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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm 17.5ml

4.7 of 285 reviews


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A multi-purpose ointment designed to simplify your beauty regime and your life.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm Reviews

4.7 of 285 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My allrounder


This is my go to lip balm. I keep a tube in my car, on my bedside table and in my handbag. It's great on your lips, cuticles and any other dry bits. So nourishing and buttery, yet not sticky. Love love it!

Most Helpful Criticism



It does the job while the product is on your lips, however I find that after the product has dried up my lips appear worse off than they were before using it.
  1. My allrounder


    This is my go to lip balm. I keep a tube in my car, on my bedside table and in my handbag. It's great on your lips, cuticles and any other dry bits. So nourishing and buttery, yet not sticky. Love love it!
  2. Great balm!


    This is a great balm. I use it to provide a barrier for my skin eczema. I like it much better than using petroleum based skin balms. It is small, but you don't need much. Highly recommend!
  3. Great but not so much for lips


    This ointment is really nourishing without being super slippery or greasy. It works really nicely for my cuticules or if I have small dry spots on my face/neck/body. It does initially feel quite nice on my lips however as someone with particularly dry lips, I didn't find it lasted quite as well as other lip balms and once it had rubbed off/absorbed in, I felt I needed to immediately apply more as ...
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  4. Great for dry lips


    Although this is a multipurpose balm, I use this exclusively on my dry lips. It’s a thick consistency, but comfortable to use. I like to use a thin layer during the day – by itself or under lipstick – but I also love to layer it at night as a lip mask. There’s a lot of product in one tube, so it’s really lasted.
  5. godsend


    my lips have become dry and flaky this last year (probably because of excessive mask wearing) so I ditched my paw paw ointment - which was basically petroleum jelly - in favour for something more natural and I'm never going back!
  6. Lives up to the hype!


    I kept hearing about this product but thought it was a little bit too much money to spend on a lip balm. However, I finally gave in and purchased it and the cost is 100 percent worth it! The product has lasted me four months and I use it everyday. Keeps lips hydrated all day long and is the perfect primer for a lipstick.
  7. Great’


    Much better than the stick in my opinion!
  8. All I can say is hydrate.


    After hearing SO much about this product I did not purchase it for a long time because well nearly $20 on a lip balm seemed pretty ridiculous. However, it is amazing! Lips feel constantly hydrated and it lasts a lot longer than any other lip balm I have purchased. Perfect primer for under lipstick!
  9. Happy with this purchase!


    I often have issues with painful dry lips and I’ve found since using this product I haven’t had any painful chapped lip episodes. It leaves my lips feeling soft, nourished and doesn’t leave a taste in your mouth as some lip products do. Definitely worth price tag in my opinion!
  10. Effective lip balm


    This is a really nice, thick lip balm that keeps my typically dry lips in great condition. It's definitely glossy. In cold weather, you need to warm up the product with your fingers otherwise it has this white cast but it completely disappears when you warm up with your fingers or rub your lips together.
  11. The best!


    I used pawpaw ointment for YEARS! .... then I came across this little beauty! It’s incredible and forms the basis of all gifts I buy for my girlfriends!
  12. I cannot rate this highly enough


    I absolutely love this product. I get a lot of eczema and had it all over my hands from the constant hand washing this year, and this was the only natural product that helped. Chapped lips? Chuck a bit on over night. Dry skin patch? Rub that baby with Lanolips. It's so useful I have one everywhere. Car. Handbag. Bathroom. Bedroom. I don't go anywhere without having it around.
  13. I wear this every night


    I wear this every night, this product is great for my lips
  14. ointment


    most thick nourishing lip balm that is great for hydrating chapped lips in winter
  15. Highly recommend


    Very thick but works fantastic when reapplied throughout the day on dry lips.
  16. Great for everything


    This ointment is great for everything.
    Leaves lips moist and with a subtle shine. But also great for dry skin and cuticles. The product is quite thick so you don't need much.
    No scent so great for whole fam to use
  17. Great multi purpose product


    Great multi purpose product.
    Lips, cuticle and dry patches
  18. The holy grail of all lip balms


    I have tubes of this literally everywhere - all my bags, my desk, nightstand, my car, my bf's car, etc... it is the BEST!! it leaves my lips soft, smooth & hydrated without being sticky or leaving a film. And I love all the other uses - dry bits, cuticles, mozzie bites - I even line my inner nostrils with it in allergy season to "catch" pollen - a much better alternative to petroleum jelly. I have...
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  19. Great


