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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 2175 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.86

Or 4 instalments of $2.86 with LEARN MORE

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Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is indicated to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% is a high strength, vitamin and mineral-based formula for blemishes.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml Reviews

4.5 of 2175 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Have had people raved about this product. I was first unsure about but after having used, I am absolutely converted! Really see an improvement on my skin.

Most Helpful Criticism



This didn't do much for my skin except maintain oil levels. The texture is very tacky and has to be applied a certain way for the product to be absorbed properly. Did notice a slight reduction in pore visibility.
  1. Bang for your buck


    I love this little concoction of Niacinamide and Zinc, its helping me with my pigmentation.
  2. Surprised


    Have had people raved about this product. I was first unsure about but after having used, I am absolutely converted! Really see an improvement on my skin.
  3. It’s okay


    I really don’t think this helped my skin as much as everyone said it was going to... I think it kind of broke me out sometimes as well. Just didn’t work out for me!
  4. Incredible!!


    I’ve struggled with my skin ever since going off the pill, and this is the only thing that has worked for me!! Cleared my skin like nothing I’ve ever used before.
  5. Heavenly


    verified purchaser
    I love this so much I have just purchased the supersized bottle. Since introducing this into my skin care routine this serum has worked wonders for me. I only use it in the morning because I use The Ordinary vitamin c at night and these two products can interact with one another. I love the way that it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin so clear, smooth and glowing!
  6. Boyfriend's skin is clearer than ever


    verified purchaser
    Convinced my BF to add this into his regime and we both saw the difference within a week! Keeps skin super clear.
  7. Light and hydrating!!


    I have sensitive, oily skin.
    This really helps to hydrate my skin, without making it oily. Super absorbent.
    Leaves me skin feeling super smooth.
    Doesnt cause my skin to react when a thicker layer is applied. Super gentle
  8. Couldn't see results


    verified purchaser
    I've finsihed the whole bottle of this and whilst it may have done something it did not really change a thing. Overall I think that it may work on some people but I don't think it worked for me. My skin from the start basically did not experience change when I used the product
  9. Oily Skin Super hero


    verified purchaser
    I remember feeling so helpless when my skin went through an oily face phase I had acne and could not control it. This serum changed my life after a few weeks my skin would glow yet not oily then after a few more weeks my acne cleared up
  10. Average


    This didn't do much for my skin except maintain oil levels. The texture is very tacky and has to be applied a certain way for the product to be absorbed properly. Did notice a slight reduction in pore visibility.
  11. Literally the best anti-breakout product I’ve ever used!


    I loved this so much I bought the supersize bottle before I even finished this one!
    After a couple of weeks of use my skin had finished purging and I haven’t had a pimple since. Before that, I was getting small breakouts every week or so.
    I like that the serum isn’t super watery so it doesn’t completely run off your face whilst you put the stopper back in the bottle.
    Soaks in ...
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  12. Great for healing skin


    This serum is great for healing skin and helping with skin barrier problems. Gives the skin a lovely sheen so you look glowy but not oily. I have really noticed a difference in only using this for a week.
  13. Loving it so far!


    I’ve got oily skin prone to having blackheads and pimples.. since incorporating this product into my routine I’ve noticed a reduction in oil production and clearer softer skin.. I’m about to purchase the 60 ml bottle!
  14. Well earned cult status


    This product is honestly so deserving of the cult status and hype.
    Totally affordable, lasts ages & keeps breakouts at bay. Can't praise it enough.
  15. Holy grail


    I absolutely love this serum, it changed my oily congested skin! I use it every night( found that 2 times per day was a bit too much). If you have oily skin then this is a must for you you won’t regret it!
  16. Gentle & Effective


    After not having to deal with acne for several years I was devastated when my skin started breaking out recently. I think it is due to a combination of wearing a face mask and having started incorporating retinol into my routine. I started trying to treat the breakouts with a salicylic acid spot treatment, but it just seemed to make things worse and the breakouts became more red and irritated. I ...
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  17. life changing


    This product has literally saved my skin.
    I suffer badly with hormonal breakouts, acne scarring, flaky skin and also patches of oiliness.
    I've been using this product for 6 weeks and all of the above issues have drastically improved. I would recommend this product to anyone with similar concerns as it has been a game changer for me.
  18. Amazing


