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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.7 of 1406 reviews


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4 instalments of $14.30


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Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a powerful night time firming and revitalising solution which can boost your skin's radiance in just one application!


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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4.7 of 1406 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Holy Grail


I've used up two full bottles and keep coming back for me. It works great for my oily, acne prone yet dehydrated skin and I always wake up with a super glow the morning after using this! I like to use it twice a week as I read that much acid on acne prone skin could worsen the situation.

Most Helpful Criticism

Breaks me out


Every time I use the liquid gold I wake up the next morning with acne and it hangs around for at least 3 days. I’m not sure if I should keep using it if it’s just an initial breakout or if it will continue throughout use
  1. Pretty good


    The smell is quite strong when its on your face but it works well! I generally don't put anything on my face afterwards and wake up with very smooth skin. I alternate this with the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% as I like a physical scrub as well.
  2. Holy Grail


    I've used up two full bottles and keep coming back for me. It works great for my oily, acne prone yet dehydrated skin and I always wake up with a super glow the morning after using this! I like to use it twice a week as I read that much acid on acne prone skin could worsen the situation.
  3. Holy grail of skin care


    This stuff is honestly amazing! I have naturally oily skin with lots of blackheads and have been using liquid gold for the last 6 months (and one bottle has lasted me that entire time...). My skin feels so soft and smooth and I literally do not get a single pimple if I use this every second day. It’s definitely helped reduced my blackheads and pores and my skin texture and complexion is much more even
  4. Not sure what the hype is about


    I just don't really know what this is doing. I am conscious not to over do it so I use it maybe twice a week on average, with nothing over the top, and in the morning my skin looks.. well the same. I've been using for amount 3 months but I will persevere based on the great reviews!
  5. Can’t wait to re order


    I received a sample of this product.
    Applied it at night and my skin felt amazing the next morning, will be ordering next order!
  6. Effective


    I received a sample of this, and noticed that the next day my skin was definitely glowing a bit more and my pimple scars seemed to have faded a bit. Once my glycolic acid from the ordinary runs out I will be buying this!
  7. fantastic clarifier


    I have pinkish combination skin, bordering on roseacea so i am very picky about what I use. I love how this product makes my skin bright and clear. Its a staple on my nightstand now and always will be. I think of it and my miracle treatment. I use it twice a week and it keeps my skin exfoliated and clear. Get it. You won't regret it!
  8. is it GOLD


    Got recommended this product a year ago and have not looked back. Its everything it says it does. My skin tone has differently changed and my sun damaged has improved a lot. It lasts a long time if you use it correctly.
  9. smooth skin


    very effective and and is quick and easy to do at night
  10. Too hard to early


    So many positive comments I had to try. I have acne prone skin, at 32 (come on!) am concerned about the early signs of aging. I applies every second night and it was too much as I woke up with pimples. I feel like once a week will do the trick, that doesn’t seem to make me break out. Will continue to use and see how I go.
  11. My skin's best friend!


    I have been using this for a year now and I can confirm that yes, it does what it claims!
    My skin is smooth and soft and this product has made my complexion clear and radiant.
    I have on occasion used it a few days in a row and found that I had a slight break out, however, this was my fault as it is recommended to be used every second day. I find that a bottle lasts me quite a while so I do find it affordable, especially for the benefits it has on my skin. I have normal to dry skin and it can sometimes be sensitive but I have no issues using this. I am buying a bottle for my closest friend and I can guarantee she will love it too!
  12. Excellent for pigmentation


    I originally bought Alpha H Liquid Gold after going on a holiday where I was in the sun a lot. My face had developed large patches of pigmentation. After doing some research I decided to incorporate this into my skincare routine and it really made a noticeable difference. I also found it surprising how moisturised your skin feels in the morning despite not applying moisturiser. A must have!
  13. Great results


    I use this about 3 times a week and I have definitely noticed improvements to my skin. It’s a lot clearer now and glowy. It’s also smooth and makeup applies so much better now
  14. The best


    So happy i discovered this brand! My friend let me tried it and it was amazing!!! So fresh and clean feeling in the morning from applying it and letting it sit on your face the whole night.
  15. Great product


    I have extremely dry skin and I was worried this would dry it out more. But it actually exfoliated my dry areas and made my skin feel incredibly smooth. Also helped with brightening of my skin.
  16. I wanted that K-Skin glow, and I've got it!