    This is too thick for me to use during the day as I don’t live in a place that has a winter season, however it’s perfect for night. It has no bothersome scent while I’m trying to sleep, and I wake up with some product still on my lips rather than dry like with other balms.
  20. Holy grail lip balm


    During winter my lips get really dry. Sometimes they even crack till they bleed. This lip balm is the only product that I've found that can deeply moisturize my lips, and heal the cracks. I've been using this lip balm twice a day for about 2 months and I still have heaps left in the tube.
  21. All you need


    Super moisturising for dry and chapped lips (and even broken skin)! I love this as it contains natural lanolin, so less chemicals. I use this for everything :)
  22. Very nice, very hydrating


    Such a lovely product, and a little bit goes a long way. It's a pretty small tube but I think given how much of it you need it's gonna last a long time! This was particularly helpful for me when I had really dry, chapped lips, I bought this is desperation and it offered instant relief, within a few days my lips were back to being normal and hydrated.
  23. The absolute best lip balm


    I don't say this lightly, but this is the best lip balm I've ever tried. And I've tried a lot! I was a Vaseline person for many years but this tops it. It's glossy, hydrating, non sticky and most of all lasts forever on the lips! If you can tolerate lanolin this is worth a try.
  24. love this!


    I think this might be my ultimate lip balm! I bought it in winter when nothing seemed to be healing my dry, cracked lips. I find this immediately soothes the chapped feeling, and within a couple of days of frequent use my lips are totally healed and comfortable again. Will definitely buy again!
  25. Soft lips


    My lips feel so soft after using this
  26. Best thing for chapped lips


    Lanolips saved my lips in winter and while I was on acne medication. I am addicted to it and will never buy anything else! Worth the money.
  27. Best lip balm I've found


    Great lip balm. Thick and makes my lips feel soft and moisturised.
  28. Multi-use


    I love love love this! I always go back to lanolips for my dry sore chapped lips (when I say chapped I mean constantly peeling). It’s slightly sticky but suuuper thick and shiny. I actually use this on my lips at night and the tinted spf version during the day. It feels so nice on my lips PLUS has so many other uses. I recently took off my acrylic nails and instead of buying a cuticle oil I use th...
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  29. Hydration


    A balm that actually hydrates and softens your lips. It lasts through eating and drinking meaning you need to reapply less often. I also use this as a cuticle cream
  30. Great multi purpose product

    Great multi purpose product

    Great product to have on hand. I use it on lips and cuticles.
  31. soft lips in a week!


    A bit apprehensive at first because of the price and how much I was hooked on the lucas' paw paw ointment but this did not disappoint. Did not dry my lips out and even with a thin layer, was able to last several hours. Recommend using it as a sleeping mask to really lock in the moisture for soft lips.
  32. Great for chapped lips


    Probably one of the few that actually work when I have chapped lips in Winter! An essential.
  33. Reliable


    A hydrating lip balm. Not sticky, but a little thick. This gives long lasting hydration though!
  34. Lives up to the hype


    After hearing so many good things about this lip balm, I purchased last winter. I love the thickness, smell and sheen. I don't love how hard it is to squeeze out of the tube on a cold morning, and don't love how I have to apply it on my finger. Still a great lip balm so cracked lips.
  35. Wanted to know what the buzz was all about

    Marissa De

    I feel like i've been on a lip balm journey for a long arse time lol This balm (for me) didn't wear long on the lips but did soothe them. I always need something on, i hate the feeling of "nude lips", but i felt like i was re-applying quite often. Pricey for a lip balm, however, i tried an almost $30 drunk elephant balm that made my lips so much worse, so i was happy to spend $18.95 to see if it w...
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  36. Disappointing


    I suffer from constant dry cracked lips and more so in winter. Given the incredible reviews I purchased this, being my first Lanolips purchase.

    The product was very very difficult to get out of the container (thick and hard) and you have to use your fingers to apply, which I would prefer not to. Additionally, perhaps I am sensitive to some of the ingredients in this product but it ma...
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  37. Absolutely love!


