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Sunscreen, the holy grail of UV protection and anti-aging.  Although you may feel that it’s only important to use an SPF when you’re on holiday, it's also crucial to include this step in your daily skincare routine.


Whether you’re in the office, picking up the kids from school, or going for your daily walk, integrating a broad-spectrum suncream into your routine every day can help you enjoy youthful-looking skin for many years to come.  Products such as the Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF 30 Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen are perfect to place over your favorite moisturiser, making it easy to use every day.


If you don’t wear sunscreen because you have sensitive skin or you don’t want to use chemicals on your face, there are a wide variety of options available to suit your skin type. Whether you prefer to use a physical/mineral sunscreen, a chemical sunscreen, or a natural sunscreen, there will always be an SPF option for you.


So, how does sunscreen work exactly? 


Sunscreen works by creating either a physical barrier on your skin that reflects or scatters the UV rays, or a chemical barrier that will absorb UV rays and release them as heat, preventing any UV damage. By incorporating SPF into your daily routine, you’re helping protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun every single day.

Why do I need to use a sunscreen?


Suncream is the best anti-aging product that exists, as it has the ability to prevent and protect against major signs of premature ageing. UV exposure is one of the most significant ageing factors that you have the ability to control. The effects of the sun are powerful and the damage it causes can range anywhere from sunburn to collagen breakdown, and even more scarily can lead to skin cancer. 


What causes sunburn and sun damage?


The UV light that reaches your skin daily consists of both UVA and UVB rays. UVB light is strongest during the summer and is the primary cause of sunburn. UVA light is consistent all year round, penetrates deeply, and causes damage without sunburn. Integrating a high-SPF sunscreen that advertises broad-spectrum protection, UVA protection, or a PA+ rating will safeguard your skin with daily use.


What’s the difference between a Physical and Chemical suncream?


You’re not the only one that’s confused when it comes to physical and chemical suncreams. Let us break it down for you. 


A physical sunscreen, as its name suggests, creates a physical barrier between the sun and your vulnerable skin. Physical sunscreen formulas remain on the surface of your skin and do not absorb. 


However, a chemical sunscreen does the exact opposite and penetrates the skin which is then absorbed by the deeper layers of your skin. Chemical sunscreens soak up the damaging rays, like a sponge, to prevent them from doing any damage. 

What is Natural Sunscreen?

Natural sunscreen is anything that uses natural minerals such as Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to create a ‘physical’ barrier against harmful UV rays on the skin, rather than ‘chemical’ which absorbs into the skin. A natural sunscreen is a perfect option for anyone who prefers to use clean beauty products.

What is the best Sunscreen for a deeper skin tones?

For deeper skin tones who may have previously experienced a white cast when applying old-fashioned sunscreens, it can be a confusing experience when trying to navigate the world of SPF. Our advice? Check out one of the many hybrid or chemical sunscreens available, which are an ideal way to ensure your skin is protected from the sun, with no cast across your complexion! 

Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF30 is a fantastic hybrid option, which combines physical/mineral with more modern chemical sunscreens. This offers a completely clear finish on the skin, and is a great soft matte option - ideal for those with a normal, combination or oily skin type, and all skin tones. 

mesoestetic mesoprotech light water anti-aging veil is another great, sheer option which has a super lightweight texture and is fantastic on all skin types and skin tones. 

Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum is another fantastic option which is a little more hydrating on the skin, and which offers a beautiful sheen across all skin tones, including deeper complexions. 

Because of the way mineral/physical sunscreens work - that is, they reflect light away, rather than absorbing it within the skin - they are often unsuitable for use on a deeper skin tone. The white cast, which shows up on all skin types but typically will be more obvious on a deeper skin type can cause a chalky look. A notable exception is Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30.

Of course - there are plenty more options for SPFs that are suitable for a deeper skin tone - and for helpful, friendly advice you can always reach out to our CS team. 

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