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Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask 60g

4.4 of 362 reviews


4 instalments of $20.19

Or 4 instalments of $20.19 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $20.19

Or 4 instalments of $20.19 with LEARN MORE

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The Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask will not only draw the ‘bad stuff’ out of your skin, including impurities, toxins, pollutants and pigmentation clusters, this phenomenal mask will work to unleash your natural glow, helping to regenerate skin cells, stimulate collagen, create a defence shield and prevent free radical damage. Glowing, healthy skin is just one mask away!

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 82% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

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Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask Reviews

4.4 of 362 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this face mask

Laura W

I love this mask! It cleans out my pores so well and makes me glow the next day. Apparently it's supposed to come with a brush but I guess I missed out :(

Most Helpful Criticism



this mask is okay ... My skin is very sensitive and I break out easily when I change from my usual routine. feels tight when you apply. Its refreshing and cooling. I haven't seen a difference in my acne though. wouldn't buy again due to price
  1. Love this face mask

    Laura W

    verified purchaser
    I love this mask! It cleans out my pores so well and makes me glow the next day. Apparently it's supposed to come with a brush but I guess I missed out :(
  2. Reliable clay mask


    verified purchaser
    Doesn't dry out in the tub. Cute application brush. Not sure if it's all that better compared to other clay masks which are perhaps less expensive, but it's nice
  3. Nice enough


    It's a nice enough face mask. Easy to apply and remove. IT did leave my skin feeling smooth, but I think other (cheaper) products also do a similar thing. May buy again.
  4. didn't work for me


    I bought this hoping for it to brighten and smooth my skin tone and clear out my pores. I used it several times and I just didn't think it did anything good for my skin. It didn't do any bad, no breakouts or anything, but my skin pretty much looked the same before and after. Also after only having it for maybe 4-5 months it dried out. I had about a quarter of the jar left and it just turned so har...
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  5. Magic for my pores


    A bit pricey for the subtle benefits, but there sure is a benefit of using this for my pores and acne. Mostly for those small pimples you get, they appear smaller in size after one use
  6. Love this face mask


    I often try different face masks but this one is a mainstay for sure. It's really effective - feels like it really clears out the skin, leaving it clean and clear afterwards. My skin is mixed oily and dry and I feel like works well on both fronts. I try to use this once a week to keep my skin clean and health. Definitely recommend!
  7. Not just an Instagram gimmick!


    When I first started seeing advertisements for this clay mask, I was dubious. Was it just another one of those Instagram gimmicks? Nope. Not at all. It really is a great clay mask that leaves my skin feeling clean, my pores refined and my skin tone more even. And hey - it really IS a great Instagrammable mask! Ha, ha...!
  8. my favourite


    feels amazing on my skin. so rejuvenating and moisturising, i can definitely feel this working really well. love it!
  9. perfect


    I have bought this mask 3 times now. Im 33 years old and my skin has never looked or felt better. Absolutely worth it
  10. Mask that works


    I bought this as a detoxifying product and it did not disappoint. Easy to apply with an included brush and was easy to wash off. Left my skin smooth, glowing and tightened my pores (only use it once a week as I have normal skin). Highly recommend this product to any one wanting to try out a clay mask.
  11. Love this


    Works so well!! It’s the best
    I’m keen to try the emu mask next :)
    I would get this again though ! Good brand and affordable
  12. It works


    I thought this was just a facebook/insta paid advertisement but this product actually works! Mostly to calm down my acne-prone skin, and for the post-acne marks on my face.
  13. Weary purchaser - now a devoted lover!


    I was super sceptical of this mask because of how much advertising there has been on social media. I thought it was going to be a one-time fad. Turns out its actually the best mask I have ever had, I usually hate clay masks but this just makes my skin glow!
  14. Worth the money


    Best clay mask I have used. Really does minimise the appearance of pores
  15. Amazing


    This is one of the best pink clay mask I have tried, worth the money!
  16. Brilliant!


    This mask is wonderful! Can sting on application but the results are worth it.
    Pores were visibly smaller and texture smoother.
    The first few applications my skin definitely purged and broke out the next day but that stopped after weekly use for 3 weeks. Definitely expensive but well worth the money.
    Smells divine too
  17. Non irritating


    I liked using this on my dry skin, oily nose and chin.

    Didn’t notice any changes in my blackheads but I seemed less congested in general.

