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Mesoestetic is a multinational pharmaceutical company specialising in the development and production of the most innovative and efficient solutions for skin treatment and care. The company is dedicated to thorough product research to deliver proven therapeutic results for both patients and professionals.

Founded in 1984 by Joan Carles Font and M José Almansa, Mesoestetic has become a formidable presence in the medical–aesthetic skincare community. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mesoestetic combines biotechnology and cosmetics to create formulas that achieve dramatic results. Mesoestetic is proud of its reputation as a world leader in technologically advanced skincare.

Mesoestetic offers products for both in-office use and home maintenance, including regular skincare, an anti-acne line, SPF 50+ UVA/UVB sunscreens, haircare products for thinning hair, and anti-cellulite body treatments. Mesoestetic incorporates the newest concepts in advanced ingredients and delivery systems.

This leading-edge technology puts Mesoestetic products at the forefront of gold-standard corrective medical skincare. Mesoestetic incorporates such advanced formulas as Mesoéclat® and the most current concepts in stem cell and radiance DNA. The brand's signature treatment is Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment, which targets hyperpigmentation and dull skin while reducing the appearance of ageing skin and improving clarity.

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Recent reviews on Mesoestetic products

mesoestetic glycorepairmesoestetic glycorepair
mesoestetic glycorepair

I'm not very satisfied with this product

I feel kind of hurt after putting it onto my face and then I feel itchy. The feeling keeps about ten minutes. I don't know if it is a good phenomenon. It's more like a gel, not a cream.
mesoestetic hydra milk cleansermesoestetic hydra milk cleanser
mesoestetic hydra milk cleanser

Used this as a part of cosmelan

The salon recommended me to buy this as a part of cosmelan I did. As the skin gets very sensitive they told me to use only this to wash my skin. It is super gentle for irritated skin after the cosmelan peel. I can still use it after other treatment. It is so hydrating and mild. I highly recommend.
mesoestetic hydra-vital face maskmesoestetic hydra-vital face mask
mesoestetic hydra-vital face mask

Used as part of cosmelan peel

I bought this as a part of cosmelan peel. The salon told me to apply this every hour while the skin is peeking and irritating. I used the whole tube in weeks time and the skin was glowing. If I have a chance again to do cosmelan in future I’ll buy this again.
mesoestetic hydra-vital face maskmesoestetic hydra-vital face mask
mesoestetic hydra-vital face mask

I received this product as a getting the samples by the way!

This went on so smoothly, not runny! Left my skin feeling so hydrated ( I’m over 50 by the way) loved it! Just what my skin needed this time of year