    I'm in my early 30's now and having always relied on my good genes and youth I never really had a skin care routine as such. My skin is combination and I have been starting to notice that my skin is not as bright or as fine as it used to be. This product has been amazing for my skin! I LOVE it!
  17. Got sucked in by the 2 for 1 but don't love it

    I buy too much makeup

    I got sucked in by the 2 for 1 and now I don't really know what to do with the product. I find it too harsh for my skin. I'll probably mix a couple of drops in with body moisturiser to use it up... But that will take a while!
    I will stick to The Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion every night. It's super effective without harshness and negative effects.
  18. Cult product for a reason


    This is a cult product for a reason! I bought 2 of these through Adore Beauty and I am nearly out of it already!
    Using every 2-3 nights, I put this one after cleansing and before my serums/oils/moisturisers, and I wake up the next day glowing! My skin is looking so much better since I started using this. It's going to make me glow on my wedding day! :)
  19. Bring back the rose gold


    I really wish the rose gold version would come back :(
  20. Makes my skin feel refreshed overnight


    This product really works. I have uneven skin tone and pigmentation on the side of my face - after using Liquid Gold a few times i've noticed my skin tone even out.
  21. A must have

    Laura O

    A great all-in-one peel that leaves your skin deeply cleaned and soft. I'm 29 and I personally only use this up to two times per week. I highly recommend.
  22. Great overnight exfoliant


    I was recommended this product by a friend who’s skin was looking great and she thanked this product for it. I put it on at night with a cotton pad and it smooths over my skin so nicely. I wake up in the morning and my skin is tightened and glowing, and also reduced my breakouts. Would recommend!
  23. Great product


    I love this and Alpha H, I have a couple of their vitamins. My skin is nice and glowy in the morning. Definitely recommend.
  24. Great product


    Been using this for a month now and all I can say is this product is a must have on my skin care routine. It makes my face smooth and rosy looking. I'll still have to wait for the acne marks to fade but I can see an improvement after using this.
  25. Nice


    I found this product nice on my skin I haven’t seen many effects so far.
  26. So good!


    I absolutely love chemical exfoliators and Alpha-H does some of the best! It's no wonder this product is such a cult classic when the results speak for themselves! I highly recommend for those with textured skin. It can also help with pigmentation and acne!
  27. exfoliation with minimal irritation


    I find I can use this 2-3 times a week to keep my face feeling smooth without having to worry about over exfoliating or irritating my skin. I do still use a deeper exfoliant treatment once a week, but this gets me through the rest of the week!
  28. Great first impression

    Liz S

    I have only used this once but I saw results. I have dry and dehydrated skin, and I used this under serum and moisturizer. The next day, my skin looked glowy and bright. This is now an essential beauty product for me.
  29. A bathroom staple!


    I have been using Alpha-H Liquid Gold for a while now and apply religiously every second night. It is definitely a fantastic product for leaving your skin super soft and improves the appearance of my pores. When you first start to use it, there can be a bit of a sting, but persevere because it is definitely worth the slight discomfort, which will improve the more you use it.
  30. Makes my skin glow


    Every night that I use this I wake up the next morning, Look in the mirror and my skin is so beautiful and glowing. It tingles when you apply it and that makes me a bit nervous that it would burn my skin, but after knowing it doesn’t it’s all good.
  31. Amazing,highly recommend!


