Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm - Coconutter 10g

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Go loco for coco with a twist of the Lanolips cult favourite! Lanolips 101 Ointment in Coconutter is a multi-purpose hydrating balm designed to simplify your beauty regime and your life. 100% natural, this innovative formula is made from Ultra-pure Medical Grade Lanolin, with a combination of Coconut Oil and Coconut milk rich in antioxidants. 

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Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm - Coconutter Reviews

4.6 of 115 reviews

95% recommend this product

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smells yummy


it smells like holiday and is soo hydrating on the lips. i usually feel that lip balms are heavy but not this one i just love using this even in summers.

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This product smells amazing and is so soft anf soothing on the lips. Its really hydrates the lips. But it came half empty so its a bit pricey for a small tube. But its worth it
  1. smells yummy


    it smells like holiday and is soo hydrating on the lips. i usually feel that lip balms are heavy but not this one i just love using this even in summers.
  2. Converted

    Dreaming of the tropics!

    So I am 37 and have never used a Lanolips product but given I constantly hear about it on podcasts I thought I must give it a try. Ordered this one as coconut is my go to with everything. It is amazing! I use overnight and it lasts. I previously always did paw paw ointment overnight and had to top up during the night if dry lips. This product lasts till morning! Smells and tastes great and not ove...
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  3. smoothing


    this smooths my dry lips so much and I love that it has multiple uses
  4. Great


    this smells delicious and is moisturising
  5. Smells sooo good


    It smells like a holiday. I have dark and dry lips and i got it because i wanted something hydrating and it is so good. After i put it on i feel im on a holiday.
  6. Soothes


    verified purchaser
    This product smells amazing and is so soft anf soothing on the lips. Its really hydrates the lips. But it came half empty so its a bit pricey for a small tube. But its worth it
  7. New go to


    verified purchaser
    From constantly being inside with the heater on due to lockdown (plus wearing a mask when out), my lips started to suffer. I did not have any cracking and flaking, but I started to notice my lips were feeling really dehydrated and didn’t want it to escalate! So the first thing I did was jump onto AB and find some options that cater to my needs. This ointment saved my lips from getting worse! It’s ...
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  8. The best!


    The best lip balm! Very thick and moisturizing, looks like a lip gloss on and sheen lasts ages! Nice subtle coconut flavour, not too strong like other lip balms.
  9. Lip Saver


    OMG! This is my new go to lipbalm before bed! Dry winter lips are no more. The balm is super moisturing and stays on all night. The sublte scent is also really nice not too overpowering at all. Absolute fave and cant wait to try more.
  10. I adore this product


    verified purchaser
    I have been suffering from extremely dry lips for the last few weeks and it didn’t matter how much lip balm I used it just wasn’t going away. WELL! I’ve been using this product for a mere 24 hours and my lips actually have moisture in them! I don’t have the dry redness around the outside of my lips and the cracks in the corners of my mouth are gone! If you have dry lips jump on this product ASAP! ...
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  11. Smooth lips


    I love love love Lanolips brand. Always have one on me. This specific coconutter is not too strong of a scent as well. Love how this doesn't leave a sticky consistency on your lips
  12. Great


    I love this lipgloss and the formula! Very hydrating and not sticky on my lips.
  13. I love the smell and It make me feel my lips really hydrated. For sure I am going to buy again


    Totally, I have dry lips and this is a very good moisturizer
  14. Super moisturising!


    i love this lip balm! The 101 formula is the best, but I think the peach is my favourite scent!
  15. Best lipbalm ever


    I can safely say that I have tried almost every lipbalm on the market and this is far and away the best. Lanolin is such an amazing ingredient, it is hydrating but also works as a barrier to prevent further drying. I use this mainly on my lips but if I do have other dry patched on my hands or face this gets whipped out and does the trick. I absolutely love the smell of the coconutter balm!
  16. All rounder