    I tried so many balms to revive my cracked lips and this was the only thing (after trying at least 10 brands) that actually worked. The best thing is it doesn't get your lips addicted to it like other balms do.
  38. Great night lip balm


    I understand all the hype about this now. It is a nice, thick balm that is very hydrating. I wish it wasn’t so hard to get out of the tube but that’s the worst thing I can say about it. Would buy again but would try the stick version next time (when available)
  39. Classic original


    I've recently bought a bunch of Lanolips products but always find myself coming back to this one because it simply does it all! Very soothing and hydrates dry skin.
  40. Amazing!

    Hayley V

    I'm learning consistency is the key and as someone who seems to have ALWAYS dry lips, I've purchased 3 of these one for my handbag, office and bedroom - knowing that if they are always nearby I will use them. Fantastic results!
  41. Wows


    Got it as a gift for my mum & she loves it. Beautiful smell & just overall does what it says. Worth the price
  42. Feels so luxe


    I have this in the original and the rose gold 101 ointment, and both are excellent. They're not too thick, but they are really hydrating. I use the rose gold one during the day and the original at night, and my lips have been so much smoother since. Definitely recommend.
  43. Great overnight


    I have been using this overnight throughout winter and it has definitely kept my lips moisturised and protected. My husband also steals this from me or specifically requests Lanolips - not just any old lip balm!
  44. Solid lip balm


    I like this lip balm but I feel like it’s probably not worth the price, burrs bees beats this i reckon. With that being said it does do a very good job at hydrating you’re lips and keeping them from getting dry. Like to use it on my cuticles too :)
  45. Thick but lasting


    Thick but lasting. It works well if you are wearing for long periods of time.
  46. The best lip moisturer everr


    This works. It's hydrates and plumps my lips. I've used all lip balms ever as I have very dry lips and I find that most of them just apply a temporary coating over the lip and when you stop using them it's even drier than before. That's not the case with lanolips. I don't need a lip balm that smells nice or tingles, I just want one that works and this one does!
    I slap some on before bed, I b...
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  47. People love it & you will too!


    Wasn't too sure when I first purchased as it is very thick at first. Make sure you warm it up in your hands before applying. Gets better with constant use and dry, chapped lips will be super hydrating in no time.
  48. Superbalm


    Very nourishing for these winter months. I had tried many before this as the heater made my lips cracked and stingy. Very thick but effective.
  49. great


    Really hydrating for the lips. I use it all the time, I think it’s a fantastic thing to hand in your bag!
  50. Best lip balm


    So multipurpose, lips, cuticles and anywhere else you need. I’ve got one for my bedside table, my makeup bag, my bag and a bunch of ‘just in case’ tubes.
  51. The best multipurpose balm ever!!

    Mel L

    If you are on the fence about purchasing this product, then please read on. This is a LIFESAVER for your lips. There is no fragrance that slips in and hits you in the back of the throat. It's thick and glossy, yet it's not packed with chemicals - it's medical grade lanolin. A little goes a long way. The tube size is perfect to fit in pockets, clutches and is so versatile. The price is more expensi...
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  52. Just beautiful


    This is a really lovely lip balm- it applies easily and is super hydrating on my dry and chapped lips. I don't need to reapply as often as other lip balms. It also provides a subtle gloss which is lovely.
  53. Instantly converted!


    I used to rely so heavily on drug store lip balm like blistex, and would have to use it almost hourly. But this lanolin has honestly changed my life! It’s so moisturising and healing. I put it on in the morning and it leaves my lips feeling soft ALL DAY!
  54. Won't beat my usual lip balm


    I'm a sucker for lanolin lip balms – they're the only thing that work properly on my lips. This is a very nice lip balm and if I had no other choice I would definitely buy it again, but after I finish this I'm going to go back to my usual Frank Body Lip Balm, which I find sits better on my lips.
  55. Protects and hydrates


    This is a great staple for winter when you need extra protection and hydration. I love the texture. It is a great all-rounder and can be used on face and hands as well as lips.
  56. Great!


    Tried this for the first time after seeing so many beauty bloggers rave about it, and I’m always on the hunt for the best lip balm as my lips are always dry. I’m a week in and it’s been so great, although I think my number one treatment for dry lips has been Blistex.
  57. Max hydration


    Amazing balm for dryness and really helps with hydrating and moisturising. Good for all round hydration and sinks in quickly.
  58. Cabinet staple


    Brilliant product - works just as well on chapped lips as grazed knees. Lasts a veeeeeery long time. Can be a bit annoying in winter because it hardens in the tube, but still wonderful once you warm it with your fingertips.
  59. Must have


    I’ve never found a better all round ointment, amazing on lips and really dry patches. Doesn’t upset my eczema, I’ve ordered more lano products now so I don’t use all this up!

