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You can have all the gorgeous shadows, powders, and lipsticks in the world, but without a good set of brushes, your cosmetics can’t live up to their full potential. Building the proper set of Luxe makeup applicators and accessories is one of the best investments any beauty junkie can make. Using the best tools available will elevate your look and help you get the most out of your products. Great brushes and applicators help you achieve the exact look you’re going for. Whether you want a precise crease or subtle shading, your brushes and applicators make all the difference. We’ve got brushes and tools from some of the top brands in the industry, so check out our Luxe selection to make creating your perfect look a breeze!

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Real Techniques Mini Expert Face BrushReal Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques
Real Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush

Snazzy lil brush for nights out

This multitasker brush is great for travel but also those nights out where you need to do some touch up - especially when your face is getting oily from boogies on the dance floor. It is very soft and handy to have around.
MAKE UP FOR EVER Buffing Foundation Brush N112MAKE UP FOR EVER Buffing Foundation Brush N112
MAKE UP FOR EVER Buffing Foundation Brush N112

The perfect brush to perfect your base!

I never liked using a brush before this one. I always thought a sponge or fingers could apply foundation the best but this has changed my makeup application and i won't go back.
The only thing i dont enjoy is cleaning it after every use. So i got 2!