    Love that this leaves my lips and skin feeling hydrated and also smells like coconuts! Feel like I am on holiday on a tropical island!


    it smells soo good. so hydrating on the lips i cannot get enough of this. im in love with it only lip balm that suits my dry lips
  18. Not quite perfect


    I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and smell of this. I'm very sensitive to fragrances so I was happy that this one isn't overly strong. The texture is a little thick, but not anywhere near as heavy as I'd expected from the ingredients. It goes on smoothly and gives the lips a nice sheen. Unfortunately, it's not quite cutting it for me at the moment, as my skin is super dry. I found th...
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  19. My holy grail lip product


    This is the perfect product to use throughout the cold and dry winter months in Australia. I do not feel a need to constantly reapply as it leaves my lips moisturised all through the day.
  20. Love this!


    I have tried a few of the lanolips products, the tinted balms and plain lip balm. The coconut lip balm is definitely my favourite , absolutely love the smell. And keeps my lips soft and hydrated for a long time. Will definitely re purchase.
  21. LOVE


    I love all the lanolips products and own so many of them! This is my go to right before bed, I apply a lot and it last all through the night - during all the night feeds with my 9 month old baby! Keeps my lips so moisturised and plump through winter
  22. My favourite thing


    I LOVE Lanolips! I can’t go anywhere without it! It hydrated and protects lips from the elements! It makes them look glossy and smells amazing!
  23. Actually fixes dry lips


    Love this lip balm, I find it actually fixes my lips if they're dry, unlike other (non-lanolin) based lip balms, which just seem to make me reliant on constant lip balm use. Really nice thickish consistency+ smells great if you love coconut. I don't think I'll ever buy a non lanolin based lip balm again.
  24. Great lip balm


    This lip balm is so nice and thick, the perfect lip balm for winter because it is so hydrating and long lasting
  25. Actually works!


    I had high hopes and this lived up to them!

    I get extremely dry, cracked lips pretty much year round and this has worked wonders. Instantly hydrates, repairs and doesn't wear off quickly. The effects seem to last because I don't need to re apply 10 times a day either. Great product!
  26. great nourishment


    It's a nice treatment whether it be night or day. as it gives you a nice shine gloss they slowly sinks into the lips leaving them moisturised
  27. Love this scent!


    As if I didn’t love Lanolips enough... I tried the coconutter 101 and it is easily my favourites Lanolips product now. Smells incredible!
  28. Yes!!!


    Love the smell, not too strong! Great lip balm for deep hydration. Soaks into the skin slowly so I dont have to reapply very often.
  29. Just what I was looking for


    My hands were so dry from all the sanitising and my usual fave hand creams weren’t cutting it so I wanted something richer but not too greasy. This was PERFECT rich but quickly absorbed so you can still type away without making your screen greasy. I like the smell, slightly coconuty but not too “ tropical holiday”
  30. The scent / flavour is devine

    Lanolips balm

    Lovely product. My favourite part is the smell / flavour. It actually led me to buy 3 of the SPF tinted lip balms which I love more. I haven't given this 5 stars as it can be a little heavy and I like a nice tint for during day. Still very nice
  31. Great balm


    Love the glossy but satin finish and it's coconutty flavour.
  32. By far the best


    I cannot talk this up enough it honestly lasts about 4 hours during the day and my lips feel softer than ever will buy again and again!
  33. Great


    My lips feel moisturised every morning when I use this
  34. Moisturising


    I got this as a birthday present and I’m addicted ! It is extremely moisturising and I usually put paw paw cream on top to seal it in. It also is definitely the BEST smelling lip ointment! However, I do find after a while it gets a little bit tacky.
  35. Awesome


    Super rich and hydrating. Smells amazing and no funky taste. Will repurchase.
  36. Great


    This lip balm is great for dry lip. Very moisturizing.
  37. Lip lifesaver!


