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Dry, brittle hair can be eternally frustrating, especially if it causes split ends, breakage or faded colour. Rehydration is the key to repair, and this collection of hair treatments, hydrating shampoos and moisturising conditioners, can help restore your scalp and your strands right through to your ends. So, if you feel like your hair is in dire need of a moisture surge, keep browsing our curated selection of the best hair care products to add to your routine for dry hair.


Our favourite shampoo for dry hair


As far as we’re concerned, the best shampoo for dry hair is one that is lightly hydrating and won’t weigh you down. A weightless formula we love is the Aveda Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo, perfect for those who love natural and organic hair care. For a very affordable, but highly moisturising option, try the ELEVEN Australia Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo. This best-selling formula locks down cuticles and nourishes dry, brittle ends.


Our favourite dry hair treatment


Dry hair in need of some extra TLC requires a highly nourishing, regular treatment to stay soft and glossy. The best dry hair treatment we gravitate towards when our hair is feeling brittle is the Christophe Robin Regenerating serum with prickly pear oil. This multitasking treatment oil adds smoothness and shine to dry, frizzy hair. An affordable fan-favourite is the ELEVEN Australia Miracle Spray Hair Treatment, a lightweight treatment spray that helps to repair and protect the hair.


Our favourite conditioner for dry hair


Lacklustre hair requires a conditioner that will do more than your average. If your locks are feeling a little limp, we recommend trying the VIRTUE Full Conditioner, which deeply hydrates while adding body. The best conditioner for dry hair on a budget is the NAK Hair Hydrate Conditioner, which is one of the best dry hair products for unmanageable, frizzy hair.

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O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum 100ml
O&M Original & Mineral
O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum 100ml

Wow best serum

I received a deluxe sample of this product a while ago and it was in my travel bag, after a long time I had forgotten about it, finally in a short trip saw that and tried it , it was amazing, the highest shine ever and it also smooth the frizz in my hair, I just arrived an jumped to buy it before I forget about it.
evo head mistress cuticle sealer 150ml
evo head mistress cuticle sealer 150ml

Ok product

I received a small sample of this product, I applied it to dry hair as I am after sun protection, it removed 60% of my freeze which is good. I am not sure on the uv protection, will try on a beach day to check if it helps.
NAK Hair Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer 150ml
NAK Hair
NAK Hair Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer 150ml

Strong hair

My hair has transformed from using this, from brittle and dry to sleek and shiny. I'm not kidding this does what it says and smells so nice

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