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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.6 of 1845 reviews


4 instalments of $15.02

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4 instalments of $15.02

Or 4 instalments of $15.02 with LEARN MORE

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a powerful night time firming and revitalising solution which can boost your skin's radiance in just one application!


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Reviews

4.6 of 1845 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

adore this


this is so amazing for flattening out texture from acne. I love that it doesn't dry out my skin excessively like other treatments. that said, this is definitely a twice a week type of product - you don't want to go overboard

Most Helpful Criticism

No significant improvement


I have used this for quite a while now without seeing any significant changes to the tone or texture of my skin. This has been a disappointing purchase for me.
  1. Great for simple routine


    This product is great when you want to take a break from a 7 step routine every second night but still want to do something effective. However, I find that this product is irritating on my skin if I don’t apply moisturiser on top.
  2. adore this


    this is so amazing for flattening out texture from acne. I love that it doesn't dry out my skin excessively like other treatments. that said, this is definitely a twice a week type of product - you don't want to go overboard
  3. Worth its weight


    I feel this product takes its time but is definitely worth its weight in gold! I use it alone without any moisturiser on top so its at its most potent and my skin truly feels resurfaced in the morning. I would recommend introducing it slowly as it can tingle if you're not used to AHAs.
  4. Do yourself a favour and buy this


    I had heard so many glowing reviews of Liquid Gold - and I promise you, it lives up to the hype! I use this twice a week - once after cleansing but before moisturiser, and once as an intensive overnight treatment. It makes my skin feel amazing. It definitely tingles when I apply it, so I know it's working! And my skin feels smoother and so much softer the next morning. I have also heard this can b...
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  5. Amazing for clear skin


    I love this product - the limited edition rose one is my preference but the original is also very pleasantly fragranced. It is very effective and works overnight to exfoliate. I’ve never had irritation from this but in saying that my skin is very used to chemical exfoliants so I have a higher tolerance.
  6. Actually liquid gold


    verified purchaser
    This product is amazing! I have oily/combination skin and am prone to breakouts in my T-zone, I use Liquid Gold about 3 times a week and it has cleared all congestion! You wake up with a fresh face in the morning.
  7. Great for smooth complexion


    I tried this at a friend's house and then ordered online. Would highly recommend adding this to your skincare routine every couple of days. It leaves my complexion feeling smoother and my pores less visible.
  8. Not bad


    I received this as a free gift and have only used this once and I could see a glow the next morning. I will continue to use it.
  9. Amazing for clogged pores


    I have dry skin and struggle with blackheads, clogged pores and hormonal breakouts. I was concerned this would be too drying but surprisingly it isn’t and made all the bumps I had on my cheeks vanish and my breakouts are less severe now.
  10. Close to perfect


    This product is my go to for the nights I don't feel like doing my entire lengthy skin routine. Double cleanse and I apply this and by morning my skin id sosmooth, brighter and texture is much more refined. Lovely scent and good value for money
  11. its great


    this is really good and works well. Also did not leave my skin irritated like some products can
  12. Great for refining texture


    This product is lovely for refining texture on the skin, particularly congestion or little bumps, as it really smooths out the skin without being abrasive. It feels tingly and then neutralises once you apply your moisturiser. It leaves your skin looking bright, even and smooth. I love this product, especially for those who have not used chemical exfoliants before. It will change your skin!!
  13. My new night time favourite


    Received this 30ml and tried this at night. You apply on the cotton pad and wipe all over the face after cleansing your skin. It is quite soothing and refreshing lotion. Next day I felt my skin was brighter and pumped. Very happy with this product. Will continue to use this a few times a week at night for further results.
  14. Fancy


    Heard about it on the podcast and took the plunge. I still find it hard to to get used to the idea of just cleansing and then applying it solo without the rest of my routine.. SO I usually cheat and leave it on for a few hours and then apply my serum and moisturiser later at night. I find my skin is clearer and smoother because of the exfoliating properties.
  15. True to its name


    I've been using this for about 2 years now and it's dramatically improved the texture of my skin and quickly eliminates pimples on the rare occasion when I get them. When a travel size version of this became available as part of a gift with purchase I leapt at the opportunity. Hopefully I'll get the chance to use the travel version of this wonderful product some time in the near future!
  16. Would recommend


    Wasn't sure this product would live up to the hype but I would definitely recommend. Using 2-3 times a week has really helped give my skin a good clean out, be gentle on your cheeks.
  17. AMAZING!!