    Worked really well on my dry and sensitive skin, especially with the hyaluronic acid and has made all my acne scars a lot lighter within 3 weeks of use. Doesn't strip the skin, would definitely recommend.
  19. High concentration of niacinamide


    Broke me out to start but as I eased it back in it helped control my oil production and made me a lot less oily
  20. Clears skin


    The product is very moisturising and has left good results on my skin
  21. Never got this much acne


    I read all the good reviews about this product and the ordinary in general and decided to give it a try. The first week was great my skin was looking good, however after using it for a week I started getting deep nodular and cystic acne. I thought it was normal and I was just purging so I continued using it. After 3 weeks it was only getting worse and it was all over my face so I discontinued usin...
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  22. Must have staple!


    I decided to give Niacinamide a try after all the hype and this little beauty didn't disappoint. It has improved the overall texture and feel of my skin. This has now become part of my daily skin routine
  23. Cleared my Acne!


    GF got me onto this one because of my break outs. Cleared my breakouts within a week - now I use it as a staple item. I'm a guy and don't like spending money so the Ordinary is a Gem.
  24. Amazing product!


    This serum is amazing! I was unsure about The Ordinary but this! This serum is impressive! My skin purged for the first few days then i can really see how it changed my skin's texture - especially my nose area (I've been suffering from blackheads & big pores). I am so happy I found this, completely affordable and effective. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from large pore and early agein...
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  25. Essential in my skincare routine


    This has become a staple product and I can't go without it. It has improved my overall texture and has reduced the amount of break outs that I get. An affordable must have.
  26. niacinamide


    works a treat on my oily skin - reduces oiliness and helps my skin feel smooth and glasslike. big fan, will purchase bigger size next
  27. Good but in small doses.


    I use this product every second day in my night routine, it's a good product however if you have sensitive skin use only small amount it can be irritated when used a lot.
  28. Amazing for pores


    My pores look so great with this serum and the packaging feels really luxurious too
  29. bye bye pimples


    I love this product and am never without it in my beauty regime. It ticks all the right boxes. Its affordable and does what it says. I have break out prone skin and since using this serum the breakouts are few and far between and the texture of my skin has improved significantly.
  30. I love this product!!!


    I love this product. It’s definitely helped my skin during this lockdown. I always had to wear makeup because of how embarrassed I was of my skin but now I haven’t worn makeup in months. The Ordinary products are the best!
  31. Not sure...


    I think the utility of this product depends on routine habits. Indeed, given the price, I absolutely wanted to test it. And I had trouble finding a place for this product in my routines, whether it was morning or evening because I have a lot of vitamin C products. Finally, I started using it when I was on vacation. at night mostly. It did its job well. the liquid is a little aqueous but quickly a...
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  32. Helps keep the breakouts away


    I used to get really bad breakouts but I've been using this every night and I only get minimal hormonal breakouts. Love it and will definitely order more
  33. An essential


    Every single person should have this product in the bathroom! I only use this when I'm congested and am starting to break out. It clears the pimples and puts them at bay. It's my go-to for when I'm breaking out
  34. Great Niacinamide for price point!


    I am not going to lie, I am cosmeceuticals all the way and quite snobby to anything less, but I was quite surprised that I enjoyed this! it is light weight, has zinc for inflammation, great for all skins but especially for oily and congested skins. While not the same as other top quality Niacinamides, for the price it is great for beginners in skincare and don't know where to start! Highly recomme...
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  35. Dried me out


    I found this dried out my skin, particularly around my mouth. Thinking back I was probably using too much product. I would be tempted to repurchase and use less but first time round I didn't notice anything amazing
  36. Great Starter Product


    Great place to start when revamping your skin care routine.
    I have had no issues with this product - no breakouts or reactions
    The Ordinary is a game changer in the skin care space. The minimalist packaging is also great.
    The product feels great and light on the skin.
    Will continue to purchase.
  37. Great for acne


    When I use this regularly it works well for controlling my acne, great for the price point!
  38. Love love love


    Great product for a great price, my skin always looks brighter after using this and does a wonderful job at settling any congestion I have.
  39. Concentration too high


    I love the addition of zinc! Really helps to speed up the healing process for my acne. As for the niacinamide, 10% is just too high for my sensitive skin and causes irritation. Would love if you could come out with a 5% solution in the future. For now, I will continue to use it every second day.
  40. Overrated...