    I haven't used many skincare products at all where you see an immediate difference after only 1 or 2 uses but i did with the liquid gold. I would highly recommend made my skin look much clearer and feel a lot smoother. I have recommended to all my friends, can see why its one of Alpha H best selling and signature products.
  32. Game Changer


    I received a free sample of Liquid Gold on an order maybe 6 months ago. I'll slap most anything onto my skin, so was more than happy to give it ago. I'd never heard of the brand before, and when I saw that it was Australian, became more eager to try. Even when it was my only Alpha-H product (the collection is growing thanks to this) I noticed a huge difference in fine lines and the overall complexion of my skin. It does tingle upon application, but that doesn't last long. I'm now an Alpha-H convert, and it all started here. Give it a go!
  33. Breakout city


    Been using for approx 3 weeks now in conjunction with the peel. & my skin has never looked worse. I understand that at the start breakouts are normal but this far in I was hoping for much better results. A bit disappointing for $160 in products
  34. Somehow exceeded the hype


    I’d had my eye on liquid gold for a while, since I use the alpha h micro-exfoliant and daily 50+ spf moisturiser, so I’ve obviously seen the six million rave reviews. But I hadn’t bought it, since I generally avoid putting any products with alcohol on my skin, let alone a full blown chemical exfoliant. I’m pretty established in my skin care regime, and full disclosure, I do have pretty much perfect skin, no pigmentation, no scarring even though I had acne as a teenager, I basically never get a pimple now, my skin isn’t ever really congested because I’m pretty meticulous, and for my age (32) considering I smoked heavily for over a decade, I have very few wrinkles and a good complexion (I quit recently though), people generally think I’m 23 (on average). But I got a sample with something else I ordered, so I figured, let’s see what this is all about.
    I went for the big guns, put it on overnight after cleansing and didn’t put a moisturiser over it (honestly, I was scared what would happen). It tingled, I got more scared.
    But in the morning, my skin was crazy soft, smooth, and revitalised. Even compared to my normal skin. My very slight forehead wrinkles were diminished, and the whole thing was like I’d had a professional peel done and gone through the nasty healing time afterwards, but overnight in my sleep. I literally went to find my friend to just feel my skin. Somehow, the magical liquid gold had exceeded the hype (and earned its name).
    I never review until at least a week later in case of any weird side effects that might crop up. I did slather my face in the 50+ spf moisturiser that day (and days afterwards), because it does give you VERY clear warnings about sun sensitivity, and I burn super easily anyway... nothing ages you worse than sun exposure so that would negate the positive effects if I burned after using it. But there were no breakouts, dryness, oiliness, congestion, pimples, nothing. It just really worked.
    I doubt I’d use it as often as 2-3 times a week for my skin because it is SO intense, but it really is... liquid gold. I’m about to buy the full size right now.
    Sorry for the long review, hope it’s helpful, and yep, make sure you go HARD with spf protection afterwards! (And just always really).
  35. Life-saving product


    Works wonders on skin texture overnight!
  36. Insanely good


    This product is phenomenal. After two uses my skin is dewy and glowing, I am blown away. I have pretty sensitive skin and have had no issues, other than a slight tingle on application as advised. The next day my skin is soft and glowing. Given I have a newborn and am existing on 5 hours sleep that is no mean feat!!! Cannot recommend enough.
  37. Amazing overnight facial.


    Adore Beauty sent me this product as a sample. I used it for one night and my skin felt amazing in the morning! Super fresh, tight, plump and bright. I was a little bit worried initially as I do not have sensitive skin but after applying Alpha-H Liquid Gold my skin was tingling pretty intensely and went red! However, after about 10 minutes it settled down. I have now purchased the full size product and I use it twice a week. The results are clearly visible.
  38. A God Send


    My daughter therapist suggested this to me and I must say it is worth every penny. I use this every second night and my skin looks and feels so much better the next day. My breakouts have greatly reduced and my complexion is more clear and even toned. I like that you can use it on it’s own for a stronger treatment or use underneath your serums and moisturisers. A must have in anyone’s skincare routine.


    When ordering this product, I was unsure if this product would live up to its hype.. But boy was I wrong! If you are thinking about buying Liquid Gold, JUST DO IT! I promise you will not regret it later!!
  40. Alpha h gold liquid is great


    Only been using this product just over a week and already see a difference in my skin for the better. My skin looks healthier.
  41. Absolute gold standard!!


    This is the gold standard of chemical exfoliators.
    I use this 2 - 3 x a week at night. I cleanse with a cheaper, fragrance free gel cleanser and then put this on top...sometimes I don't even put on a serum or oil and just let this do its thing. It works overnight, evens skin tone, fixes any textural issues and helps with the absorption of hydrators or moisturisers. It lasts ages too, as not much is needed. Although a bit pricey - it's worth it because it means you can use more basic cleansers and moisturisers as this punches above its weight. Hero product! I love it.
  42. A must!