    The name says it all! Literally liquid gold! I saw instant results the next morning after using it just once. Super affordable also!
  18. Lives up to the hype


    So nice to buy a product where you can see results so quickly!
  19. Liquid gold


    Cult favourite for a reason! I've tried other glycolic acids, but this is the one I keep coming back to - it has less irritation for me and great results. It's amazing for smoothing my skin texture overnight
  20. The best


    It is great for lazy girls like me. I use it every other night and have seen drastic reduction in my pores and improved skin texture
  21. Perfect


    I highly recommend this product. You can see instant results after use and straight away recommended this to my sister! I use it two to three times a week and love the whole alpha line of products which I’m slowly incorporating into my routine.
  22. Great, but not perfect!


    Your skin does feel softer and smoother after using this product, but I haven't seen any long term improvement from the use of this product. Nevertheless I will continue to use this as an easy overnight exfoliant to reset my skin weekly. I just wish it came in an extra-strength version for thicker skin like mine!
  23. It's a facial in a bottle


    This glycolic acid based toner works wonders on pigmentation with consistent use over time. Works beautifully for refining pores and leaves the skin feeling fresh and bright. I wish this came in a larger sized bottle, but I will continue to repurchase anyway!
  24. Winter booster


    Every winter I turn to this product to resurface and renew my complexion. I have fair skin that burns easily so I am cautious about using it in summer months. It leaves my skin plump, and evens out its texture. It also reduces the pigmentation that I have started to notice with age.
    It does tingle, but I don't mind that particularly. I think it is best to use alternative nights and work up ...
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  25. Makes my skin softer


    I use this every second night without anything over the top and despite the dry weather at the moment I definitely notice that the next morning my skin is soft, hydrated and there are less fine lines. I haven't noticed a reduction in pigmentation but I didn't take any before photos so perhaps it has improved.
  26. Really saw & felt a difference but can sting!


    Received this as a sample - it made my skin feel smooth & definitely more plumped.
    But it did sting so I removed it probably quicker than recommended.


    I bought this in a pack with the liquid rose gold and I'm so glad that I did. It feels so amazing and helps keep skin really clear and soft. I really recommend getting this.
  28. So effective and easy to use


    If you want an effective product that is simple and straightforward to use, then this is it. An absolute no-brainer. I use a couple of times a week, Swipe over face and chest. Leave for 5 minutes. Follow with a nourishing serum and wake up with radiant skin! Over time my pores are more refined and my skin texture has improved
  29. Good addition


    Great addition to my night time routine. After a couple of weeks my skin is firmer! So far so good!
  30. Very effective


    I have been using liquid gold for a month now & I am hooked! I use it most nights & follow with a retinal. My skin loves it & started seeing results immediately. Tightens & firms skin, definitely recommend.
  31. A cult classic


    I would definitely recommend this chemical exfoliant. It’s so easy to use and there’s a lot of information out there about it to help you. I did get some slight tingling when I first started using this product but this is to be expected and didn’t cause any issues.
  32. A must have!


    This is literal liquid gold! I use it after cleansing as a toner- it sinks into the skin well and you can feel the acids working their magic. It also lasts me forever which is a bonus
  33. Leaves Skin Glowing and Bright.


    I have purchased this product a number of times now. It's my go-to for keeping my skin looking and feeling fresh in the morning. Definitely worth the purchase! My reasoning for only 4.5/5 is that by itself the product does not completely erase skin texture but accompanied with other great products it's great to add to any oily/combination skin routine.
  34. Leaves Skin Glowing and Bright.