    Didn’t harm my sensitive skin at all, but I don’t think it will replace my hydrafacial at the salon.
  18. Still not sure


    I ordered this after a very long time of wanting it and being amazed by all the reviews. After using for a few weeks I am not blown away by it, but I’m not disappointed either. I certainly love the smooth feeling of my skin after using it, but most masks provide that. I did enjoy the relatively quick drying time but I’m just not convinced it’s the holy grail. I even tried to use it on a small pimp...
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  19. A great mask for combination skin !


    I just used this mask for the first time , I was hesitant to use it at first only because my skin is so parched at the moment from the freezing cold Tasmanian weather! I decided to try it because my skin is oily and dry at the moment *eye roll...
    I was pleasantly surprised that the mask didn’t irritate my dry areas , it washed off easily unlike most clay masks.
    My skin felt fresh an...
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  20. Amazing mask


    Love this product. My skin feels and looks great after using this product. My pores appear much smaller after just a few uses.
    A little goes a long way which is another bonus.


    I absolutely LOVE this face mask, so cleansing and moisturising!
  22. Okay mask


    I have blemish prone skin but I haven't really seen any results apart from my face feeling nice after. This mask left my face feeling nice and clean and soft. It smells lovely and is easy to apply. It didn't break me out which was a plus.
  23. Not ideal for sensitive skin


    I had high hopes for this mask but unfortunately it makes me break out and my cheeks very red. It also has a very strong fragrance which likely adds to the irritation. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin!
  24. amazing


    this product is amazing! I love love love the smell and leaves me face looking brand new! so worth the price
  25. Cleansing


    This was extremely cleansing but also very drying on the skin. It helped clean out my pores on my nose well.
  26. Okay


    This was great for cleansing my pores but was also very drying on the skin and couldn't only be used once a week or my skin would flake.
  27. An okay mask...


    While most clay masks can easily dry out your skin, this wasn't too bad. However, I didn't see a huge difference in my pores.

    It's too expensive and not worth it.
  28. Such soft skin!!


    I received a generous sample of this product, it leaves my skin feeling sooo very soft, and minimises the appearance of pores. Easy to remove too (which many clay masks aren't!)
  29. Wouldn't recommend for dry skin.


    This product smells beautiful and applies easily. I used it because I have dry skin, but also breakout. I found it very drying and did not help my breakout at all.
  30. Brightening


    This is a great natural clay mask. I use it once a week and it always brightens and clears skin. I am definitely impressed with the quality and results of the mask. Only downside is the small size of the bottle and the fact that it is pricey.
  31. Inflammation reducing


    Absolutely love this mask. Find if I break out and use this it helps reduce the inflammation.
  32. Cleansing


    This clay mask really cleaned my pores but also dried it out. Highly recommend using a serum afterwards!
  33. Loved this


    I received this as a decent sized test. It is a fantastic product. My skin felt so clean afterwards and had an amazing glow the next day. I find it a bit too pricey to buy it, I might however buy it if it’s ever on sale.
  34. Good but a little drying on skin


    I expected more from this clay mask since it was so expensive and seems to be raved about. It was a quite small jar. Easy to apply and take off. But each time my skin would either be dry or start peeling the next day from dryness.
  35. New favourite mask!


    I was hesitant to give into the hype surrounding this mask so I waited. My friend gave me a sample sachet and I loved it so much I had to buy it. No regrets! Yes it is pricey but I just love it. I feel clean and fresh but not stripped, super smooth and soft and my pores are refined.
  36. Went without it for a while and regretted it

    Bridget L

    This mask really does tighten and brighten skin. Leaves my face feeling so clean. I hadn't bought some for a while and regretted it. Helps my acne, oiliness and pores. I have combination skin and this doesn't dry me out, only using once a week though.
  37. Pot of Magic


    Repurchased this mask a number of times. Really does live up to the hype. Leaves my skin a little brighter, glowing and smaller pores. This small pot lasts alot longer than you would think. I used this as my sunday night self care treat or a a pick-me-up.
  38. At home facial


    I hadn't used a clay mask before but had read positive reviews and was keen to support this new Aussie venture. I enjoy the ritual of putting it on with the brush whilst I have a pre-wash hair mask in on a Sunday morning - it takes quite a while to dry in some parts eg. above the eye brows and chin but doesn't feel too tight or cracked where it has dried. It washes off easily in the shower afterwa...
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  39. Quality product!