    Perfecting Skin

    it is a must to have. i use this as a lip balm and my lips have not been dried ever since i started using this. it is a wonder.
  61. Nothing special


    It's a nice lip balm, but not worth the price.
  62. Incredible for dry lips


    This balm it's so rich and moisturizing, I have yet to find something else like it. My lips get super dry in air conditioning and this balm keeps them super soft. A little bit goes a long way so this tube will last forever!
  63. Simply divine


    I've tried a few Lanolips products, and I keep coming back to this one. It lasts forever on the lips, and leaves them feeling so soft and hydrated. I also use it on cracked hands and knuckles, and use it on my kids too. I really love the sheen it gives my lips - it's unlike any other balm or gloss that I have. It's natural, but juicy without being heavy and like I'm not wearing something on my lip...
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  64. Love love love


    I’ve always loved this balm!
    I use it on my lips, especially at night and it soothes dry lips instantly.
    Always a favourite!
  65. Works wonders on everything


    This product is truly multipurpose. It heals dry and cracked lips, works on cuticles and any dry spots. It also helps with eczema flare ups. A must have for everybody.
  66. so good


    the only balm you will ever need! this is a must have item
  67. Average at best


    Not a huge fan which is really disappointing because this product receives such rave reviews. I find I need to frequently reapply as it absorbs and dries out quickly. I prefer using good old Vaseline for my lips!
  68. True everyday balm


    I’ve been pleased with this balm. I’ve tried so many balms over the years & find they need to be reapplied and often dry my lips out more if I don’t apply constantly. I like this balm as it is a great consistency, it lasts and I can feel the difference. I like that it’s not strongly scented, good to have a super straightforward product that does what it says.
  69. I'll buy this forever


    An absolute staple. Only needs to be applied morning and night, unlike some other balms that tend to dry out your lips. Additionally.. I burnt my lip on a hot piece of food and this nourished it so fast I couldn't believe it. All round winner.
  70. Every day lip balm


    Perfect!! I have pretty dry skin/lips, this is my go to! Super hydrating love it!
  71. the best ointment


    i had been struggling bad with dermatitis around my lips and nothing worked. i use multiple medicated creams and moisturisers but whenever i would stop using it, the dermatitis would return. but this product is a GOD sent. it made my lips so smooth and i got rid of dermatitis. i think everyone should at least try it. i had some dark spots on my lips and in just 2,3 days i can see they are fading ...
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    I have the worst dry lips.. ever. I have tried everything from lips scrubs to prescription balms and nothing seems to do the job. While skin food is great, it leaves my lips white. Egyptianmagic is a close second but this balm takes the cake!

    I was sceptical to purchase because of the price tag - but my god it is worth it.
  73. Hydrates my dry, itchy and cracked skin.


    There's a stubborn dry spot on my lips that always flakes, and this is the only lip balm that keeps it well-hydrated. Love that it doesn't have a taste or fragrance, and that the tube keeps it hygienic.
  74. Love this balm


    I can't believe it's taken me so long to try this. I really adore this product, not only as a natural lip balm - which it performs greatly at, especially for someone like me with sensitive skin and I tend to avoid lip balms with fragrance as I find them irritating on my lips and surrounding skin - but I have been very impressed with this for healing cuts. For some reason last week I had SO many cu...
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  75. I have 3 of these!


    I loooove lanolips. I have three, one at my desk, one in my handbag and one by my bed. It does the job - soothing and hydrating for my dry lips.
  76. Superbalm!


