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The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Essential 150g 150g

4.5 of 478 reviews


4 instalments of $17.50

Or 4 instalments of $17.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $17.50

Or 4 instalments of $17.50 with LEARN MORE

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The Beauty Chef’s #1 best selling GLOW has been taken to a whole new level with a next-generation supercharged formula to help support gut health, skin health, and your general wellbeing. With 18 Certified Organic wholefoods, this berry blend will have you glowing from the inside out.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Essential 150g Reviews

4.5 of 478 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I really look forward to taking this with my breakfast in the morning. I was mostly worried about how it would taste but I actually like it. I also really like how the container is full when you first get it. I hate it when you buy supplements and half the container is empty - such a waste of packaging. My skin is looking clearer and radiant since I started using it

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure


I do love this powder because of the philosophy behind it, and because it's part of a self care ritual that makes me feel good. However I can't say I've noticed a massive difference whilst on this for a few months. It has a nice blackcurrant/berry flavour, but i find that sometimes the powder doesn't all dissolve and there is some wastage.
Wish it were cheaper so that i could continue to use it, but I can't justify repeat purchases of this when I'm not seeing massive improvements or changes in my skin.
  1. Love


    verified purchaser
    I really look forward to taking this with my breakfast in the morning. I was mostly worried about how it would taste but I actually like it. I also really like how the container is full when you first get it. I hate it when you buy supplements and half the container is empty - such a waste of packaging. My skin is looking clearer and radiant since I started using it
  2. Essential


    This is a fabulous product. Packaging is beautiful and the claims are legit! Tastes amazing.
  3. Fixes everything


    verified purchaser
    It tastes great and it fixes everything I need it to - balances hormones (goodbye PMS), my skin improves, my nails get stronger, I feel great. I really notice when I have run out and haven't used for a few days. I'm really happy with it!
  4. Game Changer!

    Dani Exfoliates

    verified purchaser
    I took the Beauty Chef quiz after listening to them on the Adore Beauty IQ podcast and I’m so glad I did! I started with a tub of Cleanse before moving on to Glow and it has really helped my bloating and skin health! This stuff tastes better than any supplement I’ve ever tried and is so easy to drink first thing in the morning (even with just water - haven’t needed to try Joanna’s orange juice tri...
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  5. A true essential!


    I expected a product that was great, but not this freaking incredible! I first heard about the product on the Beauty IQ podcast and I could not believe my eyes when the pretty package arrived.
    I have used this product for 30 days + and it has transformed my skin and gut. My tummy is no longer gurgling and sore after foods, I am less bloated and feel so much better in my skin.
    I'd also ...
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  6. Addicted.


    I was struggling with iso breakout so my beauty therapist recommended this and the Cleanse powder. I took the Cleanse first to detox then transitioned to Glow. And wow. I am using other active ingredients too but I feel like this addition really boost my glow and helped with the severity of my breakout. The Glow definitely tastes a lot better than the Cleanse. Also, this tub lasts a really long ti...
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  7. Great


    been happy with it :) its got a good taste and i feel like it's been helping with nails and hair!
  8. Super Beneficial!


    The beauty chef's done it again! I love mixing this with my morning Spirulina + Mango Juice. Super tasty and sorts you right out.
  9. YUM


    verified purchaser
    I love the taste of this, i look forward to it in the mornings. I know some people have to mix it with something but this is delicious. Not sure if it has made a difference in skin but has defiantly helped digestive wise. I have repurchased a couple of times, but not frequently as im not sure its worth the price tag for just taste and digestion.
  10. Great stuff


    I tried with combination of collagen boost. Its taste good and help diminish my acne scars. It takes times tho. This kind of product need time to see the result and have to drink it everyday and constantly.
  11. Money well spent


    Love love love this product! On my 2nd bottle and the results just get better. I struggle with irregular bowl movement and this has literally changed my life. Not only am I going more regularly, but my skin texture has also become smoother and my breakouts are becoming less aggressive. Well worth the money!!!
  12. Will really make you glow


    I didn’t see results at first but so many rave reviews I decided to persevere with Beauty Chef and it must have been that my skin was super dehydrated as after my second bottle I started to get a lot of compliments that my skin was looking great. I also use Hydration and Collagen and have a glass of each every morning. I love the berry flavour, some have said the powder dissolves a bit gritty but ...
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  13. Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!!!