    This does wonders for pore reduction. Revitalises my skin and leaves it feeling soft and looking glowy. Doesn't make my skin feel overly tight like some other clay masks do.
  40. Works well but a little overpriced.


    This facemask feels really nice to use & has helped my skin clear & pores reduce over the time of use however, I don’t see any benefits that sets it apart from other cheaper masks.
  41. At first I was sceptical but I love it


    This product started to clear my skin after the second use. When I use it my skin is so smooth
  42. Brightening


    This mask brightens and makes your skin feel so soft. I feel like it's getting rid of my post acne marks. Only problem is the tub doesn't last very long. Especially for the price.
  43. Feels nice but can't see results


    This mask feels pretty nice - I have dry skin and was worried it would be too drying, but it's not. However I've used it a few times and haven't seen any results in terms of a change to my pores.
  44. Not worth the hype


    After now finishing this product, I just honestly don't feel it makes much of a difference if any to my skin. Definitely worth spending money on cosmeceutical masks rather than this.
  45. Nice but expensive


    This facemask feels really nice however for the price I don’t see any benefits that sets it apart from other cheaper masks. Also the size of it is quite small. I don’t see huge differences to my pores either. It is a nice face mask though and comes with a nice brush to apply.
  46. Good mask but a bit pricey


    Didnt find this mask harsh or too thick like some others and did notice my poors were clearer and tighter after use but the container is tiny and when I opened mine it was only half full! Not sure id he buying this again guven the price
  47. I love it


    It is my second purchase. A bit expensive but worth the price. It tighten my pores and gives you a clean feeling after. I so love this product.
  48. a great mask


    I bought this after seeing facebook ads praising the hell out of it!

    It makes my skin feel really nice and tightened, brighter and smooth.

    Deducted half a star each though as the remaining product has gone a bit dry inside the tub, so I need to use a damp brush to work it a bit before I can put it on, and because I think it's quite overpriced.

    That said, h...
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  49. Skin loves it


    This makes my ski feel so fresh and clean after every use! I also adore the pink packaging
  50. Favourite clay mask


    Got this as a sample and will definitely purchase. Really helps clear out my skin but is drying so don't overdo it
  51. Instant difference!


    I have used this three times and have noticed my pores are more refined and the next morning definitely notice my skin is less red. The little brush is also great.
  52. Good spot treatment!


    I found this mask a little too drying for my whole face but as a spot mask/treatment I love it!
  53. Clears little whiteheads


    Yeah it might pull your skin upon application and drying, but thats because its clay! Once you wash it off, and moisturise well, it feels so smoothed out
  54. Very light and nice!


    I like to use this once a month, I have oily skin and large pores on my nose, and this helps tighten them up and makes me skin feel really fresh. It doesn't dry the skin out and it feels nice and light when it's on! Doesn't have super obvious results at first, but definitely helps.
  55. Keep coming back to


    This mask had become my go-to! I definitely always repurchase this clay mask when I am low! It is great for pores and makes your makeup application so much smoother.
  56. A bit drying


    I find that this product is a lot like the alya skin mask. My skin is really sensitive, and it dried my skin out. My face was really red after using it.
  57. Great for cleaning pores


    If you have contested pores this mask is amazing. Really draws everything out of the skin. Initially it brought a lot of black heads to the surface which then broke out but really cleared my skin!
  58. Love this mask!

    Zoey J

    The perfect weekly mask. I immediately notice a difference after I use this. It calms my skin, reduces pores and oiliness. It also has helped with breakouts. Would definitely recommend.
  59. Pricey but works


    This was pricy and quite small but it definitely cleared my blocked pores on my nose and chin after 3-4 uses. Be careful it dries out the skin like crazy!! (Obviously it’s clay) I only use it once a week and put a serum on a few hours later!
  60. My go-to clay mask


    I bought this product to help with my overly oily skin and boy am I impressed! The mask dries quicker than other masks I’ve tried and it doesn’t flake off once dry either. It comes off easily with warm water and a face washer. As stated, this mask leaves my skin looking bright and feeling soft to touch. I’m so happy with this purchase.
  61. Pretty good


    This clay mask really got everything out of my pores and my skin felt so tight afterwards. The first few times I used it though my skin broke out (I think just because the pores had been opened) and it does really DRY out the skin so be sure to only use it once a week and hydrate afterwards with a serum!
  62. A beautiful mask!