    Reason I gave 4 stars is because I find it quite similar to the Ordinarys Glycolic acid Toner but with a bit more kick. I do see results when used consistently every 2nd night and even use the toner on my arms where I have Keratosis pilaris because of the AHA and it is quite effective :)
  43. Love the tingle


    Absolute must have for ageing skin! I use this product twice a week and have absolutely noticed a difference. I always used a harsh physical apricot exfoliant and didn't realise how much damage it was doing to my skin. I apply this product at night, love the tingling feeling you get and then wake up with fresh glowing skin. Alpha H has become my favourite skincare line!
  44. Great product


    I have pretty normal skin but heading to my mid 30’s was looking for something to reduce signs of aging. Love that this is a leave on product and only requires use a few nights a week. Working well for my skin.
  45. This stuff is good!!


    Been using this about 2- 3 times a week and have definitely seen some results my skins a lot smoother and brighter makes my make up go on so much easier! Would definitely recommend this product!!
  46. Brilliant exfoliant


    Great exfoliant that doesn’t irritate my skin... I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed major changes with skin from it, but I still like to use it a few times a week.
  47. Wake up with good skin


    I always have one of these on hand, I don't use it every day but whenever my skin is feeling bumpy and I have breakouts coming up this is great. I love to put it all over but especially over any breakouts or bumps under the skin. Doesn't dry out the skin and I don't need any moisturizer after.
  48. I adore this product


    Adore beauty sent me a sample pad, which was lovely, however I already have this product, and a back up and have been using it for years. This stuff works so well for my skin. I love the tingle when it’s applied and I love the effects the next morning. I have oily skin and liquid gold helps refine my pores and keep my skins sebum under control. It is because of this product that I now use a lot more glycolic products because they just make such a difference. Even the next morning, my serums and creams sink into my skin much better. I won’t stop using it.
  49. Weekend ready skin!


    I had very high hopes for this product after reading the glowing reviews - and it doesn't disappoint.
    At first I used every 2-3 nights, at the beginning I saw dramatic results with clearer skin, and the appearance of my pores had reduced significantly. Now I find I use it once a week on a Friday night and I have really clear, bright and smooth skin, could probably increase use to once every 4 nights. I find it does wonders for exfoliated my dry skin because my forehead tends to get a little flaky. Will purchase again - it has lasted a few months so the price is worth it.
  50. Literal "liquid gold"


    This is one of my all time favourite products and my go-to product I recommend to all my friends! I mainly purchased it when my breakouts started to calm down to help with pigmentation and it didn't leave my skin feeling tight like toners normally do.
  51. Cannot live without!


    This is the most incredible product! I've been using it for 5 years now and recently was pregnant/had a baby and was devastated so many products were off limits (to give you that glow, smooth skin without peels and vitamin a) so was happy happy to discover this was a "safe" product I could continue to use!!
  52. A+ Product!

    Kirsten M

    As someone who has struggled with problem skin for a while I have (desperately) tried many products, many of which made things worse or made no change at all. Until I purchased this product.
    It actually IS liquid gold!

    I saw a change immediately. It clears problem areas but without being too harsh on my skin and you can see the change in just one night. I expected to see results, but I was blown away at how amazing the results were in such a quick time.
  53. Tingly goodness


    This is a great product! First recommended to me by a therapist during a microdermabrasion appointment. I love the tingly feeling, my face feels so soft afterwards and paired with the lavender face mask my skin is totally free of any breakouts. I try use this 3 times a week before going to bed and I don’t use a moisturiser or serum afterwards.
  54. Love


    Love love love. You can feel this product working. Beautiful packaging.
  55. Love this product


    My mum has been using liquid gold for over 10 years she has always been on my back about using it. I started a couple of months ago and have seen a big difference in my skin, it's much more bright, even and small breakouts are starting to minimise. Wish I stated using it sooner!
  56. Smoother skin


    I have very sensitive skin and this product does make my skin red and become a little flared up. However, I have still used it over the last few months and it does improve the texture of my skin.


