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Confident and comfortable. That’s how it should be. Adore Beauty has curated a thoughtful range of sex toys and sexual wellness accessories for your viewing pleasure.


If you're wondering why we've decided to launch this category, our founder Kate has written about this here


Your pleasure, comfort and safety is important. That’s why we’re branching into products for all over. We’re not going to tell you that your new vibrator is a wellness device (unless you want it to be!). We want you to feel confident with your body and with sex too, and you’ll find the Adore Beauty sex category full of well-considered products that let you take sex just as seriously as you want. It is all about you, after all.


At Adore Beauty, we want a more open, respectful discussion about sex. In 2019, let’s end the stigma. It’s time that better sexual health information and better sex products should be readily available. You should never feel ashamed of your body, and we want to help get you there (pun intended).


Shop the best sex toys online in Australia, from a trusted business


Adore Beauty’s Sex range is an Australian operated online adult sex toys and accessories store. We stock vibrators, condoms, lubricant, and other sexual wellness products, all of which come with an Afterpay option and free shipping. We are also working on creating sex and sexual health guides to keep you feeling informed and good about your body.


We promise we won't make it weird. Shop sex products from us, and your order will be shipped discreetly in a normal Adore Beauty box, with the same benefits as any Adore Beauty order.


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