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Born and bred in Bondi Beach, Australia, Apotecari is a quality-driven results-focussed brand for mane-iacs, the style-conscious and health-aware - those who know beauty is never skin deep and that the same goes for hair health. Since starting the 'edible hair care' movement in 2016, Apotecari has sought to inspire, equip you to achieve more than anyone thought possible, and empower you with high-quality, well-researched proven-potency and downright beautiful recipes. Revolutionising the way we feed our hair, their ingredients work together to actively fuel, enrich and protect for strength, condition, growth and gloss.


Essentials designed to be as limitless as your hair goals

Drawing from a combination of nature, science and ancient wisdom, the Apotecari team of naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists and trichologists, with the experience of the high-quality Australian healthcare space at their core, has carefully-curated a range of targeted hair vitamins to address and reverse a multitude of hair and scalp health challenges on a cellular level. Different hair requires different nutrition, and the range reflects this, ultimately, creating the perfect environment to achieve your hair goals.


The most rewarding 10 seconds of your day

Add two capsules of Mane Event and a follicle-enriching Hair Food smoothie to your daily beauty regime to optimise hair growth, length, condition, strength and structural reinforcement. In a recent independent comparison, the potency of Apotecari’s nature-based formulation has proven more effective than the leading pharmaceutical drug for hair growth.


Quality matters

From ingredient sourcing to selection, from allergens to packaging, Apotecari products are nasty-free, vegan, against cruelty to animals, and full of purpose; you won't find any fillers in their products, each ingredient serving a purpose in your hair health journey. The UV-protectant violet glass jars protect your hair food as the best option for nutrition storage on the market and wheat plastic smoothie shakers aren't just handbag-sized, they're BPA-free, compostable and gluten-free.


The original mane masters

Founding Apotecari in 2016, Head Formulator and industry expert Simone Abaron is best known for introducing and popularising the concept of 'hair health from within', achieving nutrition-driven results and her passion for helping people achieve previously-unattainable hair health and growth.

"Each system in our body plays an important role in our every day - each akin to the next - and it's our responsibility to nurture and enrich these systems. If we can manage what's happening on the inside, watch the transformation on the outside."

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Apotecari Power Couple Pack
Apotecari Power Couple Pack

This stuff is incredible!

Highly recommend this. Started using it about a month ago as it was recommended to me by my hairdresser and the results have been amazing.
Apotecari Mane Event 1 Month Supply
Apotecari Mane Event 1 Month Supply

Manely good

These are the stinkiest tablets I’ve ever swallowed (and they’re not small either)! However, that doesn’t bother me too much. I have thin hair, was experiencing hair loss and have just finished my 2nd bottle. My hair loss appears to have slowed and my hairdresser commented (unprompted) that my hair appeared thicker when I was getting it cut today. I’m happy so far and keen to see if there are more...
Apotecari Mane Event 3 Month Supply
Apotecari Mane Event 3 Month Supply

This works!

I purchased this after a friend told me it helped her maintain her hair throughout weight loss surgery. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and already a huge change in the amount of hairloss I am suffering. I used to lose quite a bit each wash. Now I lose about 10 strands Max! Huge improvement. Will keep taking it highly recommend