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Since 1999, CosMedix's has been using a blend of nature and science to give you the skin you're looking for. CosMedix is known for sourcing the finest ingredients from all over the world.

Relying on Nobel Prize-winning technologies and blending them with effective botanical ingredients to create skin care that affects real change. Being on the forefront of technology whilst still embracing what nature can do for us, CosMedix a leader in the industry and trusted by physicians, aestheticians and consumers all over the world.

Cosmedix has been at the forefront of beauty for almost 20 years, borrowing from Nobel Prize-winning techniques to create their plant-based range of cleansersserums,moisturisersmasks and other specialist products.

With a slogan like "The Most Effective Corrective", how much better can it possibly get? Lots.

Naturally-derived solutions to help combat sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, signs of ageing, sensitivity and acne
Formulations support the skin matrix
Concentrated botanicals ensure maximum efficacy
Chirally-correct ingredients filter out molecules that don't interact positively with the skin
No artificial colours, fillers or animal-testing
Gentle, exfoliating properties stimulate rejuvenation and better penetration of actives

Cosmedix Purity Detox Scrub
Is your skin in need of a little rehab? Send dullness, dead skin cells and blemishes packing with this multi-layered exfoliator. Gentle enough to use daily, you'll soon see a glowing, hydrated face in no time!

Cosmedix Opti Crystal Chirally Correct Eye Serum
Even if your eyes don't have too many signs of ageing, chances are they're the first area to show if you haven't had enough sleep, you're stressed or feeling a little under the weather. Help reverse those pesky problems with this peptide-laden treatment.

Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment
The ideal pick-me-up for parched, damaged or tired faces, this delightful mist moisturises, soothes and protects. Great to keep at your desk, take with you when travelling or store in the bathroom for use as part of your daily skincare routine.

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Recent reviews on Cosmedix products

Cosmedix Pure C Mixing CrystalsCosmedix Pure C Mixing Crystals
Cosmedix Pure C Mixing Crystals

Smart Product

This is a smart product. I love that you can make it as strong or a weak as your skin can handle. and you add it to your favourite moisturiser. Bonus that it's totally stable until mixed so never loses it's potency. Not messy at all.
Cosmedix Clear Deep Cleansing MaskCosmedix Clear Deep Cleansing Mask
Cosmedix Clear Deep Cleansing Mask

Great product

I use this as a spot treatment and i love it. After one use I saw noticeable results. Will keep purchasing this product.
Cosmedix Humidify Deep Moisture & Firming HydratorCosmedix Humidify Deep Moisture & Firming Hydrator
Cosmedix Humidify Deep Moisture & Firming Hydrator

Fabulous and affordable

I love this moisturiser for my super sensitive skin. My skin can be a real mixed bag but humidify always helps it stay hydrated and youthful looking.

I use it over other serums, balms and creams to lock everything in or I use it simply after cleansing. It leaves a healthy/dewy finish but not too greasy. Great under makeup for a dewy glow.

Have already repurchased a second tube but my first keeps on going on, five months and counting...