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Your skin is your largest organ, so why treat it with anything but the best? Nourish your hands and lips with the finest in soothing hydration and skin protection with Lanolips. Lanolips, the top Australian Lanolin company, is beloved by celebrities and beauty junkies alike. The brand’s stellar reputation crosses international boundaries, and its products have earned worldwide acclaim. Each Lanolips product is created with the purest medical-grade Lanolin for skincare that both moisturises and protects skin from dehydration, giving you plump lips and flawless skin.

Chapped, cracked, pale lips driving you crazy? You need the award-winning Lanolips SPF 15 Lip Ointment. This reparative lip perfector far exceeds the average tinted lip balm. Top-quality hydrators blend with nourishing medical-grade Lanolin for sheer, moisturising colour that lasts all day. In a beautiful range of shades and boosted with sunscreen to help protect against sun damage, this cult-favourite lip ointment leaves you with pillowy, protected lips.

Revive chapped hands with Lanolips Coconutter Hand Cream Intense, a rich cream that takes hands from rough and vulnerable to moisturised and protected. Lanolips’ high-quality Lanolin forms a protective barrier, preventing dehydration. Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and Vitamin E cool and hydrate for maximum nourishment. This intensive cream is a perfect choice for treating skin conditions that leave hands dry and cracked. Coconutter Hand Cream is also ideal for those working in professions that require frequent hand washing or sanitising. Lanolips makes it easy to maintain a soft touch no matter what your hands deal with daily.

Looking to streamline your handbag without sacrificing healthy, hydrated skin? Reach for Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream, the brand’s award-winning, all-over cream for head-to-toe nourishment. Apply to any area of skin that needs nourishment—heels, knees, elbows, hands—to lock in hydration, maintain softness, and improve skin health.

Why is Lanolin so effective at protecting and healing skin?
Lanolin is what’s known in skincare as an ‘occlusive’: an ingredient that helps augment the skin’s natural protective barrier. When Lanolin is added to a cream or lotion, the Lanolin helps the hydrating ingredients work harder and locks moisture in the deeper levels of the skin, preventing dehydration.

These are just a few of Lanolips’ fabulous options for maintaining healthy, nourished skin, but there’s plenty more where they came from! Check out the full Lanolips range to find the perfect protective option for you.

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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm
Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

The holy grail of all lip balms

I have tubes of this literally everywhere - all my bags, my desk, nightstand, my car, my bf's car, etc... it is the BEST!! it leaves my lips soft, smooth & hydrated without being sticky or leaving a film. And I love all the other uses - dry bits, cuticles, mozzie bites - I even line my inner nostrils with it in allergy season to "catch" pollen - a much better alternative to petroleum jelly. I have...
Lanolips Golden Dry Skin Salve 25g
Lanolips Golden Dry Skin Salve 25g

OMG!!! Miracle product

I have been a lano lover since forever, the 101 ointment is my holy grail lip product. But this is like a level up, it is INCREDIBLE!!! When my lips are extra chapped or cracked, this heals them. It also heals eczema I get on my mouth, eyelids, behind ears. It has healed small sores & mozzie bites that grew scabs. And its biggest achievement yet - it is healing my heel cracks like even chemist-bou...
Lanolips Lano Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask
Lanolips Lano Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask

Loved it

Not something Would have bought for myself but this moist tube of goodness is the BEST! can't wait to fly again one day and use it haha - leaves skin feeling so hydrated, great after a beach day