    I have purchased this product a number of times now. It's my go-to for keeping my skin looking and feeling fresh in the morning. Definitely worth the purchase! My reasoning for only 4.5/5 is that by itself the product does not completely erase skin texture but accompanied with other great products it's great to add to any oily/combination skin routine.
  35. Amazing exfoliant for minimising pores


    I LOVE this. Initially received this as a sample and ended up buying the full product. I use it twice a week and just use it by itself (no moisturiser or anything on top). When I wake up my skin is glowing, hydrated, and my pores looked significantly minimised. I truly love this. It's perfect for nights when you are feeling lazy and don't want to do a full skin routine!
  36. Brightening


    Sometimes my skin reacts to this and feels itchy and hot so need to be careful if your skin is freshly exfoliated

    However the next day I notice my skin is very bright and fresh. It can be drying though and I’ve noticed it can make my lines more visible
  37. Wake up with smooth and silky skin


    I bounced around a few AHAs, including those from The Ordinary, and never found the other glycolic acids to be equal to Liquid Gold. It makes my skin feel smooth and silky after every use, with twice weekly usage. For an even better result I do not apply other products over it.
  38. Surprised by how good this is!


    This is my first time using any kind of chemical exfoliant and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm suprised by how soft and moisturised my skin feels in the morning - It seems to transform over night. Have only been using for 1 month so I'm keen to see if there are also longer term benefits, but so far the short term results in the morning after use. Recommend you try this out.
  39. A New Favourite


    I’m 26, main skin concern is the appearance of my pores and small bumps on the sides of my face and forehead. I use this product 2/3 times a week, and love the texture of my skin after cleansing in the morning! I was scared to use this on active pimples (first time AHA user) but it doesn’t irritate me. Noticeable improvement in skin texture and appearance of my pores. Will repurchase.
  40. I was surprised!


    I admit was I was surprised using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. My face feels smoother & softer. I actually looked refreshed in the morning! The Liquid Gold is definitely a product I will continue to buy.
  41. Results


    I’m not going to lie..I was a tad worried when I started using Liquid Gold. I had some tingling/redness, but fast forward a few weeks and I’m aok with the product.
    I prefer to put on after my shower a few times a week, and a couple of hours later (before bed) apply another active when my skin is nice and primed. Definitely noticed a difference adding this product and will continue to use! P...
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  42. Alpha-h liquid gold


    This product completely broke me out with a red rash all over my face which looks like acne after over a week of using it
  43. Glow


    My face feels softer, brighter and glowing after I use it. Definitely don’t use it every day especially if you have sensitive skin like myself
  44. So Good!


    I have been using this alternate nights with the ALPHA-H vitamin A serum and have noticed changes in just 2 uses. I have pimple/acne marks and they are clearing up so quickly.
    Tiny sting for about 10mins after application but totally fine after that.
    Totally recommend if you really need to renew your skin!
  45. Very strong product.


    This product made my skin feel fresh. I personally found it to be a little eye watering, but that doesn't take away from how fresh it makes your skin feel.
  46. A good egg


    I have many well-researched bits and bobs in my repertoire, so it’s always tricky to pinpoint which product is doing the magic... but I think this one is a strong contender.
    I use it every other night before bed, and since starting have more smooth skin, and a clearer complexion overall.
  47. Great for Refining Skin Texture


    I wanted liquid gold to help with my pigmentation and melanoma and unfortunately I can't say it has... it has decreased redness in my skin though and refined it's texture. Skin looks healthier and it's tone more 'unified' somehow. Not the miracle product I was hoping for, but great nonetheless.
  48. Brighter complexion


    After struggling with my skin for months I’ve finally found a product that hasn’t irritated and brought my skin back to life. after using copious different products to combat dryness and breakouts my skin was looking dull and old, I use this product maybe every 2/3 days and notice instant results, My skin looks instantly plumper and brighter and just Hamersley clearer!
  49. The holy grail.


    This is a product I must have in my routine from now on. Instantly skin is soft and glowy. Stings at first if you have blemishes, so must be careful of that. Helps my combination feel less oily, and the dryness not so bone dry. Love this, and will buy for as long as it's on the shelves. Highly recommend.
  50. Game changer!


    I initially received this as a sample from adore when I made an order but after trying it once quickly purchased the full size. This stuff really is gold! I have sensitive skin that will very easily become dry and so chemical exfoliants often don't agree with me but this one is a game changer! It is effective but surprisingly gentle. I currently only use it once or twice a week due to wanting to t...
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  51. It is okay.