    I love this product. A great mask that is definitely able to give a real clean, exfoliation and reduce pore size if used in a consistent routine.
    It sets nice and tight. Once washed off your skin feels refreshed, balanced and just glowing.
  63. Cleansing


    Feels tight after application, but once you remove it, your pores are smaller (hardly noticeable, but still noticeable). Clay does better than anything else for large pores, and this is probably the best ive used so far (cant say its the best thing ever though)
  64. great


    this mask does dry up very face, but makes my face feel and look amazing after. Definitely recommend!
  65. Expensive and did not love it


    it is expensive and I didn't love it. Wouldn't repurchase but it did make my skin feel nice afterwards.
  66. Very effective!


    Although I did find this mask a little tingly on the sensitive spots on my face, I loved the feeling of my skin after washing it off and lathering myself in moisturizer. I have noticed my skin is definitely clearer and healthier looking after using this.

    The cute packaging and brush is a bonus!
  67. Good but not great


    I am a mask enthusiast. Use masks all the time for acne, pore refining, hydrating etc. brought this mask after I heard all the hype about it. My skin was calm after but didn't notice any huge difference to what it claims.
  68. Lives up to the hype!


    This mask definitely lives up to the hype! After just the first go, my skin is radiant & smooth. You can visibly see things been drawn out as it dries - quite satisfying! Will defiantly be part of my usually routine from now on.
  69. Worth the hype!


    I‘ve been using this mask twice a week and my skin has been great! It's gentle and clears up congestion without stripping back the skin, leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. Gentle enough to use a few times a week when breakouts flare up.
  70. Just the best


    Love this as a weekly Sunday night mask. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and still moisturised and visibly reduces many signs of a heavy weekend!
  71. Clears skin


    I love this mask. It really brightens my skin and helped with breakouts I started getting. It stings me a tiny bit but it’s not off putting. I will buy again.
  72. It burns!


    I tried using this after cleansing and it felt like my face was on fire. It was unbearable. I thought maybe it was the cleanser, so I tried different types, but it was still the same. I’ve read it’s normal for a tingling/burning sensation but what I have experienced is horrible. I have normal skin too, not sensitive. I wore it 5 times before giving up, and only 2 of those times I was able to leave...
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  73. Brightens Skin


    Love this product. Its brush makes the application so easy. I love how it changes colour when it dries.
  74. Pores are saved


    My pores are saved! So are my breakouts! It is quite amazing what a mask can do. Make sure to use a cotton pad with toner/micellar water to remove the excess.
  75. Does a good job


    Has some really good ingredients and feels much more 'active' than a regular clay mask. A little expensive for the size and I find it doesn't last in the container for as long as others I have, it seem to go hard-ish within 6 months. I would buy again if the price was a little better.
  76. Decent mask!


    After seeing a lot of hype, I decided to give this product a go.

    It does give you a slight tingling sensation on the skin, but nothing too unbearable. It draws out a lot of impurities which I thought was great - although other than this, I didn't see much difference in my skin. I was hoping that my pores would be tightened after reading a lot of other reviews, but this product did not...
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  77. Bit of a splurge but good


    There are tonnes of clay masks on the market but this one has such a cult following I had to give it a go. It is really lovely though and very effective at reducing pore size and generally brightening your skin. I like this and will buy again!
  78. Very fresh and doesn't overdry!


    Love this as a weekly Sunday night mask. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and still moisturised and visibly reduces many signs of a heavy weekend!
  79. Fresh!


    Makes my skin feel super fresh and clean without drying too much - will definitely continue to use as a weekly mask.

    My skin can be dry, which most clay masks worsen, but this pretty gentle!

    I would definitely follow up with a super hydrating serum though.
  80. The perfect face mask


    I've been using this mask for over a year now and try to use it once a week. It does have a slight tingling sensation but it's not too bad, and once the mask is washed off there's no redness. It leaves my skin so soft and reduces the size of my pores too. My skin always feels so clean afterwards and I feel like I have seen improvements in my skin overall. Will continue to repurchase!
  81. Amazing


    Draws out all the bad stuff and reduces the size of pores
  82. Great clay mask!

    Annie M

    I really enjoy using this mask. it tingles when it's on the skin initially, but sets in on the skin within 5 mins.

    I tend to follow this up after with a hydrating gel face mask.

    The clay mask definitely penetrates the skin, unfortunately for me it can trigger one or two spots shortly after.
  83. Magical!


    It is magical!
    Id been struggling with enlarged pores and have tried derma roller, masks, microdermabrasion. They dont work for me.