    I bought this because the balms I have don't work and the moisture doesn't endure throughout the day on my lips, but this balm is perfect for really dry lips, and also dry cuticles! in winter my cuticles get really dry and painful and this balm instantly moisturises and restores my skin, it's a lifesaver!
  77. Lives up to the hype


    This product definitely lives up to the hype. After amming and arghing over whether to buy this product and constantly seeing it pop up on Adore Beauty's Instagram feed I thought I really need to give it ago. A little goes a long way and for my very dry lips (which no matter how hydrated I was or what I used were always dry) and I have noticed a HUGE difference. This is an all-round amazing produc...
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  78. My everyday saviour


    The only lip balm you'll ever need. I always have about half a dozen (around the house, in the car, at work, in my bags) so it's always to hand. Leaves my lips super nourished and soft.
  79. Meh


    It does the job while the product is on your lips, however I find that after the product has dried up my lips appear worse off than they were before using it.
  80. Best Lip Balm Ever!


    I have struggled to find a lip balm to really treat dry and cracked lips. This changed my lips and I haven't had any issues since. Completely in love with Lanolips!
  81. Holy grail lip balm


    Best lip balm and with no nasty chemicals or horrible artificial fragrances. I’m a fan for life!
  82. Deeply moisturising


    Very multi purpose, lovely thick consistency, actually helps with dry lips.
  83. Deeply moisturising


    Very multi purpose, lovely thick consistency, actually helps with dry lips.
  84. Game changer


    I use this product on my lips, cuticles and dry skin and it’s amazing!
  85. HG


    The best balm for dry lips. I use it overnight to remoisturise
  86. Super smooth


    I bought this after all the fantastic reveiws and I must say this is a great product. I use usually once during the day and just before I go to bed and my lips are soo smooth!
  87. More than a lip balm


    An essential product. Use it as a general emollient for scratches and burns to aid in healing.
  88. Why doesn’t this come in a bigger size??!!


    Excellent. Actually moisturizes the lips! Unlike burts bees. Better than pawpaw ointments I’ve tried. Hygienic. I literally just got it and was immediately putting on my eyes, hands, nails and feet. Why doesn’t it come in a bigger size? Thank goodness I ordered Shea butter, which is coming and I can use instead, otherwise this would be gone super quickly though yes it’s good to have this portable ...
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  89. Not effective


    Is a good general ointment but leaves lips feeling dryer after frequent use
  90. Comfortable on the lips!


    I bought this because of the overwhelming reviews! My lips doesn't go well with petrolatum and this is my first time trying out lanolin based lip balms, and I do think I like it! It is quite thick when it came out fresh from the tube, but upon application, it turns into a slightly oilier texture. It feels comfortable on the lips but I haven't had this long enough to comment on the lip moisturisati...
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  91. Average lip balm


    Was a bit disappointed with this product as a lip balm. I found that it created a great barrier to protect my lips bit did not provide enough hydration.
  92. Funny taste


    Leaves lips so soft and moisturized however it has a funny taste that I couldn't get use to.
  93. Must have


    I bought this to help with my dermatitis as nothing else was helping and it has nearly cleared it up! Also great a lip balm. I have one in my hand bag and one next to my bed.
  94. A great daily product


    I really like the consistency of this balm. I don't have particularly dry lips, but this balm keeps them smooth, plus gives a great subtle sheen. I've now got four stashed across my house, handbag and car!
  95. New favourite!


    My newest obsession - I have one next to my bed and in my handbag - it is the best for dry spots, cuticles and dry lips. It has no offensive scent and is so nourishing.
  96. Best handbag or side table staple


    Love the lanolips range as its so nice and thick and really great for really dry bits of skin such as dry cuticles and feet and hands etc! I always have a few of lanolin based products hanging around my house and lanolips do a really nice scent and range without all the nasties as well!
  97. The best


    The best all round balm.
    This is a thick consistency so works great for chapped lips, and dry cuticles. Has no scent or colour so is great if you have sensitive skin.
    Love the whole range but this one is a great all rounder product.
  98. Cannot go anywhere without it


    This lip balm is hands down the best balm I’ve used ever. I have quite plump lips that dry out easily, and am now on accutane so my lips are insanely dry all the time. Lanolips is the only product that actually helps and I literally have tubes scattered all over my home and workplace.
  99. Great for chapped lips and hands!


    This is hands down the best lip moisturizer I have tried! It really helps with moisturizing dry lip and cuticles. It absorbs easily, isn't sticky . I have really dry cuticles and this seems to keep them hydrated for hours even after washing my hands which is very unusual for me. It also seems to keep my lips well moisturized. As of now, I would repurchase in the future.
  100. Best lip balm


    I cannot use anything else on my lips! This is nourishing and hydrating and I use it all year round.
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