    Got the full size as a promo from Adore.
    It is okay. I haven't really noticed too much change but could be due to not using regularly.
    I prefer the results of the face mask more.
  52. Instant results


    Wow, after using just one sample pad of liquid gold there’s a hugely noticeable difference in the texture of my skin - it feels smooth, soft and amazing. Definitely buying the full sized bottle so I can see what the long-term benefits are like, but even if it just leaves your skin feeling like mine does now then it’s worth every cent!
  53. Amazing!


    This exfoliant changed my skin. I always thought it would be too harsh, so steered clear for a long time. My pores are smaller and I can see a noticeable change after I use every time. Worth the money!
  54. Mixed feelings


    I've been using this for over a month now and I'm still not sure what to think!
    I wanted something that would help my tricky, combination, sensitive, aging skin. It can't decide if it wants to be red and inflamed, dry or oily and I still get pimples (at age 39!)
    When I first got it I think I overdid it or my poor face wasn't prepared. I woke up in the morning with flaky, irritated skin...
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  55. Amazing!


    This is one of my all time favourite products! I apply every 2-3 nights and always find that my skin looks so radiant the next morning! I love that it’s not drying at all and that it’s suitable for my sensitive skin! Must have product!
  56. Skincare staple


    I have been using the Alpha H Liquid Gold for years. It’s a staple in my skincare regime. I find that it’s great for my occasional breakouts, and general tone of my skin. I use it just in the mornings, as I’m using lactic acid in the evenings, and find the combination dries out my skin. Highly recommend giving it a try, if you’re looking to reduce scarring, improve tone of skin, and Help with brea...
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    This product is worth the hype. It kept breakouts at day and brightened my skin like nothing else. Will order again
  58. Love!

    Mrs TCH

    It is a cult favourite and for good reason. Liquid gold is a lovely not aggressive exfoliant which works well on my sensitive skin.
    I would recommend it and not to be put off by the tingly sensation. It is a lovely product to try.
  59. Surprise little package!


    Was a little sceptical if this product was actually as good as the reviews say and I was pleasantly surprised. After a few uses I found my skin to be a lot clearer and smoother. Can't wait to see how it looks after a few months. Great value for money too
  60. this has so many benefits


    This has so many benefits, a must have!
  61. Girls best friend


    This exfoliant is exactly what is says it is, gold!
    I’ve only been using it for a few weeks every second night and I can definitely notice a difference in the appearance of my skin.
    Can’t wait to see what it can do for skin long term.
  62. Worth the hype!

    Kelly M

    I was referred to this product by a friend, and was skeptic so that it would make any difference (I have combination skin and get hormonal acne 24/7). I have been pleasantly surprised by seeing a difference within two weeks of using Liquid Gold. A small amount goes a long way and there’s a lot of product in the bottle which is great.
  63. Great


    I noticed a huge improvement in the clarity of my skin when I first started using this product and that still seems to be the case after 12 months of use. I alternate this with other products but on the nights I use liquid gold I can always see the brightness in my skin each morning.
    Every now and again I will still get a bit of tingling on application but it is not bad and ceases fairly qu...
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  64. Absolutely skin gold.


    Worth the hype. After using this, the next morning there is always a noticeable difference in my skin texture and it’s hydration. Takes all the fullness away and leaves a beautiful base for makeup. It’s one of those products that should be apart of your regular skin routine.
  65. Great product


    This product is great for leaving your skin soft and smooth the next day however it only needs to be applied once a week. I think it is too harsh to be using it more frequently than that. It is uncomfortable on the face for a few minutes but I don't mind that feeling. The bottle is quite small and you do need to use a lot to soak up a cotton pad which is disappointing.
  66. Keen on this!


    I've recently introduced this into my night time routine, and so far am enjoying it. In the morning, skin feels much brighter and smoother. The only downside I would say is that you need to apply it with a cotton round, so I feel like a bit of the product gets wasted, but apart from that I think it's a decent amount and price! Packaging is really nice.
  67. Amazing for flakey skin


    I love this product! It got rid of all my dry patches and left my skin feeling so smooth and consistent. Unfortunately for some reason after a while my. skin got used to it and it stopped working so well. Now I alternate between this and another brand. Will still repurchase again because it really works.
  68. Love it!