    I honestly wish I understood why this product is highly raved about and loved by so many. My main concern is hyperpigmentation that literally never goes away or lingers around for at LEAST 3 months, whilst I would have new ones coming through during that time. Something I'm still currently trying to find a product to cure this problem.

    I finished the whole bottle and didn't see any di...
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  41. Positive Results


    This is a gentle product. I apply after the nighttime cleanse and my skin looks brighter and fresher the following morning. Over the weeks, I've noticed a smoothing of my skin and a softer touch - no sign of congestion, but a more even skin tone. Used daily, I'm onto to the second bottle as it's fast become part of my daily skincare routine.
  42. Wonders to the skin


    I’ve been using this product for 3 months and I have definitely seen a difference in the texture of my skin and my dark spots. I have acne prone skin and I think it’s helped with inflammation and acne scaring. I don’t love that it leaves a sticky feeling to my skin so I only use it at night before bed. But I love this product especially paired with the hyaluronic acid from the ordinary. My skin fe...
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  43. Expected more.


    I had really high expectations of this product for acne, but I found it made my acne worse.. not sure if it would have got better over time, but willing to give it another try.
  44. Great product, great value


    This has helped control my oiliness/shine, my pores feel less congested and cleaner. I think it's also helping with my acne scaring and the little bumps that aren't exactly acne.
  45. Does work to minimise pores however needs continuous use


    At first, this product was a bit strange on the face as it was sticky and felt weird. But after regularly applying it in my skin care routine it has become more comfortable. Need to use the product daily to work well, I stopped using it a few times because I was lazy then my pores opened up bigger.
  46. Holy grail product


    This is a great product! I definitely recommend for people witch acne scars it helps a lot :)
  47. Love this staple


    I rotate this with Buffet by TO underneath my moisturiser during the day and find skin feels really hydrated
  48. Loving it


    This have seen that this has made a difference to my skin. My skin looks clearer and healthy
  49. Works great for redness


    I loved this for soothing the redness on my cheeks. It helped even out my skin tone immensely.
  50. Wow!


    I kept hearing about this product and was so excited to give it a go, and wow! It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and fresh. It’s a staple in my PM routine. Love it!
  51. SO helpful for maskne


    Has been a game changer for maskne! Clears up any blemishes quick smart, and soooo cheap!
  52. A subtle yet real difference

    Annie C

    I've been using this product for about 2 months and the difference it has made is subtle but very real. I often get pimples and redness on my forehead and around my nose and mouth when I'm hormonal but this product has helped to stabilise that significantly. I've noticed myself worrying less and less about my skin since using this product. For such a reasonable price this product is well worth try...
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  53. No difference seen


    I have acne-prone/congested skin. Finished the whole bottle, did not notice any different in skin appearance or feeling.
  54. Works well to prevent blemishes


    I’ve been using this for about 2 months and I can honestly say I can see the difference. It stops the congestion on my chin I usually have with blocked pores and pimples. It is such good value for money too. Really happy with it
  55. Very good product


    I really like this! i’ve used a whole bottle now and it has reduced the redness of my skin as well as sebum production and acne. ill be purchasing another bottle.
  56. Bargain blemish buster!


    I have been getting maskne on my chin and it really helped reduce redness and size of my pimples. I feel like it's been great for clearing blemishes and drying out pimples without drying the rest of my skin. I think my skin texture has improved a bit overall
  57. Unsure


    I personally didn't really notice any difference after using this product for about a month, but my sister loved it so worth a try as it works for some people.
  58. very noice


    I like this a lot, it seems to be working really well and makes my skin feel smooth and clear. easy to use but the only issue I have is that there's not enough in the bottle!!
  59. Love it


    Absolutely love this serum, I feel like it keeps my skin barrier in tact, hydrates and reduces redness and irritation. My skin is usually dry and dehydrated and a bit sensitive but after using this serum for a while now I don’t experience that as much. I find it also helps to heal my breakouts on my chin area. Can’t go without it and I recommend it to everyone!
  60. Worth a go