    It’s like having a facial at home.
    I wake feeling so refreshed and super clean and smooth after using this. I will continue to buy this when I run out.
    It tingled in an old pimple but not bad it made me feel great knowing it working and doing something on my skin.
    11/10 for me
  58. Smoother & more silky quality to my skin


    I have very sensitive skin (age 44) and need to be very careful with glycolic acid as some products with this ingredient make my skin turn an angry red. This product has vastly improved the texture of my face, the next day I can visibly see a smoother and more silky quality to my skin. My moisturisor also seems to absorb better using this product. I only use twice weekly (have done so for 3 months) and my skin looks better than it did a year ago! Friends keep complimenting me and I am wearing less make-up! I would definitely recommend adding this product to your weekly routine.
  59. Holy water in a bottle!!


    This stuff is amazing! It’s like holy water! I wake up in the morning after using this the night before and my skin feels so soft and GLOWY!! I have been using this for a while for now and i can see a bit difference in my skin- even my friends have noticed a difference. 1 bottle lasts ages! Great value!
  60. Game changer


    I have been using this product for more than 6 months now, and I can safely say that is the only product that made my fine lines a lot less noticeable, it also makes my skin glowy and clear!
    I wish I have found this years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and money.
  61. Hello dewy skin!


    Exfoliation is so important to keep skin from being uneven & to get rid of dead skin cells & I find that the alpha-h liquid gold does just that! I only use it a couple times a week & I find its also good on the areas of my arms where I have keratosis pilaris. Just remember to always protect yourself with SPF!
  62. Love it


    Love this product. Received initially as a free sample and have since purchased full size. I use 2 - 3 x per week for an intense treatment (no night creamier top) and it seems to help with fine lines and pigmentation. Will buy again
  63. My holy grail!


    I have this in both the regular and the rose gold version and will never be without a bottle. It has truly done wonders for my skin. When I first started using it, the morning after my skin felt like it was sunburned, and this happened for the first few mornings. But once it settled down the results were incredible. I can see why everyone raves on about it, it is worth its weight in gold!!


    I cannot believe this product is real. I have very acne-prone skin and am constantly battling with red marks and uneven colouring. The morning after using this product I wake up to refreshed, even-toned, dewy-looking skin. It can sting a little when first applied, but this doesn't last long. It also hasn't reduced my acne or the occurrence of pimples, but it does significantly minimise thier aggressive appearance and minimise the look of my wrinkles. I have never had these results before, and I will never live without this product again. I can not recommend this enough!!!
  65. Acidic


    I don't really use peels or acids, but received a bottle as a gift, so tried it out. First time it was quite irritating. I don't use regularly, so 2nd and 3rd time I used, was less irritating, but still can feel a sting. Face does seem to be more hydrated or smooth after using, so maybe it's doing something.
  66. Pretty Good


    I've got combination skin that's eczema prone so I'm always very careful about what I use on my face. Recently my skin felt super textured and bumpy so I used a sample of liquid gold I had. My face was like brand new so I committed to a bottle. I don't use this every day since my face is so sensitive but I use it once or twice a week when my skin feels like it needs refreshing. It hasn't caused an eczema flare up and I'm pretty happy with it
  67. LOVE


    I use a lot of skincare products and love trying new things... but this I actually got as a sample and I loveddddd it. My skin was so smooth and dewy after using it. Can't wait to order it once my facial moisturiser runs out!
  68. No significant improvement


    This didn't significantly change the tone or texture of my skin after a few months of use so is not worth continuing with given the price.
  69. Unsure


    I’m a bit unsure of this product. I get a little bit of breakouts on my chin and this irritates my skin a bit when I apply it for the first couple of minutes and slightly stings! But after my skin does feel smooth. I do find that the day after I use it any breakouts that I may have under my skin really come out. Not sure I would be purchase. Just hasn’t worked entirely for my skin personally!
  70. Fantastic product


    I love this product, it;s no toner, but so much more! I simply apply the product to a cotton pad and swipe over face, then leave it on all night! That is all! Such a fabulous product for smooth and clear skin
  71. Works


    Works well at clearing skin so mucb so that my partner has begun using is also. Love it.
  72. Good exfoliation


    This is great for exfoliating the skin but wasn’t a ‘fix’ for breakouts. It does sting when applied especially after cleansing. I will probably just use once a week as an exfolator.
  73. Amazing for oily skin!