    Amazing! It is quite a thick consistency, so I found this is better applied before bed. Smells good, doesn't taste weird, and most importantly, my lips feel so hydrated!
  38. A Lip Essential


    Loved the strawberry one, so decided to buy this too. Great for dry lips.
  39. Nourishing lip balm


    This lip balm gives instant hydration and locks in the moisture. It also gives a subtle gloss to your lips and has a coconut aroma that's quite pleasant. Another great lip balm from Lanolips!
  40. Doesn't work for me


    A lot of people love this but I find it does nothing for me, this brand really just doesn't work for me in general also.
  41. Fave!


    nice smell and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  42. Great All Rounder


    Purchased this as a gift for my gran as a great all rounder and she couldn't love it more that she has gone and purchased more for herself! Perfect for lips and hands.
  43. worth trying

    perfecting skin

    it is such an amazing product. made my lips so soft and it has such a nice coconutty smell that doesn't leave you.
  44. Lovely stuff.


    Smells great, not too sticky and lasts a decent amount of time. Love the packaging too.
  45. Rescued my dry lips


    I suffer from dry lips and no lip balms or ointments would help me until I found Lanolips. It is definitely worth the price for what it does for your lips. Coconutter is by far my favourite, I love the texture and scent and of course its ability to keep my lips happy and hydrated. I take one with me everywhere and am never without this lifesvaer.
  46. Nice lip balm


    I used one tube of this lip balm in winter time, it really hydrated my lip in harsh winter time, it's affordable, highly recommended !
  47. Lovely lip balm


    I really love the Lanolips lip balms. This one is great and has a pink tint which didn’t quite match my pale complexion but works to smooth and keep lips moisturised. A little goes a long way. I personally prefer the coconutter one. This one is great for a change though!
  48. Best lip balm I have used and smells great!


    Love the tube application. Very nourishing and long lasting for a balm. Thick melt in consistency which has such a lovely coconut scent. A little goes a long way. Highly recommend this product and I am reordering.
  49. Lip’s best friend!


    Amazing scent and thick enough to hydrate my lips for the whole day. I wouldn’t survive winter without it as it helps plump and sooth the lips. Even my partner loves it!
  50. thick & hydrating


    If you have crazy dry lips lanolips lip balms are your best friend! The main ingredient lanolins is a thick and hydrating product which forms a moisturiser barrier on the skin. So I adore this lip balm for how hydrating and soothing the product is. I'm also a fan of the scent, coconut, such a summer essential and scent. A little goes a long way so this product is worth it!
  51. Smells AMAZING!


    I bought this to try after being a long term Carmex user. The packaging is cute and fits well in my hand bag. The coconut scent is so beautiful and you can almost taste it once applied. The only downside I found was that it didnt last all day like Carmex but was still really lovely and would make a nice present for those that are hard to buy for :)
  52. Super luxe


    It's so thick and dense, it feels like it's really working to protect my lips from the elements while giving them an intense hydration injection.
    I sometimes really struggle with dry looking lips (even when they don't feel dry) but this gives me soft plump looking lips.
  53. perfect for summer


    Super moisturising and the coconut scent is so tasty and beautiful smelling!
  54. Not sure about this one


    Not my favourite flavour from the brand unfortunately. The formula is quite nice but a little bit too stick for me. I would pass on this flavour and try the peach or apple one instead
  55. Better than paw paw!


    I love this stuff! Feels so nice on your lips and so hydrating. I struggle with dry lips and this really helps
  56. All time favourite!


