The Best Clear Brow Gels You Can Buy (According To Us)

Has anyone else heard about brow lamination? It's been taking over my explore feed on Instagram, and I think I'm a little too scared to try it. It's essentially a lash lift, but for your brows. I don't know if that makes any sense but anyway, if you've tried it, please let me know.

For now, I think I'll stick to my clear brow gel - but which clear brow gel is the best you can get?

Why Choose A Clear Brow Gel Over A Tinted One?

I'll be honest, my daily brow gel is usually Benefit Gimme Brow+ in shade 3, but that's because my eyebrows are gappy and I generally don't wear any other form of makeup to work. But when I've filled my eyebrows in and I'm wearing a full face of makeup, adding a tinted gel on top can sometimes be a bit too hectic.

That's where my clear brow gel comes in. Now, I rotate between three formulas I'm gonna mention below, and I find that all of them keep my brows brushed up and in place for hours on end. If you've already got quite dark, thick brows, I'd say a clear gel is best suited to you.

For a bit of background, I have really long eyebrow hairs (kind of like those rogue ones elderly men get trimmed at the hairdresser).

Which Clear Brow Gel Is Right For Me?

This M.A.C formula comes in both a clear and tinted variety; it won’t flake or stiffen, and helps to set the brows in place while still giving them a naturally fluffy appearance. The formula has also been ophthalmologist tested, so you can use it on your lashes too. I particularly love the brush applicator, because it acts like a spoolie and really helps to brush all the hairs in the same direction.

I mean, if anyone does good brows, it's Benefit. So obviously, Benefit's 24 Hour Brow Setter has made the top 3. This one is super long-lasting as the name suggests, so not only is it great for wearing alone, but it layers really well over all other brow products as well, including powders, pencils and pomades. It dries quickly and will lock every hair in place.

R+Co Magic Wand Brow Gel

From cult haircare brand R+Co, this clear gel tames and grooms brows with just a flick of the wrist. This formula conditions, tames and holds brows in place all day long. Plus, it can also be used to take flyaways and baby hairs around the face. It gives brows a groomed, thickened and defined look, with no flakiness or stickiness in a travel-friendly tube.

R+Co Magic Wand Brow Gel