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Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume EDP Spray 7.5ml 7.5ml

4.3 of 65 reviews


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Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume is a musky amber, a clean and pure scent made up of a single note.

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GREAT - 77% recommend

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Fragrance Family:

  • Woody

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Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume EDP Spray 7.5ml Reviews

4.3 of 65 reviews

77% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I tend to go for sweeter scents, but this is a wonderful punchy smell and is definitely enjoyable to add your rotation.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice amber scent but too light for me


The packaging is great for carrying around in your handbag. The scent was a very light amber fragrance that was quite pleasant. However, the fragrance was too light for me and seemed to dissipate too quickly.
  1. Impactful


    I tend to go for sweeter scents, but this is a wonderful punchy smell and is definitely enjoyable to add your rotation.
  2. Great!


    I got a free sample and I really like it! It makes a statement but isn't too strong for daily wear.
  3. Beautiful and subtle


    An incredibly lightweight and subtle smell that is really beautiful. I love how it almost blends with your natural scent, and is not too overwhelming like most perfumes. Cute little bottle, but it does run out quickly!
  4. nice woody smell


    got a free sample with other purchase, it smell lovely, not too strong woody smell, nice and safe for daily wear.
  5. Lovely


    I got a sample of this and loved it! I find it interesting how it works differently on different skin
  6. soft and subtle


    this scent is soft and subtle and almost powdery but very clean and fresh.
  7. So disappointing


    Very very disappointed. Expected big things as there are lots of good reviews, but it literally smells like NOTHING. Nobody can even tell I'm wearing anything. Glad I started with the small size because it was a complete waste of money.
  8. Blah


    Was expecting great things since the other reviews were raving but it just smells like any random cheap perfume on. Nothing special at all. Almost nauseating.
  9. the best fragrance


    This fragrance is very feminine but also very subtle. It is slightly floral. at first you may not be able to smell anything as this perfume smells different as it dries down. everytime i wear this i get compliments!
  10. Stunning


    This scent is divine. Feminine but in the most understated way, i get so many compliments when i wear this and it is the perfect size for a handbag!
  11. My favourite fragrance


    Whenever I wear this I get compliments. The smell is SO mild and subtle. It smells different on everyone as it complements your natural scent. It’s long lasting and worth every cent!
  12. good


    good size to carry, not bad, smells good
  13. Best perfume out there


    I got so many compliments when I wore this the other night
  14. Took a risk, but not for me


    I purchased this based on rave reviews. it’s not a usual scent I would go for, but thought I’d try something new as I’m on the search for a new scent and like to try new things. I’m glad i tried as I’d been curious for a while, but I will not be purchasing again. Thank you adore for opening my eyes to give some new things a crack
  15. not my favourite


    this is not my favourite perfume but it is nice, it is a subtle smell and this is a good little tester
  16. Expensive but beautifully subtle


    Expensive perfume - initially does not smell like much and you wonder what all the fuss is about, then you catch the scent here and there, and its pretty wonderful. Would recommend for special occasions as it is pretty exxy for the amount you get.
  17. nice


    this is really nice and makes me smell clean and is a great size for my bag
  18. Not for me


    Not what I was expecting but... I guess I am not sure what I was expecting from this scent! I personally don't like it but everyone's tastes are different.
  19. different


    this is not something I would normally go for but it is different and nice
  20. Subtle


    Such a clean smell with amazing lasting power.
  21. Singularly Spectacular


    I wore Not a Perfume all weekend and it is beautiful. In its subtlety there is a dreamy drift away feeling as it settles in and becomes one with your own scent. It is somehow fresh and musky at the same time, with a definite amber that is so hard to find, unless you have pure amber resin itself.
    If you’re someone with super olfactory senses, and find many Parfums overwhelming, this is the ED...
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  22. No allergies


    I love experimenting with different scents but unfortunately I end up sneezing and getting a runny nose with a lot of these scents. I have read somewhere that molecular scents generally don't cause allergies so I decided to pick up this travel size spray to test. I've been wearing this scent for months now and have no problem with it which is great and the scent is lovely too!
  23. WOW!


    You know when someone walks past and you get a really nice scent? This is it! I love it so so much!
  24. Smells amazing but doesn't last on me!


    I blind bought this after seeing it everywhere and being really curious about how it would smell on me - i've read a lot of different things as to what this smells like on other people!