    Hayley V

    Obsessed with this! Have been using regularly for over a year now and can see a massive difference in my skin - so much softer that it was. Regular use sure makes a difference.
  69. Would give a zero if I could...


    I tried to make this work for months! The reviews are amazing and I have pigmentation dry/combo skin so I thought I would be the perfect candidate unfortunately my experience was the total opposite to what I needed. My skin broke out terribly every time I used this and my pigmentation actually darkened!! After changing to another range my pigmentation has lightened and my skin has no break outs?
  70. Gold


    Been buying this for my mum for years. Makes her skin look so tight and youthful!
  71. Not for me


    I received this as a sample and was excited to try. I used it twice a week for two weeks but it left my skin quite sensitive afterwards and I didn't notice any difference except redness for the following days. I generally don't react to products but this one just didn't mesh with my skin type I guess.
  72. Love this product


    Great exfoliator and very easy to use. This product definitely helps with pimple break outs.
  73. Amazing


    This product is great for anyone to add into their nighttime routine, I have been able to easily use this every night even with a busy schedule, I also use it after I have taken my makeup off after a night out. Would highly recommend this product
  74. SO SO GOOD


    The hype is real! My blackheads on my nose have been decreasing, and my skin is so lovely!
    I have really liked using it without any other products on top to get the full effects of it. Liquid Gold now has a permanent place in my cupboard!
  75. Bad skin today, gone tomorrow


    Ever since my sister recommended Liquid Gold years ago, my skin has never been better. I use it almost everyday. I'm a bit addicted to it now.
  76. Wow


    I had been looking at this for a while, so I was thrilled to get it as a sample so I could try it. My skin can be a bit sensitive (which had stopped me from purchasing) so I was worried about reviews which mentioned tingling, as that never ends well for me. My skin felt great & looked great the next morning. I would look at purchasing, when my current product runs out.
  77. Your new best friend


    I purchased the ALPHA H Liquid Gold after receiving a sample and falling in love. Showing instant results, it's a must have in your skin care routine. It has helped eliminate all my congestion and bumps, leaving my skin glowing in the morning. There is an initial 'stinging' sensation until your skin becomes used to it. Amazing product!!
  78. Product has changed my skin!


    This product has helped to clear my skin up within a week of using! I was struggling with small bumps and under the skin breakouts. My pores are tighter, skin brighter and I will be definitely be keeping this in my skincare routine!
  79. Effective penetration deep into the skin - probably not for sensitive skin

    Alpha H Liquid Gold

    Initial use of the liquid gold after cleansing gave me a tingling sensation. The formula is quite strong and advice you use a moisturiser after the product dries.

    I would say for the price and product it is very reasonable. However, as I have sensitive skin, I will not likely repurchase this product in the future.
  80. LOVE this product


    Seriously, this stuff lives up to its name. Using it without a moisturiser after i was skeptical at first, but my skin the next day has never felt so soft. I've noticed such a difference to my skin complexion, will definitely be repurchasing!
  81. Expected More...


    I bought this because since isolation started my skin had started freaking out. My main concerns were skin texture/pigmentation. I’ve used this product for just over a month now and didn’t see much change.
  82. Such a classic


    This is a product I have been using for years. I cannot live without it. Makes the skin feels amazing! So great for the skin.
  83. My skin LOVES this!


    I have been using dennis gross alpha beta daily peels for a long time now, however thought I'd try this as it is cheaper and heard great things about it. I have seriously been blown away! It is amazing. Usually I am very suspicious or sceptical about hype surrounding products but this is real! My skin loves this! It leaves it clear, glowing, doesn't dry it out and texture and pigmentation all imp...
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  84. Believe the Reviews


    I have noticed clearer pores and a small reduction of pigmentation on my face. Will purchase again
  85. Good Product, Can be a bit strong for sensitive skin


    I have used this product on and off for a few years and when I am using it I can see an inprovment in skin tone. I have very sensitive skin and 95% of the time I have no issues but occasionally when I use the product I can have a reaction where my skin feels like it gets burnt.
  86. Couldn't complete my nighttime routine without it


