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There’s nothing like a good mani or pedi to make you feel polished, strong, and ready for anything. So why restrict yourself to the inconvenience of salon care? We’ve got all the products you need in our Luxe nail polish selection to give yourself gorgeous, salon-grade nail colour without an appointment. Our beautiful collection of luxe nail enamels brings you all the shade variety and high quality of a pro experience, right in the comfort of your own home. So kick back, pop on your favourite programme, and take some time for yourself with a lovely luxe polish!

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Weleda Skin Food 30mlWeleda Skin Food 30ml
Weleda Skin Food 30ml

Nice, but too rich.

I liked this product, but maybe as more of a hydration mask for me as it is way too rich and leaves your skin looking wayy too greasy for everyday wear. I have normal skin, maybe this would work better for dry skin but I also found the smell quite strong. If you don't like natural, herby kinds of smells, this may put you off.
Weleda Skin Food 75mlWeleda Skin Food 75ml
Weleda Skin Food 75ml

It was good, just not for my skin

I used this for a good month at night, recommended by friends. However I found this to be way to thick on my face and it broke me out. I think if you have dry skin this would be perfect, I was actually so sad it wasn’t right for my skin!
Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - Travel 59mLEgyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - Travel 59mL
Egyptian Magic
Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - Travel 59mL

Wish I Had Tried this Sooner!

I kept getting samples of this with orders but was never brave enough to try it on my face until recently as I have blemish prone skin and this is a very oily and thick texture.
I ran out of my usual moisturiser one night and thought I would give this a go. I was surprised to find once you warm it up into your hands it sort of turns into a more liquid like texture -still oily,yes but nowhere near the wax like texture it originally is.
It feels very greasy after application but not as heavy as I thought it would. In the morning it has left my skin softer and smoother than ever!
So far I've surprisingly had no issues with it clogging my skin. It just leaves my skin hydrated and glowing. Absolutely love it and only a little is needed each time so it is very affordable in the end.
I have used this on burns,for under my eyes and as a lip balm. Fantastic natural multi purpose product
Weleda Skin Food 75mlWeleda Skin Food 75ml
Weleda Skin Food 75ml


Got a small 10ml tube of this as a bonus and it has changed my life. This is an intense moisturiser that can be used all over. If you have dry skin, this will literally save you in Winter. Apply in small amounts as too much can make you look very oily. Will be buying this again and again as it is the most hydrating thing I have EVER used. Does have a strong scent but it’s actually quite pleasant.