    This has been one of the most important products to help with my congested and oily skin. It’s a light liquid, I use mine after washing my fave instead of toner, give my skin a good wipe with a heavily soaked cotton pad and allow to dry for about 10 minutes before finishing with moisturiser. The texture is light and watery with a very light scent that doesn’t seem to irritate my skin. Highly recommend!
  74. Always in my cabinet


    I use this religiously and can’t count the number of bottles I have used. I love the feeling the next morning after having used it. My skin is sooo much smoother and brighter
  75. Not for sensitive skin

    Jess M

    I received a sample of this product and it was super strong on my sensitive skin, it felt like it was slightly burning as some strong toners can do, I needed to wipe it off straight away. It could have reacted with the products I had used to cleanse my face before applying the product but I wouldn't purchase. Just not for me.
  76. Wowee


    I'm not usually the biggest fan of using acids on my face. My skin usually feels tight, sore and unhappy afterwards and I end up dealing with a mini-chemical burn rather than glowing skin.

    I only use this every three days (instead of the two recommended) and follow up with Laneige Water Sleeping Mask to seal the deal. So far my skin has looked a lot smoother, more radiant and makeup has sat a bit better. Overall skin texture has improved - and I've only been using it three times in total so far. So yeah, it's up there in HG territory.

    A word of warning though - there is a lot of alcohol in the formula so be careful if you have any open pimples or sores - it will sting!
  77. Breaks me out


    Every time I use the liquid gold I wake up the next morning with acne and it hangs around for at least 3 days. I’m not sure if I should keep using it if it’s just an initial breakout or if it will continue throughout use
  78. Fresh Skin


    Love this stuff! I’ve lost count how many bottles I have purchased. It’s the best chemical exfoliant but watch out if you have sensitive skin!
  79. Incredibly concentrated product


    I received a sample and it acts like a toner. Except it's super strong so make sure you don't have any cuts on your skin!.

    Incredibly concentrated product. Unsure about long term results results however after using it once my skin felt a bit tighter and looked better the next day.
  80. Complexion!


    I got a sample of this with one of my purchases and saw a difference overnight. My skin was less red and brighter. Loved it so much that i just purchased it
  81. YES! Amazing!


    Got this as a duo pack on special, it is an amazing product I think it's like a toner, I apply with a cotton pad and let it dry and go to sleep, every second night, wake up and skin is luminous and glowy ! Has saved my post acne blemished skin and I go out makeup free now!
  82. Pleasant and smooth


    I received this "Gold" Treatment in a generous sample bottle and have finally tried it. I was concerned at first as I have sensitive skin, but I needn't have worried. It flows on so gently and after a couple of minutes it feels dry yet smooth. I usually don't follow with moisturiser, it's suitable even for my mature skin!
  83. A nice treat for the skin


    I bought the Rose Gold edition that came in with a whole collection. If you're a first time user of this product, this could make your skin feel tingly and uncomfortable. It took me a couple of times before my skin got used to the tingliness of the product. Nonetheless, it always gives me a nice glow a few hours of application. I usually just use this twice a week and I don't follow it with a moisturiser (as mentioned in the instruction for an intensive effect). Another thing to know is the smell which is not nice. My husband complains all the time about the smell. But once you're used ot the tingly feeling and the smell, this is by far a really good product that you could use.
  84. Great, but drying


    I have very oily and acne prone skin, but am also have dry patches on my cheeks and forehead. I wanted to try Liquid Gold because I had heard amazing things (for anyone who loves skincare and beauty, look up the group "You Beauty" on Facebook, they have the best recommendations!) and was keen to try a glycolic acid product. My expectations were definitely met, my acne and overall oiliness was reduced overnight after my first try of Liquid Gold, but it did leave my skin noticeably drier, and in desperate need of hydration. I would strongly recommend using a thick moisturiser after Liquid Gold (even though it does minimise its effectiveness) if you have slightly dry skin.
  85. Love, Love, Love


    The reviews are all amazing and this product did not disappoint. Saw wonderful results in my skin almost immediately. This is my new favourite skincare product. I’ve also been preaching it to anyone who will listen!!!
    My skin is quite dry and often feels tight, this has been amazing at relieving these symptoms.
  86. WOW!