    This is my all time favourite lip balm. SO hydrating and leaves my lips feeling & looking amazing. i do not go anywhere without a tube!
    I get asked every time i wear it what i have on my lips.
    I haven't tried any of the other ones- and i probably wont because i love this so much.
  57. great


    I would recommend this to anyone! Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing!
  58. New fave


    I heard a few good things about this product and having super dry lips due to winter I decided to grab a tube on a recent order. the smell is so yummy and it hydrates my lips amazingly, it isn’t sticky and last for a long time on the lips so I don’t have to apply it a million times a day. I’m excited to try the other scents :)
  59. Super thick and nourishing


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  60. Loving it


    The coconut is so incredible! Smells amazing and tastes so good. I’m really happy with it and I love how amazing my lips feel!
  61. Simply Amazing


    Absolute nicest lip treatment i've ever had. it's so much nicer than pawpaw ointment and definitely worth the price, the tube will last so long too, bonus!
  62. amazing


    Very nice and natural application! Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  63. Awesome


    great for hands and lips and doesn't leave anything feeling sticky, very mositurising for dry lips and skin
  64. so good on dry hands and lips


    this is my new favorite moisturizer! It is very thick which i love, it hydrates my skin and my lips and it helps with cuticle care as well which is just an added bonus! definitely recommend this product to everyone with either dry skin or dry lips!
  65. Loving it this winter


    This has helped a lot this winter. The corners of my mouth crack from the dry weather and so do my hands. Very very effective and use it almost everyday. Smells so insanely good aswell!
  66. Didn’t work out for me


    I didn’t like the scent and didn’t find it very moisturising either. Not for me unfortunately :(
  67. Not sure how I feel


    This provides instant hydration but I feel the need to re-apply it on my dry lips 2-3 times every hour.
  68. perfect for dry elbows


    i suffer from dry skin patches on my knees and elbows and this works amazing my skin has never been softer
  69. Beautiful lip balm


    Such a lovely nourishing balm with a beautiful light coconut scent. Can be used for other uses too but I can’t go past it as a lip balm!
  70. Love


    This is one of my favorite scents from lanolips. Very moisturizing
  71. Love


    This is one of my favorite scents from lanolips. Very moisturizing
  72. Smells heavenly


    After trying the peach and strawberry Lanolips Multi-balms I was curious about the coconutter flavour. I was little worried that it might have that plastic-like artificial coconut smell that some products have, but this one is really delightful. It moisturises and protects my lips like the others. The only downside is, like the others, it is sticky and annoying if your hair brushes against it.
  73. Awesome


    use it for lip balm and smell amazing
  74. all day hydration!


    this lip balm keeps my lips hydrated all day long, i do not have to constantly re apply like i do with other balms. it also leaves a gorgeous glossy look
  75. LOVE IT


    this cream is so good! I consistently have dry hands and this moisturizers them so much and makes them feel so soft and hydrated. Absolutely recommend
  76. so hydrating


    I have very dry lips, especially in winter and I love applying this at night and waking up with soft, uncracked lips. I would recommend this to anyone!
  77. Best lip balm in the world


    Alongside the original Lanolips 101 Ointment, this is best lip balm in the world. The coconut scent takes me to tropical islands and it's so nourishing and lasts for hours. It's thicker and stickier than the original which gives it a more glossy look but I love the consistency of both.
  78. Don’t know if I like it


    It smells amazing! I find this a little bit too thick which doesn’t make me gravitate towards it all that often! :(
  79. love this lip balm


    I love this lip balm! I have super dry skin and this product leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, would definitely recommend!
  80. So moisturising


    I watched a live video on Instagram and this was the product that was being recommended. I bought it to try and don’t regret it. It’s so moisturising and don’t need to constantly reapply
  81. Best Lip sleep mask


    I have seen this brand out for a long time but was never really drawn to it. I watched a live video on Instagram by Adore Beautys main journalist. She was showcasing a set of lipsticks but alot of people were asking her what lip nourishing product does she use...they looked so sofy and plump. She simpy replied with Coconutter. I had to buy.I use this as a night mask for my lips. I only use a littl...
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  82. Coconut lovers


    Lanolips..! What can I say? It makes my lips smooth, just like the other their products. Especially in winter if I forgot to use my hand cream, I am using this. Because this product and my oribe hair mist always with me.
  83. Unsure


    Love the scent but I find it a bit too sticky. Have tried other products that leave lips in a much better condition e.g burt's bees and hunter labs.