    I purchased The Beauty Chef a while back (when it first started) but couldn't be bothered starting it. Recently (about 3 months ago, I am not on my 2nd tub) my skin has NEVER BEEN BETTER. My nail technician, mum, friends, and colleagues all go out of their way to commend on how my skin is glowing. I have also struggled with many a gut issues in my life and having incorporated this into my morning ...
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  14. Hyped Up


    I really wanted this product to work as I was really searching for a nice glow to my skin and something to help with chin breakouts. I was left a little disappointed with this one as I really didn't notice a difference to my skin since taking it...
  15. Delicious


    I've been using this for just over three months and I have noticed some improvement in gut issues. I add it to smoothies and plain yoghurt and it is delicious! My skin is the best it's been, but I can't say if it's because of glow or my skincare - either way I will keep using!
  16. My nails don't break anymore!


    I used this powder for a few months at the end of 2019 then ran out and stopped using it. Well almost immediately my nails began splitting again and were thin and brittle. Started using this again in May 2020 and now my nails are so long and strong I'm considering becoming a hand model! I can't comment on the effects on skin and hair as my multi-step skincare routine may also be the reason for my ...
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  17. Tastes great!


    I personally prefer The Beauty Chef Cleanse Powder for my health, however this product does taste a lot better! Definitely the best for taste if you are sensitive to that. I like mixing the two Beauty Chef products together for gut and inner beauty health. Love this brand! Will definitely keep purchasing.
  18. Holy grail


    In love with this product. One if the best pre -probiotic drinks. In a months time i felt less bloated i felt my bowel system had improved and my skin was glowing. I had this with the collagen mixture it made my hair grow superfast amd made it look shinier and my nails grow superfast as well.
  19. Good for digestion


    This helps with my digestion, however I didn't see a huge difference in my skin. The taste is okay- not delicious but it is definitely nicer than other beauty powders I have tried.
  20. Better digestion


    I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I haven't noticed a difference in my skin yet, but my digestion is better. And I love the taste.
  21. Literally glow from inside out


    This is actually delicious. I either add mine in with some sparkling water and mix it up with The Beauty Chef Collagen with some ice and water. To be honest, I don't like the taste of glow on its own, even with yoghurt or a smoothie - but it is nice mixed with the collagen
    I definitely notice when I stop using this that my skin looses a bit of its glow.
  22. Amazing!


    I've been using this daily for almost 3 months and the results are amazing. Even my husband comments how much clearer my skin looks. It's helped manage my acne (I'm mid 30s). It tastes great too mixed with water or Greek yoghurt!
  23. Not sure


    I do love this powder because of the philosophy behind it, and because it's part of a self care ritual that makes me feel good. However I can't say I've noticed a massive difference whilst on this for a few months. It has a nice blackcurrant/berry flavour, but i find that sometimes the powder doesn't all dissolve and there is some wastage.
    Wish it were cheaper so that i could continue to use...
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  24. Skin is glowy and reduced bloating


    Ive been mixing a heaped teaspoon of glow into my smoothy daily and i've noticed improvement in my skin. My face is glowy and balanced but more importantly it has helped with my bloating. the powder has a nice berry flavour to it however when dissolved in water it can be a little gritty in texture.
  25. My gutt’s new bff


    Usually powders for your gutt taste horrendous, but this one is surprisingly nice! Actually tastes like berry. I noticed a different in my gutt activity in the first few days of using!
  26. Ticks all the boxes


    This is my go to probiotic. It’s excellent. I take it daily with water but you can mix into smoothies as well. I’ve always had a funny stomach and this definitely helps, plus I love thats it’s Australian, organic and cruelty free.
  27. Impressed


    I was given this from a friend and curious to see if it could live up to its hype, and indeed it does! Glow has really helped improve my gut (like being regular and having more energy) and I'm looking forward to seeing the effects on my skin. I now have it first thing every morning plus it tastes good.
  28. Hopeful


    I have purchased a few of these and am hopeful there will be results. At this stage I am taking a teaspoon full every morning. No results seen as yet but I will keep taking it. Fingers crossed!!!
  29. The Beauty Chefs biggest fan


    I have been using GLOW for quite a few years now and notice the best results when used with the collagen. My stomach issues are no longer as well as apparently could be helping with my hayfever.
    I also use gut primer when I feel the need + sleep powder most nights.
  30. Great skin but be prepared


    Smooth skin but Flatulence - I’ve never had this flatulence issue before but I’ve been taking this product for two weeks and it’s made me frequently fart, smelly farts. My skin looks amazing and I’ve read that some probiotics can have this effect so I’m continuing to take it as it tastes great and my skin looks amazing. I haven’t read any reviews that mention this side effect so I thought I should...
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  31. Love GLOW!


