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If you like your haircare locally made, vegan, and without sulfates, parabens, or animal testing, you’re going to like NAK Hair. This salon-first brand is manufactured and owned in Australia, and it’s got some seriously passionate fans on the Adore team. Scroll on for some more key intel on this little beauty of a brand.


Are NAK Hair products vegan and cruelty free?


Great news for our plant-based friends, our animal-loving mates: NAK haircare products are all vegan, and the company doesn’t test on animals. Love it.


What NAK Hair products are more popular?


The big names in terms of NAK haircare are the Structure Complex Protein Shampoo and Conditioner, plus everything they make for blonde hair. Let’s look at them both, and figure out which NAK shampoo and conditioner might be right for you. 


NAK Hair Structure Complex Protein Shampoo and Conditioner are both aimed at hair that has kinda been through the ringer. You know, frequent colour changes, heat styling, time in the sea and in the pool, sunshine. If you’re dealing with damage, breakage, and a generally overprocessed and porous vibe, these two have your name on them. Help is at hand, and it comes in the form of NAK Structure Complex


When it comes to blondes, there’s a variety of NAK goodies, from toning shampoos like the Blonde Plus and Blonde, to the Platinum Blonde Anti-Yellow Treatment. The short version is that any brassy tones in your hair will be running scared, and on top of that, you can expect stronger, softer hair. (If you’re looking for a full routine for blonde hair, the Structure Complex products we talked about before would be a great fit.)

Where should I start with NAK Hair products?


If you’re not 200% sure what you need, a good place to start would be the NAK Hair Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner, plus the NAK Hair Replends Moisture Mask. These products are all rich, gentle, and suitable for pretty much everyone. Coloured hair is in safe hands here, too.

You might also like to consider the NAK Hair Bond Enhancer, plus their dry shampoo and the NAK Hair Thermal Shield heat protectant. Many lovely options. 

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NAK Hair Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer 150ml
NAK Hair
NAK Hair Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer 150ml

Strong hair

My hair has transformed from using this, from brittle and dry to sleek and shiny. I'm not kidding this does what it says and smells so nice
NAK Hair Dry Clean Shampoo 200ml
NAK Hair
NAK Hair Dry Clean Shampoo 200ml

Not bad

This dry shampoo has a good oil control effect, but sometimes the scalp itches after use.
NAK Hair Fixation Finishing Spray 500g - Bonus Size
NAK Hair
NAK Hair Fixation Finishing Spray 500g - Bonus Size

Love it

NAK Hair Fixation Finishing Spray 500g - Bonus Size
It's really a very large bottle. The price is very suitable. It can be used for a long time. Thank you for keeping my hair tidy all day.

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