    I like the consistency of this product, and it absorbs into the skin quite nicely after use. I do find however, that if I stop using the product for a few days, and begin applying it again- my skin has a massive purge/breakout and takes a while to re-settle. If used consistently, my skin texture does diminish and evens out my skin tone :) oh, and don't use on any broken skin though, it stings bad!...
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  61. makes my skin feel as perfect as a potato can be


    My friends have raved about this product, and I would have to agree with their hype. I have oily skin and pores, and I feel as the niacinamide really helped regulate my pores oil production. It's a yes for me :)
  62. Overall good


    the concentration level of Niacinamide is 10%, which is high for a facial serum. I prefer using it as a body serum to mix with my body lotion. Although it is quite cheap, the skin-touch feeling needs to be improved.
  63. Acne's best friend but dry


    this product is perfect if you've got acne but the only down side, it gets dry and somehow dries up my skin therefore a strong moisturiser is needed
  64. Super affordable and effective


    I’ve repurchased this twice now and enjoy the consistency and ease of use, especially its ability to be mixed with other acid based serums! Overall the results aren’t game changing however it’s non irritating and does shrink pores with continued use. Extremely good value for money the small jar lasts me over 6 months.
  65. Good!


    It's really good for your acne to disappear but it might feel a bit tingly.
  66. Effective product


    This product has a great effect on my skin, almost immediately. Since I started to use,I feel my skin most soft and healthy.
  67. Nope


    Purchased this for my daughter's acne and it made it worse unfortunately, such a shame as I love the ordinary products but this one will be going in the bin :(
  68. Good product


    It is useful for brighting our skin! So effective!
  69. would recommend!


    This product is very good for acne scarring and dry skin concerns. It hydrated and replenished my skin after around 3 days and have used it daily ever since!
  70. The ordinary niacinamide


    Arrived today. Can’t wait to try it, hoping for the best result!
  71. I didn't notice any difference...


    Unfortunately, i did not notice any difference after using this up over a month or twos' usage. I didn't like it, however my little sister seems to love it.
  72. Causes acne


    I have clear skin just a bit red and tried this because of all the hype, and it gave me horrible acne on my chin area. I used it for a month and its taken about three weeks to get back to how it was before i used the niacinimide. I used it every day for a month. 10% is way too strong i do not recommend
  73. Amazing !!


    This product is great for pore size reduction used for a week and have noticed a big improvement
  74. niacinamide


    great at reducing the oiliness of my skin and a really affordable price too!
  75. Good so far


    This product gives a little bit of a tingle but makes my skin feel more even and tightened even after just a couple of days
  76. A must have


    I brought this product after hearing all the hype, and I can tell you its all worth it. At first I didn't like the consistency because it leaves a tacky and sticky feeling on the skin, but it does wonders to all my dark spots and blemishes to reduce the appearance. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has acne prone skin and breakouts!
  77. Better than the spendy!


    I started using this product while still new to the beauty game. The results were great, however, when I ran out I decided to try a spendy product to see if it produced better results. The regret is real!!! I am forcing myself to finish the other product as it was not cheap :( but cannot wait to switch back to this and see those glorious results again! It helps reducing the appearance of pore...
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  78. blemishes gone!


    This is so good for acne and any spots! it helped my blackheads (easier to removed them) however it is a bit drying! make sure to moisturise after!
  79. Amazing


    I recently starting using this morning and night, along along with the Alpha H ABA wash and Glycolic toner - and i am seeing such a difference! No only does my acne reduce - but also the duration of the acne is a lot shorter too. I definitely recommend this for anyone suffering acne, and for the price point why not try it!
  80. Easy application - light feel


    Great product - overall I like the consistency for application, also does not feel to heavy underneath a moisturizer. Not sure about the long-term benefits, but time will tell.
  81. so good


    got the small size to test out and its really good next time i will purchase the bigger size!
  82. cost-effective


    If you are looking for a nicotinamide product, be sure to try this.
    It's the same ingredient with other product, but it's absolutely cost-effective!
  83. Part of My Nightly Serum Mask


    I use this as part of my nightly regime with the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid formula and Vita C Suspension.
    It absorbs better with a micro needle roller prior to application.