    I take Glow every day and love it. It's been great for my skin and gut health. I also drink the Collagen Inner Beauty boost daily. Highly recommend both
  32. Feel good


    I definitely feel good taking this everyday, Collagen is my favorite product of this line, but this is definitely helping, too.
  33. Can’t go a day without this!


    I absolutely love this supplement! It’s been great for my completion and for my gut! This is my second time buying Glow. I usually have a teaspoon of it in coconut yogurt for breakfast, and it tastes that GOOD!!
  34. Tasty daily supplement


    It's been really easy to incorporate this supplement into my daily routine. It tastes so good which is a huge plus because sometimes you can get some not so great tasting supplements that make it harder to use everyday. I've been combining this with their collagen booster daily for a month and I've noticed that my skin is clearer, and less dry, my nails seem healthier and I have less hair fall. I'...
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  35. its okay


    this is okay, did not notice any differences and it is a bit grainy but does taste nice
  36. I love this product!


    I generally take these products a bit discredited. But this one I really got to see a difference after a while of use. I recommend!
  37. so far so good


    although it takes time to get used to, the taste is alright. so far i have noticed a slight change in my skin health which is good. i’m not sure if it is worth the money though.
  38. Love it!


    This has been amazing and can’t wait to stock up again. I’ve had amazing changes in my skin breakouts. My skin is definitely glowing and I know my gut is thanking me. Thank you beauty chef!
  39. Not the best


    I really wanted to love this, but the texture was very gritty when mixed with water, and the taste was not my cup of tea, so I really struggled to use this to it's full effect.
  40. Love this brand


    Wow, this stuff is amazing. I have used two bottles and now I'm onto my third. I have seen an increase in my energy levels, my skin feels hydrated, less dark circles, and hair and nail growth. I really love the taste of this product. In the summer months, I like to add this to cold water bottle with ice and drink it at work to cool down after my lunch break. I highly recommend this product. I told...
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  41. Amazing


    This has helped my skin so much after continued use. When my stomach feels upset, I take this and it helps immensely too
  42. Beautiful product.


    This is a beautiful powder that makes my skin look more beautiful and radiant within two days of use.

    I’ve bought this and raves about this, and bought it for my mum and friends. It’s great with breakouts and overall skin texture and radiance.

    It tastes great too and I love it as part of my morning routine.
  43. Fantastic


    This is my sweet berry flavoured goodness. It has helped my digestive health, not too sure about the glow, it is quite expensive but the ingredients are really healthy and the whole process on how the glow powder is made has made my decision to purchase and help my digestive system worth it.
  44. I like this!


    I usually don’t like the taste of most supplements but this is quite easy to drink. I mix with the Hydration Booster. My skin appears to be clearing up nicely . I will certainly keep this in my daily routine.
  45. Eh


    I didn’t find any difference after using this but I really want to like it because everyone else seems to love it? I missed it maybe once or twice a week so perhaps that contributed. I might buy again just because I still feel like I should love it but I probably wouldn’t recommend it to friends.
  46. Will buy again


    Started this a few weeks ago, And skin health overall is improving, easy to drink as the taste is not bad. I feel a lot healthier drinking it. And definitely feel like it’s doing what it claims.
  47. Amazing


    This product is great and I highly recommend. My nails are so much stronger than they were a month ago and my hair is much softer.
  48. Tasty


    I quite like the taste of this product, although it can take a little getting used to. I dissolve it in water and drink with ice and quite enjoy it. I haven't noticed any massive improvement in my skin but I do find it makes my tummy happy and overall health is what gives that glow so I'm sold.
  49. Off and on


    I have been using Glow for years now. I don't ever really see a difference in my skin (I am prone to breakouts) however when I stop using it I can definitely feel it in my digestion etc. So no real life changing results, however I keep using it as it is definitely doing something for my gut!
  50. Not sure...


