but that has calmed down a little now. It's amazing.
  92. YESS


    Fabulous in every way. It does everything it claims to. I have super reactive breakout prone skin, I was so worried to try this, but its gorgeous, does not cause breakouts. It clears up spots and spot pigmentation too. It can make my skin more sensitive, so I only use it once a week in the winter, must wear sunscreen, and DONT GET YOUR EYEBROWS SHAPED THE NEXT DAY.
  93. Don't get the hype


    I am on my second bottle of this and to be honest I'm not sure if it is doing anything......I will use this once a week or if experiencing breakouts, but i find on application this product uncomfortably stings my face. I have sensitive skin so hence only use once a week/ stinging. I do find it reduces my breakouts but in terms of firming and brightening my skin, i already use products that do such...
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  94. Overall good results!


    I expected to wake up feeling like a million bucks each time I used this product. And I can say it didn't disappoint! My skin definitely loved all the ingredients in this product and I have very oily/acne prone skin! Will see how well it works long term but short term its a yes from me.
  95. Great Product


    This is such a great product, I can see the difference after a week. I brought it for my pigmentation and sun damage. Be very careful of sun exposure after, it can really reverse what you are trying to fix.
  96. Really good product


    This product is a watery consistency, you need to soak a cotton pad and then smooth it over the face. I do feel a tingle when it is applied to bare skin. I only use this at night once a week or when my skin is particularly flakey. It is effective at smoothing the skin and making your skin more radiant but I wouldn’t suggest using too frequently and not along side other exfoliating products. I real...
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  97. clear skin


    does not break me out, makes my skin bright. However, it stings when I apply
  98. Effective but can be too strong for sensitive skin


    I used this product together with the Liquid Gold cleanser and face mask. It is definitely working. I have noticed that the skin surface became smoother.For my sensitive skin it works best to use it only a 1-2 times per week.
  99. hyped for a reason!


    you might think this doesn't do much, but the next morning I am ALWAYS glowy - it's one of those, can't quite put my finger on it procucts, but my skin loves it. third bottle - so that speaks for itself. Use your hands for application, you don't need cotton pads - it's a waste of product.
  100. Not worth the hype


    I was really excited to get this as a Christmas present and after using over half a year now every third day a bottle has gone a long way. To be honest though I see no results from when I started using it. If anything it’s just similar to that of an alcoholic toner that you could buy at the chemist. Another thing that I dislike about this product is that they recommend that you do not moisturise ...
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