    I received a small sample of this and I thought this product was over rated but wow! I saw instant results the next day! My skin was instantly clear, plumped and glowy. My friend the next day was amazed by my skin and thought I had botox done! Definitely purchasing!
  87. Great product


    I am on the third bottle of this liquid gold. I use this at alternative night and I love the nice feel of my skin upon waking up with a glowing skin. Definitely worth the price
  88. Gold


    Absolutely love this stuff, defiantly notice a difference when i don't use it. I received a single use pad soaked in this goodness as a little sample with my recent purchase and would definitely purchase these pads if they were available.
  89. Brighter Firmer looking skin overnight


    I have combination skin with some pigmentations on my cheeks. I have been using this product every couple of days in the PM before bed. It has definitely reduced the marks on my cheeks & my face feels brighter & more firm overnight. Amazing & well worth the price!
  90. Game changer


    Just bought my second bottle of this stuff because it pretty magical. I suffered from congestion and dull looking skin. Adding this into my routine every second night is super easy but has be waking up with the most glowy fresh skin. Bonus that I can use it while pregnant!!
  91. The name says it all


    Beautiful product, skin feels clear and fresh upon waking up after just one use. A great “all in one” treatment.
  92. Great


    This product reduces the look of fine lines and it makes my skin look clear, glowing and healthy. AMAZING PRODUCT!!
  93. My skin feels brand new after using this


    My skin feels brand new after using this. Wear it overnight and your skin will look incredible in the morning, smooth and glowing. Well worth the investment.
  94. Great product

    Mim S

    Absolutely love this product. Woke up with glowing, smoother skin every morning after using. Only downside is the smell when you first apply product but definitely a product I’d buy again
  95. Holy grail!!!!


    I was lucky enough to purchase the twin pack of this amazing product, after receiving it as a free gift with purchase. It is the best chemical exfoliators out there. Because I have extremely dry skin, physical exfoliators are very abrasive and tend to make my skin very sensitive and prone to flaking. This chemical exfoliator is easy to use, just every second night. I recommend using at night time before bed as sun exposure can cause skin to become photosensitive when using this product t. I will be purchasing another bottle as I am running on empty. Addicted!!
  96. Must have!


    This is one of the products I always recommend. Has so many uses. Pop it on a breakout. Leave it on your face overnight for a next morning glow. Use it if you have gone overboard on the face fake tan. Clears up congested pores and makes everything smooth and glowy
  97. Keep coming back to this!


    I have used Liquid Gold for a few years, I started using it when I was around 18-19. I had pretty bad acne and started using it in an attempt to clear my skin. While it didn't clear my skin (accutane was the only thing that worked) it helped refine my skin, reduce any scarring and keep it from getting worse. After accutane (I couldn't use anything except water - my skin was way to sensitive to use anything else) I started using it again to get rid of any residual marks and spots and this has since been a staple in my beauty cupboard. I have found that this freshens up my skin and gives a it beautiful glow, and the glycolic gently exfoliates. I *rarely* use physical exfoliants, I'd rather acids and peels than a scrub any day. And I just love the tingles that I get from swiping this on my face. I would most definitely recommend this!
  98. Highly recommend


    I love thus product. I always notice a difference the next morning! I use it around twice a week, have really dry skin, and find it hydrating and gives me a glow :)
  99. This really is liquid gold


    I apply this after cleansing at night twice a week and by morning I can see a noticeable difference to my skin. My blemishes look more clear and skin is glowing. I highly recommend.
  100. Skin felt smooth


    Received as a sample and I think I want to buy to try again. Used alone as suggested on the instructions for a more intense treatment and did feel the next day my skin looked different. I can't explain but i know it looked different a brighter.
  101. Review & Earn
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