    I have bought this product a few times but am really not sure I see any differences of when I use it or not. I do love the fact that it tastes good just in water, unlike many other gut powders!
    I'll keep trying it for a few more weeks, but feel that others in the market have had a bigger impact for me personally.
  51. A Must For Glowing Skin


    I have been using Glow Powder for almost a year and initially, I didn't have super high expectations, but thought it might just be something 'nice' to add to my routine. Nevertheless, I have been so blown away by the results I have seen! I had friends and colleagues even tell me that my skin looked like it was glowing. I definitely recommend this product for glowing skin from the inside out.
  52. Best way to look after your insides long-term!


    I expect with consistent and continued use, you would notice more dramatic results, i.e. clearer skin, but even though effects may not always be visible on the outside, it doesn't mean they're not working and doing great things on the inside for you long-term! Really helped with my gut and love that it's such an easy delicious way to get such great nutrients, probiotics and fibre that I can't norm...
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  53. Perfect


    This has helped with my gut health and my skin health is also much better. I love the taste
  54. Waste of money


    I was expecting a much bigger product considering the price, and I also felt as though it made no improvement to my skin. I incorporated mine into smoothies as I didn't enjoy the taste in water. I wouldn't repurchase again
  55. Dissapointed


    I REALLY wanted to love this product, but the taste was horrible (for me personally). It is also was really hard to dissolve in water, making it even harder to drink. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish enough of this product to see if this made a difference to skin etc.
  56. I am impressed


    The taste is much pleasant than expected compare to the others, but it doesn't dissolved well which make your drink a little grainy and lumpy.
    That said I did notice a difference just after a few days. I am lactose intolerance but I can't seem to stay away from dairy; I have this every morning and I feel less bloated and a better digestion.
  57. Will purchase again!


    I definitely noticed a difference when using this. I blended it in my smoothies daily and I found I was a lot less bloated after eating, which I always thought was normal. The tub is a lot smaller than I expected but I liked it enough for this to be my second purchase. Also had a few people say I was looking more glowy which is a bonus!
  58. Purchased for general probiotic/prebiotic benefits


    Great addition to my morning smoothies - the taste is noticeable but not bad whatsoever. I believe in the general benefits of adding pre and probiotics to your daily health routine, my skin did see some improvement which for me is a bonus.
  59. If I could only keep one skincare product, this would be it.

    Maddy M

    I've had breakouts since I was about 12 (now 23) and this has been the only product that has made a substantial difference to my skin. I had a really bad hormonal breakout across my cheeks and jawline about six months ago and completely changed up my skincare regime but I truly think this is the one product that made most of the difference. I don't even get a pimple now even around my period and m...
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  60. I like it

    Mrs S

    I've used this product on and off for a year or so. I wasn't sure how effective it was when I was drinking it on it's own but then I started adding it to my green smoothies and it really took the edge off. It's particularly good in a banana smoothie, and of course a berry one too.
  61. Glowing


    This product is so nice, makes my skin feel and look so much better. And the flavour is so yummy
  62. Glowing skin and a healthy gut


    I have always struggled with digestion problems, being lactose and gluten intolerant (and an inability to give up cheese platters and pasta) and have tried lots of products to help eliminate or reduce the subsequent bloat. I started using this powder every morning in smoothies or just with almond milk and noticed a difference in about 7- 10 days. My tummy was less bloated and overall I felt lighte...
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  63. great taste


    This tastes great! And I thiiiiiink I've noticed a difference in my skin.
    I have found it hard to remain consistent and have forgotten to take it some days. Now I am pregnant and am not sure if this is pregnancy friendly so have not been taking it :/
    Bought a bottle for my mum for her birthday and she loves it. I think it makes a great gift idea
  64. WORTH IT!

    Mama Shaz

    I have used for two weeks and my skin is noticeably clearer already and has a luminosity that it didn't have before, even my family have commented! I have combined this with regular exercise and an improved diet - so those would have contributed to results as well. Price is expensive but for a product that does what it says, worth it. Thank you Beauty Chef! - taste could be a bit better though
  65. Glow from within!


