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Burt's Bees Lip Balm - All Weather 4.25g

4.5 of 62 reviews


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Moisturise and protect your lips all year long with Burt’s Bees Lip Balm - All Weather. With SPF15 sun protection thanks to the inclusion of Zinc Oxide, and a water resistant formula, this nourishing lip balm is perfect for any occasion and any weather.
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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Burt's Bees Lip Balm - All Weather Reviews

4.5 of 62 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good all round lip balm


Exactly what it promises to do! No overpowering scent or white cast.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not quite


I bought this for the SPF protection whenever I'm outside, however I find it leaves a white cast/residue that lasts for a decent period of time that I often end up just wiping off because it looks like my lips are peeling.
Has good and lasting moisturising effect, but I don't think I will repurchase
  1. Very Moisturising


    I bought this in winter to protect my lips from the cold and think its a great lip balm as it left my (usually dry) lips very hydrated and soft! It does tend to leave a tiny white residue though, so I found it best to use before bed.
  2. Good all round lip balm


    Exactly what it promises to do! No overpowering scent or white cast.
  3. Very moisturising


    Very moisturising and great if you’re after an SPF in your lip balm!
  4. Not quite


    I bought this for the SPF protection whenever I'm outside, however I find it leaves a white cast/residue that lasts for a decent period of time that I often end up just wiping off because it looks like my lips are peeling.
    Has good and lasting moisturising effect, but I don't think I will repurchase
  5. a must have


    if you want a staple lip balm that is smooth, smells amazing and protects your lips from sun damage this is the best thing on the market! would love if it had a higher SPF but its also super easy to regularly reapply.
  6. I was disappointed


    This lip balm left a white residue on my lips. I also didn't enjoy the light waxy, lemony scent of this lip balm. However it is quite hydrating. I would recommend purchasing this if you want a light hydrating balm to wear before bed as it leaves your lips super smooth in the morning.
  7. Very hydrating


    I take this lip balm everywhere i go, so hydrating love it!!
  8. Top product


    One thing I like about it most is that it goes on so smooth and I really like the texture. It keeps my lips hydrated quite nicely.
  9. Very moisuturising


    Great for my chapped lips in our Aussie winter and has an interesting waxy texture.
  10. not for me


    This lip balm leaves a white residue on my lips probably due to the spf. Not the most flattering look but ok under a lipstick.
  11. Best priced SPF balm


    I have been loyal to this lip balm for years. It's great quality, doesn't have a chemical or artificial taste and is a great price for what it is!! My lips are super dry, and my skin prone to freckles, so this is a must.
  12. Amazing


    I had very dry chapped lips that would peel so I went looking over the internet for a solution. Many websites suggested Burt's Bees. So I bought this one as it also had SPF protection.

    I love my lips now. They no longer peel and are smooth and lush.

    However don't apply too much, as it does have SPF, it will make your lips very white.
  13. Burt's Bees Lip Balm - All Weather


    My go to lip balm.I love this!! Delicious honey scent,love the waxy almost matte consistency as I hate greasy lip balms that are more of a lip gloss and are rubbed off as soon as you apply(messy and never seem to hydrate the lips),but not this baby it lasts and lasts,and is non greasy enough to be worn under lipstick. It plumps the lips and is fine for my sensitive skin.
  14. Good


    Easy to apply and very nourishing also has spf that's a plus.
  15. Love the smell


    I love the smell and taste of this lip balm.And it’s great because it’s got SPF in it.But it puts a white cast on my lips.It’s kind of annoying but it’s alright if I’m home and if I go out I always wear lipstick on top.It moisturizes my lips so well and I love the feel
  16. very nice lip balm


    Soothing on the lip and very good value for money. Its a bag essential.
  17. lightens your lips


    As great a lip balm it is, I can't recommend for dark or deep dark skin as it annoyingly lightens the colour of your lips when applied, due to, what I would assume, the SPF. Made me look kind of silly :(
  18. Favourite daily balm


    This is my favourite daily lip balm. Hydrates, feels nice on your lips, applies smoothly and has no strong scent. And it has the bonus of SPF protection!
  19. great all rounder


    A nice lip balm to help keep lips moisturised, wear alone or under lipstick
  20. Great lip blam


    I use this everyday, I put it on before bed and it last all night, it even stays on while swimming.
  21. Great gift


    Great price. Super easy to apply. Not worth trying any more expensive lip balms. Doesn't feel artificial either. Just love it.
  22. like it


    i apply it overnight before bedtime and is still got the moisturizing feeling in the morning
  23. like it


    i apply it overnight before bedtime and is still got the moisturizing feeling in the morning
  24. my go to


    carry one of these everywhere and use it constantly. The price doesnt hurt either.
  25. great protection


    so good I like to apply mine before putting lipstick on or just when my lips feel like they need to be moisturised. works well
  26. Fave

    Kylie Q

    I really love the burts bees balms. Nice and moisturising with a natural tint. Love this scent. My other half even uses these natural balms. This one is his fave.
  27. perfect for gifts


    I love this lip balm, it's a perfect all-rounder and Burt's Bees is one of those brands that are high quality, high reputation, without the high price tag. Perfect lip balm to throw in the cart to keep on hand for gifts!
  28. Sun protection lip balm


    This is great as it has a natural spf. That’s what leaves the slightly white cast if you use a lot. Wish the spf was higher. Smells nice, not that expensive, overall great product!
  29. Great all rounder