    And today, i tried this mask i soon as the parcel arrived, after 10 minutes.. boom! My pores size reduced by 70%.
  84. Just okay


    I heard so many good things about it and I wanted to give it a try. While it feels really good on the skin it doesn't help with my acne or the texture of the skin. Very expensive.
  85. Love it!


    My new favourite mask! This has really helped me control breakouts.
  86. Okay


    While I do like the idea of this, and that it's Australian. I'm someone who has combination/oily skin, and can break out in acne. I found that putting this on, while having sore or broken acne, it stung like nothing else!! While I didn't hate the mask, it's not going to be ideal to only put in on when I'm not suffering from acne
  87. Tight & firm


    I received this as a free gift with my Adore Beauty order. It was easy to apply (though it was a tube size) and my skin felt amazing, tight & firm and my pores seemed visibly reduced. I even gave my boyfriend a facial and used this too and couldn't stop touching his face after, he was amazed at how smooth his skin was. I would definetly recommend & purchase.
  88. clearing


    this mask is okay ... My skin is very sensitive and I break out easily when I change from my usual routine. feels tight when you apply. Its refreshing and cooling. I haven't seen a difference in my acne though. wouldn't buy again due to price
  89. Smells nice


    I like this product, however, I do think that it is overpriced. It does dry out in the container if not sealed properly. I have sensitive skin and found that it did not irritate it.
  90. Surprisingly good


    I really liked this product. It feels refreshing and cooling to apply. Only a small amount is required and it dries to a white colour with a noticeable tightening feeling. My face had been a little red and after using this product it calmed significantly. My skin looked smooth and clear. I wouldn't use it too often personally because my skin is dry and it does leave it feeling quite tight, t...
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  91. It's ok. Nothing special.


    Like another reviewer said... It's an ok mask, but I forgot I had it - maybe because I didn't really feel that it did anything special. I like that it comes with a little brush, and it applies well, but ultimately think it's more Instagram hype than real results.
  92. Staple for my pore care


    My pore refining skin regime consists of a nose strip to pull the gunk out, then this clay mask to refine the pores, and an egg mask / pore tightening mask to close. This one definitely works better than most other clay based pore refining masks ive used (e.g. Origins, Innisfree, etc) and although this doesnt define your pores like the GlamGlow, it still works the same!
  93. In love


    In love !!! & so happy that I purchased this. It cleared up my skin with only a few uses. My skin feels a lot more calm, and is definitely something I would go for again. 10/10 with no regrets of purchase
  94. On the fence


    I'm 50/50 on this mask. On the one hand it's very smooth and lovely to apply. I love the brush it comes with and it definitely beats the experience with other clay masks where I've had to mix them with water. Weirdly though, I find myself forgetting I have this and maybe it's because I just didn't see great results? I might need to give it more of a go but I'm struggling with wanting to go back to...
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  95. excellent detox mask


    I have combination skin, recently I have been having a lot of breakouts. Used this mask twice a week and my skin has been great! I usually use the mask before bedtime and follow with my usual night routine. I have seen the serum absorbs better and my skin feels much better the next morning.
  96. OK mask but not worth the price


    I bought this over a year ago, and have almost finished the jar. I have acne prone skin that is easily congested, and my nose is never free of blackheads. I think this mask is OK, but in my opinion not worth the price. It does help unclog pores somewhat, but I think other masks do a better job (e.g charcoal masks). I don't think it did anything whatsoever for reducing pore size. I won't repurchase
  97. Great clay mask


    I received a sample of this & it's overall a good clay mask. I don't normally use clay masks because I find them a bit too drying on my skin, but this one wasn't bad. It dries quickly and smells like cherry cough syrup. Definitely try it if you like clay masks.
  98. Great


    I bought this off Sand&Sky website after seeing it advertised (many times) on their Instagram.
    i was a bit hesitant at first but I really liked it.
    Will purchase again

    I think its a little bit overpriced though.

  99. Great skin clearing mask


    This clay mask is the most effective product I have used for my skin when sensitive and prone to break outs. It's gentle and clears up congestion without stripping back the skin, leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. Gentle enough to use a few times a week when breakouts flare up. My only criticism would be that it dries out when stored after opening. For the money I would expect the product to ...
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  100. Glowing!


    Really like this mask, made my skin alot clearer. Felt like my skin was throughly clean and like that when it dries makes my skin tight.
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