    I have been using this Glow Powder for 2 years now and not only is my skin more consistently clear but I feel healthier from with in. This does wonders for my digestive and immune system and on the few occasions I have run out I really notice the difference. The taste isn’t amazing but is much better than other products I have tried offering similar results
  66. Ritual

    Amelia L

    This is my third time buying Glow beauty powder. I use it every morning and would recommend using the product with cold water, in a smoothie or mixed in with yogurt. It's such a nice morning ritual to have and I feel as though it makes my gut really happy and therefore helps keep my skin clear and glowing. Will continue to purchase.
  67. Great booster to smoothies and helped with dermatitis


    Had this everyday for 2 months in a breakfast smoothie. I do believe it helped with my digestion, however, I couldn't tell if there was visible results in terms of giving me a 'glow'.

    It may have just been a coincidence, but my patches of dermatitis and dry flaky skin significantly improved whilst using this product! Definitely worthy of a try if you have dry skin!
  68. Such a great tasting product


    This is an amazing product I could notice the difference within the first couple of days taking this. My bloating had decreased significantly. This is an amazing product.


    On my third tub and the benefits to taking this everyday are almost endless. Tried just about everything to help with my acne and this one something that definitely helped and can see effects take place in matter of weeks. Will be keeping it apart my routine for very long time plus it tastes great too! Win win!
  70. Berrylicious


    What most surprised me was how well the powder mixes in with water. Other products I’ve used have been lumpy but not this one. Berry flavour makes it a super pleasant start to my morning.
  71. A+


    I really like this so far, it creates a healthy morning routine and the probiotics are improving my digestion. I have been using this for a month now and have noticed clearer skin
  72. Drinking beauty


    I really love the taste. I enjoy drinking it as a little ritual beautiful, while doing my skincare for exemple or after a good yoga session.
    My skin seems to like it!
  73. Glowing skin


    I've been using this powder almost daily for 2 months and have noticed the difference in my skin quality- it has a really healthy glow almost daily and think this is a really great investment product.
  74. Love this product


    Glow has given me clearer skin, a settled tummy and more get up and go. I have it in a smoothie, daily. Also tastes great mixed into some yoghurt.
  75. Yum!


    I’ve been using having this every morning for about 2 weeks now. Much more pleasant tasting than i expected, has a nice natural berry flavour. Doesn’t fully dissolve but still pleasant and easy to drink. I have noticed a slight difference in the look of my skin, it’s starting to look more healthy and dewy but i don’t think i’ve been using it long enough to see the full results!
  76. Good


    This taste really good especially if mixed in with the collagen product too! For someone who suffers with acne, I wouldn't say it helps clear it, but acne is complex and I know I have other underlying issues that contribute to it, but I trust the product's ingredients is doing good for me and my gut anyway!
  77. Seems good


    I got a sample of this from AB and it’s much nicer than I expected, similar to ribena but not as sweet.
    It didn’t mix all that well and is a little gritty. I cannot imagine I will get any results after just one use but I’ll certainly buy this in the future to try on a longer term basis after reading other reviews.
  78. No more flare ups!


    I was experiencing consistent flare-ups that my skin therapist/doctor put down to being eczema but there was still uncertainty to it. After tweaking my diet, taking supplements and adding this Inner Beauty Powder into my routine, my skin has never been better!! Haven't had one flare-up since starting this in my routine and I don't think it's just a coincidence, this stuff works!! I've used it ever...
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  79. self care


    this is such a lovely powder with the added advantage of a pleasant berry taste. I have been taking this for about 2 months so it is possibly too early for me to tell if the claims of improving the skin quality are true - however as with most supplements, other aspects of your lifestyle should also be altered/improved to maximise the benefits of the powder. I definitely feel at least that this is ...
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  80. Great way to start the morning

    Rachael Nancy

    I've been struggling with gut health issues for a while and when I heard about this product I was keen to see if it would help my tummy as well as my hair/skin/nails etc.
    I have fair, sensitive skin that looks congested easily, I did notice that after the first week I had fewer breakouts than before and my redness had gone down.
    I did find the mixture a little grainy and it was hard to...
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  81. Tasted nice