    Its a great lip balm which does what it says
  30. Like the spf


    Handy everyday chapstick for summer
  31. Tried and tested


    This is my tried and tested product and it works no matter the weather just like it says and I have extremely dry lips. Such incredible value for money.
  32. Good stocking filler for Xmas


    Brought this for my brother last year for xmas. He likes it.
  33. My running lipbalm


    I love this lip balm, and I call it my running lipbalm, because it is so good for the outdoor weather. I go running most days, and rain, hail or shine, this lip balm goes on, and keeps my lips soft, supple and stops them drying out
  34. Crazy weather


    My lips always get knocked around with hot vs cold. This lip balm is saviour.
  35. Great


    This is a fantastic lip balm. Really moisturises
  36. Nice


    These work fantastic and I have been through many tubes in all different types. Will repurchase
  37. All weather


    This lip balm is great! its great for dry chapped lips! or even put it over your lipstick to help moisturize your lips!
  38. good balm


    good everyday balm, nothing amazing but does the job just fine
  39. Feels really nourishing and gives long-lasting moisture


    I use my Burt's Bees Lip Balms to moisturise my lips at night and during the day when I'm not wearing any lipstick. I like the fact they're not packed with unnecessary rubbish and irritating perfumes. This one has a very feint smell of honey which is nice and it glides on really well. When I wear it to bed, I can still feel it in the morning which is fab. It does however leave a slight bluey white...
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  40. A bit of a let down


    I love the other Burts bees lip balms, but was disappointed that this left a perceptible chalkiness on my lips, and seemed to slide and build up in the corners.
  41. Great for outdoors


    I've recently switched to this one for everyday as it has a SPF which is so important these days.
  42. Great lipbalm for the outdoors


    Great lip balm for when you are outside in the weather, particularly during snow sports.
    The SPF 15 is fantastic.
  43. Faves

    Kylie Q

    Such a great brand and such a great product. Really love how moisturising these are.
  44. Love this


    Really nice for a basic lip balm! Does smooth my lip lines just a bit I find and hydrates for a few hours before reapplication is needed
  45. Fantastic protective lip balm


    Very nourishing lip balm which leaves a definite protective layer on top of my lips. Not tacky or too slippery; it's a true balm texture. It gives a slight white tint to the lips due to the zinc, but it's so subtle only I can notice it. I also love the added benefit of SPF!
    I have multiples of this lip balm and always have one in my bag (my partner loves it for himself too)!
    I prefer s...
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  46. Good winter product


    I like that this has SPF in it. It's a good, slightly heavier product for winter, when my lips get really cracked. I find I don't have to reapply it as often as some similar products, which is convenient. The texture is perhaps slightly less pleasant than lighter products that I have (e.g. Weleda) but it's probably more effective.
  47. Very good


    Amazing for winter. I’ve been loving it this year and the change in my lips has been amazing. So happy!
  48. amazing


    keeps my lips hydrated for hours in all weather conditions! definitely recommend
  49. Great


    Price is cheap and great for daily use. It’s very moisture and form a protective layer for my lips. Love it.
  50. Best balm


    Burts Bee's make one of my favourite lip balm formulas ever. This is a ball brand I always have in my handbag. It's a staple. Can't go wrong
  51. Great everyday savey


    Great staple for a handbag. It’s cheap and protects the lips from the elementals of the weather and love the SPF protection. It’s not overly white, like most zinc based lip products
  52. A go to.


    I purchased this to get me through winter when I’m susceptible to chapped lips, so far so good. The product goes along way and is long wearing. Recommended!
  53. love it


    This is a good lip balm for bad weather, such as when its windy or really cold. It is very nourishing and feels like it coats my lips in a protective layer.
  54. Super Hydrating


    This lip balm is great at hydrating dry lips. I have multiple flavours in this lip balm and i carry it everywhere i go. Would defiantly recommend this to anyone!
  55. Great


    I use this when surfing. It stays on like a zinc would but feels and smells like a normal lip balm giving me sun protection I actually don't mind using. It does make your lips a little pale though so not the best day to day option.
  56. A staple!


    Burt’s Bees has never failed me, and this product is no exception. Fantastic for dry, cracked lips, I always have it on me
  57. Staple product


    Another staple product that everyone should have in there handbags!! Smells great, all natural & will help dry lips!


    This is a repeat purchase. I love this product under my fave lipstick and I also wear it at night. Only problem is it doesn't last very long
  59. Lovely natural lip balm with spf


    Why would anyone want to use a lip product that has chemicals in it? Use a natural one like Burts Bees! All their lip balms are great & so is this one, with the added benefit of spf & a good price. Ethical company too.
  60. Handbag essential!!


    A great lip product and handbag essential. Protects against the sun and wind. Leaves lips soft. Basic packaging - but for the price point you cant complain. Very slight sheen.
  61. great!


    A really nice lip balm that smells great and keeps my lips so soft and supple
  62. Lip balm good for travel and outdoor activities


    I still prefer the Burt's Bees original beeswax lip balm for every day use, however I like this ALL-WEATHER lip balm for use in extreme conditions. I use this at the beach, on hikes, etc. as it has SPF coverage and also feels more heavy strength than the regular lip balm to combat wind, dryness, salt, sun, etc.

    Overall, good product and will continue to use on my days out and bring wi...
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