    First time i used it, after about a minute, it was so light that i could no longer smell it after maybe 5 minutes. It smelled nice - smells exactly like how it smells in the bottle for me - clean, li...
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  25. subtle


    This was quite a subtle scent, though still nice. Makes you smell more like clean laundry than a perfume smell. However, I found it didn't last very long on me so I wouldn't repurchase.
  26. nice and light


    this smells nice and not too intense, buy the price is so high for such a tiny product. i wouldnt buy again
  27. Lovely and interesting scent


    I bought the 7.5ml of this to try and I'm really pleased with it! I don't wear perfume all the time so this is the perfect size for me with the bonus of being easy to take in your bag. I loved the scent and my bf even commented on how good it was. I normally go for floral perfume but I like this for something a bit more interesting and sexy. Lasts on the skin a long time too.
  28. smells amazing


    this is so so nice, it is such a lovely smell. However, it is very pricey, this is a very small size.
  29. Smells good


    I really liked this perfume, it has that smell I'm looking for! This lasts all day and as the smell fades I think it smells even better.
  30. Such a legend!


    I noticed this brand because of its name! It's so special and romantic isn't it? Smell special and last for a long time! This size is great but if the price can be lower I'll more than happy to try others kind of perfume of this brand!
  31. Subtle


    This is such a subtle and sophisticated scent. I love how it works with every perfume and enhances their scents in a unique way.
  32. Love this


    I love this scent! It is very expensive but such a handy size to keep in your handbag!
  33. Unique Scent


    I received as a sample. Beautiful scent that seems to change as it lands on your skin and warms. Sticks around all day which is lovely. Would buy it again however it is very pricey
  34. Would recommend


    I love this unique scent, despite the price tag. This makes a great gift or to have in your handbag.
  35. Never using another perfume again


    A friend introduced this fragrance to me and I haven't turned back! I struggle to find perfume that 'sticks' to me and lasts all day and then those that do, give me a headache. Not Juliette Has a Gun! I like the whole range, but this one is a definite fav!
  36. Nice but overpowering


    This fragrance has a nice, unusual smell and lasts quite well. I find it too strong however.
  37. The best from JHaG


    I've been using Juliette Has a Gun perfumes forever. I love more masculine, "amber" scents and this one is my absolute favorite. I love that it's small enough to carry around at all times. I can't stop smelling my wrists when I'm wearing this scent.
  38. Gorgeous fragrance


    I received a sample of this and was super keen to try it as I've heard a lot about it. I don't think I've ever tried a molecular perfume before, but this one is so lovely. It's a gorgeous scent, and it didn't make my eyes water like many perfumes do. It's quite long lasting, but not overpowering. I'm definitely planning to purchase the full size once my sample runs out. This size option looks grea...
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  39. Subtle but sophisticated


    I was able to try a sample of this. It has a very nice amber scent. It wasn''t overpowering and I can see how you could layer another scent with it but also still be able to use it on its own.

    I can be quite sensitive to scents (some perfumes can make me dizzy), so I appreciate that it has quite a subtle scent.
  40. subtle


    I love how subtle the scent is when you first spray, but I find that throughout the day, it does disappear on me faster than I'd like. It doesn't seem to retain it's scent on my clothes either..
  41. Luxurious


    I got it as a sample and it is terrific. It has a very luxurious yet nice classy scent and stays on the clothes for too long.
  42. Stunning scent


    Got this scent as a gift-with-purchase from Adore not long ago. Loved it so much that I decided to purchase a full sized perfume a week after. Really loving it!
  43. nothing like it!


    This is unlike any other perfume I've ever used- the smell is just gorgeous! Hefty price tag though.
  44. unique but familiar


    this has a unique but familiar scent to it, i don't mind it, but i don't love it / find myself gravitating towards it on an everyday basis. currently use this when im out of the shower and just want a clean scent
  45. Floral Musk...needs more OOMPH though


    This is a great size to properly trial the Juliette Has A Gun EDP....I need to get to know a new scent over a few days before I know if it's really for me or not. This is a close call, I love the floral musky delicate scent BUT I just wish it had just a tad more staying power. If you like subtle, then this is a winner
  46. so good


    Just tried out the little sample from my discovery kit and it smells absolutely beautiful on my skin. Perfect blend of woody and floral. It does seem to fade away quickly but i do like very subtle natural scents for daily use so perfect for me. Also good size for the handbag.
  47. so good


    Just tried out the little sample from my discovery kit and it smells absolutely beautiful on my skin. Perfect blend of woody and floral. It does seem to fade away quickly but i do like very subtle natural scents for daily use so perfect for me. Also good size for the handbag.
  48. It's okay