    This tasted nice and I did enjoy drinking it. However really not sure if it did anything and it is hard to compare if it does or not.
  82. Probiotics do more... Taste nice


    I think this is a little bit of a waste of money. I got the powder int he lead up to my wedding. I didn't notice anything different? Probiotics would be just as good and they last much longer.
  83. The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder 150g


    The collagen is tasty and I have gotten so many comments on my skin
  84. Good for energy


    I have been drinking glow every morning for 5 years. It definitely gives me more energy and makes me feel happier, l notice on the days l dont have it l lose my spark.
  85. My morning Fix


    This is now my morning fix, mixed in with a glass of water to hydrate, nourish and wake up my body, and vitalise my skin. I just know and feel it is doing m good.
  86. Tastes Lovely!


    Tastes nice...a bit gritty. Not really sure if it’s helped with my skin as I use really good cosmeceuticals.
  87. Must have


    This has become a must have for my overall wellbeing and skin health. I can absolutely see a difference in my skin when taking this. It also tastes really nice (berry flavoured). Have recommended to several of my friends.
  88. Loving this


    This has made a huge difference in my hair growth and a massive improvement to my skin! My complexion seems to be a lot smoother and more hydrated
  89. Got the Glow


    I am loving this, I used it for about two months now, my skin has cleared up incredibly (I have been using a good skincare routine alongside this as well for quite a few months), I still have breakouts and blemishes but I can say with truth that my skin really is glowing. I do however think that it has changed y skin type, I used to think my skin type was combination and is now a bit more oily. I ...
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  90. Great supplement, but very pricey.


    I do notice a difference when drinking this daily, makes a big difference in my skin. For me though very expensive to maintain, as repurchasing so often.
  91. Skin / Gut Connection


    Love this stuff! I have ongoing gut issues and this has really helped alleviate a lot of my symptoms. My skin in clearer and digestive system feels healthier and happier. Bonus - it tastes really good. About to buy my 3rd tub. Highly recommend
  92. Good part of a routine


    I didn't notice exponential results after starting this, but I have noticed that my regular breakouts have calmed down a bit (after three months of use). I still break out due to laser and hormonal changes though.
    It helped me get in to a good routine in the morning though - it's become a habit to down this with some the BC Collagen and it feels like some very quick self-care.
  93. Skin looks amazing


    This stuff has seriously transformed my skin! I look and feel amazing since starting this. Highly recommend
  94. Perfect


    I used to break out every single day and ever since using this, my breakouts have decreased exponentially and my skin has been so healthy
  95. Really good up


    While I was taking this people commented on how much better my skin was looking so I could tell it was doing something, I loved having it on my muesli, it tastes sweet, its a shame it doesn't come in a bigger container though. It really is good stuff! I'm just about to order more
  96. Beauty from within


    Beauty comes from within. This product together with good skincare routine is effective. However, both components are necessary. Just using this and not maintaining good skincare routine with good quality products won't give you the expected results. Also, it takes time to see the results, but it's worth it in the longer run. Oh, and tastes yummy :-)
  97. Fantastic!


    Love this! I have been taking it for over a month and have noticed my skin is much clearer and others have commented on my skin glowing. Highly recommend this product.
  98. It’s true...


    I 1000% believe the saying ‘beauty begins in the gut’ I’ve used Glow semi religiously over the last few years however when I take it consistently every day the results literally speak for themselves, my skin is clearer, my hair appears healthier and my nails are much less brittle!
    I will admit that the mixability in straight water is not amazing but I find using a shaker bottle helps, otherw...
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  99. Actual results!


    I have been using this almost daily for a month and noticed a really positive difference in my skin and digestion. I am prone to small break outs of eczema and dermatitis, since drinking this every morning it has almost disappeared! I am also feeling light and my digestion is noticeably more efficient when I take this (if you know what I mean!) I missed it for a weekend when I went away and notice...
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  100. I look and feel great


    I bought this after reading all the fantastic reviews. Honestly, I was a bit sceptical, but after just a week I feel less sluggish and have more energy. I didn’t realise how blah I was feeling but after a week I feel great. I feel as though my skin looks much brighter and radiant. I can’t wait to see how I feel after a month!
    Also, I have found my sugar craving mid afternoon is much less.
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