These Are Probably The Weirdest Primers You've Ever Seen

Ahhh, the age old primer debate. Do they even make a difference? Why do I need to use one? Are they just another useless product in my makeup routine? These are questions I get all the time, so let's get to the bottom of it together. Spoiler alert: everyone needs a primer.

Do I Need To Use A Primer?

If you want long-lasting, flawless-looking makeup, then yes, you do need to use a primer. A primer not only gives your foundation a suitable base to sit on top of, but it can also increase the longevity of your makeup so it doesn't separate or slide off throughout the day.

Using a primer can also help to prevent your foundation from oxidising (i.e your foundation from turning orange or discoloured). Oxidising occurs when the natural oils from your skin interfere with your foundation, so applying that layer of primer between your skin and foundation can make a difference.

These-Are-Probably-The-Weirdest-Primers-You've-Ever-Seen Smith-&-Cult-BLACKDROP-Mattifying-Face-Primer-Smith-&-Cult-GLOW-BRITE-Radiance-Boosting-Primer-Smith-&-Cult-UNTOUCHED-Skin-Brightening-Foam 0017These-Are-Probably-The-Weirdest-Primers-You've-Ever-Seen Smith-&-Cult-BLACKDROP-Mattifying-Face-Primer-Smith-&-Cult-GLOW-BRITE-Radiance-Boosting-Primer-Smith-&-Cult-UNTOUCHED-Skin-Brightening-Foam 0017

How Do You Choose A Primer For Your Skin Type?

This is the tricky part, but the good news is, Smith & Cult have got us sorted with a number of different formulas which you can use alone or mix and match. For oily to combination skin types, I often recommend using a similar technique to multi-masking... but multi-priming, if that makes sense?

If you get super oily through the T-zone throughout the day, you can apply a mattifying primer through this area, and then a hydrating or brightening primer over the rest of your face in the non-oily areas. You can also further tailor this by precision powdering through to T-zone to prevent excess oil breakthrough.

What's Different About These Primers?

The first thing I noticed was the packaging - it's weird, in a good way. One's in a tube, the other in an aerosol, and another in a squeezy cylinder. There's also a redness cancelling version coming soon. And they each have different functions to suit different skin types.

My favourite of all three, the GLOW BRITE primer is your answer to a dull complexion. The purple-toned formula instantly adds a hit of radiance to the skin, with a translucent, slightly shimmery finish for subtle luminosity. It has a cooling gel-serum texture, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and plump. It contains hyaluronic acid and botanicals extracts like ginger root and prickly pear.

Perfect for combatting shine, this mattifying and oil-absorbing primer leaves skin bright and hydrated. The formula is infused with bamboo charcoal and pearl to absorbs oil and prevent shine throughout the day, without causing your complexion to look flat or dull. It goes on black but blends out clear, and creates a smooth even canvas for makeup to glide onto.

This is probably the most unique of the three. It's a foam-textured peachy primer designed to calm, soothe and brighten skin, all while giving your makeup a smooth base. The peachy tint helps to neutralise blue and purple tones, and enhances your natural complexion with or without makeup. It's packed with skin-loving ingredients including Ginseng and Vitamin E, it helps to brighten skin for a more radiant, even-toned complexion.