    I’m still struggling to use it in the right stages, with enough time between applications, and finishing it off with a moisturiser. At the moment, I’m doing this at night, cleaning the residue in the morning ...
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  84. Love It!


    I’ve been using this for a few weeks and my skin is clearer and smoother than it’s been in ages! My skin is problematic to say the least, with blemishes breakouts, hormonal breakouts, oily some days, dry the next, it’s all over the place! So this has been amazing and I’m already purchasing the bigger bottle.

    I also suffer from breakouts in my upper arm so I’ve been using it there too,...
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  85. Research before use


    Great consistency, goes on nicely and dries quickly. Unfortunately this product aggravates my subdermal acne after every use. I recommend researching the dosage and using sparingly.
  86. Improved skin 10/10


    This is definitely one of my favourite skincare products!! It has helped with my skin immensely. I have combination skin- dry cheeks, oily T-zone and eczema. This niacinamide has really cleared acne on my forehead and blackheads on my nose. It has really balanced out my oil production, and I feel that after using 3-4 bottles of this product, my skin is less "combination" and more "normal". I know ...
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  87. Incredible


    I go through these SO incredibly quickly, cannot recommend enough!!
  88. The ordinary


    The Product is really good, it didn’t make me break out, it made my skin clear up a bit, less red pimples or redness on my face
  89. Life Changing


    I have 23 year old white combination (oily & dry!) European skin, with regular acne, occasional hormonal cystic acne, pitted scarring, icthyosis (very flaky skin all over my body including the face). I use sunscreen every day.

    This serum has been life changing for me. I have used it consistently for over a month (which is rare for me) and it has pretty much given me the clear skin I h...
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  90. Amazing!


    This is my favourite skincare product ever! Already onto my 3rd bottle in 5 months, I cannot recommend this more. Cleared up my really bad acne and acne marks and just overall makes my skin look healthier. I use it in the morning and night
  91. Excellent results in one week


    This is one product that definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it. It does exactly what it says it will, which is reduce oiliness that leads to blemishes as well as targetting hyperpigmentation. Using this helped me avoid breakouts as well has helping with fading dark marks that are left behind. It is a bit sticky when it dries so be sure to go in with a moisturiser afterwards.


    Absolutely love this product. It isn't greasy or anything on the skin it dries and feels like normal skin. I don't get oily at all during the day when I wear this, usually, I get oily in the t-zone. Breakouts have also noticeable decreased in size and redness since I have been using this product.
  93. Niacinamide = game changer


    So glad I jumped on the niacinamide train! Out of all the skin products I use, this is by far the product that has changed my skin the most. It has decreased oily production, no longer having an oily T-zone by lunch time. This has resulted in less pimples. My overall skin texture feels smoother and I feel as if my pores are less visible. I have not tried any other brands of niacinamide, however th...
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  94. Worked great


    Started off really great and cleared up my skin, that I was barely wearing makeup. However I stopped using it for maybe a week and got more breakouts. But I think if you use it regularly and stay on top of it it'll work really well, definitely noticed results in the first 2 weeks.
    Product smells a bit weird, and definitely make sure you don't have any unbroken skin or wounds before you appl...
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  95. Goodbye breakouts!


    This was suggested for me by an Adore Beauty employee and it is the best! My skin no longer suffers major breakouts as often and those pesky little bumps have almost completely disappeared. I feel much more comfortable in my skin now and don’t feel the need to wear makeup as much
  96. Game changer to clear up skin

    Love this!

    Since using this product I have noticed a massive change in my skin - no longer experience significant breakouts. Easy to use, doesn’t feel sticky and the price is right.
  97. Morning routine must-have!


    Ever since I started using this I noticed that my acne has significantly decreased. It is amazing. I just bought the super-sized one. If you have acne-prone skin, please do yourself a favour and try this product for a month!
  98. Must have


    After repeatedly hearing about the benefits of Niacinamide on the podcast i decided to give it a crack and I was not disappointed. I used the serum every day and night and i have really noticed a reduction in inflammation and break outs. The spreadability of the serum is great too - a little goes a long way.
  99. Gentle and effective


    The serum is gentle on my skin, lasts a very long time as you don't require much per application. Keeps my acne under control with the control of my natural oils.
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