    I didn't really like the smell of this perfume, but after a while it started to smell better. However, the scent did not last long. For me it smells like a mix of floral and musk.
  49. Pretty good but not long lasting


    This perfume has a pleasant scent but I found it only lasted for a couple of hours. I expected it to be nicer since it is the best seller of this brand. I much prefer other scents such as mmmm..., anyway, and another OUD compared to this. If someone bought it for me I would wear it but I wouldn’t buy it myself.
  50. Very subtle but worth a try


    I’m not a perfume connoisseur, but I found this perfume to have a light subtle scent that seems to work ok for me. And maybe it’s just me, but I thought that it really complemented other scents, i.e. I used a cream rinse that had a strong fragrance and the 2 smells didn’t meld into one into something that was nauseating. Will probably by the smaller size to test further as I only have a sample at ...
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  51. Not For Me.


    I was delighted to receive this as a gift through Adore Beauty as I had often looked but not bought. I am extremely pleased I didn't buy it because it is something I sprayed once and wouldn't spray again. It wasn't ghastly but it certainly wasn't pleasant. Possibly too woody on my skin, the fragrance was bordering on not pleasant.
    I'm impressed that it is made in France and I appear to be a...
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  52. Amazing scent


    I loveeeee this perfume! It is not overpowering and doesn’t smell synthetic. It smells exactly how you are meant to smell. I’ve shared this perfume with a couple of friends and they all rave about it too. It really does smell different on every person which I love! Bit expensive but definitely worth it. I have the big bottle as well but purchased this for travel
  53. Perfect size to trial


    I know from experience that when buying perfume, some may smell different when sprayed onto testing sheets compared to when applied directly on the skin. Since this is my first time using a molecular perfume I decided it was a good idea to purchase this smaller 10ml version before committing to a full size bottle. I ended up really enjoying the scent and will be purchasing this in a full size afte...
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  54. Handbag size


    Smells good, handbag size
  55. Guess it doesn't suit everyone


    I' m so glad I bought a sample as the smell on me was an unpleasant stale musky smell. No sweet notes. More like unwashed underpants. I was SO disappointed. Clearly my "unique skin chemistry" and Cetalox are not a match made in heaven. Luckily it only lasted a couple of hours but for those two hours... yuck!
  56. Nice


    Not a perfume is nice, not very long lasting though. Quite a subtle scent to my nose
  57. Fresh Frangrance

    Sim T

    This is a really nice fresh, clean smelling fragrance, especially if you are someone who doesn't love most regular perfumes. It is really subtle, not overpowering at all. I also like the size as it is enough so that you can just try it out. First time in my life I have ever worn a perfume regularly!
  58. Handy packaging, original scent


    Love this for it's convenience and ease of use - a great way to trial a fragrance and carry around with you. As for the actual scent - it's so personal that it smells different on everyone. I love it. Think: musky, powdery, clean, warm - more suited for winter. Note: I got about 20 wears out of this but I did share it around at times. x
  59. Too much hype...


    This is a lovely scent - i have really loved all of the scents coming from this brand, however Not a Perfume is definitely not my favourite!! In my opinion a few others come first, such as sunny side up.
  60. Great perfume


    Neutral smell. Unisex, but more for a woman. Love and will now buy full bottle.
  61. light and fresh


    A lovely daywear fragrance, portable but sturdy enough to be safe for your handbag. Will definitely revisit Juliette for my next fragrance.
  62. Unique and strong perfume


    This perfume I had tried previously from the discovery box and purchased and will purchase again! This scent is very strong and lasts all day. It has a lovely musk about it and is my go to daily perfume.
  63. Nice amber scent but too light for me


    The packaging is great for carrying around in your handbag. The scent was a very light amber fragrance that was quite pleasant. However, the fragrance was too light for me and seemed to dissipate too quickly.
  64. Uniquely unique...


    I usually wear green, fresh fragrances like L'aqua di Gio but I'd heard about this single note perfume and had to try it.

    In one, I love it. On my skin, initially it is fresh however, after a while it sits around the 'woody, warm with a hint of rain. My husband, who is not a fan of strong scents at all was intrigued. I walked out of the room having just spritzed and he looked up and ...
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  65. Just didn't work for me


    I was so excited to try this one, I’ve heard so many rave reviews but it was just didn’t work for me. The scent was so light and almost unnoticeable on me. I think it just didn’t work with my body chemistry.
  66. Nice smell. Easy to carry


    Nice smell, easy to carry around in a small clutch or bag for ease of use.
  67. Couldn't Smell


    This is wild for me. BIG FRAGRANCE FANATIC. But I literally couldn't smell this. After hearing such amazing reviews and recommendations for this. I couldn't smell it. I thought maybe it could be like a molecule fragrance where it gives of a pheromone. But not for me, maybe for someone else.
  68. What a scent!!!


