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Finding balance is the key to managing oily skin. Though your skin is naturally prone to producing oil, that doesn't mean your skin can't be dehydrated - and of course, anything too rich will only increase oil production! We've gathered our favourite solutions for oily skin types, so you're sure to find a routine to suit you.


Using a cleanser that is right for you is crucial. A foaming cleanser is a great choice to make sure the day is washed away. If your skin is more on the combination side, a gel cleanser may be more suitable. Don't be afraid of trying an oil cleanser - it sounds counterintuitive, but oil cuts through oil without disrupting the skin's balance.


It's also important to maintain your skin's hydration levels with a lightweight moisturiser and a serum. By not sufficiently hydrating your skin, you may be encouraging oil to form - this is how your skin tries to compensate for lost hydration. Stop the cycle in its tracks by hydrating your skin! Some moisturisers contain mattifying ingredients, so you don't need to look shiny midway through the day.

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Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150mlMedik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml
Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml

A great cleanser

I was put onto this by an aesthetician and haven't looked back. I still have hormonal breakouts but overall my skin is clearer and easier to manage. It does dry me out immediately but as long as I follow with a moistruiser (I use The Ordinary), it's all good.
philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay maskphilosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask
philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask

Fantastic clay mask

I have been using this a couple of months and absolutely love it! Very gentle, not drying, good exfoliating clay mask. My skin is so soft and glowing afterwards. Working at clearing blackheads, some improvements seen. Will repurchase. I haven’t used this brand before and will try other products based on the quality of this one.