    I brought this as I had heard so many good reviews - If Rosie Huntington-Whitely is a big fan its worth try! :P
    I found the smell really lovely and the lip ointment to be very hydrating!
    Would purchase again!


    This is hands down the best lip balm I have ever used, I am a makeup addict and always am purchasing new lip balms and never finishing them. However, when I purchased this balm, I have been in love. I have gone through 5 tubes, and have 10 on standby in my makeup cupboard. I always need them, I have them lying around everywhere: bed side table, bathroom, handbag, car!! Absolutely nuts about it x
  86. Great but not as good as the original


    I adore this for the smell but find the original 101 balm better. For me this one hasn’t been as useful for cuticles and dry patches as it feels more like a lip balm, but that’s what I use it for now and it does a fab job.
  87. Nice alternative to the original balm


    Similar to the original balm - use it for dry skin, cuticles, dry and chapped lips. Coconut smell is quite strong, especially when on the lips, so wouldn't recommend for someone who didn't love coconut.
  88. Best lipbalm of all time


    I never buy anything else!
    It's amazing. Perfectly softens my lips.
    I also use it on papercuts, dry skin on elbows and even cuticles.



    hands down best lip balm I've ever used- nothing more needs to be said!
  90. Never leave home without it


    My go to lip gloss. Leaves lips soft and full of moisture with a subtle gloss.
  91. Yummy coconut flavour


    I love this version of the 101 ointment. Same super hydration for my dry lips but with a light coconut flavour & smell
  92. Amazing lip balm


    I love coconut and this didn't disappoint! It smells amazing and I love how hydrating it is for my lips. The formula and packaging are great and I would definitely recommend! Such a cheap price too considering how much use you get out of it. I will definitely repurchase it
  93. A nice change!


    I am obsessed with the original multi-balm and use it for pretty much everything. Gave this a go and it's a lovely change, but i only use it on my lips (which is great -smells and feels amazing) and my knees/elbows in a pinch, only because i was worried that the skin on my face my might not love the additional ingredients.
  94. The best Lip balm


    I used to use pawpaw ointment on my lips, but found that it consistently dried them out! I began using lanolips after being recommended it by my mum and have never looked back. Even when i have cracked lips, two days of using this and they are rehydrated again.
  95. Great


    This is the best lip balm I’ve ever used! It smells like heaven and has the nicest texture. Keeps lips hydrated, plump and glossy for hours! I take it everywhere and reapply it throughout the day because it smells and tastes so good. Love it and if your looking for a new lip balm definitely try this one.
  96. Pretty good


    I normally do not like coconut scented products and certainly do not like coconut oil as lip balm (Yes, I have tried it). This product really surprised me, it has all the greatness from a Lanolips balm with a nice coconut scent. Still same hydrating luscious balm formula that keeps my lips soft and plump.
  97. Great balm


    This multi balm is great! Lovely cinnamon/coconutty scent. Provides great moisture, keeps lips nice and smooth, Can also be used on dry skin, cuticles etc. Great multi purpose product.
  98. hydration to the max


    not a big fan of coconut but this i do like. hydrates my lips like no other have purchased multiple of lanolips and happy with all 3 of them
    would recommend if your lips are always super dry like mine.
  99. The best of the best


    Honestly 100% recommend as the best lip balm! goes on so beautifully and leaves your lips feeling awesome
  100. You don’t know what your missing out on


    I though oh yeah this will just be like a ordinary balm that does nothing, um I was so wrong!! This ointment is something else! So glossy so nice on the lips not something that goes away in two seconds and your back to square one this stays on for so long leaving your lips so smooth and soft! Can be used over any lip stick or lip gloss, I just love it, take this everywhere, whether it being to wo...
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