    I had read a rave article about this perfume and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s light, warm and fresh all at once and it’s already a fave of mine. Love love love!
  69. Love this.


    This scent is one of my current favs.
  70. Disapointed. Barely existant scent , no longevity


    The scent was so subtle on me I could barely smell it. I sprayed it on and the smell was so subtle it was barely existant ! And the 'scent' didnt even last half an hour on me. Literally wore off straight away! I kept on reapplying hoping to build the scent and hoping it would last longer, but nothing. So disapointed. Im just glad i didnt waste my money on the big bottle.
  71. Lovely and subtle and layers beautifully


    I bought this size in Not a perfume so I could see how it reacted with my skin chemistry before buying the full sized, I was not disappointed. For me the scent was really clean but warm and seemed to develop over the course of the morning when I would wear it work, I found it layered well with citrusy scents and JHaG scent Sunny Side up. I found it did not work well with Mmm and Lady Venegance, bu...
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  72. Not for me :(


    I wanted to love this perfume. The descriptions and reviews I read made me think the scent of this would be right up my alley. It may just be with my skin chemistry, but the smell actually made me feel a bit nauseous.
  73. “Love, Love, Love”


    Have never purchased a perfume online before but the reviews were so positive for “Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume” that I just had to try it out. Bought the small size and my only regret is that I didn’t “bite the bullet” and purchase the full size. I love the fragrance .... fresh, clean, subtle. Because it is so delicate, I’m wearing it during the day more so than at night as I prefer someth...
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  74. Very intense


    I received this in my order last week - i’d been looking at it for ages and when I finally got it I was so excited to try it. My excitement was short lived. From all I had read I was expecting a subtle fragrance with notes that developed slowly on my skin - not so, at least for me. This was soooo full on, really oriental and spicy. I had to wash it off because the smell made me feel ill. Seems i’m...
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  75. Quite obsessed


    This is a beautiful light perfume that is a bit quirky and makes for a nice gift. Slightly on the pricey side but means it is less likely to be worn on every man and his/her dog!
  76. delicious!!

    Kate Morris (Adore Beauty Founder)

    This is really different to traditional perfumes. It doesn't have a top note so you hardly even smell it when you first apply it - it sort of fades in as the base note connects with your skin and warms up. It sits very close to the skin and is not overpowering at all, it just smells subtly warm and delicious. The perfume version of a cosy and soft cashmere sweater!
  77. Subtle and pretty


    I have to admit, I was not blown away by this perfume at first (this maybe because I had tried a few other scents before coming to this one). This fragrance is definitely true to its name, very subtle, clean and delicate which makes it very suitable for everyday. I find that from experience, strong sweeter perfumes appeal to me more at first however when I start using them daily I find them a bit ...
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  78. Didn't work for me, too short weartime


    Wear time was very short for me, under two hours before it wore off completely.

    It was very light and subtle but to me smelt similar to a laundry detergent fragrance.

    Chemistry of the product means it may smell completely different on others.

  79. Gun-na love this


    This perfume is my go to perfume travel companion. I have it in my emergency kit and absolutely love it. It’s slightly sweet and not too strong either. Do 100% recommend.
  80. Love it!


    I was so nervous about buying a perfume I hadn't smelt before online, but after reading the reviews I had to buy it! And it was just what I was after in a perfume, it's light and clean as it says in the description. I'm so happy I decided to buy it.
  81. Not for me!


    Ordered this last week, when I received it I immediately tried it, and then had to wash it off just as quickly. Way way wayyyy too intense for me. Not the subtle fragrance I expected. If you like really oriental spicy smells you’ll like this, but it’s a strong no for me.
  82. Beautiful


    I liked the concept of this fragrance so thought I’d try the smaller size before I jumped into buying a large bottle. I absolutely love it! The scent is so beautiful & light, but not a weak scent. I can still smell it hours later. Not sure how to describe it actually, and obviously it’s different for each person. I would be more than happy to wear this day and night. Can’t wait to buy the large bo...
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  83. travel companion


    This perfume is my go to perfume travel companion. I have it in my emergency kit and absolutely love it. It’s slightly sweet and not too strong either. Do 100% recommend.
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