    Honestly couldn't imagine my weekly routine without it. This product feels so good on my skin and after some time using it religiously I can see a noticeable difference in my appearance as well as feel of my skin it feels a whole lot smoother
  87. Big let down


    Said in 20 mins you could notice a difference, I didn’t.
    I’ve used for nearly 2 weeks with no visible difference
    Skin is a bit softer the day after, but that’s it, nothing visible. Used in my face and neck. Really disappointed. Can not comprehend why it’s been rated so well
  88. Research


    I’ve been using this product for a month now, while it does work as an exfoliator, I don’t think it is the best I’ve used. Next time I’ll probably go for the ordinary Glycolic - as its the same thing for a fraction of the price. I really think this product is far too expensive for what it is.
  89. my number one


    I have been using liquid gold for a few years now and it's honestly done wonders for my skin. I had really bad acne scarring from my teenage years, and this has done wonders for it. I use it every 3 or so nights and it always leaves my skin feeling so soft and plump in the morning. Could not recommend enough.
  90. Great, but has side effect


    I first used this when a sample was sent to me - liked it and because I get milia (sp?) a lot, thought I'd give it a go. It worked really well - cleared up a good deal of my milia issues, brightened my skin and I was in love with the product. Then, after about 4-5 weeks of use (alternate nights), I started getting pimples. I treated them and they faded but pimples kept popping up. I stopped usin...
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  91. New bestie


    I wouldn’t go anywhere without this, I swear by this brand and have got so many mates onto it with amazing results. I use this every 2nd night and if I go without I notice my skin breaking out More
  92. Leaves a squeaky clean feel


    This is a great product if you like that slight tingly tightening feel - it helps immensely with any breakouts and just leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and ready for serums.
  93. Skin care gold


    I added this product back into my skin care as after having a baby my skin had become tired and dull. A couple of weeks using this twice a week and skin is looking plump and smooth. I have sensitive skin and I find it’s ok - a little tingles but doesn’t make my skin red. I find using it twice a week helps! I have even left it over night with no other products on top as suggested and my skin the ne...
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  94. Gold


    It’s just been a week or so since I have started to use this product. I had a bad hormonal breakout on my chin n cheeks which left scarring ; after reading all it’s review I decided to try it out . I can say it has helped my skin to calm down n in terms of discoloration it’s slowly disappearing and skin looks clean in the mornings except the active breakouts. I use it as a toner mostly everyday .
  95. Big fan!


    I loved this from the first time i tried the sample. I could see my skin tone improve, it was more even which I was so happy with so have now purchased the bottle and love it. I do find though that you need to be generous with applying the product to the cotton pad for your skin, using a little bit does not give you the same results.
  96. Not the saviour I was hoping


    My skin is normal/oily and I have been battling hormonal acne on my chin for years! Hi I tried the alpha h liquid gold after hearing so many rave reviews, but unfortunately it did not agree with my skin and broke me out even more. I gave it a few goes and only once a week to see if my skin would adjust to it but my chin broke out every time. I have since tried the clear skin tonic and this was MU...
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  97. Amazing!!


    I have dry combo skin so I was nervous about using this however I gave it a go and I do not regret it! I have recommended this to friends as you get results after one use. It smooths your skin and reduces blemishes. Can't recommend enough!
  98. Works wonders overnight


    I use this every second night, and when I do my skin feels so smooth in the morning. I think it would be too strong to use every night unless you had really oily skin.
  99. Great toning peel


    Great product. This is the first overnight facial I’ve tried and had a fantastic experience. I noticed the difference in the first 1-2 applications. My pores appeared smaller and blackheads reduced around my nose. I can feel my skin peeling slightly to reveal softer skin and a clearer complexion. I once had a really bad breakout and I used too much. A little goes a long way.
  100. Hero product


    Love this product. I received a sample of liquid gold in an adore beauty purchase and noticed such a difference with the clarity and texture of my skin- my acne scare faded over time and my skin was less dry during the winter. Liquid gold seems to complement other products really well, making it a great night time product to use along with night moisturisers and eye cream.
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